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July 2, 2012
By JaXswriter, Sydney, Other
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Author's note: Now this story doesn't really have a moral. But what inspired me to write it was my love for the video game. Go ahead call me a nerd but I LOVE this game. It is one of my favourites

"I've been captured by the empire and been sentenced to death alongside Stormcloak rebels. We were being taken to Helgen, but before I could be executed Alduin appeared and attacked the town. I need to find a way out of the town."
Dovakhiin awoke in a carriage. To the left an Imperial driver whipped the horse to make it go faster. He went to pat the man to get his attention but he realised his hands were bound. To his right was the leader of the stormcloak rebellion. Dirty bastards, Dovakhiin hated the Stormcloak soldiers. In front of him were two regular humans. Dovakhiin looked down at his furry paws, yes paws. Dovakhiin was a khajiit. Khajiit were quick and agile, their features were like a snow leopard. The carriage rode into a familiar town. Helgen, shone brightly in the light. They rode into the center of the town and then the carriage. “Wha-wha-whats going on” The black haired man asked. The blonde man responded, “What do you think… End of the line “The black haired man stared in shock. “GET OFF!!!” One of the soldiers yelled. He opened the back of the carriage and the stormcloak leader stepped out. He didn’t say anything. The black haired man said to the soldier “You can’t do this to me! I’m an imperial!!!”
“We can and we will!!!” The soldier screamed.
She then started reading the list “Astrata from the stormcloak rebellion! The stormcloak stepped forward. “Over there!” She pointed to about a hundred other prisoners waiting for death. “Rustrina from Solitude”. The black haired man walked forward and said “You can’t do this to me! I’m one of you! He then ran away from the soldiers. “Archers!” The captain said. A soldier aimed and fired with perfect precision. Rustrina fell to the ground, a long iron arrow wedged into the back of his neck. The soldier continued down the list “Harry from Dawnstar!” She called. The blonde man stepped forward then went to join the rest of the prisoners. “Hey you!” The captain said to Dovakhiin. “What’s your name? You’re not on the list” Dovakhiin gave away his name to the soldiers. The captain checked the list twice. Dovakhiin heard her mutter, “You’re not on here”
“Doesn’t matter you can go with the rest.” She finally said. Dovakhiin walked to the prisoners. “You walk forward.” A troll walked forward. Shockingly he was scared. Trolls were never scared. He lay down resting his head on the block. The executioner raised his axe and brang it down with violent force. The trolls’ head slipped off and blood went everywhere. The general pointed at Dovakhiin “You your next” Dovakhiin stepped forward and laid his head on the block. The executioner stepped back to give the swing of his axe more velocity. Dovakhiin saw something fly over the mountains. A dragon landed on the watchtower behind the executioner. The axe flew out of his hand and he lost balance falling to the ground. The dragon roared, but no fire came out, instead a strong wind blew everyone away. The dragon took another breath as Dovakhiin stood up. The dragon breathed fire and scorched the screaming executioner. Dovakhiin turned and ran. Imperials scattered away from the flames from the dragon. One imperial told Dovakhiin to follow him. “Let’s go!” He shouted over the raging fire. Dovakhiin chased after the imperial. Stormcloaks and imperials battled each other. Great, a dragon and an invasion. They ran into the western watchtower and ran up the stairs. Halfway up the dragon burst through the wall and scorched the inside of the building. “We will have to jump” The imperial said. Dovakhiin jumped. He landed in a house that had been blown in half. He ran outside and saw a little boy being guarded by what looked like his father. “Get that boy to safety” The soldier said. “God bless you Hadvar,” The man said. “Come on prisoner let’s go” Hadvar said. Dovakhiin followed Hadvar to the east bunker. Hadvar opened the door and Dovakhiin stepped inside.
“Dovakhiin over here” Dovakhiin had been exploring the room. He’d found light armour and an iron sword. He hadn’t been able to take it though. “Ha-ha, you’re still tied up.” Dovakhiin felt heat rise underneath his fur; this is what blushing felt like. Hadvar cut the ropes off his hands and let Dovakhiin roam around grabbing what he could find. Dovakhiin returned to Hadvar and said, “I’m ready” Hadvar nodded and walked to the gate that had been blocked off. He pulled a hidden chain and the gate opened. “Let’s go” Hadvar said. Dovakhiin drew his sword as they walked down the dark gloomy path.

