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Diary of Miki

December 4, 2020
By Clan-06, Linden, Pennsylvania
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Clan-06, Linden, Pennsylvania
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Author's note:

It involves many touchy subjects, unexpected deaths, and LGBTQ+. Miki may be a demon but has a kind heart, or at least that's what you'll think.

The author's comments:

This perspective is told from Miki's diary.

 Dear diary, 
Being dead is not awfully bad. I mean you aren't alive so that's a plus. I live in the shadows; I can blend in with anything at night. My name is Miki, I'm not sure how I got here. I was in town, hiding in an ally, watching people pass. It was bright as day and they still couldn’t see me. I wonder what people would do if I showed myself to them. A tall slim man wearing ragged clothes, whose skin is light grey, and eyes are white with no life? Most likely run. Scream is my second choice. Someone has seen me once before. It didn't go well because they shot me, and my blood wasn’t red, so I suppose that gave their minds the extra push of fear and they had a heart attack. If you're wondering, my blood is black. I don’t know why I'm like this. I grew up in an orphanage, no one liked me or even cared about me. I was stuck in the shadows, exactly like I am now. I starved to death when I was only 12 because no one fed me, my only comfort back then was scratching what my day was like in the dirt with a twig. I now comfort myself with this diary. I don’t even think my body was recovered or found. Not like they would care either way. Let me explain what I can do. I can pretty much sink into walls and just look like a shadow. Move around whichever way I wish. I'm now probably about 200 years old. I'm trying to find a way back to the underworld, which is harder than it sounds. When I died, I looked just like I do now, just younger. One day I woke up in a dense forest, I was scared and confused. I didn’t know why I was put in the living world. I don’t like the living world. It's too noisy. Although, when you're dead it has its pros. You can see the world from a different angle, you’re more aware of everything, and you can easily spot the people who are hiding behind masks of goodness to cover their evil. For the people who are hurting the planet? I can see their side of view, but it still does not make sense. When I was in the underworld, it was funny to see horrified faces when they come down, trying to explain how they did nothing wrong. But King has a number one rule: “Respect all life that you are granted and given.” I think it's beautiful, even if others disagree. Off that topic, let us go back to how I can get out of here. I've heard of the dead coming up to spy on ones who were bad to them, but that is by choice, I have no idea how I came up here. Sometimes, you just must listen to your instincts, so I just went wherever I felt was the right way. Not an excellent choice. Not at all. Dogs terrify me, so when I met WOLVES. Yeah, I screamed like a lady. Yeah, I ran till the sun came up and hid in a tree. Yeah, I didn't sleep that night. And yes, I went back to the city.  
Writing 2, 
It's dark, really, really dark. I do not know what is happening to me, but it hurts. I am getting bigger. I should have stayed in the city. Moving helps, I am trying to distract myself with writing, it is working. Ok, it stopped. It felt like all of Hell's fire was rushing through my body. I am heading back to the city, perhaps caves are not for me. When I left, I could feel eyes watching me through the darkness. The underworld did not even send shivers up my spine as this did. Life on Earth is scarier than we know it. I am in a basement now, just some old abandoned house in the middle of nowhere. Perhaps.
Writing 3, 
This house is not abandoned. I cannot get out of this basement. Luckily, I can still hide in shadows, even though I have grown quite larger. I am almost proud. Seven feet tall is a big growth spurt! I am trying to distract myself by writing in my diary, it usually helps. This is a strange feeling. I know they are humans, there is a tall man with a scruffy beard and broad shoulders and dark blue eyes. I believe he is the father. The mother, from what I am guessing, had long blonde hair, and a gentle face. Emerald green eyes match her well. They have three children, the oldest from what I can tell is a boy. Tall and mahogany brown fluffy hair like his father, and like his father again he had dark blue eyes. The second oldest, again guessing from height, is the daughter. She seems odd. She walks with a sway and limps on both legs, and her eyes seem to be broken. She has blonde hair as well, and her eyes have a blueish green shade. She is pretty, as stunning as her mother. The youngest is an infant. He has a darker shade of emerald eyes and the thin hair he has is mahogany brown. A delightful kid, and I observe them all from when they come down to the basement for food or when they are outside, and I can watch them through a small window. I hear them walking and running around, but I am sleepy. And when I am sleepy, I sleep for days. I will hide in the dark corner again, and I pray to the gods that they do not find me. 

The author's comments:

Miki has an accent, so he pronounces many things with a ¨V¨.

