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July 8, 2011
By krystieBeth GOLD, inez, Kentucky
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krystieBeth GOLD, Inez, Kentucky
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"Remember, darkness does not always equate to evil, just as light does not always bring good."
-p.c. cast

Author's note: This piece is based upon a dream I had a little over a month ago. It woke me up screaming and spilling tears all over my blankly. But it left me chill bumped and terrified in the dark. I would also like to add that a lot of hard work, imagination and personal experience had to go into the making of this short story. I would like for you to read between the lines because some things were kept descrete. I hope you have fun reading and enjoy.!

The author's comments:
i would like to add that some of my spelling errors are purposely done. I believe it is just a part of my own personal style of writing.

I swam in a pool of blue as those beautiful eyes gazed into mine.
"I love you of oats." He said.
Hah. The name that once made me feel stupid now seemingly felt just like home. A warm place to lay a bed, or a rain holder above your head.
I got the name from calling him hunnybunches on our second date. And for a while the idea of him calling me that kind of hurt my feelings, while my other friends got called 'babydoll' and 'sweetie' I got stuck with a name like 'of oats'.? What the crap.? But time has made our love like this he could call me 'butthead' and I'd still be the happiest peach in the peck.

"Tonight is the perfect night oats." His soft lips then caressed mine.
"It is. I couldn't be happier."
"Me either, were right where we belong.... can I see your phone.? I'm going to text Sam."
"Sure hunnybunches go ahead."
It didn't register in my mind that Sam was my ex-boyfriend and come to think about it how dies he even know Sam.? Sam is my ex from summer before sophomore year, and he's a graduate from a school in a totally different county.
I looked up to find my lovers eyes but mine fell short. I saw his hand peeking out of the corner of my closet.
He's trying to scare me I thought. I stood up and tip tip tippy toed across my bedrooms sandy brown carpet.
My fingers slipped across the wood and pulled back. But what I found behind closed doors was excruciating to the heart. It was him, but at the same time it was not. His once long grassy brown hair was now short stumbly black. And half his face looked as if bears had maulled it to such a point it made me wonder if a bear had gotten in my closet and quickly snipped away pieces of him. He snarled at me bared his teeth and Charged. My foot went backwards, then the other and they continued to do so until I found my butt backed into the bed.
"Goodbye my love, tonight is the perfect night, the perfect night to die."
With lead legs I ran as fast as I could into the kitchen, I soared over to the knifed and grabbed the first one I saw. With a flick of the eye lids and a turn on my heel, before I knew it milky flesh surrounded the blade and the blood of my one love splattered my facial features and drowned my heart.
He fell to the ground knees first, and for but a moment he looked as himself again and said.
"I'll love you forever and forever you shall be my love."
Chills span around up my spine and flew up to my brain as I watched the one I love slowly die from my cause. I guess the saying 'love hurts' is really true, it just hurt him physically and left me somewhat of an emotional train wreck.
Silence came upon the room for a moment and when I thought enough time had past I checked for a pulse, there was none.
Large steps to the garage to get a shovel, tugs and helpless pulls from his death to his freshly dug grave.
I covered him up in the dark of the night, his body would forever be gone. And so would he.
I cleaned up every sickly drop of blood spilt. When I gathered my mind together and took a few Tylenol I pondered the possible explanations. Could someone had slipped something in a drink I had.? could this all just be one big nightmare.? Could I have fully lost my sanity.? None of them sufficed my imagination enough to make me believe any possibilities I could think up.
I finally thought of the things I could do and the only thing I had was to drive his car somewhere and go to my friend zhanna's house, her dad died four years ago and her moms on a business trip with my parents for the whole month of July and today is just the 14th.
I dialed zhanna's number hoping and praying she didn't have her dumb dumb of a boyfriend over.
"Teandra.? What the heck.? Why are you calling at 1 o-clock in the morning.?"
She's going to flip when I tell her, she's going to tell me to leave her out of it, I know it.
"I need you to come over here....."
"Whats wrong.?"
".......We broke up."
We paused for a moment but then she spoke again.
"Teandra I'm so sorry, I'll be over there in a minute."
"Thank you so much, I figured you'd have Tom over since your parents are out of town."
"No, he left for somewhere with someone at 4 yesterday."
"Where'd he go.?"
"No clue."
"I'm sorry zhanna."
"It's okayy. I'll be over in just a minute."
"Please hurry. I don't want to be alone for another second."
"Alright I'll be there in probably 10 15 minutes. bye."
Seconds passed but they felt like hours and each minute felt like days.
I finally heard a car door slam. Thank god, I thought. I met her at the door and she started screaming.
"Teandra.! Why is his car outside.?.! Is he here.?.! He's got a lot of nerve.!"
"well..... Zhanna, there's something I need to tell you....."
"Teandra I swear, I'll kill you."
"Well..... he tried to beat you to doing that."
"Oh my god teandra.! He tried to kill you.?.!"
"Yea, so I killed him. He's buried up in the hills now. It all happened so fast i didn't know what to do." I knew if I told her he's now right on the hill next to the house she'd never go up there or here again so I decided to keep it discrete.
"Why did you call me.?.! Oh my god teandra your ganna go to jail.!"
"Your the only one I had to call and I'm sorry. And no I am not, because no body is going to find out about this."
"What are you going to do.?"..

