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Everyone's A Suspect

May 24, 2016
By Lelelele, IndianapoliS, Indiana
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Lelelele, IndianapoliS, Indiana
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Author's note:

What inspired me was another book and just my imagination. I want people to understand that you can't trust everyone or anyone out in the world. For example, if there was a recent crime, the person who did it can be someone you least expect. Everyone is a suspect. Don't be so naive. It can even be someone who is close to you.

Chapter One
I jumped as the microwave beeped. “A little bit on edge this morning, Serenity?” Mom asked, drinking her coffee. “Nah I’m just tired, and the microwave beeps too loud.” I took my corndog out the microwave. “Ouch, ouch, ouch”, I quickly set it on the counter to cool off. Mom set her plate on the table with a bagel on it. Mom looked up. “Joining me or taking breakfast on the go?” I took a seat
. “I’ll join; I have some time before school.”
  “Great. Oh and hon don’t forget I’m leaving today to go to Nigeria to work on my mission, so it’ll be just you and your brother.”
  “Ok mom, how long will you be gone?”
“Three days top, it’s a milk run.”
“Cool, can you pass me the Minute Maid?”
Mom grabbed it from the fridge pouring both of us a glass. Mom wore an Indian dress that was very long and an apron with sandals. Her hair was out in its messy brown curls, and she wore stud earrings. I and my mom shared the same green eyes, brown curls, and freckles. Though, in the future I will never dress like her.
“Kendall still sleeping?” Mom sighed in response. My mom, brother, and I lived in Miami, Florida. We all work for the CIA. We kept that secret for quite a while and wanted to keep it that way. Everything’s been going great except…there’s this secret admirer/stalker watching me, leaving notes, mysterious phone calls, and texts. I have no idea who it is but plan to find out. What I don’t plan on, is telling Mom, Kendall, or anyone else. I want to be able to figure this out on my own. My phone buzzed in my pocket, I took it out.
Want a ride?
I couldn’t help the smile that spread across my face. I texted back.
“Is that Michael?” mother asked.
“Are you two dating?” she pushed on. I smiled and shook my head, “No, just really great friends.” A few minutes later, after I finished my breakfast, my phone buzzed again.
Outside now.
Of course he was already on his way, he knew I’d say yes when he asked. I grabbed my book bag and yelled a “Bye”, to mom before heading out. Michael drove a red jeep, a gift from his father after working so hard in the summer as a mechanic and helping with the Sierra Waldman case last year. I slid into the passenger’s seat tossing my book bag in the back seat. When I thought that he was leaning in for a kiss, Michael put the car in reverse, looking back so we can back out of the driveway. I let out a breathe that I was holding. Did I want him to kiss me again? Although we tried to remain very good…friends. Michael and I met over the summer. His father works for the CIA as well, so he knows my family’s secret. We were helping the police with a case last year. Michaels little sister, Sierra Waldman, was kidnapped. His mom used everything to find her, psychics, the internet, and want to-be agents from all around the world, everything. She spent all the family’s money and time, going on these wild gooses chases. Michael and his father left New York to get some space from her. The couple were then divorced a few months later when the mother became a drug addict. Sure, over the time of the investigation, Michael and I shared a couple kisses but we totally got off on the wrong foot. So Michael and I were starting as friends. Very complicated friends. “So what do I owe for this honor?”
“Honor?” Michael replied, driving off.
“Mr. New Hot Big Time Senior picking up lil old me for a ride to school.”
“You think I’m hot?”
“The girls at school do. They even have a nickname for you.”
“If it’s those blondes you talk to, I don’t even want to know what it is.”
“The thought of anyone even talking to me made me laugh. Last year I was known as ‘freak girl’, or ‘crazy chick’, just because of this secret. But now people are actually starting to be a little bit nicer to me just because of my accomplishment last year. They actually want to sit with me or have a full on conversation without any name calling. A few minutes later, we pulled into Beverlin High School, home of the wolves. Michael parked the car and we both got out heading to the main doors of the school. As we were walking kids were staring and smiling. “You know everyone’s staring, right?” Michael whispered to me. “They shouldn’t be everyone knows that we’re just friends.”
“Maybe it looks like more than that to them.”
