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The Full Moon's Magic

January 20, 2011
By TudeWriter, grayslake, Illinois
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TudeWriter, Grayslake, Illinois
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It's the middle of January. Which means the middle of the school year; yeah, this sucks! And the only place I could sketch was in the cafeteria. "Hi, my name is Jillian, but you can call me Jill. What's your name?" I looked up from my sketchpad to see a perky southern girl sitting across from me and just staring. "Serena," I said plainly. I don't want to talk to you! "Wow, is that your real name? Cool! I've always wanted a name like that! But not that one of course because its yours. So how old are you?" I was already getting sick of her. "I just turned seventeen in November." "Cool," and then we sat in silence. I guess she didn't know what to say to the "gothic princess" sitting in front of her, because she sat quietly for a while. I was hoping she would leave when she asked, "Well Serena, what do you like to do in your spare time?" I gave her a look; my look. Then I had the most evil thought. "Do you really want to know?" She nodded her head eagerly. "Fine! You've convinced me! Come here." She leaned in her chair and started jumping in her seat. "Whoa! Chill, ok?" She stopped jumping but continued to lean. "I like to sit with vampires," I whispered. "But not the fake kind, it's got to be the kind that sucks your blood and turns you on at the same time." I looked at my handy work and liked what I saw. She was looking at me with disgust, turning a nasty green color. I hoped I freaked her out enough to get her to leave me alone. "Oh! I'm sorry! I didn't realize our lunch date was cancelled!" I swiveled in my seat and found myself facing two girls just like me; drenched in black. I acted along. "No, I think Jillian her was just leaving," and the words weren't even out of my mouth before she stood up. "I see you already mad friends, so we'll talk later, ok?" I nodded and gave her the best smile I could give as she left and the girls took her place. "Hey, thanks for saving me." "No prob! I'm Jewels and this b***h is Tamitha." They started to eat, which was fine with me because that gave me the opportunity to look them over. I could tell Jewels was cool. She was pasty white with long bright blue hair that framed her face well with the soft curls. Tamitha was different. She had a dark tan with straight short blonde hair that only went to her shoulders. They both had a piercing: Jewels her lip, Tamitha her nose. Jewels looked like she could kick your ass, when Tamitha looked like she would be anyone's best friend. Boy was I wrong. "What are you staring at?" Shot Tamitha. I quickly looked down at my hands resting on my sketchbook. I looked up again and saw Jewels smiling. At first I thought it was for me, but I heard a "Hey Jewels," and immediately thought different. "Hey Jeremy! What you doing here?" He sat right next to her, and two other guys came up and sat on both sides of me. "What, I can't hang with my sister, her friend, and he gorgeous acquaintance?" I could feel the tomato color hit my cheeks. "Hi, my name is Jeremy," he said charmingly as he took my hand and kissed it. Jewels hit him in the arm. "Don't scare her off!" He gave her a quick chuckle and me a wink. "Hello, I'm Serena. And your friends?" The guy on my right chimed in. "I'm Shane and this is Login. Nice to meet you," and he gave out his hand. I took it while staring into his deep piercing ocean blue eyes. He was hot. "Hey, we are all going to Burger King later in the week, than a teen club. Want to tag along?" Of course I did! But I have to keep my cool. "Yeah, I guess that would be cool." She gave me an amused look. "What, are you scared of us? You shouldn't be, we don't bite. Much." I chuckled and immediately replied, "I'm not afraid of you biting me. I'm afraid I'll bite harder. Maybe even draw blood." Everyone around us started laughing, including him, but he wouldn't break eye contact. I was saved from drowning in his stare by the bell, but I didn't want to leave my new friends. "Hey, what class do you have next?" I looked up (cause I had to) and found I was looking at someone about six inches taller. "Uhm," I rustled through my papers hastily and found my schedule. "French!" I love French class! "Same here, care to join me in the walk?" I DO need the help around. "Yeah, that would be nice. Thanks," and I took his extended arm with my left hand as I held on to my books with my right. "So how do you like your first day here?" "Its ok I guess. Its nice to meet people and learn about them and the school