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In My skin

December 5, 2012
By freakycatlover DIAMOND, Antrim, New Hampshire
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freakycatlover DIAMOND, Antrim, New Hampshire
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I don’t remember much of my life when I was human. Though like any vampire- well, I’m a hybrid half vampire half human. I don’t remember much about who created me either. I don’t go to church, but did not believe in or think of myself as damned simply because I didn’t attend. There was always one thing I’d wanted to know; not so much did I wish to know who created me, but why? And for what purpose did I serve other than to walk this Earth? Why was I left with such powers as these? I will mention more about that later.
I know I didn’t have much to lose, to begin with and not much of a life to go back to when it was left. I have an Alcoholic Father, and a drug addict for a Mother. There was not much to leave so it wouldn’t be hard to leave. I wouldn’t be missed, if my parents were capable of such a thing I’d probably jump for joy.
I’m not saying I’m a Saint, either but maybe that’s why he picked me: I’m not a Saint. Later as I aged I would learn different. Most, but not all vampires cared for past human life problems, because none of them remembered their mirror image or former selves. No such vampire I knew of (yet) existed.
I was all alone tonight in the cool streets. I was leaving, or about to leave my house after an argument with my mother (for the last time).
“Mom, why don’t you just leave him?” I had asked.
“It’s not that simple baby, he’s sick possibly dying in his old age.” She had informed me. “He made a promise to someone and he-“she broke off when I interrupted her.
“Don’t say he made a promise he’s intending to keep. You know he’s bad about that. He probably just made the deal to support himself. Face it mom, he doesn’t care about you or me or anybody but himself. And you’re a liar, he hasn’t aged a day! Who did he piss off this time? I asked her and it didn’t surprise me to know that he had. I continued, “The wrong person apparently,” I back sassed her, “his age is frozen,” I yell once more, and it was true. Every day he grew hungrier for blood and stronger from his growing power gained when he’d been blessed with an immortal’s blood, a damn’s blood. He had willingly accepted his fate, and to escape my home life, I would even more so unwillingly accept mine. I would go through that door with no intentions to return to that place that I used to call my home. I with each un intended return many centuries after I died, would become more and more detached from it. I was uprooted from it, where I could’ve had or at least made a life for myself, but he took that all away or at least he would.

I owe him. My sister is extremely ill and she’s dying. I can feel her life slipping away; it is hard for her to even manage a smile. Camille is hooked up to IV’s to help provide her body with fluids because she is too weak to eat on her own. If only there was a way to help her grow stronger without having to lose her to Leukemia. Her blood is quite weak with low iron and breathing for her takes a huge effort on her part; if only she didn’t have to.
All of a sudden the phone rings and the human boy was brought back to reality, as he picked up the phone. A voice spoke, and it was Thorne’s: “He-Hello?” he stammered nervously. He wasn’t expecting any calls from anyone but this one would change his life. “Is this Thorne I’m speaking to?” another male voice spoke, making him shiver.
“Yes,” he answered the voice, “but how do you know my name?” he asked suspiciously.
“Not important. So tell me,” the voice asked getting to the point,” do you want to help your sister?” he asked Thorne.
“Yes, of course I do,” he said.
“Good, ‘’cause I could help your sister. What if I could prevent her from dying? He added quickly,” of course it won’t come without a price. And first you have to do something I want,” the voice told him. He wanted to help his sister, so he said,” It’s a deal.” Those words were like signing the devil’s book in Camille’s blood, as well as his before the deed was even done.
“I’ll come tomorrow,” and then the phone went dead.

I know my brother is worried about me. He seemed more hopeful that he could help me but even I know there is no cure for Leukemia. He told me someone was coming to visit us today. “You’re going to be cured Camille,” he said, hopeful.
But how,” I questioned him.

“I don’t know how it will be done,” he said truthfully,” but it will be done,” he told her.
“Brother, I do not fear Death. I only fear that there are worse things than Death,” she told him.
“Like what?” he asked her, the one time he bothered to listen.
“Living forever, never growing old, never dying at all, to list a few,” she told him of her troubles.
“You are such a Scholar,” he complimented her, “it’s all a part of your imagination playing tricks on you,” he assured her. “Now stop this foolishness. You are not going to die, there is no worse thing. I am supposed to take care of you. You are the only family I have.” He reminded her. He had been slightly foolish to think those things.
The doorbell rang and their conversation ended.
“Stay right there. I’ll be right back.”
“Like I intend to move,” she told him, but he could no longer hear her and didn’t laugh at her joke.
He never listens to me, she thought to herself.