“I think that everyone should stop gossiping and mind their own business.” I said in a raised voice. Michael stopped as we reached the main doors. “Everyone thinks that you and Jason are getting back together,” He said in a low voice. Jason was my ex who didn’t want to remain ex any more. A lot went down last year which includes Jason taking a bullet for me in the chest during the Sierra Waldman case. Still, he never found out about my secret. After he was shot and taken to the hospital, we had to give him a drug that made him forget everything that happened in the last seven hours. So he doesn’t know that he took a bullet in the chest because he was sleep most of the time he was in the hospital. We broke up because he slept with the queen of all brats, Tiffany Desposito. “What do you think?”
“I think that everyone shouldn’t make assumptions.” With that Michael walked into the building. Just then Kenya Kiger and Brooklyn Addison came up to me with smiling faces. “OMG, he is so hot,” said Brooklyn. “Did he really drive you to school this morning?”
“So hot.” Brooklyn repeated. Kenya, Brooklyn and their ring leader Tiffany were the vapid blondes at school. Also known as the most popular girls in school. They are all extremely rich but the one with the biggest house, hottest clothes, and jewelry is Kenya. They never worked a day in their lives. “Anyways enough about that.” Kenya put on her serious face. “Sarah Welkins is missing.” I already knew about this because I’m one of the agents working on this case, but to keep my identity as secret as possible I just pretended I didn’t know anything and didn’t care. Sarah Welkins wasn’t missing she was dead. Her body was found in the dump down the street from here. I guess the news about her death didn’t get around yet. “Who?” I asked. Brooklyn giggled. “That’s what I said I don’t think anyone knew her.”
“She’s a senior and it was her first year here. She’s been homeschooled her whole life.” Kenya clucked her tongue. “Only one month here and she’s already taken away, some people just don’t know how to handle public school.” I ignored Kenya’s judgment. “That’s tragic.” I replied, trying to sound a little more interested.  “Well, pass it on! I have to go deal with biology.” Kenya sighed, and walked off with Brooklyn by her side. I headed into the building after them preparing myself for Geometry.

Chapter Two
When school let out, Kendra came up to me all perky with tiffany by her side. “Let me guess, there’s a sale somewhere at the shoe store”, I started. Kendra frowned. “No silly! My parents are out of town and I’m throwing a party…and I was thinking that you should come.” A party? I never been to one because I always didn’t hang with the popular kids, but I guess it would be fun. Tiffany scoffed. “Look at the wanna-be freak.”
“Oh please at least I’m not the one walking around in fake designer heels”, I shot back. Tiffany was about to say something but Kenya cut her off. “Enough Tiff.” Tiffany rolled her eyes and walked off to the parking lot.” Kenya continued, “So, will you come?”  I thought about it for a moment. “When is it?”
“This Saturday, wear something cute.” She hurried off to the lot before letting me answer yes or no. I texted Kendall.
Come get me. I didn’t have to wait long for him to pull up in his street sport motorcycle. He took off his helmet revealing his face. Kendall also had me and moms green eyes but one of them were brown. He had to get one replaced from a shot he took to the eye for his first love and current girlfriend Marinda, last year with his mission. He had the same tan skin tone and brown hair but had most of his features from our father’s side. “Needed a ride?”
“Yup, Betsy is still getting detailed.”
“She still isn’t finished yet?”
“Nope, Jamie is putting a huge update on ‘er. Although the wait is suffering.”
“I see and I can’t believe you seriously gave your bike a name.” He said handing me the helmet. I snatched it out of his hand. “She’s not just a bike, she’s a piece of art, a-”
“Alright, Alright, Alright I get it she’s your lover now hop on before we’re late.” I pushed his shoulder then got on the bike adjusting the helmet on my head. Within seconds we left the school and were zooming past cars on the way to the FBI building. That’s where this case was taking place. Kendall was helping me with this mission. He couldn’t work on his own mission because the chief requested that he helped me out being that I still am a rookie. Kendall parked and we went straight to our offices. I sat down opening up my computer, getting to work on the case as soon as possible. So far after some detective work, Sarah Welkins was last seen Sunday, June 18th at exactly 9:41p.m. She was 17. Her and her mother had a huge fight and she ran off with someone. Whoever she was with had something to do with her missing. I’m sure of it. She was also extremely gifted like Sierra Waldman. She was an art prodigy and Sierra was a music prodigy. There were footprints we examined the other day of a girls foot and men’s boots that were found in the woods by me a few days ago. I was interrupted when the phone started to ring. The ID said that it was a ‘Blocked Number’. Probably a telemarketer. I answered it. “Hello?”