Miki was awoken from a clash, he blinked a few times and looked up, and his grey eyes widened. The whole family, except the infant, was in the basement. The father had thrown a glass bottle at Miki but missed. Miki didn’t stand up and just stared at them. He thought quickly. Of course, they´re afraid. I´m a strange man whose skin is light grey, and eyes are almost white. I am a demon after all... The father is big. But not nearly as big as me...I don’t want to scare them... 
But Miki did stand, slowly, not making any sudden movements to scare them. He slouched as he stood, so he wouldn’t seem as big. He got confused when the father barked something at him. 
“Who are you? How did you find this house? Why are you living in our cellar? Why do you look like that?” 
Miki was happy, he could understand them! He spoke, and they cringed at his heavy German accent.  
“My name is Miki, please don’t be alarmed! I vill not hurt you; I know I look scary. I vas just looking for a place to sleep and get away from ze wolves...I-I didn’t realize people lived here vhen I came. But vhen you got home; I couldn’t get out vithout vaking you. I can get going now-” He paused, staring at the fathers' hand. It was his diary.  
“...Can I have zat back please?” His voice was shy and soft. The father scoffed. 
“You aren’t going anywhere. Sit. And maybe you can get this back.” Miki sat back down. His legs were obviously scaring them. They were like something out of a werewolf movie. Long claws with it shaped like a mammal's hind legs. The mother had to look away. Miki looked down as he thought to himself.  
I really did it this time huh? Good luck getting yourself out of this one Miki... But that is when he realized. This house is on a farm in the middle of nowhere, and there are zero powerlines or cell towers even remotely close. The father wasn’t going to call the police, he couldn’t! Miki relaxed, knowing the father was just protecting his family. 
Miki was chasing the father, snarling, his fangs bared as he easily gained on him with his animal-like legs. He tackled him, wrenching his diary out of the father's grasp and kicking him away as he started to run. He didn’t make it far till a shock jolted through his body and he stumbled. The father put a shock collar on him, and Miki despised it. The father walked over. Pinning him down as he gently took the diary away and tied his hands behind his back. Miki groaned, his slick black hair covering his face. It has been about two days with this family, and Miki had been trying to escape. The father drug him back down to the cellar and tied him to a pole while sitting. Miki rested his head against it as the father spoke. 
“Maybe if you quit trying to get away and answer some questions, you wouldn’t be tied up.” 
Miki responded with a bitter growl. “Maybe if you vould let me go and forget zat you saw me, I vouldn’t be such a pain.” 
“Miki, what would you say if I knew who you were? Don’t get any ideas, boy, because I don’t.” Miki didn’t know why he was keeping him there and just stared at him.  
After about a week, Miki learned everyone's names. The father went by Rocky, but Miki knew he had an actual name. The mother’s name was Lavender, but her nickname was Lav. The eldest son was Luka, the daughter was Ember, and the infant was Briar. Miki was still tied to the pole every night but was given freedom with rules. Miki always rolled his eyes as Rocky explained them every morning. 
“Help on the farm, everyone has control on that shock collar of yours so don’t be stupid. Help in the kitchen and with the kids. If one looks scared walk away-and for the love of god touch Briar and I will blast your brains out.” Rocky pointed to a locked-on rack. Miki just nodded, and Rocky untied him slowly. He rubbed his wrists as he stood up. Knowing it's another day of the oxen and horses fearing him and the kids wanting to crawl over him. He hated this, but smart Miki had a plan. 
As he was working in the field, he glanced at the horse pulling the wagon beside him. It had blinders on so it wouldn’t have to see Miki, and he slowly unhooked the wagon. He was taller than the mare and took the blinders off her. He slapped her rump, and she immediately bolted off. Miki yelled for the father, and Rocky bolted after her. That’s when Miki ran. He was running through the woods, then skidded to a stop. His diary. That was his only comfort, and he let out a whine. His legs started pumping, running back to the house. The shock jolted through his body again, and he fell over. The father sharply pinned Miki, as Luka was walking back the still startled mare. He could tell the father was p**sed, so he said nothing, waiting for anything. The shock came again, stronger, making Miki twitch and jump. Rocky spoke, his voice bitter and cold. 
“Miki. What do you think I'm mad about?” Miki didn’t respond, he spoke again. “I’ll let you think about it, and no. You won't be getting that little diary of yours back anytime soon. Get up.” His weight shifted off him, and he stumbled to his feet. Miki’s arms were wrenched behind him as he was quickly led down to the basement and forced to sit on the cold ground as his arms were tied to a pole. He didn’t complain, He was used to cold. Rocky stared down at him, and Miki calmly met his gaze. He didn’t have any more hope left for escaping, so he might as well make a life. Rocky crouched down so their faces were inches apart.  
“Where is Briar.” Miki gave Rocky a confused look. He wasn’t the one watching Briar! Miki was going to say something before his head was slammed back on the metal pole. 
“I asked you a question freak.” 
“I-I don’t know! I vas in ze fields! -”  
“So was Briar.” He replied sharply. Miki didn’t respond, and Rocky stood up, going upstairs, and slamming the cellar door. Miki sighed, and again, didn’t eat his dinner. It was about midnight when Miki heard something, it was a child's cry, and the snarl of a K9. He froze, unsure of what's happening. He leaned back, peering out the window. His eyes widened, and he stopped breathing. Little Briar was surrounded by wolves. Before Miki could think, his hands were not tied behind him anymore and he had squeezed his huge body through the window. How Miki managed to get out of the bonds? He did not know. But his mind wasn’t focused on that. He growled, kicking two of the wolves away and scooping up Briar, running inside and pounding on the master bedroom. Rocky answered, and stared at Briar in Miki’s arms. Miki shoved him in Rocky’s grasp, backing up. 
“I-I heard him outside. I couldn’t leave a child to die ze same way I did. I’m going back now.” Before Rocky could answer, Miki was back in the cellar. He was sitting on the floor again and this time, laid on his side, curling up. This is how he usually sleeps, and it was peaceful...till daybreak.  

The author's comments:

The perspective switches from the third person to Miki's perspective in his diary.

“Can I really be heard?” Miki thought to himself while easily picking the ripest cherries on the tallest cherry tree on the farm. It was the next morning, and he was trying his best to avoid Rocky, but only because he was scared. After picking them all enough to fill both wood-woven baskets he started walking back. He gazed over the land and saw Luka plowing the cornfield. He didn’t see his father, which made him worry. As he was walking past the house to go inside, he glanced in a window that showed the kitchen. He saw Lavender and Rocky. Miki grimaced but slowly walked in. Trying his best to not even look at Rocky. He laid the baskets full of cherries on the table, and Rocky looked up at him.  
“Forgot to thank you last night. As a reward,” Rocky cringed at the word, Miki figured Lav was making him do this. “You can end the day by just helping Luka finish the field. The rest of the day is yours.” 
“...and?” It was Lav from the kitchen, Rocky sighed.  
“And if you want, you can have your diary back for the rest of the day as well.” By the look on Rocky’s face, Miki knew he had lit up at that. Miki’s spiky, lizard-like tail started to wag and he walked out, running to the field. He was just a kid still, to be fair. After helping Luka, he walked back, getting excited. Rocky slowly handed him his diary and a pen, he smiled brightly at him and ran out, his legs pumping happily, and he flopped down under a tree. Miki turned to a new page and started writing. It was instant relief. 

Writing 4, 
I am overjoyed! I finally have my treasure back, even if it seems like Rocky didn’t like it. I am content at the farm, but I will still refuse to eat anything. I just hope Rocky doesn’t go through this; it is mine. I have been thinking of diverse ways I can escape this place.  
One idea of mine is to do a stunt like that again and get extra points, hopefully enough so they can take this stupid shock collar off me. I hate this. If I could reach far enough, I would chew on it till my fangs break off.  
My second plan is to get so used to the shock that I can just keep running. That seems like the least possible. Like every time I get shocked it is worse than the previous. 
My final plan is to stay silent. Not saying a word, not answer any questions, till they cannot take it. I will act so worn out and beat that I will pretend I can barely do the farm tasks that are given to me. It seems like the most likely to work, so I will do it last. 

