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The Miranda and Amanda Chronicles: Fates Meet

February 21, 2012
By Mira Blumen, Sharon, Massachusetts
Mira Blumen, Sharon, Massachusetts
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Two preteen girls, Miranda and Amanda, meet up at Olympian Academy, a boarding school for mortal children and descendants of the Greek gods ages 11 to 18. But getting there is only the beginning of their adventures.

Mira B.

The Miranda and Amanda Chronicles: Fates Meet

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on Jun. 15 2013 at 1:43 pm
BlazeRayn BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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well... i must say, theres nothing totally wrong with the writing, but... when i first was introduced to Amanda, i expected her to be a tough, fierce Artemis-like girl, as thats how she was introduced. but then she goes on about liking Barbie and starts singing Camp Rock... and Claire and Miranda and... just all the characters were very childish. Its hard to take any of it seriously, and because of that the romance is just strange and doesnt feel real. the story also goes really fast, and some parts, like when Medusa showed up, didnt seem threatening when they were supposed to be. People showed up so quickly in one scene that i almost completely skipped over Medusa's entry and was confused when there was a fight scene. Arthur's asking Miranda to the dance also seemed fake and unrealistic. The fight scene at the dance also only lasted a couple paragraphs, so there was no real time to feel afraid for the characters lives, or really know what intirely is happening. and, how am i supposed to believe that Amanda is a great warrior/tiger girl who can handle any fight situation when she sings Miley Cyrus and Camp Rock and any possible moment? Even though i know Amanda and Miranda are much older, to me they feel 8 or 9 years, by the way they dress or act. Sorry. I hope you dont take this comment the wrong way, I just felt i should tell you...