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Untold Stories of the Undead

January 31, 2011
By acetiger82, lynn, Massachusetts
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acetiger82, Lynn, Massachusetts
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Here I am 17 and handsome. I had it all. I must be 17 forever. There is no way around it. I can no die for that would be too easy. My fate is to be a misunderstood monster for the rest of my life. You want to know what happened to me? Fine I’ll tell you. I was walking home with the most beautiful person in the whole world. Kahlan was always there for me, when my parents kicked me out she let me stay with her. Everything about her drew me towards her, her face, her hair, her heart, her compassion, even her dark side when she was mad. Yes everything. I can still remember the final days with her… “So, that last class seems to drag on forever huh?” Kahlan asked me. “Yea Mr. Clai can talk and talk and talk,” I said “My parents are going o be out of town this weekend its just going to be me if you want to come over,” she said with her face down. Like she was embarrassed to ask I steeped in front of her and lifted her chin with my finger. Well looking into her eyes I replied “I would love to.” This made her smile. We walked the rest of the way home doing nothing but holding hands. When we got to her house I kissed on the forehead then her lips. ”See you tonight” I whispered in her ear. “Yeah see you tonight”, she said. I waited for her to go inside before I left. I always did this. I was in love with this woman. On my way home I thought about what she had I’m mind for this weekend. We have been dating for three years. I never felt this way about anyone. I reached my house and went to the attic my getaway. “Hey where do you think your going?” My step dad asked. I could tell by the sound of his voice that yet again he was drunk. I turned and started to walk up the stairs wards the attic. “HEY, I’M TALKING TO YOU AHOLE! ANSWER ME!” He yelled. “Upstairs I have homework to do” I replied and shut to door. His foot steps faded away and I went to my desk and pulled out my history homework. This is the one subject I do well with. My cell started to go off and it was Patricia calling about the American lit homework. I told her we didn’t have any in that class and she hung up. By the time I’m done with the rest of my homework my cell goes off again. “Hello you have reached the voice mail box of Mike Spray, please leave your name and number and ill get back to you as soon as possible.” I say “Hey mike when you would like to come over.” Kahlan said “Um how about now, I could be there in about 45 minutes.” “Okay see you soon” She hung up and I started ward the window. I could go out the front door but I didn’t want to see that drunken piece of s**t right now. I know he would be asleep right now but I didn’t want to wake him. As much of a pain in the ass as he his I didn’t do anything to upset him. It wouldn’t be worth it. I got to her house by 5:45pm. When I knocked she was right there and pulled me into a kiss. “Wow someone missed my mouth but did you missed the rest of me too?”I asked her when she let me get my breath. “Of course but I wanted to warm these up first.” Kahlan replied. “So what do you want to do tonight? I’m good to do anything.” “I just want to hang with you and curl up and fall asleep in your arms tonight.” Her cheeks got bright red and she looked the other way,” you weren’t supposed to hear that.” I cupped her chin in one hand and made her look at me, “that’s all I want to do, I love you Kahlan.” I realized after I said this it was the first time I told her. She was silent. “You don’t have to say anything, just knowing you’re here is good enough for me.” She pushed me away and ran upstairs with tears in her eyes. I waited about two minutes before I went upstairs after her. “Kahlan I love you what wrong?” “I’m sorry Mike. I’m so sorry.” She was sobbing in her pillow. I went over to her and patted her back. “It’s okay calm down. Its okay I promise.” I said in a relaxing voice, the one she can’t resist. She looked up for a moment and before Kahlan could put her head down I sat on her pillow. “What’s the matter honey?” “I’m sorry Mike, I’m so sorry” she fell into my chest and sobbed. After a while her she stopped and it was quiet. I was about to get up but she grabbed my shirt so I stayed there and rubbed her back. “Did I do something wrong?” it her me to see her like this. “Not you but me,” she said, “when you said you loved me I didn’t say it back. I know I hurt you by not saying it back I know I did so don’t you lie!” I laughed at her every time she did this she things she had hurt me when she didn’t. she was over reacting, she hit me in the arm. “Ow that hurt but not you saying I love you back. The only thing that could hurt me is you leaving and never wanting to see me again.” “I am leaving mike,” she said with tears in her eyes, “my mom just told me before she left. We are moving to Ohio and…” she couldn’t finish she started crying again. I thought for a moment then said “ Kahlan lets run away together, just you and me going anywhere you want to go, what do you say? I’ll get a job, we can leave right now.” “We have no money.” “I’ll get us money, with out stealing it.” “We have no car.” “I’ll carry you.” “Where can we go?” “Anywhere you want to go, and we can leave right now.” She sat there quietly for several moments then with a sigh got up and started packing