here." He wrestled around with that. "What have you learned so far?" "About you?" He nodded as we exited the cafeteria. "Well. I know that you are good friends with Jeremy, Shane, Tamitha and Jewels, you are nice to new people, or at least to me, and you are totally in love. I think it was the Jewels chick but I'm not positively sure." Was that a blush? "How did you know? Is it that obvious?" Oh my god! I was right! "Kind of. You look at her a lot and smile when she talks to you. Its sweet! Why don't you tell her or ask her out?" "I don't know," he replied shaking his head and hanging it low. We finally made it to French class when I asked, "How is the teacher?" But Login wasn't able t answer as a short plump lady came up and started to quarrel with the kids sitting next to the door. She finally stopped yelling and recognized we were there after about ten minutes. "Bonjour, et vous soyez?" "Mon nom est Mme Sterling. Vous ates le professeur?" "Oui je suis. Je vois que vous ates daja avanca en franacais. Vous vous adapterez bien dedans. Bienvenue. Vous travaillerez avec Login. Bienvenue au Fran_áais 101." I nodded in appreciation and told Login the news. "I knew what she said! You're not the only one who is fluent in French you know." I giggled and immediately felt calmer and looser around him. It felt nice to have friends and to feel welcomed here. I may actually like it here. * * * When the final bell rang to warn us to scram home, I was over-joyed. I had a long day and only wanted to go home and sleep, but of course, that wasn't possible. "Hey Serena, you live on the south side?" S**t, I knew that voice. I opened my eyes and turned my head and saw a nightmare. "Hello Jillian. Yes, apparently I live on the south side," I shot at her. She looked hurt, but only for second as she shrugged it off. "Cool. Hey, do you have a bus partner?" I don't even know what that means, and was going to tell her when lord and behold, Shane and Tamitha knock on the bus door/ "Sorry Mr. George, we had to help our history teacher move some things." He just grunted and shut the door behind them. Of course, during all of this Jillian is still babbling away. "Just wanted to know, you know, so that if you didn't maybe we could be bus partners." Then she realized I wasn't listening. "Serena, want to come sit with us?" Shane asked. Of course I did, but one look at Jillian and I was reminded of an abused puppy. "I guess I'll go," she whispered as she picked up her bag. And being who I am and feeling sorry for her, I said, "Its ok Jill. You can stay. It looks like Shane's girlfriend doesn't want me near." She giggled behind her hand as Tamitha and Shane gave me looks. Tamitha's a "Don't Mess with Me" look and Shane's a "What Are you Talking About?" I just shrugged it off and watched my first crush since moving here walk to the back of the bus with his girl attached to his arm. Of course they were dating! He was irresistibly hot and she's perfect in all ways. So now my dreams and heart are trampled to smithereens. I didn't want to think about it, so I turned to Jillian. She gave me a shock. She was half buried into her book bag, throwing things around. "Jillian, what are you doing?" She popped out. "I'm looking for something for you," she replied and dove back in. I looked out the window and asked, "When's your bus stop?" She came right out again. "I live on Maple and Green. Can you watch out for me?" "Yeah, but under one condition. I get to stare at you in confusion." She stuck out her hand, like she thought I was serious. I took it, and she dove back in. It took her a minute, but she finally found what she was looking for. "I saw what you were drawing at lunch and thought I recognized it from somewhere," she implied as she offered me the book that she had. I opened it to the first page and was put aghast. There in the inside cover, was the bloody rose with ripped ribbon tied roughly around it that I was drawing earlier that day. "Who drew this?" She presented me the cover of the book. It was titled, "Anonymous Artists' In Our Mist." By Fock M. Eups High School. "Are you saying these are STUDENT drawings?" She deliberately nodded. I glanced out the window and saw a glimpse of the street name. "Jill, this is you! Take your freaky book and go," I said as nicely as you can and shoved the book at her. "Oh! Ok! See you tomorrow!" and she left. Now it was just I, or so I thought. "Mr. George, you missed my stop again!" Tamitha looked furious. "Sorry faltas, I almost forgot." He took a legal u-turn around and we dropped her off. NOW I'm the last one, right? WRONG! Shane's still on the bus! We finally go to my street. The bus idled to a stop, and I got up to talk to the