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Zodiac Signers

August 17, 2020
By digimonmaster98, Coalinga, California
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digimonmaster98, Coalinga, California
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At the church the Priest called me, I went up to him and asked, “Need anything Father.” He replied, “No, No, I just need to ask you, Would you like to go to school in a town a little far from here.” I asked, “Why do you want me go to a school that is far away?” He told me, “You can handle your powers, you can cook, and clean, You need to leave this birds nest.” I said, “Then I would love too.” I gave him a big hug and he said, “Pack your bags you leave tomorrow, also remember to withdraw your horns, and never show you are an Aires.” I smiled and said, “I will, and I will make you guys proud.” I packed my bags and went to bed. I started walking in the morning I said goodbye to sister Roseanne and the Priest, as I waved goodbye I said, “I will visit in a year see-ya then!” I headed to the forest, In the forest there was a trail one to the left and the other to my right there was a sign in the middle, the top sign it said, “To the left Zodi-city next 47 miles.” The bottom one said, “To the right bus station next 27 miles.” I chose to go right, So I started to walk on the right path, Now I thought to myself, “It has been a while to see how fast I can run.” So I started to sprint it took 9 hours to get there, I said to myself wheezing, “I need to get in shape.” As I caught my breath I saw the bus station, I went up to get my bus ticket, as I got to the front there was a girl about 5 places behind me I said, “Excuse me, would you like to take my place.” She gave me a smile and said, “Yes and thank you.” I switched places with her and when I got to the front of the line the ticket tender said, “Sorry man were all out of seats.” I said, “When will the next bus come?” He said, “Not until tomorrow.” I said, “Ok, thanks anyway.” So I started walking beside the road, as I walked it took me 1 whole day to get to Zodi-city, I was starving, when I got there I saw on the window a paper it said, “HELP WANTED.” So I went in, It was a small diner, when I went in I said, “Hello my name is Steven and I saw your help wanted sign, I would like to work here.” The boss came out and said, “All right then, have you ever worked in a diner.” I said, “No.” He said, “Do you have any skills?” I responded, “I can clean dishes, counters and basically anything.” The Boss said, “All right, just for today only, your first job is to clean the dishes.” I smiled and said, “Thank you sir I will be right on it.” 3 hours later and the boss told me good job, the work day is over you can go home. I responded, “Oh, I am new here and I was wondering if you can show me across town?” He said, “Ok, here is a map of all the towns this is how I learned, it has notes and where the living areas, diners, and shops are, Oh and before I forget heres your pay.” He handed me a map and 10 dollars. He drove off Before I could say thank you.


I started walking and I saw a little shop, I went in and I bought a sandwich and a bottle of water. I now have 5 dollars, I ate and started walking again, I walked through a neighborhood, full of big houses and beautiful lawns, as I kept walking I stumbled into the girl from the bus station, I said, “Hi, how are you?” She said, “Oh, the nice guy from the bus station, sorry I didn’t catch your name.” I replied, “My name is Steven.” She said, “Hi Steven, I’m Lisa, I am a Scorpio.” I said, “Oh I’m a, uhh, Sagittarius, yeah a Sagittarius.” She said, “How long have you been here?” I said, “I just got here and I was wondering if there was any places I could stay for a low price.” Of course I knew where they were at I just wanted to make conversation. She said, “Well the high school dorms are free, but you have to go to the high school to live there.” I said, “I just started going to the high school today.” She said, “Oh then meet me at school tomorrow and I can help you get started.” I said, “Thank you so much see you tomorrow.” She waved bye and I went to the store and bought a horn file, then I went to an alley and brought out my horns I started to file my ram horns to Sagittarius horns, It was the most painful experience of my life, but now I looked like a Sagittarius, so I found a bench and fell asleep, In the morning I walked to the high school and I saw Lisa at the front door she was wearing a white top and black jeans, her hair was purple with blue, and her eyes were a dark blue, she waved and I walk towards the door, I said, “Hi Lisa, how are you doing today?” She said, “Good and you.” I said, “I’m doing fine.” So we walked towards the office I had seen a lot of different Zodiac signers, I seen in one hallway Pisces, Cancers, Taurus, and Capricorns The next one I see Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Libras. Once we got to the office Lisa said, “I need to get