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Foul Temptations

December 11, 2011
By Ellana SILVER, St. Rose, Louisiana
Ellana SILVER, St. Rose, Louisiana
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Favorite Quote:
"'Twas not the serpent that tempted Eve, but rather knowledge itself."


The Dragomir vampires have been around for centuries. Throughout each generation of vampires, the Head of the Family is chosen whether it be male or female. It is a right of birth given to the firstborn child of the last head. However, the line of succession moves quickly onward.

Andromeda Dragomir has earned her title as family head. She has a right to do so and has been trained by the Council of Elders to accept her position and rule well. However, the Dragomir family has a dark secret. In the depths of their castle, beyond all knowing, there lies a threat long-buried.

There is a vampire so powerful that he could bring destruction to both the mortal and immortal worlds alike. Irial Dragomir, the proverbial "bad boy" of the plot, is plagued with visions of a golden-haired man trapped within the confines of Dragomir castle.

Plotting the destruction of a family that wronged him, Irial plans to unleash this threat and control him. But how can one control an ancient evil bent on the world's destruction...? A tragic tale of love, death, and rebirth.. Foul Tempations is about the musings of a madman and the ignorance of one brother.

Ana M.

Foul Temptations

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