driver. "Gracias mucho senior. Aprecio grandemente," I told the bus driver. "Usted es demasiado bueno conmigo," he whispered back as he lightly waved me off. I waved to the bus driver right before Shane blocked the view, and started walking towards the woods. "I didn't know you were fluent in French and Spanish. Anything else?" "Waarom wilt u het weten?" I shot. He at first had a confused look, but then replied, "You know Dutch too?" Ugh! How does he know this! I have to think of one of the ones he doesn't. "Yes, I know Dutch. Want to know what other ones I know? Wiem, ?e Polska, Io so come parlare in italiano, e ainda por cima de tudo isso eu sei falar PortuguIs tambEm." I don't think I've ever seen anyone's eyes get so big. "You learned English, French, Dutch, Polish, Italian, and Portuguese before you turned seventeen? How?" "I know more if you want to know some more of my business," I said fiercely. Why doesn't he just get the message? I walked off again, this time pulling out my sketchbook and pencil. Art has always been a way for me to vent. But I just couldn't catch a break, as Shane pulled up next to me in a red BMW. "Come on, at least let me give you a ride?" Wait a minute. "If you have a car, than why do you take a bus?" He looked guilty. "I don't like people knowing my business." Didn't I just yell at him because I didn't want him to know mine? "I feel in control if no body knows mine but I know theirs. It was kind of what I was raised with. Sorry," he said apologetically. I softened up a little, but not enough to actually say he was forgiven. "Come on, get in. I want to take you somewhere you might enjoy." My mind said no, but my heart, legs, and instinct told me to get in the car with him. Finally, I gave up fighting and got in the car. It was warm compared to the winter icy air outside, and the radio was softly playing some rock I knew too well. "Any requests for the radio?" I smiled flirty and shook my head. "This is just great," I replied, TRYING and FAILING to keep my cool. He seriously was perfect. No one can be this perfect. There has to be a catch. "Ok then, buckle up." He put the car in gear and went down the road. I was surprised that he was going the speed limit instead of going fifty over like some morons. "So where are we going anyway?" He looked over at me and gave me his hot superstar smile. I liked that smile. "If I told you, I would have to kill you." Nice and forward. This guy can not be real! "Fine then." I took out my sketchbook again and went looking around for my pencil. "You draw a lot, don't you?" I found it! "Yeah, why?" "No reason. I draw some but I mostly write. Jeremy does the art in the family." What? "Jeremy is your brother? I thought he was Jewels'. Unless." He nodded. "You're smart. Yes, I was adopted. I knew this. I was adopted at sixteen. Old enough to know everything and old enough to know that I was never going to see my mother or father again." Now I was upset, and I had the feeling that I should tell him something about never seeing someone again. "I know I will never see my brother again, but you see me walking around talking and laughing. You seem to be living as though it was the last breath you took." He clutched the steering wheel, making is knuckles turn white. "Was your family murdered? Did you know the person who did it? Did he walk away?" He said fiercely, almost yelling. We came to a stop sign just about three blocks from my house. I unbuckled my seatbelt, opened the door, grabbed my bag, and slammed it. He rolled down the window. "Come on, I'm sorry. Will you please get back in?" I turned around so that he wouldn't see the tears. Tears were a sign of weakness. "I know what it's like. My brother was in the military. He knew he was going to die. You want to know the last words he said? He said at least it was now instead of later when it would have killed us too. It nearly did. Unless you know what that means, you can go to hell." Shane got out of the car and tried to comfort me. "Serena, will you please stop walking? Can we talk? Please?! I'm sorry!" He grabbed my arm, spun me around, and pulled me in close so that there was only a short space between our faces. "Serena," he whispered, "How much would you hate me if I kissed you right now?" I whispered back, "I wouldn't, but I will be pissed if you don't." He cupped my head with his hands, store deep into my eyes, leaned in, and gave me the most magical kiss possible. I felt myself wrap my arms around his neck, leaning deep into him. We kissed for a bit, and then separated with sighs. "Wow," was all that I was able to say. "Yeah," he answered. We looked up to each other and started laughing. "Here, let me take you home," he