to class, see-ya around.” I said, “Bye.” I opened the door and the secretary said, “Hello, what do you need?” I said, “Hi, my name is Steven and I just transferred here and I would like to know what I need.” The secretary said, “Oh you must be the priest’s child right.” I nodded, She said, “Here’s your classes, Lunch is after 5th, and if you need to go to the nurse her office is near the library.” I smiled and said, “Thank you.” I started walking in the hallways then I found my 1st period Math, I walked in and said, “Hello I will be joining your class for the year.” The teacher walked over and said, “Ok, then sit next to Greg, my name is Mr. Jalie.” Greg raise his hand, so I walked over and sat next to Greg. The teacher put a math problem on the board and he said, “Does anyone want to take a shot at this?” I raise my hand, the teacher said, “Ok new kid what ya got.” The math problem was “X= 12 Y=?” and “Find Y (9x+12)=y.” I said, “This is too easy, the answer is Y=120.” The teacher said, “Correct, what is your name kid?” I said, “Steven.” The teacher said, “What is your Zodi?” I said, “Zodi?” The teacher responded, “Yeah your Zodiac.” I said, “Oh, I am a Sagittarius.” The teacher said, “Nice one, but really what are you.” I said, “I am a Sagittarius, Here is the proof.” I released my shaved horns, the teacher said, “Well we got a smart Sagittarius, That is not normal, Usually they fall asleep and get the question wrong, but you are different.” I said, “Thank you sir.” The bell rang and everyone rushed out the room.


Next is my P.E class, I went to the teacher and said, “Hello I am new and I would like to know where is my line up spot.” The teacher said, “Hello my name is Mrs. Deria, and you are next to Sam.” Sam raised her hand, I said, “Thank you.” I jogged to my spot, the teacher took role and said, “Ok today class we are doing Dodgeball, in my head I was partying, then she said, "We could do power Dodgeball.” Everyone said, “Power Dodgeball!” The teacher said, “Then its decided, power dodgeball it is.” I asked, “What is power dodgeball?” The teacher said, “It is dodgeball but with a 30 pound medicine ball.” I said, “Ok, can we use powers?” She said, “Yes otherwise the school wouldn’t let us play it.” I walked over to the gym and we got into teams, there was one team full of Jocks all of them were Taurus’s, One was a team full of cheerleaders some where Cancers and they were mostly Pisces, Then the last group I was paired up with where nerds, One was a girl named Mary, She was a Capricorn, and the rest of them were jack, Mike, Luke, angel, and they all were Pisces, it was first the Jocks against the Cheerleaders, the Jocks threw the ball to hard it hit one of the cheerleaders in the stomach and she went flying, The jocks were tossing the 30 pound ball like if they were only five pounds, their horns where showing so they were using their powers, The cheerleaders loss against the Jocks so it was us against the Cheerleaders, I didn’t release my shaved horns yet, The cheerleaders took out Mary, then jack, then Luke, then mike, then angel, It was me left and the 6 cheerleaders, they were using their full power because their whole bodies where their Zodi, The leader said, “All right girls just one more weakling left.” I said, “No I say 6 more, every single one of you.” They were mad and chucked one ball at me I caught it with one hand, she was out and Mary was in, I said, “Lets end this, but I don’t hit girls.” The girls threw a ball at Mary, I stepped in front oh her and caught it, I said, “And then there was 4, Ok jack come in.” The girls were really mad and they all threw the balls at me at once, I caught 2 and dodged one, and the other hit jack, I said, “Now there was 2, sorry jack.” They threw the balls at me again but I dodged them, One hit Mary and she walked to the line, now it was me again they threw the balls and I caught one, and dodged the other, it was me and the leader, she had all the balls because I rolled them back to her, The grabbed them all and threw them at the same time, I caught every one, The teacher said, “Game Stevens team won.” My team said, “Way to go Steven now we have to go against the Jocks.” I said, “Just stay behind me I have a plan.” The game commenced the Taurus crew threw all the balls, Mary pushed me and I fell to the ground, They all got out at once, I said, “Why did you do that?” She said, “We wanted it to be over already we can’t win they have 6 taurus’s.” Then they all said, “Since we can’t win we will lose the credits we need for the month, in this class we all have f+’s.” I said, “What if I win this game?” They looked up in disbelief, They responded, “We would pass for the month.” I said, “All right this is for you guys.” It was me against the 6 Jocks, I released my shaved horns, My team jaws dropped, I said, “I will take you all on at once.” I smirked, the Taurus’s got mad and one said, “Guys I got this, one shot.” He threw the ball with all his might, I caught it with one hand.