Chapter 2
Before the storm
Dovakhiin could see very well down here. But he could tell Hadvar was struggling. “Can you hear that?” Dovakhiin asked. “Stormcloaks” Hadvar muttered. Dovakhiin said to wait there and he then charged in. The Stormcloaks didn’t know what had hit them, Dovakhiin moved swiftly with the iron sword in his hand. Every stormcloak soldier fell dead. Dovakhiin stood panting; he didn’t know he could do that. An iron arrow, hit his leg and Dovakhiin winced. On the other side of the room an archer was getting ready to fire another bow. Dovakhiin’s sword was shot out of his hand. The archer readied to fire again. Hadvar fired an arrow straight into the stormcloak’s eye. “Thanks” Dovakhiin said. “No problem” Hadvar replied. They jogged into the next room the armour bouncing against their fur/skin. Stormcloaks were everywhere. Dovakhiin and Hadvar striked right through them though. They rounded a corner and saw a bright light. “Thank the lords!” Hadvar said. They both crawled through the hole. The sun was still up, it was about midday. “Dovakhiin over here” Hadvar said. He was hiding behind a rock. Dovakhiin hid with him. “What’s wrong?” He asked. “Stormcloak patrol” Hadvar said. “They’re gone now,” He added. They both stood. “It looks like its time for us to part ways” Hadvar said. Dovakhiin had been dreading this moment. “Head to Riverwood, the blacksmith there is a friend of mine, tell him what has happened and he should help you” Hadvar said. Dovakhiin nodded and they split. “Good luck!” Hadvar called over to him. “You too!” Dovakhiin added. “Hopefully when this war is over we will meet again, once more I say good luck my friend” Hadvar finished the conversation. Dovakhiin focused on the trail, it started to snow and the river started to freeze. Dovakhiin thanked that he had fur. Travellers heading in the other direction were shivering. They all seemed scared of Dovakhiin. It made him feel bad. In the distance he could see the town. It got harder to see, the snow fell harder and eventually it ended up as a blizzard.
"Hadvar suggested that I head to the nearby town of Riverwood. His friend is the blacksmith there and should be able to help me".

Finally Dovakhiin reached the town and he could see people rushing for their houses to get out of the storm. Instead of finding a place to stay, Dovakhiin headed straight for the blacksmith who was still working. “Excuse me” Dovakhiin started. “Yes?” The blacksmith asked. “Hadvar sent me here to tell you that a dragon has just attacked Helgen”
“A dragon?”
“Yes, Hadvar would say the same thing if he were here”
The blacksmith shot up from his bench “Is he dead!”
“No” The blacksmith took a big breath and sat back down.
“That’s good”
“Sorry but I have no money but I was wondering if you could let me use some items”
“Sure thing, anything for a friend of Hadvar”
“I’m sorry but I never caught your name”
“The names Michael, I’ve been working here for years, me and my wife Katerina, and our daughter Amy”
“Must be nice to have a family”
“Yeah, well think twice before you settle down to have kids”
They both laughed.
“So what do you need?”
“Let’s see, I’ll need a pickaxe and some better armour than what I’ve got now”
“Here you go, now do me a favour and head to whiterun, it’s not too far from here, tell the Jarl, what has happened”
“Of course, Michael”
“Thank you, hopefully soon you will return to Riverwood with Hadvar and settle down, and then I will be truly happy”
Dovakhiin changed armour and had a rest at the inn. He woke up; the storm had stopped, so he headed out for Whiterun.
Five minutes later, he arrived at Whiterun. He opened the doors to enter the city. He went to the castle and spoke to the Jarl. “Dragons!” The Jarl said. “Hmmmm, to survive a dragon attack is legendary; can you do something for me?” The jarl asked.
“Of course” Dovakhiin replied.
“My personal scientist is interested in Dragons and he wanted something called the golden claw, you must get this for him”
“Sure, where is it?”
“Bleak Falls Barrow, thieves snuck into the castle one night and stole it, but none of us ever go there because of the Dragr’s, the place is crawling with them, let alone the thieves”
‘Bleak Falls Barrow’ Dovakhiin thought. The name sent shivers down his spine. But he couldn’t say no.
“I’ll do it” Dovakhiin blurted out.
“Thank you, you may rest the night and head out in the morning”
“Thank you Jarl”
Dovakhiin headed to another inn and rested there for the night.