A few hours later, after reading all the adventures he documented, Miki felt a small shock from the collar. This was Rocky calling him back like a mutt. Miki groaned, standing, and walking back. Rocky was waiting at the door, and Miki slowly handed him his diary. He was tied to the pole again, but this time Miki couldn’t handle it. He thrashed and let out a wounded scream. His back felt like it was going to snap from sleeping in a sitting position with his head tilted every night. Rocky growled, but slowly untied him, walking up the steps. Miki curled up, and slowly fell asleep.  
Such joy, Miki was feeling on the inside. He has skipped the other two plans and has decided to just go with the silence plan. Everyone was outside, watching in either fear or astonishment, as Rocky was practically screaming at Miki.  
“MIKI! MIKI ANSWER ME WHERE IS IT.” Miki didn’t respond just yet and stopped picking apples, very slowly turning to him and staring at him with dull eyes. The father took a step back.  
“...vhere is vhat, Rocky?” Miki kept his voice quiet, hardly a whisper. The whole family stared at him like they were in shock.  
“...Your diary, Miki. It’s not on my desk.” 
“...How vould I have gotten in your room? You need ze key to get in, I could not. I have been on ze farm all day.” Miki narrowed his eyes as he thought to himself. Did Rocky really lose it? 
Rocky just scoffed, walking off. Miki went back to picking apples. Truth is, Rocky never lost it, and it's still on the stand. Rocky just wanted to get Miki to speak. At the end of the day, Miki was called to the kitchen to have dinner with everyone. Rocky complained that he never eats anyway, but Miki slowly sat down next to Rocky, just staring at the table. Rocky nudged him, and Miki looked down in curiosity. 
“What’s up with you today? Bad dream? Not feeling well?” Miki didn’t answer and just stared at him. He eventually spoke, his voice normal again. 
“I know you didn’t just ask that.” 
Rocky had a confused look. “What do you mean by that?” Miki had enough and got up. Walking down the cellar and slamming the door. Miki paced. He couldn’t take it with acting and being silent anymore. He just couldn’t. He stopped the cellar door opened and closed. Rocky stood there, hands in his pockets, leaning on the wall. He spoke surprisingly calm, almost gently. 
“You’ve any family Miki?” 
“No people at all? Do you know any family history?" Miki shook his head. ¨Hmm...do you know why you look like that Miki?¨ 
¨Yes. But I'm not going to tell you why. ¨ 
¨No need Miki. We know a lot more than we give off.¨ Miki gave him a confused look, but Rocky had already turned and walked up the steps. 