He came back a man following closely behind him.
“Camille, this is Richard?”
“Richard Warren,” he finished for him.
“Right, he is going to help you,” her brother told her.
The man known as Richard stuck out his hand to me. I didn’t shake it; I noticed the rose he held.
“Are you going to say hi? Richard came all this way to help you, you could at least say hi,” he told her encouraging her to shake his hand. I held back.
“Why, so he can drain me? I don’t want to die, but I’m not going to let him spill my blood to do it either!” I spat, frightened, and angry.
“Camille!” her brother shouted at her in disbelief.
“What?” she said, matching his tone?
“I’m sorry forgive her, she’s not herself today, it must be the medicine,” he said apologetically turning toward Richard.
People damned their souls on the thorns of black roses, and I didn’t intend to let mine_ or at least what was left of mine slip away.
“Camille, Sweetheart what other choice do you have? You don’t wanna leave your dear Brother, do you?” the man asked her.
She shook her head. “No, of course not,” she told Richard. “There is no cure for Death,” she interjected.
“Of course there is, and your dear Brother has found it. Now take the Rose why don’t you and be a good girl?” he reasoned with her.
She met his eyes which she now noticed were red. “What are you?” she wondered, in awe at his beauty; any human would.
“Think of me as your Savior. Now take the Rose, my gift of life,” he ordered her.
Eternal life is what he actually meant but Camille didn’t know if that life would become what she feared.
She took the Rose though she didn’t want to; he willed her weak mind to do so, with little hesitation.
He was at Camille’s side now, “You keep your end of the deal, and I’ll keep mine. If you don’t, I’ll snap her neck like a twig,” he threatened Thorne.
“I will,” Thorne promised Richard.
Richard then turned toward Camille, her skin cut by the black rose he had given her not too long before. She just couldn’t fight him anymore.
“Are you ready?” he asked Camille.
His teeth which were sharper than a normal person’s were now exposed as he sunk his teeth into Camille’s neck. He only took a little, because he only needed a little of her blood. He pulled away from her licking the wound so that it healed. He then took out a concealed knife and cut a thin line of scarlet across his wrist and put it to Camille’s lips.
After a while she opened her eyes- her new eyes, which now appeared red like those of her creator’s. Two new fangs cut into her lip, and her skin paled.
“But there are things a lot worse than death,” she argued.
The man answered, “You can no longer die my child, for you are the face of Death,” he told her. She looked in a nearby mirror, and saw her new complexion.
She ripped out her IV’s angrily, and began to advance on her brother now ranting,” I hate you. You’ve made my nightmare a reality and now none of it’s a lie!” I smacked him.
Richard turned toward Thorne. “I helped you, now you help me in return,” he warned.
“What do you want?” he asked him.
“Help me, work for me. Find the girl,” he ordered him. “She is the key.”
“What girl?” he asked.
“Ally, I want her, ‘’cause she has nothing and everyone deserves to have something.”

The last time I visited my parents’ they were murdered right in front of me. They were murdered by a person I didn’t recognize. But I saw him draw a knife, and kill both of them, when they refused to tell him where “the girl” was. “What are you doing?” she shouted at him, and then curled up in a corner and mumbled to herself, “this can’t be happening! Daddy, what did you do to make him tick?” she wondered to herself. I only called him daddy when I was nervous, or scared. He went over to her, he wanted to comfort her but he didn’t know what to say. “Don’t touch me!” she yelled, and he moved his hand away.
“I’m sorry_” he started, finally breaking the silence. “I had to, for my sister’s sake. I did something bad. I made a mistake,” he tried to reason with her.
“Don’t, lie to me! Murderers are never sorry!” Her eyes were furious now.
“Well it’s a hell of a mistake. They are my parent’s, now I have nothing and I will always have nothing and I want nothing from you,” she ran toward the phone, with no time to call the Police. The man wrestled the phone away from me and put it back on the hook.
“Do not call them. It would be a big mistake. You are chosen at least you will be. I’m so sorry I made a mistake and there’s no fixing it, but your Father made a mistake too.”
Then he walked out the door and was gone. I would see him again very soon, though.
His words made me shiver, “Do not call them. It would be a big mistake. You are chosen at least you will be. I’m so sorry I made a mistake and there’s no fixing it, but your Father made a mistake too.”