"Me and you are going to drive his and my car to somewhere far away were ganna get off the license plate and anything that will mark it. We will leave it in the first ghetto we find. With half a tank of gas and the keys. Some one will take it and run."
"I can't teandra. I just can't."
"I need your help, now more than I ever have before."
"Get in the car let's make this fast."
We drove a good hour and a half till we found a nice crap hole of a town to dump his purdy little alero at. We took off the plate with a screwdriver that we found in the trunk. He was soo messy, but always handy.
"Do you want to go to my house.? You didn't just bury a dead crazy ex-boyfriend there." Zhanna said as we got into the car.
"Yes sure, just as long as we get the heck out of here"
Twinds, twists and just a tad of car sickness but were almost to her house. Thank god anyway, I desperately need to go to sleep. I looked down at my phone and realized Sam had texted me, it read:
'Teandra? What are you talking about?are you okay?'
At that moment I wondered once more why he had wanted to text Sam and apparently he deleted what he sent to him because it was gone.
'I'm sorry, I can't even explain right now. What did i send you.? Because it wasn't me'
I gazed up and I hadn't seen how foggy out it had gotten.
"Do you want me to drive.?"
"Please, but I'm not getting out of the car."
"Well I'm not either, we will have to trade fast, make sure the doors are locked and switch as fast as we can."
My foot went in her shoulder blade and her arm crammed itself in my throat, but after a minute and a half of screaming and discovering a flexibility we never thought possible, we made it.
I knew Zhanna hated driving at night anyway, and on the roads to her house with what happened tonight someone would have to dig our graves as well if she continued to drive.
'Buzzzzzz bzzzz'
I looked down for a moment, and only a moment. Zhanna screamed, I found my eyes locked on him. He's standing in the road in front of us with his not so himself body.
"Oh, my, goodness. Zhanna, we just killed my boyfriend for the second time.! Were definitely going to jail.!"
"Teandra, I thought you said he was dead, you buried him..?.!"
"I did.! I don't know how the heck he's alive. He had no pulse. Not A single beat or a breath left in his body."
"Throw him over in the woods."
"Will you come with..."
"Hell no.! Run over him a few more times and knock him down over the hill there's the creek right there"
'Crunch crackle pop'
You'd a thought we were eating rice krispy cearial hah. I'm glad I can still laugh, even though the thought of the joke I just made In my head makes me wonder if I have gone just a little mad.
I rolled him over in the creek and sped the whole way to Zhanna's house.
We locked all the doors and windows, (like a twice dead guy would worry about locks) but I wasnt about to say a word about that to Zhanna. She freaks out kind of easy.. And well, this is kind of a good time to freak out I suppose.
When we got to zhanna's we sipped on coffee (even though neither of us truly like it) and puffed off our inhalers.
"You want to sleep in the living room on the big couch island thingy.?" I asked.
"Yes, I should kick you right out, bringing some freaky weirdo dead but not dead guy to kill me."
"I'm sorry."
"It's alright let's just go to bed and try to forget about it."
"Alright, goodnight."
"Goodnight teandra."
We laied down and tossed and turned.
"I've never been so sleepy and not able to fall asleep in my life" I said.
"Me either, I blame you completely for getting such terror and bad excitement going."
"I'm sorry.. I did not know my boyfriend of almost a year was going to randomly turn into a freak who won't die and that's trying to kill me."
I looked up and my heart stopped. There he sat on a tree branch outside the window looking down at us...