offered. "Ok." * * * "Well, uhm. Here you are." So I wasn't the only one who was speechless. "Thank you for.... uhm.... Everything," I said. Maybe it will loosen things up. "Yeah. So do you want to like hang tomorrow?" Wow, typical, but I wanted to SO bad. "Yeah, that would be great. Can you pick me up?" "Sure can. Around four good? I can show you around town and then we can get dinner." I answered with a peck on the cheek. "See you then." I got out the car and walked up my porch. I waved back and opened the door. As soon as I was in, he put his car in drive and left. "So who was that?" "Ah!" I jumped around holding my chest. "Alex!" She was leaning against the wall, dressed up in her knee boots, mini skirt, and jacket. "So? Who was he? He was kind of cute too," she added. "None of your business dweeb," I said harshly. "Wow! So old! You know that stopped being annoying when I turned fifteen?" It still annoyed me. I dropped my book bag on the table. "Where's mom and Lilly?" "They went to buy the incense and Chinese food. Mom said you had to help me with my report." I ignored the last part and ran up to my room with the necessary books I needed for my homework. I didn't get through any of it though because as soon as I hit my room I fell to my bed like a rock and started to dream. * * * "SESE!" At first I thought it was my alarm clock, but when I went to check it, it only said five-thirty. I looked around my room and like I thought, my sister Lilly was sitting at the foot of my bed. "COME ON! TIME FOR FOOD!" I couldn't help but smile as my five year old sister started tugging at my blanket. She loved to eat. "OK! I'm getting up! See?" I stood up and smoothed out some of the wrinkles in my clothes. "No one cares how you look! We just want to eat!" "Wow! Bossy much?" She stuck out her tongue and so did I. We really didn't fight; we just liked to be funny. "Well come on!" I giggled at her maturity and ran after her, catching her in a bear hug just before she reached the stairs. "Eh!" she squealed in laughter. We walked down the stairs into the living room just like that. "Serena, put your sister down. Lilly and I looked at each other, and like we read each other's minds, we pouted and sat. My mom couldn't help but let out a little giggle. "Ok you two, what do you want? Lilly, I know you want some shrimp toast, but are you sure you don't want anything else? And Serena, I got your favorite! Honey walnut shrimp!" "Yay!" we both answered in unison. "Ay! Why? Why have three girls?" All three of us stayed quiet, because we knew the reason why. "So how was your first day of school girls?" "It was great! I met this cool chick Erin who has her lip pierced and her mom was ok with it, not like you when Serena got her nose pierced, and I already am on the teachers' good side and." She continued on babbling on how her day was, but all I could think about was the kiss I had shared with Shane only a couple of short hours ago. "Serena! Alex asked you how was your day." I came out of my memory right back into reality. Yay. "It was fine." She gave out a short snort. "It has to be more than fine if you came home in a BMW." I kicked her. "Ow! What was that for?" "A ride?" Great, now she has mom's attention. "Yeah Mom, asked who drove her home." Two can play at this game. "Mom, ask Alex what she was wearing today when I got home." She shot me a dirty look. "Serena, I will deal with that later. Who brought you home?" I looked at my food. "A guy I met at school. But he just," "Serena met a guy! Serena met a guy!" Of course she would interrupt me. "Yes, I met a guy. And we're hanging out tomorrow! Got a problem with it?" I got up and ran to my room. Why did they have to over-react? He was just a friend! Who gave me the most beautiful kiss a girl could dream about. "Serena, we're about to go look for our acorns. Are you still going to do it?" I looked over to my mom who was standing in my doorway. "Of course, why wouldn't I!" I got up and followed her to the back door. You see, we have this tradition every year when we start school. You find an acorn near the house and hold it in your left hand. Then you light the incense, and while they burn you make a wish. You snuff it out and bury it with the acorn after you make your wish. Also, we have Chinese food. My dad started it when I went to school for the first time. Finally, everyone had an acorn to use. "Lilly, it’s your year," I said. Lilly had a big grin on her face. She took the acorn in her small hand, had my mom light the incense stick, and started to whisper. Too low for anyone to hear other than herself. She snuffed the stick and dropped them in the whole she had dug earlier. Next was Alex. She repeated the