her things. I got up and went to her, “I’ll pack us some food sweat heart.” I bent down and kissed her cheek; she turned sharply around and grabbed me. Kahlan was crying again but these where tears of joy. I felt those same joyous tears streaming down my own face for at that time I believed we would spend the rest of are lives together… That night we set out. It was around one in the morning, my arm around her just to hold her, “I love you,” I said into her ear. “I love you too” Kahlan replied. “Hey what d o we have here boys?” asked a voice coming from the ally we were passing. “Looks like a couple of love birds to me,” answered a man coming form the ally. He stood in front of us. He had brown, ruffled hair and looked about 5 feet 6 inches and had ripped jeans on with a black coat. He looked about early 30’s late 20’s. His gang surrounded us I put Kahlan behind me to protect her. “Aw isn’t that cute he thinks he can protect her from us.” The man said. He must be the leader I thought. “Leave us alone jerk.” I said through my teeth. “Look kid my name is Robert J. Link and this is my town.” Replied Robert. “We were just passing through now please move.” “Not a chance, you smell too good.” “What are you talking about?” Asked Kahlan “She can speak.” Robert said sarcastically. “Robert can't we just take them now? I can’t wait.” Said the guy behind us I turned to the guy, “don’t you dare lay even a finger on her.” I told him and turned to face Robert. He was two inches from my face. “What are you going to do about it kid? Well? If you tried to punch us to would break your hand.” Robert told me. What can I do I thought franticly I have to protect Kahlan she is my life. I will do anything for her. In the next moment I was grabbing Kahlan and was pulling her as we ran. She dropped her bag in the process. Robert stood right in front of me and I ran right into him and almost fell. Some one was trying to grab Kahlan and me. I kicked them and they let go. I went for Kahlan but someone else grabbing me and was pulling me backwards. Robert came and punched me in the gut; I would of fell forward if it weren’t for the two guys hold me up. All the while Kahlan was screaming for me to help her. “Kahlan get away run Kahlan you have to get away, fight them Kahlan like I know you can.” I yelled at Kahlan. “What are you going to do now punk? Well?” Robert asked, while standing right in front of me. I spit in his face at the same time I kicked one of the guys and punched the other one. It killed me hand I thought I broke it but put the thought aside, Kahlan needed me right now and I was not going to let her down if I could help it. I went for her but Robert grabbed me and pinned me against the wall. “Kahlan run, Run Kahlan.” I yelled at her. Robert punched me in the face and walked over to Kahlan. “Tell me, is he always this way?” Robert asked Kahlan. “Bastard,” I yelled at him and one of his guys punched me in the gut again. I know I was getting close to passing out but I didn’t care, all I cared about was getting my hands on Robert and getting Kahlan out of there. “Don’t you dare touch her!” Robert said with a smirk “I will do what I want when I want you got that?” he put his hands on Kahlan’s breast and squeezed them. In return Kahlan kicked him backwards. He kissed her fully on the mouth as if saying I don’t care if I want you I will have you furry and all. Oh how I wanted to punch him. “AHOLE GET AWAY FROM HER!” I yelled at him. Kahlan was in shock, nothing like this has even happened to her, she was a very gentle creature. “Kahlan bite him, bite him Kahlan,” I told her. She tried to bite his tongue right off but he grabbed her instead and pushed her to the ground. I was thrashing now trying to get to her trying to do something. The way he was handling her alone made me want to rip his throat right out. Robert was standing over her and two guys came to hold her down. She was thrashing around trying her hardest to get away from them. In return they slapped her across the face, hard. I tried and tried to get out of their restraint but they were stronger than I was and I didn’t know why. “Bring him over here I want Mike to see this as a reminder that I am stronger than he is and he’s nothing but a worthless little human.” Robert said with a hint of viciousness. I didn’t know why he had to say human until I saw him go on top of her and started sucking her blood. After I saw this is freaked out and really started to go insane. I saw what was happening but I just didn’t click just yet. “KAHLAN YOU NEED TO FIGHT!” I screamed at her. I heard her moan. I was so afraid that he was going to kill her I just kept yelling. The man hold me had had enough. He punched me in the face and I saw stars. It didn’t stop me. They punched me in the gut and I still didn’t stop even though I was spiting up blood. One more punch I and knew I was going to die from internal injuries but I didn’t stop trying to help her even though they had me against a wall. I saw as the guy got ready to punch me one more time and I braced myself. The last thing I heard before I blacked out was Kahlan softly moaning to having her blood forcefully taken from her. … I woke up in a bed and for a minute I thought I was back home in my own bed. I quickly realized this wasn’t the case and there was someone standing next to my bed. Starting to tense up and ready to fight I opened my eyes to see it was Kahlan that was next to me. When I tried to get up a little too fast, the room spun. She softly