"Umm, Zhanna.? He's um, uhh, and, uh."
"I swear to god teandra I will kill you. What is it.?"
"Look up."
"Ohh my goshh. Teandra get up now.!"
I looked over twards the bathroom, but all I could see was darkness.
"I'm going to make a dash for the bathroom." I said.
"Just do it now.!"
There i was again, thrashing my lead legs around just trying to stay alive. Fall by fall my feet hit the hard wood floor twards nothing but black. And then he was there around the corner. I felt his hands wrap around my arms and I hit at the air swinging my fists, making less contact than I'd like. He shoved me and In an instant, I was on the floor with him over top of me. He's going to kill me, right here, in Zhanna's living room floor. Murdered in cold blood by the one she loved who had already died twice that night. This can't be happening, it can't end like this.
I kicked my legs up as hard as I could. "What do you think your trying to do.?"
I expected him to hit me then. But. Instead I felt the pressure of his existence evaporate. I jumped up to lash out at him again. But I found myself slammed up against the wall.
"Have you lost your mind.? What Is wrong with you.?"
Then it hit me.
"Drake.?" (zhanna's brother)
"Yea, who'd you think I was.?"
"Umm well."
A light flickered on and now I could see. Zhanna was standing at a not so safe distance with a knife.
"Were you going to stab me.?" Drake asked.
"Well. In all fairness I didn't think it was you."
"Who did you think it was.?.!"
We ran through a cheat sheet of everything with Drake and assured him that I really don't know how to pick a guy, like he's been telling me I can't ever since I dated this girl's brother he did marching band with.
"Go down to my room." he ordered
And I wasn't going to waste anytime arguing with him like I would any other time of my life. Apparently Zhanna wasn't either seeing as she'd already slipped through the crack of the door.
"Get under the bed. I'm going to shoot him and we can go from there. Do not get up unless I come and get you do you got that.? Teandra.?"
".......... You have 10 minutes."
I slid underneath the bed with Zhanna shaking in her pale freckled skin. I was always jealous of her red head, and she always acted as if she envied my blonde hair. I hate it every time she gets highlights, I swear if I had red hair I'd never touch not even a crayola to it.
6 or 7 minutes passed, but not a sound cut the air.
"I am so sorry. I had no where else to go."
"It's alright just keep quiet.!"
"I mean, I would've gone somewhere else. But there was no place to turn."
"Teandra, your my friend. I'll help you with any problem you have. But can you try to not have another syco dead boyfriend out for our cold flowing blood.?"
"I'll try haha."
Footsteps crawled across the floor. And zhanna's head jerked twards me. She gave me a look that said 'teandra, if you even breathe, I'll kill you.'
I opened my mouth up like I was going to say something and she jerked to pinched me. You didn't ever want to get in the middle of one of mine and Zhanna's pinch wars, I had two scars from her and she had one from me, but she started before I did, freshman year.
'Creak,, creak.'
I could hear both of ours hearts pounding so loudly if it wasn't drake we would've been caught from the sound.
'Bang.! Crash.! Bang.!'
I peeked to find Drake and him wrestling around on the floor. Zhanna snapped for me to back away from the edge and I did just that.
The gun. it silenced the world, but only for a short shot of a second and the floor began to squeak once more.
My breath escaped my lungs, and I gasped for my life. My inhaler, where had I set it.?
"Cough cough cough.!"
All the weight of excitement and terror had my lungs shredded to pieces, and I felt as if ten thousand pounds sat upon my chest.
I slid out and ran helplessly to find my life line. I didn't even look back to see who was laying on the floor and who was standing, either well their way for the kill or an explanations.
I found my inhaler and squeezed.
Free at last, my lungs are finally free at last. But who knows how long they'll stay that way.
I ran back to the room expecting to see Drake alive seeing as I hadn't heard a peep or screech from Zhanna. But I didn't see rite one of them at all.
"Zhanna.?........... Zhanna.?" I whispered.
Her head popped up " is Drake alright.?"
"Um I'm not ssuur.."
"Guys, can you explain to me how he was alive. For the third time.!" Drake said from the dark corner. I poked on the light switch. He sat there cuting on him. The bloody mess.
"What are you doing.?.!"
"He's Going to die this time. There won't be any chance in him being alive."
"come on teandra let's take him into the kitchen." Zhanna spoke and flung up out from under the bed.
We drug his lifeless body bleeding through the floor. When we got it to the kitchen we layed him in the middle of the floor on a tarp Drake had oddly laying around somewhere. Drake's an odd character, he's all in to war and violence and curses way to much. But I guess he's not so bad to have around, especially in times like these when your boyfriend goes crazy and tries to murder you. To tell you the truth me and drake used to have a thing for each other, it was unspoken of till sophomore year. When he kissed me. But we never said anything to anybody buy Zhanna, I'm still apologizing over it. She keeps telling me she knows we care for each other. But he's dating someone else. Zhanna jar can't stand her.
His organs split open and juices flowed across the black plastic floor. Drake cut up his face and then proceeded on to his heart and lungs while Zhanna stayed more to observing and I stayed more huddled to corner.
"Come here teandra, make sure he's dead. He wasn't ever nice to you anyway.". Drake said.
"He was to.! He... He..."
"Cheated on you. He beat you, rapped you, blamed you lied and made you have to lie.!" Zhanna said.
"No he didn't.!" I protested.
"Teandra i saw him. I heard and witnessed, you even told me one time in your sleep while you were having a nightmare. Face the facts he was awful. He even gave you that black eye and you know it.!" she said
I'd forgotten about the eye,..... and the broken arm six months ago, and come to think of it the time he pushed me down and I fell down two flights of stairs and bruised three ribs.
"I don't know what your talking about just cut him up an get it over with..