same ritual Lilly had and dropped hers in too. Mom took more time with hers, letting the incense brn for a while before wishing. Last was me. I didn't at first know what to wish for, but after a minute of thinking, I had it. I took the acorn in hand, held it close to my chest, and whispered, "I want my new friends to see the real me." In they go. "1, 2, 3," and we dumped the dirt over. "Well lets go inside before we freeze." Lilly came and took my hand. "Did you make your wish Sese?" I looked down. "Yeah, did you?" She nodded. "Let's go finish eating," I suggested, and led her in. I finished my food fast so that I could get some work done before I went to bed. "Just gonna stand there and watch me burn, but its all right because I like the way it hurts. Just gonna stand there and hear me cry, but that's alright because I love the way you lie. Love the way you lie." I glanced at the screen of my cell phone. Unknown number. Who could it be? "Hello?" "Hi Serena, it's Login. Your French partner. I was just wondering if you could help me out with something. Interested?" Login? How did he.? "Yeah, sure. How did you get my number? I don't remember giving it to you." There was silence on the other side. "You gave it to me right after class. Remember?" I didn't, but it didn't matter anymore. "Ok. What do you need help with?" "Well. I was wondering if you could give me some pointers on how to ask Jewels out. And Jeremy need's an idea for a painting." I couldn't help but smile. I felt so special and needed. "Ok. Well what you should do is." We talked for about a while about when, where, and how he was going to ask her out, and I told Jeremy he should paint a rose. I secretly wanted it to compare with my own and the one in the book. "Good night Login." "Night Serena." Finally, some peace and quiet. I caught a glance of my clock. Crap, it was already eleven. I needed to sleep. Now. I changed into some more suitable clothing for bed and brushed my teeth. But when I got back into my room, there was a lump in my bed. "Lilly, what are you doing in here?" She came from under the covers. "I hear the doggies crying. I'm scared. Can I sleep with you?" She was scared of the wolves' howl? Personally I loved it. It was like the wolves were signaling to all that they were free. I wanted to be free. "Ok, you can sleep with me, but only tonight, ok?" I got in next to her and immediately fell asleep.

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To Be Continued

"What do you mean that she didn't hint? Does she not know?" Tamitha asked. "I guess not. I'll know for sure if she does or not when we go out, ok?" Shane replied. "Good, because if she's the one. We have to know soon!" "Ok! I'll get it! But I'm almost positive she is! Did you see her eyes? They're the same! She has to be part Were."

I woke up from my slumber. Ok, I get that I dreamt of Shane, but why Tamitha? And what did it mean? It must be from the last book I read. I felt around my bed and didn't feel a little arm or leg or head. Lilly must have gone back to her room in the middle of the night. Wait, what did my clock say? I picked it up and brought it close to my face. How can it be five? What ever, I got up and went thru my closet. "Looks like I'm wearing Jimmy Hendrick's with some Vans," I muttered to myself. I quickly got dressed and put on my make-up. I grumpily went down stairs into the kitchen and got my matching bowl to Seth's. I took his down and held it in my hands. "I miss you bro." I put it back after giving it a kiss and fetched the milk and Chocolate Mates.
I poured myself a bowl and went rummaging thru the drawers for a spoon. "Got It!" I whispered to myself. I need to stop talking to myself. I walked out of the kitchen into the living room and flipped on the TV. Thank god mom had the cable hooked up or else I would absolutely die! I started going thru all the channels and came about one on folklore. It brought back the last part of my dream.

"She has to be part Were."
Aren't Werewolves parts of fantasy? I kept it on, intrigued, and continued to watch. It talked about fairies, elves, wizards and witches. It wasn't till the very end that it focused on Werewolves. "Sese, what are you watching?" Only one person with that voice. "Nothing Lilly. Just a documentary. What are you doing up so early? Kids your age are supposed to sleep in till like eleven!" She store at my bowl. "I had to potty." We store at each other and immediately stated cracking up. "Want something to eat?" I asked in between breaths. "YES!" I giggled some more and got up. "Go ahead and change the channel, I'll be right back." "Ok!" She stole the remote faster than a swordfish can swim and started through them.