Jarl Balgruuf the Greater thinks that I may be able to help him, his court Wizard Farengar wants me to obtain the Dragonstone and the claw, a map of dragon burial sites, from Bleak Falls Barrow."
In the morning, Dovakhiin got changed and headed up the mountains, for Bleak Falls Barrow. He opened the doors and headed inside. The entire place was filled with Thieves. Dovakhiin grabbed one kneed him in the head then stabbed him. He then sliced through multiple people like a kebab. He cleaned the blood off his sword, and walked down a flight of stairs he saw coffins were piled up in holes in the wall. A few of them blew to pieces and a few Dragr’s stepped out, they groaned; their dead muscles flexing. They reached for their swords and started to swing at Dovakhiin, he drew his iron sword and dived right into the chest of a Dragr, it shrieked and fell dead. Dovakhiin sliced through the rotting skin of Dragr’s. They fell to the ground blue blood seeping through their torn armour.
Dovakhiin just kept on pushing further and further down into the Barrow, nothing could stop him. Dovakhiin made it into a room full of webs. He slashed through a thick layer of webs and walked into the web-covered room. A massive frostbite spider dropped from the roof of the room and hissed at Dovakhiin. It spat poison at him and he dodged it. The spider shot more poison at him. He dodged it again and ran in for the kill. The spider knocked him back and it ran at Dovakhiin to try and trample on him. He rolled out of the way and stuck his iron sword into the abdomen of the spider. It shrieked and fell dead. Dovakhiin checked the dead body and extracted a vial of the spider’s poison. ‘It might come in handy later’ He thought as he put it away. He couldn’t see a way out but then he heard someone call “You killed it! Please cut me down now” Dovakhiin turned and saw a man about thirty years old, stuck against the wall webs covering his body, only his head was free. Dovakhiin cut the man down and asked him “Do you know where the golden claw is?” The man replied
“Why should I share my treasure with you?”
The man turned and ran away, down a passage that Dovakhiin hadn’t noticed. “You’ll never catch me!” He called over his shoulder. Dovakhiin chased after the man and tackled him to the floor. The man yelped, as Dovakhiin took out the vial of poison and poured the whole thing down his throat. The man gurgled for a minute than died. Dovakhiin reached down for the body and checked it. He found twenty-six gold pieces an ancient Nord Great sword and some light armour Dovakhiin took it all but ditched the armour. He walked down the passageway and ended up in a giant room that glowed blue. Tall rocks piled up in a circle and words were carved into the rocks. Dovakhiin walked up to the rocks, all of a sudden he felt wise and unstoppable, he felt like shouting, it felt so good. He smiled and turned just in time to see a giant Dragr wearing heavy armour charging at Dovakhiin. He barrel rolled out of the way and slashed at the Dragr, it barely did anything. The Dragr sliced at Dovakhiin and he went flying back. The Dragr shouted at Dovakhiin and he was shot back. ‘That shout’ Dovakhiin thought. ‘That’s Unrelenting Force’ this would be a tough fight. Dovakhiin felt a burning sensation inside of him. He knew what to do. Dovakhiin dropped his sword and raised his hand at the Dragr. The Dragr looked confused and scratched his rotting head; Dovakhiin closed his eyes and focused on his hand and the Dragr. Fire burst out of Dovakhiin’s hand and turned the Dragr into a crisp. Dovakhiin panted, he’d never felt so tired before. There was a door behind the rocks. Dovakhiin opened it and found himself back, out in Skyrim. He realised where he was. He was pretty close to Whiterun so he started the journey back.
When he arrived the Jarl gave the golden claw to his assistant. The Jarl said something about a dragon attacking the watchtower outside the city. He got Dovakhiin to help his personal guard out in killing it. Dovakhiin agreed, they ran to the tower and a man ran out saying “GET AWAY!!! The dragon attacked here and he’ll be back!” Sure enough the dragon swooped down and grabbed the man and flew away. Everyone looked shocked, as the man was carried away.