I said, “Guys stay out its just me against them.” I threw the ball with a little bit of my might back at him, It hit his stomach and sent him flying. Then the next guy threw one, this guy was just like the last one, he threw it with all his force, I decided to use a move on this one, I caught the ball with my legs with my hands on the ground, I spun on one and the other was for balance, I launched the ball straight at him, like the last one he went flying. Next the twins were up they had a ball in on hand and grabbing on each others forearms so they can spin, They spun like a cyclone and shot the balls at hyper speed, I dodged them both but when I looked back at the wall there was 2 wholes, I said, “Ok then.” I took one of the balls and threw it at the cyclone, it hit the eye of it and they both went flying in a left and right direction, now it was me and the leader, the leader threw the ball up and threw one straight at me I dodged the one straight at me and went for the falling one and he threw another ball at me, I caught that one and dodged the falling one, The teacher said, “Stevens team wins the game.” My team bowed in-front of me and said, “Thank you.” I released my horns and I walked to my next class. That felt like a reliever at my old church I only used a little of my strength to carry logs or chop them, so now it’s my next class science, When I reached the class room before I opened the door, the door exploded, I was confused like what just happened, the teacher came out and said, “Don’t worry guys I just dropped a little match on the nitro fuel pool, I’m fine.” I said, “Hi my name is Steven and I will be your new student.” The teacher looked at me, She said, “Ok, I am Mrs. Kifty, your seat is right their next to Sam.” I walked over to Sam, Sam was one of the cheerleaders, I sat down, The teacher said, “Ok what is the gravity from 10 feet and what is 8 electrons, 10 protons, and 10 neurons?” I raised my hand, “Ok new kid, Do you have the answers.” I said, “I have it for both.” The teacher said, “Ok the say them both.” I said, “For number 1 is 1.2 seconds because 9.8 meters per second is earths gravity and for number 2 you would get the element neon.” The teacher said, “That is correct, good job we just started this and you answered them all with accuracy.” Sam looked at me and said, “How did you get that right as a Sagittarius and so fast?” I responded, “I am from an old church far from here, and all I did was work and study.” She said, “Wow so you must be really smart, right?” I nodded, She asked, “How strong are you really?” I said, “I wasn’t using much power against the dodgeball teams.” She looked at me if I were crazy. The teacher said, “Ok now it’s random picking for the dangerous experiment.” Everyone ducked under the table, I was sitting still. I asked, “What is happening?” The teacher said, “You new kid, for 2x or no points for today you have to poor nitro fuel into a jug.” I said, “Thats not bad.” The teacher continued, “But the jug has a small red ring that is very hot, One wrong move and Kaboom.” I said, “I should have kept my mouth shut.” The fuel was in a giant container but with a small opening where the liquid comes from, So I thought how can I do this without killing myself, I seen that the opening was smaller than the ring so I quickly put the whole through the ring and poured all the liquid without any spill. I exhaled with relief and the teacher said, “Congratulations you survived this period… for now.” I looked at her, she had a menacing look on her face, the bell rang and I jolted to my next class.


