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December 29, 2011
By Babycakes56 SILVER, Peyton, Colorado
Babycakes56 SILVER, Peyton, Colorado
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Raia, a teenage girl, lives in a different universe, where there are different worlds, and different rules. Living in one of the five inner worlds, she spends her days going to school, drama practice and spending time with her six amazing best friends. She's always felt different from everyone else, and others have accused her of being strange, and unnatural. Being in a group of seven, she doesn't follow the "rules of nature" where everything, even the number of kids in a school, comes in orders of five. But when Raia is given an assignment from her history teacher about an outer world named Rayne, and the destruction of three other worlds, Raia begins to learn the truth about who she is, and the world she lives in. Raia has to fight her government, and the population as they fight her in her quest for truth.

Rowan B.


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