Miki had no idea of how much time passed, he tried his best by watching the infant Briar grow. He had grown quite bigger, being able to walk now and had the ability to speak a few words. He was guessing for about two years. As for the other two children, Luka had a boyfriend who came over often and helped on the farm. Miki learned that his name was Louis, and he had many disabilities, the main three being blind in his left eye, he was mute, and he had heart problems that caused him to struggle to breathe if he was under major stress or excitement. Ember was married, and he found out she and her girlfriend had been dating for a long time before Miki came. Her fiance's name was Laney; Miki met her a few times and his instincts told him to stay far away from that girl. Ember still had leg problems and couldn’t speak but seemed incredibly happy, she would linger around Miki a lot and sign jokes. He helped her get around when she asked. If she were the one preparing dinner that night, she would have Miki stand close, and point to things on high shelves she needed. But when Laney moved in, she would help her instead. Ember insisted Miki still help but he declined, still not trusting Laney. His English has gotten much better; he no longer has a heavy German accent. It is still there but he doesn’t mess up much anymore. But Miki still didn’t feel safe, especially when Rocky stared at him with cold eyes. He had no idea what he did wrong but tried his best to stay away. His diary was kept from him, although he got it every Sunday as a calming tool.  
One day, Miki couldn´t sleep. he was curled up, trying his best to ignore both the shock collar and the choke chain around his neck, which Rocky recently added so Miki was still chained to the pole, just more space and room without his hands behind his back. Miki didn’t open his eyes when he heard someone walking down the steps. He smelled Rocky as he leaned down, starting to unhook the chain from the collar. He opened his eyes and saw three other men, all of who had some sort of gun. Miki froze and tried to scramble up to his feet but Rocky held his shoulders firmly down; he nodded to the men, who aimed the guns at Miki's head, and pulled the triggers.  
Miki didn’t wake up but was tied to a metal table in an all-white room as the men poked and prodded at his body. Miki was reported by trespassing hikers who saw him working on the farm and called 911. They took samples of his blood, hair, skin, and even took some of his bone marrow for research. They took x-rays, cat scans, c-t scans, everything. He was like an oversized lab rat for human knowledge. Once Miki did wake up after they gave him medicine, they kept his eyes open as they flashed different lights in it. Once finished, his eyes felt like sand and were burning. He didn’t want to open them ever again. They opened his mouth, counting his teeth and measuring his fangs. Miki was terrified but stayed still, barely daring to breathe. After a while of more prodding, the men walked out, and a single different man came in. He gently took one of his hands and carefully looked at it, then let it go and rubbed his hands-on Miki´s jaw. He was getting an idea of his body structure, Miki hated this. He wanted nothing more but to go back to the farm, stay by Laney if he had to, anything but this. No one spoke. By the time the man left, he wasn’t untied, left to lay on the cold metal table in complete darkness, alone. Alone. Miki thought. Alone. Like always. Like I´ll ever be. When alive, I was alone, I suppose the same goes for death. I´m just all. Alone. 
Miki kept his eyes closed when morning came and the men came back, running hands over his stomach and pushing down to see his reaction. It obviously didn’t do anything, and he just stared at the men. They took close pictures of his animal-like legs and feet, looking at the claws. The worst was his tail. They painfully ripped off scales and giving him a warning look as he cried out in pain. They measured it, taking some of the dark red and blue feathers off it with pliers. He was sobbing. Such torture was never meant for anyone to put through. The men left, and the man that was there the day before came back. Miki couldn’t take it, and cried out, arching his back away from the metal binds, writhing around, trying desperately to escape. The man calmly sat down, watching him with interest and writing things down in a notepad. Miki quickly got tired, wearing himself out and breathing heavily, arms and legs aching from the binds digging into them. The man stood up and took a step forward, the wildness in Miki came back and he snarled. The man smiled with excitement, writing something else down and looking at him.  
¨Can you speak? Farmer Rocky said you could, he said your name was Miki. ¨ Miki stared at him, he didn’t speak, he barely breathed. The man came closer and looked down at his body resting a hand on his abdomen. ¨What are you Miki? ¨ 
¨...Pacifier demon. I'm built to run, and my ability is to hide. I am not the best at fighting. ¨ Miki tried telling him anything he asked so he would leave. 
¨Amazing.¨ he breathed. He felt his stomach. Miki had light abdominal muscles and a broad chest. He glanced at him. ¨My name is Dr. Martin, I know you may not like me from yesterday, but I was just getting your body structure. I think that is better than making you sit still during an x-ray. I am going to be the one watching over you. I will be putting a higher voltage shock collar on you after I feel you are comfortable enough with me that I can see you stand and move. For now, I will just examine your body. ¨ Miki had tears in his eyes, Dr. Martin noticed. ¨Oh-Oh please don't cry! We won't hurt you much more, they just need samples young one, I promise it will stop soon. I will not hurt you like them, the only way I can is with the shock collar. Please calm down Miki, I don’t want you to panic over the noises the machines make when your heart rate increases. ¨ Miki stopped crying, his fists clenched tightly. Dr. Martin kept his gentle hand on Miki´s chest, and Miki closed his eyes. Soon, Dr. Martin left, and he was alone in silence again. Miki couldn’t take it. He cried out, tears running down his cheeks as he desperately pulled at the metal binds. Dr. Martin ran back in, putting his hands on his stomach and whispering calming words to him. He turned the lights on and seemed surprised when Miki calmed down. He looked at him, before leaving and coming back, plugging in a nightlight, and turning it on, slowly turning the lights off and watching Miki's reaction. When Miki didn't scream or cry out, he smiled brightly, writing something down in his notepad. He then slowly looked up at Miki. 
¨What if I stay awhile? ¨ Miki didn’t respond and Dr. Martin pulled a chair over to the table next to him and sat down. He ran a hand up and down his arm, gazing at the muscles, even if Miki was tense. His hand traveled to his chest, then stomach, then torso. Miki glared at him, and kicked a leg up, claws scorching the side of Dr. Martin's face. He looked down and Miki, glaring furiously and turned the shock collar on. Miki's body tensed and jolted from the strong shock. It eventually died down, and Miki was whimpering with tears in his eyes, and Dr. Martin walked out, leaving him be in silence. 
The next morning, Dr. Martin came in, and smile on his face. Miki growled but said nothing. The new shock collar was put on him and he was granted to stand, his legs aching. Dr. Martin wrapped the wound where his scales and feathers were ripped off his tail. He searched for any bruises the other men gave him, after he found a few he noted them on a different page of his notebook. ¨I´ll be keeping my eye on them while they heal to make sure nothing is broken or too hurt. ¨ Miki just stood still, and lifted each leg slowly, stretching the stiffness out of them. The doctor watched with curiosity, and Miki tried his best to ignore him. He could walk around the room, leaning back so his spine wasn’t stiff and cracking his neck. He was trying to get comfortable while staying as far as he could away from Dr. Martin. Now Miki wasn’t exposed, he had shorts on so they could still examine his legs. A choke chain was put around his neck as well as a collar, and his wrists were tied behind his back. Dr. Martin put a chain leash on the collar and started walking, having Miki lurch forward but fall into step. Eventually, Dr. Martin turned to him with a smile. ¨I think you´re ready to be led around outside. ¨ After he said that. He put a sack over Miki´s head, cutting off his sight and making it hard to breathe. Miki didn't respond but was led out the single door there was in the white room. Dr. Martin took the sack off. Miki blinked a few times, the natural light blinding. Dr. Martin paused, waiting for him to get used to the new light. When Miki did, he looked around. He was no longer on the farm, it looked like he wasn´t anywhere near it. There was no dirt on the ground, just concrete and stone. This seemed to go on for miles, Miki started to panic. He glanced down at the doctor. ¨Easy Miki, this is no danger. There must be only roads because this is a research facility, many cars, tanks, and planes come and go. Now, you said you were built for running yes? ¨ Miki nodded as Dr. Martin unhooked the leash and untied his wrists. A few other men came out with clipboards. ¨Now, when I say run, run till you cannot anymore. It's a straight stretch that way, when the shock collar buzzes that means to turn and start running back. Do you understand Miki? Keep running or attack and you WILL get shocked. ¨ Miki just nodded and got ready to run. Dr. Martin waved a hand, and he was off. He ran as fast as he could, trying anything to get out. He felt a buzz around his neck, he turned and started sprinting back, but he had a plan. His eyes were on Dr. Martin, and he was sprinting towards him. Nothing but hate filled his mind as he snarled, running faster. The other men stepped back, but Dr. Martin calmly stood there. His smug face made Miki growl extending his arms to lash out at him once he got close enough. As he got closer, the doctor calmly lifted a hand and pressed a button. Miki´s body jolted, and he fell over. Writhing on the ground, desperately grabbing at the collar as it sent electricity through his body. It eventually stopped, and he stayed on the ground, breathing heavily, shaking. Dr. Martin slowly walked over, crouching beside him, and checking his pulse. He stood up again and looked at the men. 
¨Did you get all the data you needed? I´m not sure how much running he can take after that shock. ¨ The men merely nodded and walked back into the facility. Miki still laid on the ground as Dr. Martin put the leash back on the choke chain. Miki looked around, no one was around. He stayed completely still, then lashed out, knocking the controller to the shock collar out of Dr. Martin´s hands and grabbing his arm, slamming him down, and pinning him to the floor. Miki growled, but got up and ran. He didn’t have the heart to kill him and was hoping he was winded. His body jolted again, and he fell over, gasping as a stronger shock came. But it wasn´t Dr. Martin who shocked him, it was soldiers. He looked over, the doctor lying unconscious from the slam as soldiers ran over, pinning Miki down and putting shackles on his wrists and ankles, connecting them so he couldn’t run. They put a muzzle on him and picked him up by his shoulders, moving quickly as they practically drug him in the facility. Miki was too worn out to fight back, hanging his head low. He was put in a different, bigger room with a larger metal table and a metal pole in the corner. He was slowly unshackled, the choke chain was tied to a thicker chain that was tied to the pole; he was forced to sit and they walked out. Miki rested his head against the cold metal pole, gazing up at the lights. They look like the moon. Miki thought. If I ever get out of here, I will do nothing but stare at it...the moon is safe.  