There was a loud knock on the door, she was silent though and didn’t dare to open it. She probably would sneak out the back door which was okay. A lot of humans’ found it necessary to run away from creatures like him. She unlocked the door not expecting to see him there. She began to back away into the closed back door, and felt around for the door knob. He tried to snag her wrist, and was successful for a moment. She yanked her hand from his grip, which nearly cut off her circulation. “Don’t, stay back! You’ve already taken enough from me. I’ll always have nothing, and I’ll always be nothing!” She spat and the tears she tried so hard to hold back, spilled. He had never felt bad for a human before, but there was a first time for everything. “How could she love someone who made no attempt at a reasonable life for themselves?” he wanted to know.
“So,” what are you? Who are you? I know some creatures will damn you just for what you see, for what you have and don’t have,” She panicked, “What do you want from me? What more is there?” she made her way toward a place on the wall where I pressed a button on the wall, which revealed my choice of weapons.
“What are you doing?” he asked.

She turned around and threw holy water into his face.
He let out a yell, as it came in contact with his pale skin. “Ow, my eyes, my skin!” his skin was smoking now. My prey had run out the back door.

She was running and she had to go anywhere but back to that place. She couldn’t bear to see the faces of her dead parents’ now, not when she might be the next to die.
He was gaining up on her now, and it wouldn’t take him very long to catch up to her. She ran and she wasn’t paying any attention to where she was going and ran into an elderly man with graying and thinning hair. He dropped a mirror as he fell. “Oh, I’m so sorry!” she was quick to help him get his scattered belongings from the snow.
As soon as she looked into his face, she didn’t see the man with the graying hair, anymore. “Stay back!” she said, “Why can’t you just leave me alone?” she spat, and backed away into an oak tree.
He moved at an inhuman speed making her turn this way and that. He was up in her face now. His eyes fell to the mirror_ his mirror I now held, but he made no effort to snatch it from my hands.
He then looked away from the mirror for a second and then looked up at me and made an effort to speak,” I’ve been watching you for a long time. Your Father made a promise to me that I could have you. He traded you, his only child. Gave you up to me to support his habit; and your pathetic Mother didn’t do anything to stop him. But his death was quick, no blood on my hands, either. You’re Mother she’s a fighter just like you are. Why do you continue to fight me?” he told her circling her now.
“What’s so important about that mirror?” she asked him.
“What?” he asked.

“The mirror, you kept looking at it,” she informed him as if he hadn’t noticed.
He snatched it from her hands, quickly.