My next class was Zodi power training, So I walked to the class room, I was greeted by the teacher, she said, “Hello you must be the new student, I’m Miss Hika.” I said, “Hello I am Steven.” So I walked in the class room, Lisa was sitting down in the middle of the class room, I went to say hi, So I walked up to her and said, “What is going on?” She responded, “Eww who are you the new kid, Get away from me Nerd!” I said, “Lisa it’s me Steven.” She responded, “I don’t care now move.” As I turned away I was stopped by a jock, He said, “Im Tony, Lisa’s Boyfriend, If you ever talk, look, or even think about her I will beat you to the ground.” He put is hand on my shoulder, I put my hand on his hand, I squeezed it with some might, then I said, “Talk to me like that again and see if I don’t do the same.” He fell to his knees and said, “I’m so sorry please let go your hurting my hand, I won’t bother you again.” I let go and he ran to Lisa, I was in a full bad mood, First my first friend here was fake, second I was being bullied by a wimp, now I am alone, So class started and the teacher said, “All right guys pair up in groups of 2.” I looked around, No one wanted to be with the new kid, So I looked around and there was a small girl with black hair, between her fingers it is webbed, circle glasses, Dressed in a formal flannel, and jeans. I walked up to her and said, “Hi, would you li—” She interrupted, “Please just leave I have no time for being bullied.” I said, “No not that.” She was looking at her desk, I continued, “I would like to be partners with you.” She looked at me and said, “Oh, really who put you up to this, Lisa, Tony, Like I said Leave me alone bully.” I responded, “No I am new here and all I want to do is be your partner, you seem smart so it won’t be hard for me to catch up.” She looked at me scaling and scanning my body, She said, “Fine.” I said, “Thank you, I’m Steven, whats your name.” She said, “Yiki, Yiki Sufru.” I said, “I like that name it’s so original, It better than a common name because it is unique.” She blushed and looked at her desk, the teacher said, “Ok now we all have partners lets begin, Okay today we will use our element side of our Zodi.” I said, “Whats yours Yiki?” She responded, “Water, I’m a Pisces.” I said, “I’m fire, Im an Ai-Sagittarius.” She nodded and said, “That is a nice combo fire and water isn’t it?” I said, “Yeah, Two things that can’t even touch but can make something very cool is a good combo.” She smiled and the teacher continued, “With your elements, create a gas, a combination, and a beam from them.” I said, “Yiki this is an easy one she said, "The first one is but the other 2 are pretty hard to do, If not impossible.” I said, “First one is gas.” She nodded and held her hands in a bowl shape and said, “Use your element under my hand.” I asked, ”Wont that burn you?” She said, “Yeah but it is for a grade so why not?” I said, “You should never hurt yourself ever, even if it’s for a good reason.” She blushed and looked away, I said, “Just poor the water in my hands and I will heat up the water.” She nodded, I put my hands in a bowl and she filled it up, I heated my hands up and the water evaporated. Now I said, “Now I will start a fire and you put it out for the combination.” She asked, “Why?” I said, “When fire hits water, water evaporates when water hits fire it makes smoke.” She said, “How did you come up with that?” I shrugged my shoulders and said, “No clue.” So we made the smoke now it was the beam test, She said, “Hold out your hand.” I put my hand in front of me, she started to hold my hand, I blushed, She said, “Don’t get the wrong idea I’m just making sure we pass.” I gave her a thumbs up and a smile.


We combined our energies I used heat to make light and she used water to make a beam from the heat. Miss Hika saw us and said, “Well done, you guys pass.” Everyone around us were still on the gas test, there were teams of Taurus and cancer, cancer and cancer, and Leo and Virgo. Everyone’s elements either didn’t go together or the same element, Miss Hika stopped the class and said, “Now it is free style time do what ever to try to impress me one with yourself and one with your partner.” I looked over and said, “Lets make a plan.” She looked at me and said, “So whats the plan or do you think I will be the one to do all the work.” I grinned and said, “Storms.” She looked at me like if I were crazy and I said, “Use the steam to fake clouds, your use your water to create rain, and I use my fire to make thunder effects.” She said, “Oh, you seem a little smart for a Sagittarius.” I nodded, we walked to the teacher and said, “Look!” She filled my hand with water I used purified flames and made the clouds, She made it drizzle and I used little sparks to simulate thunder. Miss Hika clapped and said, “I’m impressed, I’m guessing Yiki came up with the plan.” Yiki said, “No St—” I interrupted, “She’s very smart, She help me learn stuff.” Miss Hika said, “Ok then you both don’t have to do the individual work.” We walked away and Yiki turned and said to me, “Why did you act like you were dumb?” I didn’t make eye contact, I uttered the words out, “I don’t want to be bullied.” She looked at me and said, “Why would you be bullied for being smart?” I said, “I could ask the same.” She looked me in the eyes, tears started rolling down her face, I said, “I’m different from most