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My World in Pieces

March 21, 2012
By Nom-Nom, franklin, Wisconsin
Nom-Nom, Franklin, Wisconsin
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On the planet Stoikheion, meaning elements in Greek, about 52 million miles away from the Milky Way galaxy, children are born every day. Children don’t get officially named until the New Year’s Eve of their eighth year. This is because that special New Year’s is when they get their power sign. They are usually named in relation to their power, so children are known as a four digit number for the first eight years of their life. Finally, when the New Year's Eve of their eighth year arrives, all the little children line up to get their names and their power signs.There are only four power signs on planet Stoikheion: air, water, fire, and earth. Each child is born with the potential to one of the four elemental magics. Every child will get one power sign that they will learn to use and master. But, every one hundred years, a girl is found with all four elemental powers. This child’s powers is found just like every other eight year olds powers, with the jubi, but when found, she is dragged into another room and shortly thereafter becomes the Queen of Stoikheion.


My World in Pieces

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