“Hello, Serenity.” The voice sounded distant and distorted, it could’ve been a male or female. “Who is this?”
“You belong with me Serenity.” The stalker…again.
“How do you know me, how did you get this number?”
“That’s for me to know and you to find out darling.”
“Yea and as soon as I do…your dead.” The voice laughed. “Oh you’re so adorable when you’re mad. But, don’t worry I’ll get to see you…tonight.”
“What did you just say?” The line hung up. I slammed the phone down on the table. I jumped as the phone rang again. I quickly picked it up. “Hello?”
“Hello, beautiful.” Jason.
“I thought I told you that I was busy after school.”
“I know I just wanted to talk to you. You scurried out of Biology before I can even say a word to you.”
“Just a lot on my mind, that’s all.”
“Want me to give you a foot rub?”
“No, Jason.”
“But, I don’t want to give anyone else a foot rub.”
“Listen I’ll talk to you later Jason, I got tons of homework to do.”
“Ok, beautiful talk to you later.” He hung up. I shook my head smiling then sighed and tilted my head up pushing my hands through my hair. I looked at my computer screen and it went black while I was on the phone I guess. Something caught my eye as I looked at the black screen. I looked behind me and saw someone staring at me from one of the windows from the building across from me. I stood up and moved closer to see better but the figure was gone. Probably nothing, just my imagination getting the best of me. I focused back on Sarah, and turns out from all the evidence that we got from her heart-brokened mother, Sarah was supposed to go to an Art Gala tonight. It said so in the love letter that she wrote to her so called significant other. If I’m right, this ‘significant other’ will be there to see Sarah, if he’s not the one that caused her death, maybe he’ll show up. There was only one way to find out…by going to that Gala tonight.
  “How do you even know that Sarah’s lover will be at this Gala tonight?”. Kendall was sitting in a chair in my room staring at the flyer. “As far as I know, If her lover or whatever didn’t kill her or caused her death, he might actually show up at this Gala because no one barely knew her and the news just started spreading today. He probably doesn’t know she’s dead so he might be there.”
“What’s your plan when you find him?”
“Just to question him and see if he knows what’s up.” Kendall stood up stretching his arms. “Well, you’re going to need someone by your side…how bout you take me with you?” I considered it for a second. There was a reason why I didn’t call for backup from the CIA but I guess it would be fun to have someone have my back, especially if it was family. “What about you physical condition. You’re supposed to do your own stuff to help with this mission?” He shrugged and said, “I’m fine besides it’s not like there’s going to be any real action tonight anyways”, he said heading out the door, probably getting ready to go. I looked through my clothes for a dress to wear. Eventually, I found one. It was vintage with white beads tracing the chest of the dress. It would go great with my brown Cato heals and heart shaped necklace. I threw it all on, doing my makeup and hair. I looked in the full length mirror that was in my closet…presentable enough for tonight’s event. There was a knock at my door. I opened it. Kendall wore a black tux with his hair slicked back. He looked very handsome. “You look great”, I said.
“So do you miss vintage.” We linked arms and headed out to the motorcycles. Betsy was dropped off earlier today. I hopped on her all lady like and Kendall hopped on his. We both put on our helmets and I knew that it was show time.
The Gala was packed. Vehicles filled the parking lot. “You got your earpiece?”, I asked.
“Yep”, he said adjusting it in his ear. I put mines in my ear to. Just in case we got lost or split apart, this would be a way we can communicate.
Kendall and I linked arms as we got off our motorcycles. We had to play it cool and collective in order for this to work. We entered the Gala and luckily no tickets or special permission was needed to enter the building. When we got in, I looked around. Priceless pieces of art were everywhere. There were sculptures, paintings, and drawings. It was all authentic and unique at the same time. I took out the paper that described Sarah’s boyfriend. Tall, dark hair, brown eyes, and wore a gold ring on his left hand. I started walking and looking to see if any of these people matched the description. The suspect could be a woman as well. An hour passed and I wasn’t getting anything. “You sure he’s here?” Kendall came walking up to me. “Yes some of these people do match the description bu-”. Just then the lights went out cutting me off and people started screaming and running towards the exit, or trying to. I stayed calm but couldn’t see so I didn’t know where Kendall was. Someone got me from behind and put their arm around my neck, positioning my head on their shoulder. They whispered in my ear, “You’re so special, Serenity, just like Sierra. I told you I would see you tonight, darling.” I put my hands behind his head and did a flip to get behind him. Then, I kicked him in his head hard. He cried in pain. I grabbed my gun from my holster on my leg and pointed at…the dark. I didn’t know where he was since the lights were off, but pointed at where he would be and yelled, “Give it up!” He got up, chuckling. The lights were now blinking on and off, and people were still screaming. The lights illuminated his face a little. He looked familiar but I still couldn’t fully see. “Oh, Serenity, you know I follow you around everywhere and you are so brave, just like Sarah.” The lights cut back on and he was…gone. Kendall tapped my arm, “Come on sis, we gotta get out of here.” Before you knew it, we were out of there in a hurry.