I walked through the door to the kitchen and felt a rapid gush of cold air. Where did it come from? Did mom leave a window open? I don't remember it being this cold. I looked at the two windows that were in the kitchen, but none were even cracked. Then, out of nowhere, came a soft shriek. "LILLY!" I dropped the bowl and ran into the living room. I saw Alex awake and holding her already.
"What happened?" She was still crying when she replied, "The doggy at the window scared me!" She curled back into Alex's shoulder. I scurried over to the window to investigate. At first I couldn't see anything. "Lilly, it must have been your imagination or something. Maybe it came from the TV. I don't see anything here though." She came to stand next to me and to peer out the window. "Do you still see it?" She shook her head. "Ok, well why don't you go eat, ok?" No arguing with that. I peered thru the window some more and noticed a pair of deep piercing ocean blue eyes.



"Hello sir," I heard Jill say. I put my book back in my bag and sat up so that she could see me. "Substitute bus driver?" I nodded. The sub was a younger looking man, but with salt and pepper hair and dark brown eyes, like an older. "Ok, well. Find anything out about the drawing?" I asked. "No," She said glumly. She took it out and we looked it over for unique marks.

The bus pulled into the school parking lot and dodged all the teens. Everyone on the bus got up and started herding out. "Ms. Sterling, can you please wait for the students to get off, I would like to talk to you." "That's weird," I said to Jill. "I never told him my name." But I waited in a seat by the front. Soon there was only I, the bus driver, and Shane with Tamitha. Wait, didn't he just ask for me? Why are they here? "Ms. Block, Mr. Hallow, please go to class now. Ms. Sterling will be there soon, I promise." They looked to each other, than looked back to the driver. "Do you really think you could trick us? We knew who you were the moment we stepped foot onto this bus. And we knew what you wanted as soon as she got on the bus. Leave her out of this will you?"
The bus driver started to chuckle, it wasn't a "that was sort of funny" chuckle either. It sounded more like a "you finally figured it out, how cute" chuckle. I felt an uneasy feeling in my stomach and automatically felt the need to protect. "You guys, what's going on here? Just let me talk to the driver. It's not like he can do anything while we're in the school lot." The driver sat back down and yelled over his shoulder, "She has a point. Sit down and we'll go somewhere we can talk in a more. Privately." He put the bus in gear and slammed on the gas. The bus lurched, which made us all fall into seats. I was still in the front seat, but had the feeling that I should be farther away from the guy at the wheel. I stepped up when he hit a red light and walked to a seat farther away, or so I tried. When I got only five seats passed the front, Shane pulled me in to sit with him. "What is going on?" I asked. I had a feeling that Tamitha and him knew. "I. I don't think I should be the one to tell you," he stammered out. Now I was furious. "What do you mean you can't tell me? I'm being hijacked in a school bus and you're not going to tell me why? What, were you apart of the plan or something?"
He looked down in what looked like shame. "No, I'm not. I'm being kidnapped just like you, it's just that I know why and you don't." Are you being serious! "So you're not going to tell me?" He didn't have time to answer because Tamitha interrupted. "Will you tell her already! She's starting to get annoying!" I ignored her, but secretly thanked her in my head. I wanted to know NOW. Shane made a long sigh. He started to talk, but then again he was interrupted, but this time not by Tamitha. The bus came to a most terrifying shriek that lunged us forward; making us hit our heads on the seats in front of us.
"We're here! Now that we have that settled." The bus driver stood up and turned around, but it wasn't the same guy. He had the same salt and pepper hair and dark brown eyes, but now he was younger, maybe around thirty. He had a dark tan that made his firm face seem more round and had changed clothes while at it. Instead of the standard jeans, tee, and orange vest he had on a long black coat with a purple walking stick. Which was ironic since he seemed to be able to walk just fine.
"Fledging's, can you please leave us? Me and the Prophecy have a lot to talk about." All three of us stood up, Shane and Tamitha on either side of me. "We won't leave her alone with you Chao's. Now we're going to leave here with her whether you like it or not. We know you're weak so you can't fight so that also means you can't use your magic. Just let us go." At first the man was emotionless, then smiled, and finally started to laugh.