We sat down in the restaurant. His smile glistened and my heart was lost in those blue eyes.
"What would you like to eat.?"
"Um I'm not sure yet."
"Well, figure it out and tell me before the waiter gets back." He said this sort of hateful, but he's so cute he can be a little controlling. That just means he cares I guess.
"Um a hamburger, fries and a coke."
"What can I get y'all.?" the waiter asked.
"Um, I'll have chicken tenders and fries and a coke and she will have a plain hamburger and a diet coke."
My face must have been terrible because when he looked at me he shot a dirty look.
"Your food will be out in a moment I'll bring your drinks."
"I think your really wonderful." he said.
"I think your wonderful to hunny bunches."
"Haha hunny bunches.?"
"Yea haha. Is it okay I called you that.?"
"It sure is of oats." he said with a smile.
When we left he drove us to the top of a hill he called 'point side'.
"You are great. Do you know that.?" he said
I smiled with my head down.
We sat in silence for a while and he spoke again.
"Well aren't you going to answer me.?.!"
"Don't look at me like you don't know what I'm talking about.!"
He struck his hand against my face and then he grabbed my shoulder and knocked me into the car door. Everything went black. I woke up in bed the next morning and never remembered a thing.
Not until now.

"Tandra.!.? Teandra stop.!" Zhanna screeched.
I looked down and blood was soaked all over me. What have I done.?
"What's wrong with you.?" Drake asked.
"Nothing, I'm sorry. I just got a little out of hand. That's all. I'm just scared he will come back."
"Were going to burn him and bury the ashes." Drake said.
We carried his bones and ashes up their mountain to bury him. And when we got back I showered and borrowed some of Zhannas clothes.
"Can we sleep now.?" Zhanna asked.
"Yeah, but I'm going to stay up and wait a little while, just to be sure." Drake said.
We laied down in her bed this time and drifted out to a dream land.

'Ring ring ring'
"Hey hunny bunches, whatcha up to.?"
"Nothing. Just sitting around waiting for mom to get back. She won't let me get a tattoo."
"Ohh hunny that sucks. I'm sorry."
"She's just being stupid, I'll get it sooner or later. You wanna catch a movie tonight.?"
"Hang on let me ask mom. Just give me one second."
I yelled for mom and muted the phone to ask, but he and I had just went out last night and I think mom wants to go to the mall in about 30 minutes.

"Were you wanting to go to the mall later momma.?"
"Yea, why.?
"He was wanting to take me to the movies, but I told him I didn't think I could."
"No you can't cause you two just went to the park last night, your not going anywhere but with me."
"Alright, so we will leave prolly about half an hour.?"
"Yes, so get ready."
She left the room and I turned the phone off mute.
"I can't go."
"Are you serious.?.!"
"Yea, she wants to go to the mall with me today."
"Ohh I see, that's flipping great.! Just great. You knew you'd be going and you just got my hopes up. Real friggen nice Teandra.!"
"I'm sorry. I didn't know. But I've got to go get ready."
"Yea go put on your hoe paint and tramps around. Just fine teandra. Bye."
He hung up and I started crying.

We got back from the mall around 11 so I didn't bother calling then. He'd be out with friends now. I fell asleep but hours later I felt someone tug on my arm.
I saw him standing in the dark above my bed. He had came in through the window and was starring right down at me.
"Haey hunny bunches. What are you doing here.?"
He grabbed my arm and twisted. I felt a crack, then a pop, then I felt the pain.
"Stop.! Stop.! Your hurting me.!"
"you hurt me."
Then he slammed me down off the bed and now I felt a brake. I screamed out with agony and tears streamed down me.
He left through the window long before dad and mom got through my door. He knew I wouldn't tell them. I lied and said I must have fell off the bed in my sleep with my arm In a funny position. And for a while I convinced myself that to...