“It shows what I seek and what I wish to know of the future_ our future. But I can’t see everything, the way you can,” he touched my cheek and I shivered, calm for a moment. He answered her.
He threw it against a tree and it shattered. “It doesn’t matter anymore, ‘’cause I have found what I seek. You are special, the mirror tells me,” he said.
“What, how,” I asked him, turning white.
“You can predict many things, or at least you will. You are part of an upcoming war. He told her. “Before your father met your Mother, he used to be a Warrior. He and I met there on the battle field.”
“War, for what, against what, I will start a war? Hell no, I’m not helping you!” she was the quick type when it came to figuring things out.
“No, not- start one,” he lied, “end one. You can help me find their weakness; I know your powers have been bothering you. It adds up,” he told her, “and it will eventually destroy you,” he said.
“So let it,” she said, “better that than use it to destroy everyone around you with it,” I pointed out.
“Did you not hear me, girl!?!?” he shouted.
“Oh, I heard you. What’s the matter is something actually not going the way you want it to? Oh, poor you,” I pitied him.
“You really don’t have anything, nothing to go back to, no one to love you,” he said. “And your point is?” she asked him.
“Nothing,” he said, shivering himself, “I’ve just never met someone who thought their life was so pointless. They had so little self-worth,” he said.
“What, it doesn’t surprise me how I have to clean up his mess yet again,” I spat.
“Tell me, do you ever wonder why whenever something tragic happens, you go by un phased by the blood, the sight? That is your aura,” he informed her.
I considered this. “My Father failed at everything he’s ever done, and broken everything he’s ever promised,” I told him.
“That’s your aura talking, it shield’s your true feelings towards things to help prevent you from feeling pain,” he reasoned with her.
“What are you saying?” I asked, confused but not giving him a chance to explain I jumped to a conclusion instead. “I knew it, I’m a freak. I always have been,” she informed him.
“Join me. You were born for this,” he said, charmingly, taking her wrist in his grip.
She wanted to scream, but she couldn’t manage it, she wanted to yank her wrist from his grip, too. But my eyes were unable to break away from his.
“Okay,” I said, as a tear fell from my cheek.
“Don’t cry it’s not your fault. Blame your Father,” he said, it’s his fault you’re here with me not yours.”
“Stop it,” I said.
“Stop what?” he asked, smiling.
“Stop making immortality sound glamorous,” I accused him.
“Okay, I’ll join you. What other choice do I have, anyway?” she said, giving up.
She stepped toward him, and shivered at the touch of his cool skin as he wrapped his arms around her neck. He then pulled my black shoulder length hair away from her neck and face. He then leaned in with his arm still lightly wrapped around her neck. He pulled it forward slightly and sunk his teeth into her neck before she could change her mind. A blood red tear fell from her cheek, her innocence lost. She was no longer God’s child. She then collapsed into his arms and he carried her off.

Ally woke up in a strange room remembering strange things, with new powers that were once inactive. She often woke up with new questions, which no one seemed to answer for her. She woke up with new questions on her mind this time. “Who am I? Where am I? Who’s the boy?” she asked her creator.
“Ally?” she questioned him.

“No, you are Ally no more, your new name is Evermore,” he told her.
The name sounded bitter on her tongue as if it didn’t fit her. She walked over to a nearby mirror and tried to reach out to touch her new and improved reflection. She learned one important thing. This stranger intended to change and had changed everything about her even her name.
“Evermore,” she asked, raising an eyebrow.
“It means forever mine, or forever changed,” he told her.
Damn right, she thought to herself, but she said instead,” I’ll never be yours,” she told him matter of factly.
“You already are, just look at yourself,” he pointed out.
“You charmed me, you bastard! I never asked for this,” her teeth were clenched in anger now, as she lunged at him and tackled him to the ground.
They fought for several minutes, until he had her in a headlock.
“I hate you,” she informed him like he didn’t already know. “And, I’ll always be a freak like you,” she spat angrily.
“Who’s the boy, Thorne? Tell me of him. In fact, send him in I wish to speak to him alone,” she requested.
“Okay,” and as he turned to leave, I said, “And?” my mind went blank.
“Richard,” he finished for me.
“Richard, this doesn’t change anything.”
He turned to leave. “I’ll send in the boy, and Evermore?” he asked.
“Yes,” I answered.
“Nothing, I just wanted to say it,” he smiled a venomous smile.
Gross, I thought to myself but instead I said, “Richard do not be a smart ass. My name is Ally,” I retorted.
The boy came in not too long after he left. I was seated in front of the mirror again, when I saw another reflection beside mine. My red eyes looked into his, and I envied him. I already missed so much. Before I could stop myself, I said, “You, have you ever seen a human’s soul slip away? Well this is what it looks like. You know I’ll always hate myself now, the last words I ever said to them was,’ how much they screwed up’ only to find out I’m the one who ‘screwed up my life.’ Only I didn’t damn my soul on a rose, I damned myself by blood. Only it took me ending up here only for them to not take any notice. I know I am not wanted at home. My family had their own problems to deal with and I have mine, but they always dragged me in the middle. So what’s your name, Thorne right? Who do you work for, he’s taken everything away and even when you don’t have much to lose everything that’s gone is so much. My parents’ are dead now,” she informed him.
Thorne’s face went white.
“You look pale. Are you alright?” she asked him. “Wait a minute! You work for him, don’t you? She was angry now. “I am a prophetess. Tell me what you’ve done now or so help me-“she broke off when he began to speak, “Yes, yes, I helped him! I didn’t want to but-“
“But he has your sister, I concluded.
Pictures of the girl flashed through my head.
“You really are a prophetess,” he said with disbelief.
“She’s a vampire now, too,” she told him. “He did tell me their kind was harder to kill than humans, but that it wasn’t impossible to do,” she informed him.
“Thorne you need to go, now. I think he may have been listening.”
Thorne left and I was alone. My creator never entered, which usually meant he was either hunting, or was up to no good…

