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The Land of Dreams

October 5, 2020
By JSR_118, Katy, Texas
JSR_118, Katy, Texas
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Sisters, Lilah who is 13 and Dinah who is 10, live with their mother and father. Their mother is very ill and is growing worse. After wishing a hopeful wish, one of the sisters has a dream. One that will take the sisters on a dangerous, yet spectacular journey to a wonder-land like world to save their mother. A quest to re-uniting the twelve elements of The Land of Dreams. You must work together and not alone, you must be smart, you must be brave, and you must be determined. Along the sisters adventrous journey, they meet friendly and deadly creatures. Will the sisters complete the quest, battle the beasts, and get the wish that will save their mother? Or will they fail, leaving their poor mother to die? 

Jordan R.

The Land of Dreams

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