A dragon was sighted at a watchtower near Whiterun. Jarl Balgruuf sent Irileth and me with reinforcements to kill the dragon.
The dragon returned and breathed fire. The flames knocked the soldiers back. Dovakhiin ran into the watchtower and on the roof. He waited for the right moment. ‘Come on, Come on’ Dovakhiin thought. He jumped off the tower and landed on the dragons back. He stabbed the dragon in the neck, it slowly descended. The dragon wined then hit the ground. Dovakhiin fell off the dragon and hit the ground hard. He groaned then stood up. The dragon was dead lying on the ground eyes closed. Blue and Red light started to pour from the dragon and into Dovakhiin. It was that great sensation again. Again he felt unstoppable.
“Did you- Did you just absorb the soul of the dragon?”
“You must be dragonborn”
“What am I?”
“There’s only one way to find out if that is true, and that’s to shout”
“You mean the unrelenting force shout?”
“Yep, only a dragonborn can master it”
“Focus Dovakhiin, focus and you’ll be able to do it”
“Ok, Ok”
“DO IT!”
One of the soldiers went flying.
“That’s ok”
“So, you’re dragonborn”
A loud crack came from the sky like thunder but there were no clouds.
“That’s the Greybeards calling you”
“The Greybeards?”
“Greybeards are an ancient and honoured order that dwell in the mountain sanctuary, High Hrothgar which is located in the highest mountain peak in Skyrim, The Throat of the World as absolute masters of Thu’mm or the voice they live in absolute silence in order to better attune themselves to the voice of the sky”
“You must go”
Before Dovakhiin left he told the Jarl
“Dragonborn, Dragonborn people haven’t been seen in centuries”
“Yeah well”
“Anyway, for killing the dragon I hereby make you an honorary Thane of whiterun”
“Thank You Jarl”
“I’ll have Lydia to serve you on your journeys”
“Thank you”
“Best not keep the Greybeards waiting you must head to High Hrothgar”
“Yes Jarl”

The Greybeards have summoned me to their monastery of High Hrothgar on the slopes of the Throat of the World. They seem to have learned of the mysterious power I gained when I killed the Dragon outside Whiterun.
Dovakhiin finished writing in his journal.
He was on the back of a carriage. He’d payed the driver to take him to the town closest to High Hrothgar. Lydia was next to him asleep, it had been a long ride.
They arrived at about midnight. Dovakhiin couldn’t keep the greybeards waiting so instead of heading to an inn he headed straight up the mountain heading for the throat of the world. Dovakhiin would usually sit and read all the pillars but he didn’t have time. He rushed up the mountain. Many wolves lunged at Dovakhiin and Lydia but they just killed it before it even got close. They were getting closer; they could see it in the distance. Dovakhiin smiled and ran forward, he ran directly into a frost troll. It roared for a second than died as Dovakhiin stuck his Greatsword through its heart. They walked to High Hrothgar.
When they got there they talked to the greybeards. They asked Dovakhiin to shout at them. Dovakhiin focused on the shout and let it loose “FUS!” He shouted. The greybeards stood still and let the power sink into them. “Step forward Dovakhiin” said the greybeard at the front. Dovakhiin took a step forward and said “Yes Greybeard?” “You have the power of a true Dovah,” The greybeard said. “Thank you greybeard”
“Yes Arngeir?”
“Give it to him”
“Yes Arngeir”
Borri took a few steps backwards and thrust his arms back. A wind the colour of a dragon’s soul spilled out of Borri and soaked itself onto Dovakhiin. A surge of power filled him. “Now I will let up three dummies. Use your new word RO along with FUS to attack the dummies.” “FUS RO!” The dummies disappeared one by one and eventually Dovakhiin fell to his hands and knees panting. “Your training is partly complete, come to the courtyard at the back. Dovakhiin, once he had finished panting, went to the back and saw all of the greybeards standing there waiting for him. He had left Lydia at the door to the courtyard. He walked forward and could see a small gate that opened and closed. It had surrendered to the wind of the mountain years ago. ”Dovakhiin approach” Dovakhiin walked forward until he was only a few steps away from Arngeir. “The gate will open then close almost as instantly, you will need to use whirlwind sprint which I am about to give you”
Arngeir repeated what Borri had done and the soul came out making Dovakhiin feel powerful again. “Alright just use whirlwind sprint and you will be able to get through the gate”
“WULD” Dovakhiin shot through the gates at an unbelievable speed. He came to rest at the edge of the mountain about to break down.
“You have completed your training”

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