people, You are too, I am more of a monster than you know, You are nice, you have good looks, and you are very smart, People don’t usually see a Sagittarius so smart, people often see us as brutes.” She stopped crying and looked at hands, I continued, “See at the start of class you thought I was gonna bully you.” She started crying again, she uttered out, “I… I’m… sorry!” Everyone started staring, I hear some words like, you bully, jerk, shark, pig all the bad nicknames, I turned to her and said, “Calm down, everyones staring, it’s ok I’m used to it now.” She started crying a lot more, I hugged her and said, “There, there, it's ok.” Now everyone started staring, Miss Hika said, “Steven take her on a walk.” I took her into the hallway, She said with tears in her eyes, “Why does the world have to be like this?” I responded, “To test our strength and pull us together.” She slowly stopped crying, she was at ease, she said, “Why are you so nice?” I responded, “I was abandoned when I was little about one month old, I never knew my parents, and I was raised in a church the priest was a Gemini and the nun was a Cancer.” She responded, “Maybe we could visit that church to thank them.” I asked, “All right, wait wha—“ The bell rang, Yiki said, “See you later.” Then she ran off, My next class was ELA, I walked over and said, “Hello I’m Steven and I’m your new student.” The teacher got off her chair went up to me and said, “Libras element is.” I quickly said, “Air.” The teacher said, “Correct, I’m Miss Mikasuru.”


We started class, I took my seat, they teacher said, “Ok today we will talk about the Aires slaughter from 14 years ago.” I raised my hand and asked, “What happened 14 years ago?” Miss Mikasuru said, “This is no joking matter Mr. Steven.” I responded, “I’m serious what happened?” A girl in the front said, “All the Aires Zodiacs one day became crazy and were slaughtered no matter what.” My face was the same but on the inside my stomach was turning, I felt so angry and upset, I put a poker face and we continued with the discussion. After class was lunch, I walked calmly out the door and I walked out the gate for lunch, I walked to the forest I drowned everything out, once I got to the forest, My Zodi took over. I was so mad, my 50% transformation (Half Zodi half Human) I was knocking down trees, throwing boulders, and it was just total destruction, I calmed down a little so I reduced and went 25% (25% Zodi 75% Human). I didn’t know that Yiki was right there and she saw everything, I went 100% (Full Zodi) and ran. She just stayed there staring into the forest, I went back to my human form and calmly walked over to her and said, “What are you staring at?” She jumped and said, “STEVEN!” She took a breath and said, “You scared me.” I said, “What did you see to be this out of zone?” She said, “Oh, uh, nothing, yeah nothing at all.” I said, “Ok then, We should head back to the school.” She nodded and we walked over to the school, we parted ways, my next class was Multi-Job class (we do different stuff everyday), we got on a bus, and drove to the forest the teacher walked out the bus and after everyone was out he said, “Ok guys and girls as you know I am Mr. Winter, Ok as you see all these knocked down trees and then holes where the boulders are supposed to be at, put the rocks in the wholes and put the trees in the trucks.” I thought to myself, seems a little easy, After all I did all this by myself. So this was boring till I saw the big red wood I knocked down, I seen about 3 Taurus’s and 3 Leos, They tried to lift it and they couldn’t, the foot ball coaches where there, they were always here for the strongest and fast person to be a new player, I walked over to the redwood and started to lift it up I lift it about 6 inches and carried it to the truck I had to put it on the semi, everyone around me was starring the coaches went up to me and said, “You are offered to play football, if we can get you stronger we can use you and you will get a scholarship after this season they will want you from here to senior year.” I nodded and said, “Sure I guess it would be fun.” The coach said, “Ok all we need is a drug test and your grades must be no lower than a D.” I said, “All good.” Then the coaches said one more thing, “We need a guardian signature.” I said, “Actually I have no guardian, or h-I live by myself.” The coaches said, “Ok then we need at least a $100 fine so we can sign it and we will be responsible.” I said, “I’ll see what I can do.” The coaches nodded and went back to the high school, after class we got on the bus and headed to the school, My last class was drama, We were doing rehearsals, the play was about the Aires slaughter, I was a lot calmer about this, because I knew I had at least one part in the bag, So I tried out for the Aires part, I said, “I think I could do good at this part, I even have fake horns for the play.” I walked out the room and came back with my real horns, the teachers said, “All right you got the part, and we would like to take a look at those horns so we can copy for the others.” I responded, “Sorry I can’t do that.” The teachers said, “Why can’t you?” I responded, “These are very heavy and very breakable, I don’t want anybody but me to touch them, just take pictures.” The teachers said, “Fair enough.” They took a few photos and I walked out, I withdrew my horns and went to the stage.