I pieced it all together the next day. My stalker is one of those aggressive types. He believed that he and I were meant to be together and fantasizes about our relationship. If he doesn’t get what he wants he becomes more aggressive. Then I thought about those names he mentioned last night, Sierra…Sarah… both gifted and talented. Why would he want me? Then I thought about it. I work for the CIA…im a skilled agent at a young age. He likes girls with a gift. I thought about going to Kenya’s party Saturday, maybe if I go he’ll go. He did say he follows me everywhere. If he’s there…I’m going to need backup.
Friday arrived. When school was over, I planned on talking to Cross immediately. He was a good friend of the family and a good chief. He was close with my father right before he died and he’s been even closer to me and Kendall ever since. I always trusted him. I headed straight towards my motorcycle, but was stopped by Jason. “Whoa slow down there.” He grabbed my arm.
“Jason, this really isn’t the best time.”
“As always you’re busy and you and I barely talk. Look I know last year was a breakthrough but I want to move past that and given another chance. I know that you and Michael might have a thing or whatever, but I been with you longer and you belong with me.” My heart skipped a beat. Jason never said anything like that before. “Jason I really don’t have time but…you going to Kendra’s party?”
“I am now.”
“Cool, we can talk then.” I walked off ready to go but then Michael was waiting for me at my motorcycle. “Hey, you”, I said.
“We need to talk.”
“The Gala.”
“How did you even..?” Then I thought Kendall must’ve told him. “Don’t worry Kendall didn’t say anything. I was actually there and saw you and your brother leave.”
“Oh. Look Michael I have to go talk to Cross.”
“Mind if I come?”
“No, not at all.” I didn’t even have to think about my answer. He smiled and got in his car. I drove off first and he followed behind me on the way to the CIA building.

Chapter Three
When we got to Cross’s office, he seemed calm enough to talk to and for some reason very happy to see me. He was very young for a chief. He was in his late twenties. “Well, Serenity what can I do for you today?”
“I’m going to need some backup at a party tomorrow.”
“A party? Sounds exciting. Where at?”
“It’s going to be at 8661 Madison Square Drive.”
“How much backup will you need?”
“Just about 5 or 6 guys to secure the perimeter.”
“Ok agent Adams, you’ll get your backup…just one more thing?”
“What time does it start?”
“7:00 pm.”
“Ok, darling. You will get your backup. I’ll pick out some decent guys. You will have no worries at this party…I hope you find this guy.” Cross looked at me as if he…admired me. Michael said something, “Mind if I help?” I shook my head. “No, not at all.”
“Thanks, chief.” He nods once. “Good luck, darling.” Funny, that’s what the stalker kept calling me.
Saturday came in a hurry. I had to pick out something cute to wear, that’s what Kendra said. I quickly found a ‘cute’ pink top and some black jeans. I wore pink heals, but made sure the heal was low enough for me to go into combat, just in case. I put my hair up in a high ponytail letting some ringlets of it loose. I put on my heart shaped necklace giving to me by my father, and some earrings that matched. I put on a black leather jacket and grabbed my keys from off the dresser. No one was home but me, so I would have to lock the door on my way out. I was guessing that Kendall was still at his office or probably helping me out at the party. I hopped on Betsy and zoomed off to Kenya Kiger’s mansion.
The place was packed. Girls were dancing on tables with their eyes closed, guys were playing pool, hot bodies moved on the dance floor. That was very unsafe. I put my ear piece in when I got in. “Testing one, two, three.” I said in a low voice. I heard nothing; they probably didn’t get here yet. I saw Kenya and Tiffany on the other side of the room and I walked up to them. “I still can’t believe you invited her?” Tiffany said until I was in hearing range. “Enough tiff.” Kenya responded.