He was human when his own father Jim murdered his mother Sara who just so happened to be a vampire, the kind he hunted. His mother had changed him shortly before her death. He created me for nothing more than his own selfish desires to start a war to avenge the death of his very much loved immortal mother.
He, my creator Richard wanted me to be a full blooded vampire. But instead I am a vampire hybrid half vampire half human. He doesn’t know the things I’ve seen, the things I am capable of doing with my own two hands, now that he’s changed me. All I know is, death, for I’ve seen other’s slip away from me, so I guess I kind of understand.
I hate how someone else has to die at my expense. I knew I would learn to fear myself ‘’cause I would eventually see myself for what I really was. I wish that what happened to me didn’t, but there isn’t any denying it. I knew that I would always be different from them in part. A part of my human soul remained on the day that I died, so I have more mercy to be given than most of my kind would allow.
For the longest time I refused to be called a vampire. I mean, I am one but I don’t like to think of myself as a vampire. It just didn’t fit me, like my new name. I prefer to be called Ally, ‘’cause it doesn’t remind me so much of the life my parents’ bad choices damned my soul to. I was meant for a different path, but there’s no changing it. I first knew I was different when I showed mercy toward the boy who killed my parents. I didn’t picture myself to be the merciless type especially after all I’d been through. I knew life was not always fair, but it was never this unfair. I spared him because I understood what it was like to lose and to want something different.
I had known he was up to something, especially when he had the boy by the arm with his hands tied behind him. He was defenseless now. I walked hastily up to him my high heeled boots clacked angrily against the floor tiles.
“Richard, I want to talk to you!” I yelled. “Alone, leave the human there. Make sure he is unharmed,” I ordered him.
He laughed. “Very well, what is it you want? Make a choice. You, take that boy away make sure he is unharmed and guarded. Kill anyone who gets in your way,” he ordered two of his personal assistants.
“I want to make a deal with you,” I said as soon as they were out of ear shot, “a very generous one,” she concluded, carefully.
“I’m listening,” he said, taking interest.

“Tell me, did you ever find the person who killed your Mother? Did you ever find her bones? I’ll help you find your Father and kill him. I will also help you find her bones,” she promised, “In return I want proof of life of both Thorne and Thorne’s sister Camille. I know you have her locked away somewhere. Do we have a deal?” she asked him, sticking out her hand.
“All I ever wanted was to avenge her and kill my Father and find her bones,” he told Ally.
“I’ll do that for you but we will be starting no wars. Who will be our blood supply?” she pointed out.
“You make a good point, Evermore,” he praised her. She had one other secret plan on her mind. If he were to find out about this one, everything would be ruined. “Also we will share his blood ‘’cause I still haven’t hunted yet and I need to be sharp for whatever lies ahead.”
“It’s a deal,” he agreed.
“So where did you take the human?” I asked Richard.
“I took him to the dungeon. Once he is changed_” he started, but I interrupted him.
“I do not intend to change him. No one touches the human except me,” I informed him.
“Why only you, I bet he’d taste good,” he tried to sound persuasive. I still didn’t give in.
“Because he trusts me,” I said. I didn’t want to tell him I loved Thorne. Love is my weakness, so I allow myself to appear strong for Thorne’s sake and for the sake of his sister, Camille. Also for the whole blood comment, I am the only one of my kind who has never tasted it, and I don’t care for it. I am not like other vampire’s, or so that’s what they tell me. Blood has never been and hopefully will never be appealing to me. Scratch that I have tasted it only once and then never again. I killed the human, snapped her neck and she was pregnant which only makes it worse, “because I’d always wanted a family of my own to call mine. But vampires can’t have kids; they can only create them from humans. And hint, hint dear reader something would go wrong.