"Do you really think I would have came if I didn't have a back-up?" He thumped the staff onto the floor. POOF! Just as sudden, a person I knew very well was standing next to him. "No, it's not possible. It can't be! You're supposed to be dead!" Shane and Tamitha looked to each other than to me with confused looks. "Serena, do you know this guy?" Shane asked. I nodded. "Yeah, his name is Richard. He's my father..." I felt dizzy, but I had to know for sure if this was a dream or nightmare. I took a step forward, and everyone started after me. Shane pulled me back, Tamitha stepped in front of me, the guy Chao's picked up his staff, and my dad started to fight against him.
Tamitha turned around and looked straight into my eyes. They looked glassy, but I had no time to really observe as she turned around and suddenly a flash. I had to close my eyes because of how bright it was. When I opened them though, Tamitha wasn't standing there, in her place instead was a vast fair-haired wolf. The only thing I could spit out was an "Oh my god." Was that real? This has to be a dream! I closed my eyes, trying to wake up and forget it, but I heard a sudden crash. I opened my eyes and saw a dent in the metal wall of the bus, with an exposed Tamitha lying under it. That could only mean one thing. I felt a scream come up my throat, but I swallowed it. It wasn't going to help anyone if I started to scream. I got out of Shane's iron hold and crawled over to her.
"Tamitha, are you ok?" She started to stir. "Tamitha, come on, you can do it." She blinked her eyes open. She started to look around to see were she was, than looked down at her body. "Why am I naked? Who are you? Where are we? What's going on?" You have to be kidding me. I looked around to see if I can find Shane, but soon hear the same thump that Tamitha made when she hit the wall. I was scared. I stood up to see if I can find Shane on the floor like I had Tamitha. All I saw though was Chao's, staring right at me, and behind him... My dad... "Move Serena, I don't want you to get hurt. He needs you alive for his plan." Wait a minute… I protectively stood over Tamitha, searching for Shane with my peripheral vision.
“My dad never called me Serena. Not a day in his life. I was always Moody Moony. You are NOT my father.” It made me sad, saying it out loud. I really had wished it was somehow him. It’s not. My father- or the guy who looked like my father- first looked upset and hung his head to cry, but when he brought it up again, he was wearing the most gruesome smirk ever. “You’re smart Prophecy, but are you smart enough? You can’t even use your magic yet!” Even though I didn’t even understand, it still hurt.
Suddenly, he was toppled over by an immense brunette wolf. I took the opportunity to pick up Tamitha and run for the door. You would be surprised with how strong I am with adrenaline running through me. I had her over my shoulder and out the bus double doors in a matter of seconds. I laid her down in the thick green grass that was surrounding us and looked around. Where are we? I’ll figure it out later. I made sure Tamitha was ok than ran back into the bus to help Shane. But when I got there, the only person there was Shane, pulling on his shirt. I let out a huge breathe.
“Ok, now that this is all over, you going to tell me this is just a dream?”
The words were barely out before I felt the coldness of the bus floor and saw the darkness of my eyelids as I fainted from the sudden hit of shock and exhaustion.


I woke up in a different place, in different clothes, and with a different feeling. I looked around the room and saw only a small chestnut nightstand next to the bed. At first I thought I was just seeing things, but then a sudden rush came over me and I remembered everything. I saw the bus driver who wasn’t one. I saw Tamitha lying unconscious on the floor bare. I saw her transforming. I saw my dad. Saw the darkness hit as I fainted. I sat up and immediately regretted it. My head hurt.
“Hey, how are you doing?” I looked to the foot of the bed and saw Shane sitting at my feet. “I’m ok, considering the circumstances.” He gave a kind of giggle and came to sit next to a chair that was placed next to the bed I was laying in. “Whose bed is this?” “Mine. Hope its good enough for you.” I knew automatically that I was blushing a bright pink. “Thank you. And yes it’s nice.” Wow Serena, smooth move. “So… I need some answers.” I bet he’s been dreading this. “Ok. Two, B, to get to the other side, fifteen point seven zero seven nine…” “I don’t want to know what pi times five is.” He looked amused. “You knew that?” I rolled my eyes. I don’t even want to get into that right now.