“Whatever.” Tiffany walked off into a group of males. “Ignore her.”
“Already am.”
“Well, have fun.” She gave me a tap on the shoulder and joined the dancers. Jason walked up to me and gave a me a big unexpected hug. “Someone’s happy to see me.”
“I always am happy to see the love of my life.” He drew me in closer. “It could be different this time, parties, dates, just different.” I pulled away. “Funny, I liked how it was last time, until you cheated on me with that-” Jason cut me off. “Oh come on, that was the past.” I noticed that he was wobbling in place. That red cup in his hand obviously wasn’t his first of the evening. Michael came up to me, confused. “Hey Serenity, I lost my phone somewhere.”
“Did you know where you placed it at?”
“Yeah, I set it right there on that coffee table, now it’s gone.”
“I’ll help you look for it.” Michael nodded and went to go look for it again. I noticed Jason left my side I guess when Michael showed up. Twenty minutes later I still couldn’t fine his phone. I got a text from Michael: meet me outside. He must’ve found it. I went outside to the front yard, looking around. I heard a quickening of footsteps from behind me and before I could turn around, strong arms wrapped around me and a damp rag was covering my mouth and nose. It smelled sickly and sweet.  “I need backup!” I yelled into the ear piece. I tried to fight back but my vision blurred and everything went dark.
The first sense that came back to me was sight, then touch. I started regaining my senses slowly, but surely. As I opened my eyes I noticed someone was sitting across from me, tied up in a chair. It was Tiffany. She was beaten up…badly. I also noticed that I wasn’t tied up. I quickly got up out of my chair and went to Tiffany. I tapped his shoulder, and he responded with a wince. “Tiffany?”
“Serenity?” It was kind of dark in here, so I had trouble seeing.
“Hold on.” I loosened up the rope a little bit so she can at least get free. As much as I hated Tiffany, no matter what I had to figure out a way for both of us to get out of here alive. “Still look like you’re tied up.” All I can remember is that I was in someone’s front yard and then was attacked. Then I thought about Michael’s phone. Whoever put us in here grabbed Michael’s phone and texted me as a trick to come outside. “He’s going to kill us!” Tiffany yelled. “No he’s not, just calm down and let me think. I looked around to see if there were any doors. There was but it was locked when I tried it. As I was walking around the room, Tiffany started talking again. “Wait, Serenity there’s something I have to admit just in case we-”
“We’re not going to die.”
“It’s about Justin.” I put a hand up. “I don’t want to-”
“We didn’t sleep together!” She interrupted. I was at first confused, and then shocked, then finally understood what she was saying. “But what about him in your bed and in your house in the morning?”
“We just kissed and then he passed out. In the morning I went to go lay next to him and told him we slept together.” I opened my mouth but no words came out. I finally spoke, “Why would you do that?”
“To get back at Kendall for humiliating me. I really liked him and then he just used and dropped me. If I couldn’t hurt him, hurting his sister was the next best thing to do. I know it was an awful, insane thing to do.” She let out a choked sob. “I’m sorry, no just because we are going to die here together, but I know it was a terrible thing to and I let both of you go on thinking it was worse than it was.” She looked at me with wet eyes, the tears ruining her mascara. It never happened. I felt humiliated, dumped Jason, and hated him for months, over something that never happened. “What do you expect me to do now? Hug you and say all is forgiven?
“No I just wanted to confess in case-”
“We’re not gonna die, not if you shut up and let me think. I couldn’t think about this right now, so I marked it as deal with later in my mind. I looked through a closet. In a box, I found pictures that I had to hold up close to my face to see. They were pictures of Sarah and Sierra and…my father. Why would this person have pictures of my father. Why was I in this persons house period? My heart started pounding in my chest. There was a picture of a woman she had brown hair, brown eyes and her skin was pale. She looked like…Cross’s wife. I started to piece everything together in my head. Cross calling me darling, questioning me about the party’s place and time, being so happy to see me. Cross was Sarah’s killer and my stalker. The last picture that I saw was of…me. I was perfectly in focus and everything else in the background was blurred. At first I didn’t want to believe it and was probably just hallucinating. But I saw then as I closed the closet doors…Cross’s real name was carved in the wood, above the handle: Chris Rylander. That was his real name. How could he? The door opened and then shut quickly. He was in the room. With us. Alone. While we were still in the darkness, my mind struggled for a plan. I went with my gut. “Hello, Cross.” I said with forced confidence. He turned on the light. He first glanced at Tiffany then gave me his full attention, “You knew it was me?” I gave a light shrug. “Of course.”
