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Hidden Indentitys

October 24, 2011
By jj9095 SILVER, Miami, Florida
jj9095 SILVER, Miami, Florida
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Dylan and Alexander are the new guys in school. Schuyler and Lisa, the outsiders, become dorm partners. Dylan starts stalking Schuyler and Alexander knowing something is up. Mrs.Pardo got the hunch that Dylan is not mortal. Dylan try's to get Lisa not to hang around Schuyler and Alexander. Dylan tells Lisa they're not human. It strikes a chord and she tries to figure out what they are. Alexander and Lisa fall in love. Schuyler has a secret crush on Dylan and cant get it to go away. Schuyler and Alexander have a secret that only they should know. All this and more difficulties are in this new striking novel, Hidden Identity's.

Jaslin M.

Hidden Indentitys

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