“Are you going to tell me or not?” The only way he was going to get away from answering any of my questions is if he was to die. “Ok. What do you want to know?” He wasn’t going to fight it? Not going to change the subject or something? “Is this all real? How is any of this possible? I’m dreaming right? Just a weird dream? Because this can’t be real. There is no such thing as magic, and there certainly no such thing as werewolves.” I’m allowed to freak out! “I’m so sorry Serena, but this is not a dream. It’s all real. And there is such thing as magic, and as you saw, there is such thing as werewolves too.”
I swung my feet over the side of the bed and stood up. I looked down at what I was wearing and was amused. I was wearing a pair of boxer shorts along with a big black baggy shirt that had an eagle on the chest. I wanted it. “Hope my clothes are ok. Jewel’s wanted to be sure you would be comfortable while you slept.” I looked back up to him. “How can you be so calm?” I was wondering that too. “I don’t know,” I replied. “I’m not the calmest person ever but you would think that I would freak out a little more.” There was a knock on the door of the room. I sat down on the bed as Shane got up to open the door. When he opened it, Tamitha barged in with an elderly man in a wheelchair. The man appeared to be in his mid to late seventies. He had very white hair on the top of his head, but had a few wisp’s of what looked to be brown in his sideburns. His eyes were sunken into his skull and they were big and blue. Like Shane’s.
“Hello little one, my name is Laran. No need to say Mr. Laran or sir. Also no need to tell me your name. I already know it. The only things I need from you are answers to these two questions. Can you do that?” Well duh, I’m not three. I just nodded, because I knew the little white filter wouldn’t work and keep me from saying just that. “Good, now first question. Do you know who you are?” “Well yeah! I’m Serena Lexie Sterling. I’m seventeen years old and am a senior in high school. I currently go to Fock M. Eups High school. And at this moment, I’m talking to a man who wants to know about me when I have no idea where I am!” Ok, so the filter can’t work ALL the time! “Yes, that may all be true, but do you know WHAT are you?” What is that supposed to mean? “I’m… I’m…” How could I not say human? I’ve said it before! But it’s like I couldn’t say it because of what I saw and heard today. “What am I?” He kind of chuckled at me asking this.
“We’ll get to it. Last question… Do you need something to eat? I’m sending Tamitha out for food.” I had to giggle at the look on Tamitha’s face as she heard this. “Why do I have to get it? Make Jeremy do it, I did it last time!” Priceless. “I know that, but he’s going to be keeping Serena here company for a bit while me and Shane finish the r-… The project. Understand?” She pouted; infuriated she stomped out of the room. “Can’t Jewel’s stay with her? Or Login?” So Shane didn’t like the idea? “Sorry, Jewel’s visiting with their parents and Login is at the school looking for clues. Jeremy is the only one here. Besides, I hear he has a painting to show Serena. You’re an artist too, right?” Ok, two for Laran, zip for me. Laran started to back up his wheel chair thru the door. “Where is Tamitha going to get the food?” I WAS hungry. “To a little sushi place down the street. Want something?” “I LOVE SUSHI! Yes please!” I felt fat as I started rambling all my favorite foods. I stopped in mid sentence though when I remembered that they weren’t rich. “Can she just get me some dragon and spider rolls?” My two favorites! “Ok, I will tell her. Shane, we need to get to work soon, ok?” Shane nodded and turned to me as Laran shut the door behind him.
“So… What’s the secret project?” He gave me his charming smile. His superstar smile. My smile. “If I was to tell you, it wouldn’t be a surprise, now would it?” I hit him in the arm lightly and playfully and he hit me back. “Hey! You can’t hit a girl!” I swear, when I heard Jeremy say that I jumped about ten thousand feet out of the bed. “So?” I watched in amusement as Shane and Jeremy got into a staring contest. “Shane, go do your project thingy.” I had gotten up to stand to the left of him. I pulled onto his arm and felt him start to loosen up a little. “Ok, I’ll see you later,” He said and gave me a peck on the cheek.
I think it was to signal to Jeremy that he better not try any of his “moves” on me while he was gone. It was sort of sweet.

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