Miki slowly looked over as the door to his room opened. The bright light shown in, and he had to squint so his eyes would adjust. The soldiers stepped in, with them was Dr. Martin and someone else. Miki´s eyes flew wide and he stumbled to his feet, growling. He didn't like that smell. Dr. Martin came over and set a gentle hand on his muzzle, gently setting his other hand on his shoulder as if he is a startled horse.  
¨Calm down Miki, just relax. This will be your cellmate for a few days. He´s gentle, just calm down. His name is-¨ Miki didn't care, and he jerked away. Being held in captivity for so long made him go back to being like a wild animal. It brought his fierceness. Dr. Martin calmly continued. ¨Miki. Listen to us. Jack won't hurt you. This is also an experiment for both of you. I know you don’t like wolves, and Jack here is a wolf and husky mix. That’s also why he is in the facility. ¨ Miki barely listened to the doctor. He was gazing at Jack. He had a fluffy tail that slightly curled upwards. He wasn’t wearing a shock collar, nor a choke chain. He was only wearing a leather one, with a tag on it. The doctor made a hand motion, and Jack slowly stepped up beside him. Miki got a better look at him, staring down at the strange breed. He was shorter than the doctor, so maybe about 5´6. The doctor slowly unhooked the leash from Miki´s choke chain that kept him tied to the pole. He went to the opposite corner, near the door, and sat in a chair. Two soldiers stood next to him. ¨Play nice you two. Get to know each other. ¨ Miki wasted no time and hooked his claws in Jacks's neck. He yelped in pain, and the soldiers got ready to tazze Miki. They were too slow. He already slammed Jack against the wall, his neck, and head profusely bleeding. He was knocked out, and Miki dropped him, kicking him. Jack's limp body slammed against the opposite wall, leaving a bloody mark. Miki´s shock collar went wild, and he dropped to the floor, writhing around and desperately grabbing at it as strong shocks were sent through his body. He was chained up, a muzzle on him and Jack was carefully taken out of the room. Dr. Martin looked over at Miki with cold eyes.  
¨Miki. ¨ 
¨What? ¨ Miki didn't meet his stare when he responded.  
¨Why did you attack Jack? ¨ 
¨...Reasons. Just don't bring him back. ¨ 
¨Of course Miki. Go to sleep.¨ At that, Dr. Martin stood up and walked out. Miki slowly slipped into a restless sleep.  

¨Miki...stand up. Please...¨ Dr. Martin was standing next to Miki, who has fallen into such a state of loneliness and depression he wouldn't even move. He was drug to labs, tied to tables, and then back to the pole. This torturous lifestyle he was forced into made him feel sick to his core. Miki slowly looked up at him but stayed silent. Dr. Martin just sighed and walked out. Miki was alone. He slowly stood up, walking in circles as far as the chain would let him. All around me is nothing but pain and fear. Nothing is real anymore. I am no good but dead. I am the man who died twice, suffocated by his own sadness. The looming thoughts he listened to in his head didn’t do any good, it made it worse. If Miki had any hope let, he would´ve turned into his shadow self and left during the night. But Miki had nothing to live for. Because he was alone. He was alone with nothing but his own shadow swallowing him in his own shadow. Because he was alone. Miki didn’t have anything, anyone, nothing. He had no one to run back to, no one to fight for, no one to come get him. Miki was alone. Alone. All alone. No one to wish for. No will to do anything. Because Miki was alone. All alone. Miki stood still, the weight of the darkness he had inside him crashing down on him. It was hard to breathe. He fell to his knees, unable to move. No one to help him because he was alone. Nothing but alone. Miki closed his eyes, succumbing to the darkness, and fell to his side. No one paid any attention to the thump because Miki was alone.  

Miki slowly opened his eyes, surprised to find him still in chains but the one around his neck was broken. It was even more of a surprise that Miki was on someone's shoulders who was sprinting down the straight cement road. Some woods were getting near, but to make matters worse, the person running with him was none other than Jack. He was uncertain, but something clicked inside him. He had hope. 
¨Jack. ¨ Miki spoke lowly, fiercely. Jack stumbled, and Miki easily put a foot down and stood up. He stared down at the young man. The wolf hybrid stared up at him with wide eyes. Miki couldn’t help but smirk and easily snapped the cuffs off. ¨Get on my back. It's my turn to run.¨ Jack lit up and jumped on his back. Miki sprinted, he was much, much faster than Jack, and they easily made it to the woods. ¨I don't know where we are going, but just stay on my back and don’t make a noise. ¨ Miki ran faster, ignoring sharp branches that cut into his face. He ran faster. 
¨Miki...I can smell a lake nearby. Should we stop? ¨ 
¨No. It's too dangerous. We should get as far away as we can before we do anything. When I start getting tired, I'll let you run. ¨ 
¨Sounds like a plan to me! ¨ Jack said that cheerfully, and Miki couldn’t help but smile at the wolf. He continued running, and running, and running. Eventually, the sun started to rise, and Miki jumped into a very thick tree and set Jack down, sitting next to him. They couldn’t be seen through the branches.  
¨Stay here Jack. Find a comfortable was to sit or just sleep. We will only run at night. I will keep watch. ¨ Jack just nodded, curling up and falling fast asleep. Miki listens, soon he would hear sirens of police cars and soldiers running through the woods. He stayed still, watching as they neared with dogs. They stopped about 50 feet away near the tree, but the dogs didn’t bark. They looked around. The scent trail stopped. That’s right! I didn’t climb the tree, I jumped into it. Meaning my trail stopped where I jumped! I'm a genius! He wanted to give himself a high-five, but didn’t and stayed still, watching with a smug expression as they retreated in defeat. But someone stayed, it was Dr. Martin. He narrowed his eyes, watching as he slowly bent down to where Miki's scent stopped. He slowly looked at the tree. He studied Miki so much he knew how he could move, and how his mind worked.  
¨Miki. I know you're in that tree. ¨ Miki held his breath, he didn't move. ¨Miki. Come out. If you come out willingly, I won't bring you back. ¨ Miki didn't believe him. After all the lies and backstabs Dr. Martin has told and done to him, he didn't trust him at all. Dr. Martin must've second-guessed himself because he had an uncertain look on his face. That’s when he turned and walked back. Miki watched him go and looked over at Jack. He was still asleep. Miki curled up around him and fell peacefully asleep.  