“And you’re not afraid?”
“Do I have a reason to be?”
“Well, this was an unusual start to our relationship but traditional beginnings are overrated and you are not a traditional girl.” He chuckled. “I’ve waited a long a long time for you Serenity.” I tried not to show my disgust and hatred for him. “I never had much luck with girls; most of them are just so…averaged.”
“Sierra wasn’t,” I said, “Sarah wasn’t.” His eyes widened at my knowledge. “But Sierra betrayed me in Paris and Sarah changed her mind a little too late. They both disappointed me in the end, but you’re not going to disappoint me, are you?” I shook my head to shock to speak. “Do you know how special you are, Serenity?”
“Yes I do.” I said willing to agree with anything he said. “LET US GO!!” Tiffany screamed. “SHUTUP!!!” Cross shot her look. He continued, “It took some time, but now that I got you oh Serenity, we are going to be so happy together, I’ll prove it to you.” He went behind Tiffany. “You’re probably wondering what she’s doing here, well that’s another gift for you.”
“I don’t understand.”
“ Well, Tiffany was the one who cause you the most pain last year. Like you I had my own Tiffanys. They treated me badly. Just like how Tiffany is treating you.” He was right, but that didn’t explain why she was here. All of a sudden my anger for Tiffany erupted out of my mouth, “You know what… your right, that, girl did cause me a lot last year…she broke my heart…called me names…and tortured me my whole life.” I meant every word as I was talking, a knife appeared in Cross’s hands, and he was nodding. “I know…which is why it’s the perfect gift to kill her.” I shook my head. “It’s not enough, I want more.” I held out my palm, “I want to be the one to do it.” Cross was shocked. “Are you sure?”
“Promise me we won’t get caught?”
“We won’t,” he answer’s quickly. “We will throw her body in the river and run away together, forever.” I nodded and smiled and he handed me the knife. “Let’s do this”, I stepped forward with confidence towards Tiffany. If I would’ve put things together sooner I wouldn’t be here with a knife and a girl’s life in my hands. Every muscle in my body prepared for what I was about to do. For what I had to do. I raised the knife above my head and plunged it down. Cross screamed in pain as the knife stuck out of his leg. I grabbed Tiffany and we headed upstairs. When we got to the main floor, the door was locked with bolts and nails. Tiffany pulled at each one but it wasn’t working. I grabbed one of Cross’ big boots and threw it through a window. A siren went off in hi house and I can hear him coming up the stairs struggling with that knife in his leg. Blood poured out from the wound. I realized that I disappointed him and he disappointed me. I grabbed Tiffany and forced her out the window. As I was climbing on, Cross grabbed my leg, pulling me backwards. I kicked him in the face, but he still held on. He started punching my leg. “Your making me do this!” He yelled. I grabbed a vase off the window sill and smashed his head with it and he stumbled back. As I tried to climb out the window, Cross again yanked my leg and hit it with a glass jar. I cried out a little and as he was pulling me backwards by my leg, someone was pulling me out the window… Kendall. Kendall wasn’t too surprised that Cross was behind me. Kendall pulled out his gun and shot Cross in the chest. I felt my leg become free and Kendall pulled me out as we both fell on the moist ground. The police pulled up and headed straight toward us helping us all up. As they busted open the doors, they were shocked to see Cross’s body on the floor…
It’s been three days since the incident. I haven’t talk to anyone or been going to school because my leg was broken. My mother wouldn’t let anyone see me. She was upset and sad when she heard the news. I sat on the front porch swing and drank some cocoa that my mother made. Cross was charged with murder of two girls with the intent to kill one (me) and was sentenced for 15 years in the County Prison just two hours away from here. He deserved what he got. As for everyone else; Kendall became the new chief. He already knew Cross was the murderer after identifying those foot prints that I found. They were boots that belonged to Cross’s new Timberlands. Michael and I are on the verge of being together, and Tiffany stopped being the brat of the school and started being much kinder and focused on her school work. I think the fear of death knocked some sense into her. Justin still got to be himself with no idea of what happened, but I will remain in his life as very close friends. As for me, I will be back to duty soon enough…

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