pushed me back down on the bed. “Kahlan I’m so sorry so, so sorry. How badly are you hurt?” I asked her. “Relax Mike they only took the blood from me until you passed out. I almost did but then they stopped. They almost left me behind because I had my eyes closed but then that big, stupid, idiotic leader of theirs said to grab me as well. After I heard him say this I tried to stand and run but I lost so much blood I feel to the ground I moment I stood up. Those butt heads laughed at me.” “Oh Kahlan I’m so sorry they hurt you. If it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t be here. We wouldn’t be here. How can you ever forgive me? How can you stand to be around me right now?” “Because I love you Mike, because no matter what happens I will always love you until the end of time.” “I love you to Kahlan Drown, until the end of time it is then. May our souls find each other after death.”I said to Kahlan. Looking around the room I saw that we were in a cement room with a door and a sliding window. “Where are we?” “They took us to some warehouse near to port.” Kahlan replied. “How long have I been out? How long have we been here?” I said getting in one of my excited states again. Only Kahlan could get me out of them and I don’t think she has it in her. Judging from the look that she was giving me I’ll say that at any moment she could pass out. It looked like she hadn’t slept in days. Slowly I got myself into a sitting position then off the bed and made Kahlan get into it. She needed it more than me. “Mike I’m fine. You stay in the bed.” She protested. “Don’t argue with me I know you need it more than me when was the last time you slept? You look pale and there are so many bags under your eyes. Come on Kahlan for me please? I’ll watch over you I won’t let them touch a single hair on you. Sleep now Kahlan my darling.” I said to her. “For you mike I will but don’t leave me alone I’m scared. What if they come back? Please don’t leave me alone. I love you mike.” Kahlan told me. As she drifted off to sleep while hold my hand. Her face became more and more relaxed as she went into deeper and deeper sleep. Looking around our cell I saw that we weren’t alone. There were others here or there used to be. I let go of Kahlan’s hand so I could look for weapons if I needed then. I had a feeling I would. I heard a faint whisper and looked to see where it had come from. It looked like Kahlan but she was out cold. Then I heard my name and thought the impossible, can I hear her mind? I ran over to her. I was there in a blink of an eye. Yes I could defiantly hear her voice in my head. A little metal sliding window opened in the door and I faced it. I would keep my promise they will not get any were near her even if I died I will keep her safe. A tall blond hair man walked in. he looked about 5’11 and wore a long black trench coat. His skin was flawless and he was built. “Wake her now or I will do it myself.” He said in a thick Russian accent. While shaking her gently I said “Kahlan you need to wake up now sweetie, we have a visitor.” She can to slowly and sat up very fast. No doubt the room spun when she did so. After we were both standing Robert came into the room. “While if it isn’t my new little vampire and his wh**e.” He snapped his fingers and four men came to hold me and Kahlan. “Just so you stay where you are while I drink her blood. Then I kill her because well…I want to that’s why. “You a hole don’t you dare touch her drink my blood if you want but don’t touch her she is mine and mine alone. She is not a wh**e either she is a pure maiden.” I didn’t know if saying she was mine would do anything but Robert backed off like he was on fire. “Fine then you drink her blood or one of her holders will. They listen to me not you so what’s it going to be?” “I will drink her blood just let go off her first please.” I said to him. “Fine”, Robert snapped his fingers and the four guys moved behind him. I walked over to Kahlan I wanted her blood and that scared me because this is the love of my life but I felt my fangs going down. “are you ready” I was talking to myself but I heard a whisper replay yes. I sank my teeth into her neck. I knew from my biology class that if I bit off to the side I won’t kill her. After a minute I pulled back and walked away. Immediately the four guys were back holding us. Robert went over to Kahlan and whispered something into her ear. Her face drained of all color and he put his hands on either side of her face. Robert twisted his hands and she was dead instantly. I went red with rage I killed to two holding me and the two who were holding HER. I saved Robert for last. He wasn’t going to get away. I pinned him to the wall and yelled into his face, “What did you say to her?” I told her that you didn’t love her because you were with someone else the night we saw you. That you told me all about it. Then I snapped her neck. I thought I was being nice, no?” I killed him after that. I won’t bore you with how but he is no longer walking on this earth.

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on Feb. 5 2011 at 10:36 pm
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This is pretty good, with a few minor grammar errors (their versus their, etc.)


The title led me to believe this was goign to be about zombies though, so I was a little disappointed. Vampires are so played out.

pattylang said...
on Feb. 4 2011 at 9:35 pm
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i finnaly read it and i enjoyed it :)