Ally entered where Thorne was waiting for her.
“Oh God, Thorne, listen I don’t have much time. I made a deal with him. Your sister is safe and so are you and that’s all that matters. Do not worry about me, worry about your sister. I don’t know if I trust him, but whatever you do don’t try to find me,” she warned him.
“Why are you doing all this for me?” he asked me. I didn’t want to tell him I loved him, it was dangerous for my kind to show weakness.
I heard someone close by me whisper. ”Don’t cry, my child. He said, wiping away a blood red tear from her cheek.
The girl screamed, “Let me out!” she was desperate. She looked through a hole in the wall, which was being clawed through by her pointed nails. “Help me, please Brother; he’s going to kill me. Now look what you’ve done.”
She was demonic, and deprived looking ‘’cause she didn’t get the blood she needed. The girl looked scary.
Ally turned toward Thorne and said,” I should’ve known better than to trust him. Your sister’s still dying. She hasn’t fed yet, and he’s not letting her,” she told him.
“Oh, that’s it!” he fought against the ropes.
“Stop, just stop it!” she yelled and then he was silent.
“Why, he’s got my sister, and it’s my fault!” he yelled, his eyes looked lifeless and tired now. “I never should’ve agreed to the deal,” he said, sadly.
“Do you think I did?” she shouted matching his tone. “My parents never cleaned up their mess, they just made me part of it when they died.” She told him. “Now listen to me, you have to trust me.”
“Why should I trust you?” he asked her.
“Because I’m the one who spared you when he wanted to drain you dry. I am the only one he seems to listen to. And because_” she broke off.
“Because,” he pressed.

“Never mind,” she said, “it’s nothing.”
“Do you trust me now?” she asked him.
“Yes,” he said.
“Good, “Because I have a plan and it may not work but I have to try.”
“You can’t fight him on your own,” Thorne told me.
“Oh no, you are staying here,” she concluded not allowing room for an argument.
And she kissed him without thinking of the dangers her weakness would cause against her.
She ran out of where Thorne was and into the room with the demonic girl and Richard. The girl was still crying until she saw me. “Stop crying, child,” C’a va aller, je te le promets,” I told her. She stopped.
“You said you’d give me proof of life. That’s not her,” she objected.
“It is her, he said, “you never told me to return her to you in the condition in which she was retrieved,” he told her. “You just said, ‘proof of life’.
“You give your Father to Camille, she needs the blood more than I do,” I informed him as if he didn’t already know that.
When he didn’t answer me, I cut my wrist with a blade and forfeited it to Camille. She smiled weakly and said, “Thank you, Miss,” and she sunk in her teeth.
When she pulled away she looked better already. She no longer looked like the demonic girl that had been there earlier.
I got to my feet. “Are you ready to do this?” I asked him.
“More than ready,” he said, his venomous smile stretching across his face.

He led me to his Father’s home. “Is this the place?”
“Yes,” he told me.

“Do you mind if I take a look around the yard?” I asked him.
“Do you think she could be buried here?” he asked, following closely behind her.
“It’s possible,” I countered it, but my visions had been wrong before. Pictures of Richard’s immortal Mother flashed through my head.
“You saw it. She died here and she was buried here. But why?” she wondered.
“He hunted her,” he told her.

“Excuse me?” I said, shocked.
“He hunted them-us,” he clarified, “for a living.”
“Good to know,” I said,” Is that why you became a vampire, because you wanted to become what your Father feared? Losing you, his last living relative besides himself lost to the damned.”
“Yes, I wanted to show him the worst kind of pain,” he answered her.
We eventually found her bones. “There she is,” I said.
He then pushed me into the grave with her bones. “I helped you!” I yelled.
“You did yes, but I no longer need you.” he said coldly.
I stood up in the shallow grave, and lunged at him bringing him to the ground. I didn’t even see him take out his dagger and he reversed the move on me. He then stabbed me, with it, and as he looked into my eyes he said, “I’m sorry, you should’ve just done what I’d asked of you,” he said apologetically twisting the dagger into my heart. Then she blacked out..

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