The next morning, Miki blinked away to a barrel of a gun on his head, many others pointed at him. Jack was tied to the bottom of the tree, and Miki looked at the soldiers holding the guns. He heard a familiar voice.  
¨My, my Miki, you are smarter than you look. But you couldn’t outsmart me. ¨ It was Dr.- Martin, and he couched next to him. ¨Miki...You and Jack made it over 200 miles away from the facility. It was quite impressive, but I know you did most of the running. But next time you produce a smart plan like that and hide in a tree, ¨ He tapped Miki's tail. ¨Be sure to keep this hidden. ¨  
Miki growled, but was forced to his feet as a shock collar and choke chain with a chain leash was put on his neck. He was handcuffed, shackled, and forced out of the tree. Jack was untied and connected to the same chain leash Miki had and they pushed them to start walking. Jack looked up at Miki.  
¨What are we gonna do? ¨ Jack wailed softly, tears growing in the sides of his eyes. Miki looked down at him. He gazed into his large brown eyes. His fluffy ears that were so perked and happy now pinned and scared. His poufy tail was curled and wagged as Miki ran now between his legs in fright. Jack was utterly terrified. But Miki was somehow calm and offered him a reassuring smile.  
¨Dont worry Jack, just relax. I have a plan. ¨ Jack was confused, but Miki said nothing more. As the two continued to walk, surrounded by soldiers, Dr. Martin ordered everyone to stop. He turned and looked at Miki.  
¨What were you planning to do once you got away? You too Jack. You know you wouldn’t be accepted in society. ¨ 
Miki stared at him and responded bitterly. ¨Thats because humans don’t care about anything but themselves. They don’t want to see others different from them. They have based standards and acceptance of nothing but looks and your past. They never even consider the middleman. They never look back at the people who are struggling to stay alive. They never accept anything. They don’t accept new identities, new pronouns, or a new lifestyle. They judge you for who you love and think they get a say in what is right and wrong. And after all that they step on the last bit of any human decency they might even have left by praising a God, saying they are doing the right thing when their God clearly stated, ¨Treat all equally¨. So, Dr. Martin, before I answer that idiotic question of yours, can I ask what exactly we were supposed to be in that facility? We were lab rats, right? Wrong. One day you were going to bring us to a big city and show the entire world what kind of freaks you found. You would show us off for the one reason of getting yourself and your work world-famous, and at the same time ruining our lives even more. You come up with a good name for us? I know you aren't going to use Pacifier Demon and Wolf Hybrid. No, that would be too kind, right? Instead, you would dig down into the pit of that cold heart and pull out a name that would bring us shame. Let us give you some examples, hm? How about, ¨Grey Man¨. Or ¨Dead Slender¨. Or for Jack perhaps ¨Werewolf¨ or ¨Large Mutt¨. You're a sorry excuse for a human, Martin. I'm saying this here and now. Shoot me, I don’t care anymore. You, humans, have been racist, narcissistic, and disgusting piles of waste my whole life and afterlife. You don’t show empathy for anyone. Not even animals. So, to answer your question, I would go back to the only humans that showed me kindness in my life. And then I would go to a cave and spend the rest of my time in this world in the shadows. Perhaps even bring Jack with me to keep him safe. Does that satisfy your question enough, Dr. Martin? ¨  
Dr. Martin stood calmly as he listened to Miki. Jack was staring up at his tall companion with wide eyes, but he respected him. The soldiers have slightly lowered their guns, and Miki narrowed his eyes at Dr. Martin, waiting for a reply. He never got one, because Dr. Martin calmly turned around and started walking again. As much as this annoyed Miki, it gave him a sense of relief. He clearly got under the doctor's skin; he clearly got his blood boiling. Miki walked alongside Jack, holding his head high and proud. Something he hasn’t been able to do in years. Miki felt a weight shift off his shoulders. He looked down at Jack, who was now wagging his tail as he gazed back up at Miki. Miki wasn’t alone anymore, and he knew his darkness was being forced back by the small teen beside him. Miki smiled, and his tail started to wag as well.  

Miki and Jack were granted to be put in the same cell, but they were both chained to metal poles. They joked with each other to ease the pain. Every day, Miki is seen with more hope in his eyes and better energy. Jack has healed him from his darkness. One day, shots could be heard, followed by screams and then silence. The cycle kept going, and Jack started shaking. Miki's newfound courage made him very protective, and he narrowed his eyes, jerking against his restraints. The door of their cell slammed open, and Jack jumped. In the doorway stood none other than Rocky, Lavander, and all the children. Miki stared at them, and a smile spread across his face. Laney ran over and started untying Miki from his chains. Once Miki was free, he immediately helped Jack. After Jack was loose, he put him over his shoulder and looked at Rocky.  
¨I can never thank you enough. ¨ 
¨Then don’t. Let's go. ¨ He still had his roughness, but in his eyes showed he genuinely cared about Miki. They all ran out, and Miki's eyes widened at the sight. The hallways, once shiny of clean metal, were now coated in dark red blood. Bodies of soldiers lay limp on top of each other. It looked like a huge animal just ripped their bodies apart sloppily. But Miki couldn’t ask questions, they all started running out of the facility. Miki was pushed in the back of a pickup truck, the others climbed in the car and Rocky sped off. Miki's eyes were wide as he watched the facility get smaller, and smaller, and smaller as they drove off. He relaxed when it was nothing but a speck on the horizon. But he wasn’t safe yet. Something tapped his shoulder, and he looked over to see Dr. Martin. His face was cut deeply, the skin and flesh just hanging from his chin. His eyes seemed to pop out as blood coated under him. His side had a deep gash in it, bleeding profusely and staining his beloved white lab coat. His hair was whipping wildly from how fast the truck was going. When he spoke, his voice was raspy and cold. Miki slapped a hand over Jacks´ eyes. 
¨I found you. I'll always find you. No matter how far you run, no matter where you hide. Take a good look at me, keep it in those useless memories. Cover that mutts' eyes all you want; he can hear my voice. Miki, you can never hide from your destiny. You're a pathetic waste of space, go back down to the underworld. You cannot protect that mutt forever. But I have to hand it to you. You're smarter than you look. ¨ At that, he jumped out of the truck. Dr. Martin knew he couldn’t win. Miki looked back, watching him as the doctor stared after the truck. How... Miki thought shakily. How is he alive. How can he... But Miki refused to think about it. The image of what he looked like was scarring enough. Miki was only glad he didn’t let Jack see.  