The bell rang and I left, I asked the office for the dorms and they said, “You have to be a senior to do this though.” I left and waved goodbye, and started walking to the park and I was sitting on the bench thinking, what should I do for housing, then I remembered there is a forest and I can make a home, I started to think and Yiki sneaked behind me and scared me she said, “Now we are even.” I said, “Yiki!” My heart was racing and she sat next to me and said, “What are you thinking about that I was able to scare you?” I said, “Oh, uh, nothing, yeah nothing.” She smiled and said, “Sorry I already said that.” I smiled back and I asked, “What are doing in the park.” Thats when I noticed she was wearing a summer dress with a blue main color and yellow dots. She responded, “I was having a picnic with my family.” She murmured, “It’s to help me forget that old boyfriend.” I said, “What.” She said, “I said, uh, wanna join us?” I said, “Sure why not.” She took me over to her family, She had a pug, right there asleep I said, “Cute dog.” She said, “Yeah he’s a handful.” Yiki Said, “This is my mom, Lidi, my dad, Yida, my brother, Lida its short for Lidasuku, and my pug, Bengie.” I said, “Hello everyone I am Steven.” Her dad said, “Your not good enough for my daughter.” I asked, “Excuse me?” She said, “Dad don’t.” Her mother interrupted, “Yida calm down, it’s her choice all we can do is hope that he is better than the last one.” I asked, “Last what.” Yiki said, “Guys stop it’s not like that.” She was blushing, I was confused, It was awkward, her brother broke the awkwardness by saying, “Steven, whats your Zodi?” I responded, “Sagittarius.” Her parents looked at me and her mother said, “Wow a Sagittarius, so you must be strong right?” I nodded, She continued, “If you lift a few things for us we will give you our blessing.” I blushed and said, “Sure?” After the picnic they took me to their house, Yiki said, “Be careful they’re very heavy.” Her parents showed me a giant Semi without wheels, a big boulder, and a tree stump in the ground. Her parents said, “Lets see if you can lift them across the street.” I asked, “Why?” Yiki said, “They bought the Semi for parts, the stump for burning wood, and the boulder for a statue.” I said, “Alrighty, This is gonna be easy.” Yiki asked, “Do you really want their blessings that badly?” I responded, “You never know what happens and Its good to make friends when your in a pickle.” She asked, “What do you mean by you never know what happens?” I said, “Life is Life.” Then I started on the stump, I grabbed the roots from the ground and pulled it fully out, I put it on the neighbors yard, I said, “Too easy.” Yiki and her parents were in aww on how I took the stump out so easily. Now it was the boulder, I picked it up and started walking and put it on the lawn, now the semi was the challenge, I picked it up above my head and it fell on me, Yiki and her parents ran to the Semi and Yiki yelled, “Steven!” I got out from under it and said, “I slipped.” I picked it back up and threw it on the lawn, Yiki’s parents said, “Well, well, you did it, you earn our blessing.” I blushed and said, “See you tomorrow at school, Yiki.” Then I walked toward the forest, and started on the house, I pushed a few trees down, and chopped them up, I made a log cabin, now all I need is furniture. I made this cabin near a river, I was hungry so I sharpened a stick and went spear fishing, I only got 2 fishes, I cooked them up and ate them. My horns were back to the Aires horns so I got the file and started filing it felt horrible but, it didn’t feel as bad as last time. Back to having Sagittarius horns, I went to sleep and started to make a trail from the forest to hunting grounds and berry bushes.

