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A Trip to History

November 10, 2022
By ChumbaQ, Littleton, Colorado
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ChumbaQ, Littleton, Colorado
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Author's note:

Connor Quintana thought up this piece while in History. His teacher's favorite phrase was, "What If?" This made Connor ponder this more and write this book.

“That is the long story of the American Revolution!” Wallace’s teacher exclaimed. That was so boring, Wallace thought, I wish it was much more interesting. 

“Make sure everyone brings their sack lunches for the field trip tomorrow”, was the last thing he heard as he was walking down the hallway and out of the school. He wasn’t excited for the field trip, but little did he know that like a little bug, his reality would be squashed.

Getting to school the next day was a real pain. He had to go to history right away to put his sack lunch in the basket, but he didn’t want the annoying kid to talk to him. He always went on and on and on about whatever he wanted to. He was an annoying bee. But, he wanted lunch. So, he went into the class and threw his sack lunch into the basket’s gaping mouth. He almost got away when he heard, 

“Hello!” He started freaking out. It sounded like an elephant’s trunk yelling at him. He turned around and saw that the annoying kid was annoying someone else. Phew! He thought. He tip-toed out of the classroom. He started to head towards ELA when the bell rang. He checked his watch. It’s 7:20!! He looked up and sprinted to class. THUNK THUNK His feet went when he ran.

It seemed like years but he finally arrived at the US HISTORY MUSEUM. They walked around and learned everything about the Revolutionary War, again! Wallace was so bored. Once they got to the Benjamin Franklin exhibit, his friends said,

“I dare you to sneak into those backrooms over there and tell us what’s inside”. So, he did. He waited until the security guards weren’t watching, and sneaked inside. When he got inside, he saw a chair covered with a blanket. He took off the blanket and saw an old, wooden chair. How boring! He thought. So, he sat in the chair. The chair started to spin. Circle after circle after circle. He started to gag. He started to sweat. All of a sudden, it stopped moving.

Aaaaaaaadcdwddewdedrewdxewdwdsaw! The ground yelled as he landed. As he slowly got up, he could tell that he wasn’t at the museum. Or at his own time. As he got up, he saw a guy and a horse crushed under it. He immediately lifted the chair off of him, but it was too late for the guy. The horse was fine, but the guy was so bloody and gooey, he looked like a marshmallow. There were people surrounding him. One guy yelled, 

“HOW COULD YOU DO THAT!” He immediately freaked out and sat back on the chair. He felt the same sensation, but he expected it. What have I done?

Once he got back, he jumped off the chair and ran out of the room. He ran right into his teacher.

“WALLACE!” His teacher screamed as she fell down. She knocked her head down and got knocked out. The security guards rushed in there and picked her up.

“The medical bills must cost a fortune!” Wallace said.

“What do you mean? Healthcare is free”

“Good joke!”  Wallace said as he walked away.

He ignored the joke and walked away. He was looking at the exhibit when he realized it wasn’t Benjamin Franklin. It was Charles Cornwalis. Wallace’s jaw dropped and thought for a second. Was that all real? He was very confused. He looked back and saw the same thing, so he ran into the bathroom and splashed water in his face. Immediately, he thought, I need to go back to the time machine. So, he ran back into the backrooms, but he couldn’t find them. Welp… I guess I am stuck here forever!

No! He thought. I am not giving up this easily! So, he kept looking. Running, running, and running until he saw something moving. It was a security guard!

“Hey! Who’s there!” He yelled and started moving towards him. So, he ran to the right and just ran. When the security guard caught up to him, he hid behind a wooden chair. A wooden chair? He thought. It was a time machine! 

“I see you,” The security guard says, “I know where you are…” Quickly, without thinking, he sat on the chair and back in time he went. Again, he got dizzy because it was spinning a lot. After what felt like years, it finally stopped. 

When it stopped, Wallace slid from side to side. Then, he realized that he had landed before he did earlier. He tried to yell at Paul, and he turned back. Before he could stop, though, himself from earlier landed on him. He didn’t want himself from the past to see himself from the present. So, he hid behind the chair and waited. He slumped down on the backside of the chair. Once he went away, he got up and looked around. I have to do what Paul Revere did. But what did he do? He thought. Didn’t he ride through the streets yelling something? But what? He took a little bit, but finally decided that it was “The British Are Coming!”. It smelled rancid in the stables. So, he went to the nearest stable and grabbed a horse. The horse smelled even more rancid. He ran on the street. Every single house he went by, he yelled,

“The British Are Coming!” Once he finally finished, he rode back to his chair. When he finally found the chair, he saw a beaver eating away at it. 

“No!” He yells, and the beaver runs away. Wallace sits back on the chair, ready to go back to his regular time, when nothing happens. He jumps off of it and sits back on. Everything goes black, and Wallace grins. But then, opens his eyes to realize that he only closed his eyes. Finally, he realizes that it doesn’t work. He bangs his head against the broken chair until he passes out.

He dreams of a way to fix it. He dreams about a man, a man he recognises from the room the time machine was in. He dreams of meeting him and takes his chair and he finally goes back to his original time. Then, he and this guy ride ponies together into the sunset. He finally realizes that this guy’s no other than Benjamin Franklin. He wakes up and knows what to do. He grabs his horse and rides towards a house. He asks a civilian, “Do you know where Benjamin Franklin lives?” 

 He replies, “No I do not. Hon,” He yells to his wife, “Do you know where Benjamin Franklin lives?” 

“Is that the old Franklin?!” She yelled back. “He lives in Philadelphia!” 

So, he grabbed his horse and rode to Philadelphia.

Once arriving in Philadelphia, he asked the mayor, “What is Benjamin Franklin’s address?”

The mayor replied, “It is…”

Wallace started to go to the address. He knocked on the door, and it creaked open. He yelled, “Hello?” No reply. So, he headed upstairs and checked around, when he heard some whistling coming from the bathroom. 

“Hello? Is that you, Benjamin?”

“Who is there?!” He exclaimed.

“I just have some questions. I need to talk to you about the time machine.”

“How do you know about the time machine?”

“I-I will be out in a minute”

Wallace waited downstairs. Once Benjamin Franklin got down, he was sweating.

“What do you want with it?”

“I want your time machine, or I’ll publicly shame you.”

“You wouldn’t!”

“I would and will if I don’t receive that time machine.”

So, he fed in and gave him the time machine. He sat down and went back to his time.

Once he got back, he started to think, If the time machine is never put in the museum, how would any of this happen-Everything went black. 

“I dare you to sneak into those backrooms over there and tell us what’s inside”. So, Wallace did. He waited until the security guards weren’t watching, and sneaked inside. Once he got in, he couldn’t find anything worth telling. So, he went back to his friends and said,

“You owe me 5 bucks!”

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