At the farm, Miki and Jack were both looked at for wounds by Lavander. They were wrapped up and given a meal. Jack wolfed his down, and for once, Miki peacefully ate the meal he was given. He saw Lavander smile at that, and she went back to working in the kitchen. Miki showed Jack around the farm, but one night in the basement, Jack looked up at Miki sitting beside him.  
¨Youve got a lot of scars around your neck." 
Miki looked down at him and ruffled his hair. ¨I know I do. I can't do much about them. That’s from the choke chains that were on me. ¨ Jack nodded, and scooted close to Miki's warm body, he leaned against him, and Miki picked him up, setting him in his lap and cradling him as he drifted to sleep. Miki turned his head to look out the small basement and smiled when he saw the moon. Safe... Miki thought. Were finally safe.  
¨You wan´ help with that sir? ¨ Miki looked over and smiled down at Cade. 
¨No little one. You should go help Jack in the kitchen. I'll be in soon. ¨ 
¨No fair! Jack always make'n me stir the pot and nothin´ else! ¨ Miki chuckled. 
¨Well, I'll give him a piece of my mind when I go in. Now shoo! I can't work when I have to watch out for a puppy-sized kid under my feet. ¨ Cade left out a giggle as he ran off. He was almost five years old now, Miki finished chopping the firewood and walked into the freshly built brick and wood house. The inside smelled of sweet cider and oak and was warm from a large fireplace in the living room. He walked to the kitchen and went up behind Jack, resting his hands on his sides. ¨Cade says you only let him stir the pot. I have a feeling he wants to do a bit more. ¨ Miki left out a chuckle. 
¨Well tell your rescue to age a bit more and I'll let him skin and cut potatoes and fruits and cut the meat. As for now, that's the closest he's getting to danger. ¨ Miki rolled his eyes, looking back down at Cade, who was lazily stirring a boiling pot of beef stew. Jack was looking up at Miki with worried eyes. ¨Miki. I know the heat doesn't hurt him, but still. We didn’t build a house for the three of us in the middle of a dense forest for nothing. The doctor is still out there-¨ Miki cut Jack off. 
¨There has been no sign of that doctor since we left that place with Rocky, Jack. Just take it easy, nothing is going to happen. ¨ Jack just shook his head, finishing chopping the potatoes and pouring them in the stew. He looked over at Cade.  
¨Cade? Go to the apple tree around the house and pick a basket full for my pie, please. Dinner'll be done in an hour. ¨ 
¨Yes sir. ¨ He jumped down, and grabbed the basket, skipping out. Miki smiled at his enthusiastic companion. He looked almost just like Miki, seeing he was a Pacifier Demon as well. Jack turned and looked up at Miki.  
¨You got the firewood? ¨ 
¨Yup. Should be good enough for over a week. Harvest is soon. We gotta stock up for winter. Tomorrow I'll run the twenty miles to see how Rocky is doing and if he needs anything. ¨ 
¨You're too kind Miki¨ But Jack smiled, and Miki laughed. 
¨Why thank you. You got dinner? If so, I'll get back to building that alarm. ¨ Jack groaned but nodded. Miki went into the basement. He shut the door, locked it, and pushed a huge log against it. The door was sealed shut. Miki's eyes changed, they weren't plain white anymore. They have changed to black with red circles. Everything about Miki changed. He had a darkness inside of him. He slowly walked down the steps, taking the turn, and looked at the cage in the middle of the cold floor. No one was allowed in the basement but Miki. He slowly walked over and moved a black draping off it. The woman inside flinched from the sight of Miki. He spoke lowly, darkly, his voice wasn’t even the same. Miki had an evil Inside of him. ¨Laney. I'm sure Ember is looking for you. Why did you run off? ¨  
Laney screeched, tears streaming down her face as it morphed into anger. ¨BECAUSE YOU CHASED ME-¨ Laney was cut off by Miki´s hand breaking through the thick metal bars and wrapping tightly around her throat. She was yanked out of the cage and thrown against the brick wall. Miki stared down at her, eyes cool, but furious. 
¨I thought I told you before to keep your voice low. I gave you the last warning. ¨ 
Laney stayed on the cold floor, sobbing, shaking. ¨Why...why did you do this...¨  
¨I'm keeping my family safe. That's all that matters. ¨ 
¨Miki...we are family. ¨ 
¨I am not family of scum. Goodbye Laney. Ember can find someone much better. ¨ At that, he slammed a leg down and crushed her head as if it were a simple pumpkin. She fell still; he slowly stepped back, looking at the mess. He slowly looked down at Laney – or what was left of her. He shoved her body away and washed the blood off his foot. ¨...Time to go see Rocky. ¨ 