"Teandra.? Zhanna.? Wake up. You have to see this."
We looked at him rolled over and rolled right back.
"Get up.! He's back.!"
Zhanna jumped up out of that bed so fast she couldn't have had time to spit. I followed them to the kitchen and proceeded on outside to find a paper plate with a powder substance in it. If I didn't see it I wouldn't believe it. His face was in the powder.!
We mixed it up ad buried it.
And moments later appeared a plate full of liquid with his face in it as well.
"That's it.!" I screamed.
I took him to the town pool, dumped him in and swished him around. I could see him swimming around in the water. He formed into what looked like a very small person and then turned into a baby. But not just any baby, mine.
I picked him up and looked into my baby's eyes. They'd been gone from my reach for so long. But he wasn't truly my baby, I could tell it was him.
"You won't do that. You wouldn't kill your own baby twice would you.?"
"I didn't kill that baby.! It died.! There wasn't anything I could do.! If it Wasn't for you it wouldn't even have been on the planet to kill.!"
"Keep telling yourself that, maybe you can convince yourself that to. You won't Kill me my darling."
My arms dropped down a little more.
"It doesn't matter, I'll always be back. I'm going to kill you my love."
I pushed him down in the water, I shoved him as hard as I could and turned to run, but water only let's you move so far. Struggling to get out when a woman yelled.
"Ma'am.! Your forgetting your baby.!"
I turned to see his horrifying smile. I went back to get him. And took him back to Zhanna.
"Have you lost your mind teandra..? Where'd you go.? What happened.?"
I explained to then what happened as I tied him up.
"So why are you going to do now.?" Zhanna asked.
"Take him to an exorcist, I think he's possessed."
"Teandra, have you... Um.. Noticed.."
"Now that he's a baby, I mean.. He uhh.. Looks a lot like... Umm.."
"I know. My baby. When we were at the pool he said it was my fault john died...."
"That was not your fault.! John had influenza that was probably genetic from him anyway. He killed that baby the night he did that to you. It wouldn't have been here if he hadn't did what he did. And been the way he is. It was his fault.!"
"let me call around were going to have something done tonight." I said.
We called 4 different places and there all an hour away.
"Zhanna pick which one you think is best and come with me please."
"I will. I like this one."
We drove to the house to search under the house for johns car seat. And after we found it we were off.

We arrived a little after 11pm and the guy sat him down and as he sprinkled holy water on him he spit and screeched at us. He started to scream words at him and hold crosses up in his face. The whole time he screamed and swung his arms at the floor. The sounds of it all made my teeth hurt. And it made me feel terrible. He's in my baby's body and it has to go through this. The lights went out and the exorcist screamed his words louder and he through that much more of a fit. All of a sudden it all stopped. Everything went silent. And for a moment I assumed the world stopped turning...

I woke up in my warm bed to birds singing the next morning. Everything looked normal. I bounced down the stairs to get a bowl of cereal. Then I planned to call Zhanna to see what happened. If anything happened at all. I'm getting real used to the idea of maybe I'm crazy.
And then I heard it. The screams of a baby. My heart stopped. I followed the sound with a knife behind my back. This is the end. No more.! I traced the screams coming from Johns old room. But everything was put back in there places. As if nothing had happened, ever. I looked down in the crib to find John. Not him John, but John John. I could tell it wasn't him it was actually John. Don't ask me how I know or why he's here. But my baby is home.
"teandra are you going to bring the baby outside with all of us hunny.?" Drake's voice streamed in my ears.
"Uhmm yes. I sure am."
"If you want I will."
"No no no, I can get him. You go on outside and have fun."
"Okayy sweetiepie. I'll see you in a minute."
He hugged me and kissed me lightly. Maybe I'm in the twilight zone.?
I took John outside and drake took my hand to hold in his. For the first time in a long time I smiled. I forgot what it felt like to laugh a real laugh. They feel so much better than the lie I lived for too long.
I went inside to get my mom. But I came up behind her and over heard her talking to someone on the phone.
"I know it's awful but I'm
glad he died.. Influenza and drake are the best things to happen for teandra and John."
That was enough for me. I went outside and decided for the first time In a long time to do what best. Best for me and my child.

The end...

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