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Where is He?

May 23, 2016
By melissa.org BRONZE, Highland, Utah
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melissa.org BRONZE, Highland, Utah
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Author's note:

I hope that people will enjoy this story I wrote for fun. 

The author's comments:

I like this chapter. It explains stuff. 

stretched out my legs and tried to relax. My mother just died and I wasn’t sure how to handle that yet. I decided in my head that sleep was useless. I walked out of my room to get a drink of water.
“Hey sweetie! You okay?” my dad asked. He must’ve noticed my tear-stained cheeks.
“Yeah, I will be, someday.” I said as I walked back to my room. All of the sudden my door burst open in flames. I screamed, and tried to open my window. I didn’t know what to do, so I threw my cup of water at the fiery door.
I finally got my window open. I broke the screen and practically jumped outside. The first thought that entered my mind was if my dad was okay. I just lost my mother. I couldn’t lose him too. Finally I broke into a run.
I stood on the sidewalk looking up at the house. It seemed perfectly fine. There seemed to be no sign of a fire in this house. Maybe it’s just my stupid imagination I thought. I was about to walk up the stairs to my house to go back outside, when what seemed to be a bomb went off in the house. I was thrown several feet back by the impact.

My mind was spinning when the paramedics arrived on scene. They quickly put me on a gurney and rolled me away. I woke up in the hospital with a searing headache.
“She’s awake!” the nurse exclaimed.
My thoughts were swimming. What happened to me? I must’ve hit my head really hard, because I don’t remember anything.
“What happened to me?” I asked one of the nurses.
“We’re not quite sure, but we do know that you hit your head quite hard.” one of them answered in reply.
The thoughts of my mother’s death came swarming into my mind.
“Is my dad okay?” I asked. They looked around skeptically.
“Your father is missing”.
I started crying. First my mother and now my father.
The nurses must’ve noticed how upset I looked because they tried to comfort me.
“Everything will be okay, Rachel.” the nurse said as she looked me straight in the eye.

After a few days I finally got to go home. My memories were starting to come back. I remember vaguely something happened to my house.
When I looked up at my house it looked perfectly normal, like nothing happened to it at all. The yellow paint was starting to chip off, and the blue door still looked the same.
I immediately started getting sad. My mother and I painted the door together. All those memories of me and my mom were really starting to haunt me.
I ran inside, expecting to see my dad reading his newspaper at the kitchen table. I reminded myself I was crazy, the nurses told me he went missing. Maybe that’s why I was so confused to see him sitting at the kitchen table, reading a newspaper.
“Honey! Are you alright? I heard you were in the hospital! I was about to come over when I got distracted with work. You were there for a while. You must’ve gotten in a bad car crash.”
I still didn’t remember how I hurt my head, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t in a car crash. I decided to change the subject. 
“Daddy, I thought you went missing! The nurses said that you went missing.”I whispered, still overwhelmed by it all.  
“Darling, I’m sorry I went missing. Honestly, I was just looking for you,” My dad always knows the right thing to say to comfort me.
“Well, I’m glad. When the nurses told me you went missing, I was terrified I was going to lose you. I just lost mom, and I didn’t want to lose you either.” I whispered out the last part. 
I woke up from my strange dream, and found out I was still at the hospital. Today was the day they were going to let me go home. It wasn’t home anymore, ever since Mom died. With Dad gone though, it’s going it’s going to be even more lonely.

“Well, Rachel, you are free to leave now. Would you like a ride home?” The sweet nurse asked me. 
“A ride would be wonderful! But, didn’t my house explode?” I questioned her.
She looked at me in a way that implied I was an idiot.
“No sweety! You got in a car crash. Your house is perfectly normal.”
I tried to believe her. I really did. But honestly, I don’t remember being in any car. Whatever. I just went along with it.

I looked at my perfectly normal house, just like I remembered it. Weird. I opened the door and walked in. It seemed perfectly normal.
I went to my room and plopped down on my bed. That was when the tears came. My mom was dead, and my dad was missing. Now I had no one left.
Then I got angry. I was going to find my dad, and I wasn’t going to let anyone get in my way.
I went down to the kitchen to get a drink of water, and some food. My myself and food is all this girl needs to be happy. Oh, and Netflix. It has helped me cope with my grief.
I was dancing around in my pajamas, jamming out to Taylor Swift, when I heard a knock at the door. I turned off the music, and tried to make myself at least look half put together.
I opened the door and saw Blake Mcgraw, my next door neighbor standing there. He was holding a gift basket full of glorious food.
“Oh, um, hi Blake.” I waved to him.
He probably thought I was a complete mess. Which, technically I was.
“Oh, hey Rachel. I heard about your dad, and I wanted to say I was sorry. Here you go.” He handed me the gift basket.
He turned around to leave, but I stopped him.
“Blake! Wait!” He turned around and looked at me.
“I need your help with something.”

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