Miki walked out of the basement and outside. He saw Cade and smiled, walking over to the small boy, and picking him up. Cade left out a squeak and Miki stretched his arms all the way up. ¨Here´s some help kid. the best apples aren't the ones drooping. Get the ones from the top. ¨ Cade giggled and happily did. After the basket was full Miki gently set him down. ¨Now go back to Jack and help him with the pie. And Cade? ¨ Cade looked up. 
¨Yes? ¨ 
¨Stay out of my basement. ¨ Miki's gaze was threatening, and Cade shrunk back, speaking in a whimper. 
¨Yes sir¨ Miki was satisfied and ran off to Rocky's. When he got there, he stooped down to pet a barn cat. He walked into the house with a smile on his face. Everyone turned and lit up when they saw Miki, but that should have been the least of their worries. Rocky went to pull him in a hug, but Miki had different plans. He grabbed his jaw sharply and thrust it sideways. Rocky's neck snapped with a loud crack, and he fell to the ground instantly. Screams of horror erupted, and Lav tried to run. Miki thrust his claws into her chest, deep enough to have her bleed out. He shoved her to the ground and gripped Luka´s and Louis´s hair. Luka tried fighting him off, kicking wildly, but Miki was unaffected. He drug the two young men outside and tore out their throats with his fangs in swift movements. He let the two drop, stepping back in the house. He stared down at Ember, who was staring down at her mother bleeding out. She was frozen in fear. Miki slowly put a gentle hand over her eyes, pulling her close. ¨Oh Ember...I hate you having to see this. ¨ He loved Ember, but as a protection love. Two of his claws dug into her eyes, and she let out a pained screech. He let her drop, and writhe around on the floor in pain. He stepped out, looking for Briar. He was kneeled, sobbing in front of his brother's body. Miki watched him for a bit, before grabbing the back of his neck with one hand, the other on his hip. He pulled in separate directions slowly. Miki let Briar's body fall and looked in the house at Ember, the only survivor. She had her hands to her face, crying out in pain. Miki calmly gazed at her, before turning and 
walking back. He was done. Miki walked all the way back to his house, and Jack almost fainted at the sight of Miki covered in blood. 
¨Miki! What happened? ¨ He chuckled softly in response. 
¨You worry too much Jack. I just delivered a calf is all. ¨  
¨Thank god! Get cleaned up for dinner. ¨ Miki did, smiling the whole time. After the three enjoyed the stew, Cade was put to bed. Jack looked at Miki. ¨Miki? What would you do if the doctor found us? ¨ Miki gave him a surprised look. 
¨I'm a pacifist, Jack. I would pick up you and Cade and run. ¨ Jack relaxed at that and went to bed after helping Miki clean up the table. 
Miki jolted awake at Jacks's cry. He ran out to the kitchen, to see him looking out the window. ¨Oh the doctors here! He´s found us Miki look! They're here! ¨ Miki went over to see a truck driving through the rocky driveway. A man got out, walking up to the door. Miki tensed and put a hand over Jacks's mouth. The man knocked on the door a few times before leaving an envelope on the welcome mat and walking back to the truck, driving off. Jack immediately slipped out of Miki's grasp and opened the door, picking up the note. He read it aloud.  
¨Attention all Willow Creek residents. Five people were found dead in farmer Rocky's home when farmer Steven went to his home to see if he was ready for trading. All were different deaths. We were able to identify the five, and the names are to be said now. Rocky Smith. Lavender Smith. Luka Smith. Louis Smith. Briar Smith. Two known women who also lived there are missing, these two include Laney Smith - who has been missing for reportedly three months, and Laney´s wife. Ember Smith. If you know where these two are or have any idea who killed them, please call 911 immediately...¨ Jack's voice trails off, and he stared at the paper with shaky hands. Tears appeared in his eyes. ¨Miki...what if the doctor did this. ¨  
¨Don't think like that. It might have been an animal if they were different like that. And Ember and her wife might've just ran off to start their own family. You know women can be silly sometimes. ¨ Jack gave him a scowl and handed him the paper. Jack walked to his room as Miki read it again. He shrugged and tossed it in the trash. He went outside and over to Cade, who was drawing. He crouched next to him as he watched. Cade looked up at him. ¨Miki? ¨ 
¨Yes Cade? ¨ 
¨Do you remember when you found me in the woods? And you were asking me how I got up here since I'm the same kind of demon as you? ¨ 
¨Yes? What about it little one? ¨  
¨Why were you so worried? I mean we are safe, and there's no reason to worry. The underworld stinks anyway. ¨ Miki didn’t respond and just stared at him. He slowly stood up. 
¨Thats a talk for when you're a bit older kiddo. ¨ Cade just nodded and went back to drawing. Miki walked back to the house. I gotta apologize to Jack...I didn’t mean what I said... He opened the door and walked to the kitchen, stopping dead in his tracks as he stared in horror at Jacks's dead body lying on the floor. Blood was everywhere, it was on the stove, table, the floor, and it covered the walls. But the worst was Jack. His throat was torn, blood was leaking profusely from the wound. He had a deep gash in his chest, his flesh clearly seen. His neck was snapped, the kinks made Miki shake. His face had Miki to his knees, tears streaming silently down his face. His eyes were gouged out. Miki sobbed. He lost his best friend, his companion. He stopped when a giggle was behind him. He turned, looking down. Ember stood there; her dress covered in blood. She had a wicked grin and giggled again. As Miki looked at her eyes, but all that was there was a dark nothingness. They were hollow. She smelled of rotting meat and took a step closer to Miki. Her voice was crackly and creepy. It didn’t sound like Ember anymore. ¨...Miiiiikiiii...¨ He crawled back, slipping on Jack´s blood. He started running and ran outside. He scooped up Cade and kept running, holding the small boy close. He ran till he was out of breath, leaning against a tree. Cade looking up at him with worried eyes. 
 ¨Miki? Why you cryin´ Miki? ¨ He put his little hands-on Miki´s cheeks. Miki bowed his head, sobbing.  
¨We gotta get outta here kid...¨ 
¨Miki? What do you mean? Miki! ¨ Miki didn't respond but help the small child tighter and started running again. ¨Miki? Where we goin´¨  
¨Where I found you, kid...we gotta get out of here. ¨ Miki kept running. He ran till it was midnight. That’s when he stopped to catch his breath. He climbed in a tree, wrapping his tail around his body, and holding Cade tightly in his arms. ¨...You're safe with me kid...¨ 

Miki stood in the middle of the clearing, staring at the middle. It was a symbol, in the middle of it was a dark matter that seemed to be moving. This is where they found Cade. Cade was obviously scared and held onto Miki tightly. Miki slowly put him down. He could feel someone watching them. ¨Stay close to me Cade¨ Cade nodded. Miki sighed. ¨When I say run, I want you to run as fast as you can to that portal, ok? ¨ Cade nodded. Miki started counting. ¨Ten...nine...eight...¨ He was looking around, hoping he would see what he was feeling ¨Four...three...two.... ¨ No saw nothing. ¨One. Run! Go! ¨ Cade bolted off, running as fast as he could to the darkness. Miki´s foot got caught on a vine. He cursed and got to his feet. As soon as he looked up, there was a deafening BANG! Cade fell to the ground. A bullet through his tiny chest. Soldiers from the research facility Miki was taken to came out and looked over his body. Miki felt numb but was soon overtaken by anger. He sprinted out, tears in his eyes as he screamed. ¨CADE. GET UP. CADE, PLEASE GET UP. ¨ He could only yell at the limp body. But something snapped inside his head. He slashed his claws at the soldiers, cutting through their armor, killing them instantly. Eventually, none were left. Miki looked down as he stood over Cade, relief washing over him as he saw him breathing. He slowly picked the small boy up, holding his bloody body close. He looked up at the sky, smiling. He felt free, but that’s when he froze. ...My diary... He looked back at the portal, and back where they came. His tail wrapped around his leg in anxiousness. He looked down at Cade, kissed the top of his head, and gently lobbed him in the portal. He stood tall and looked up at the sky-- and made his choice. 

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