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I had a little more time until school starts so I did a little modeling I made a fire pit out of rocks, stones, and gravel, Now I walked to school and I was a little early so I walked in the office and asked, “Do you guys have any jobs I could do for a little extra cash?” The secretary said, “No, sorry you will have to wait until summer.” I said, “Thanks any ways.” Then I headed off to math, math was boring, nothing new, but I got a few bad notes from people, Some said bully, how cruel, and other trash, now it was P.E, Mrs. Deria said, “All right today is power lifting day, girls you have to at least do 200, guy you have to do at least 400.” I was relaxed that it was power lifting, not much has to be done, we walked to the gym and started lifting, Mrs. Deria said, “Who ever lifts the most gets to say something to the whole class and gets extra credit.” I thought to myself, I’m good on grades, I will just do 400 and let it rest. I lifted the 400 and chilled, one guy from my Zodi power training class lifted 600 flat, he won the extra credit, and the announcement, He went up, everyone gathered around him, and he said, “Steven made Yiki cry, what a bully!” I walked out as the bell rang, everyone in the school was saying that I was a bully, a jerk, and other things, So when I went to science I had to do the last science experiment after class, it was easy it was cracking an egg into a bowl, and mixing it to a slime, but since I was the “bully” everyone hates, I had to do it with toothpicks, I failed and lost all my credit for that day, this is to the point where I was grumpy, so now it was my Zodi power training class, everyone looked at me with a cruel look, but then I heard a voice, it was Yiki, She had a big smile, she said, “Hi Steven, how are you today?” I responded, “I’m a little grumpy because everyone is looking like they want to beat me up, I lost my science credit for the day, and so many people are bullying me for this, Other wise I’m fine, so how are you?” Her smile turned to a frown, I said, “Don’t cry again, Please.” She gave me a hug and said, “Lets just get through the day, sit by me.” I gave her a smile, she smiled back. Now Miss Hika said, “Ok today class we are doing transformation.” I was worried about this one and I said, “Miss Hika I need to go, my uhh, mom needs me.” She said, “All right go on I will inform the office, when will you be back?” I responded, “I will be back by the end of lunch.” Miss Hika nodded and said, “Then you may leave.” I walked out the door and went to the forest, I got to my little hut and started to make improvements, I went hunting for goods, I found 3 sheep so I sheared them and gave them an apple, next I stumbled on to a fight, it was a bear attacking a mother wolf with her pup, I was watching and the bear struck the mother, she was dead before she hit the floor, I went 25% and attacked the bear, I saved the little pup, and got some bear meat and pelt, I took the pup to my hut and tended to him, I went back to human and the pup had a hurt ankle and he was so thin, I fed him some meat and bandaged up his little paw, I made him a little bed and he fell asleep, I went to the broken tree area in the forest and I saw Yiki eating her lunch there, I went Full ram, I walked over to her, she stood up and said, “It’s you the Aires ram!” I changed my voice to a deeper and more ram-ish tone and said, “Hello girl.” She said, “What are you doing here?” I responded, “I live here now.” Yiki walked up to me, I pretended to ready up, she said calmly, “I am not gonna hurt you, I just want to pet your horns.” I said, “Ok, but don’t do anything weird.” She walked over and gently pressed her hand on my horns and she patted my head, She said, “Wow your fur is so soft.” I felt so calm, she said, “How are you sill alive, Is there more of you, What do you eat?” I said, “I was hiding, I am the last one, I eat berries.” Yiki’s face lighted up and she had the biggest smile, I asked her, “Do you have any friends or relationships, if you don’t mind me asking.”


She responded, “Well I have really only one friend and I kinda like him.” I said, “Oh, who is it?” She said, “My friend Steven, he has been through a lot today and it’s because I was crying yesterday and everyone is thinking he made me cry.” I nodded, she continued, “And he helped my family out he is real smart and strong, he is just a great person.” I said, “Does he live in the forest?” She said, “I don’t know where he lives.” I said, “Get on my back I can show you.” She said, “How do you know where he lives?” I said, “He’s like my brother, we grew up together.” She said, “Really, you grew up Steven?” She got on my back and I took her to my hut, I said, “He lives here, I need to go I have to do a few things.” Yiki waved bye, I ran in a circle and I turned back to human, I was able to get in the hut before she went in, the pup was awake I said, “Hey boy you want some food?” He barked, I gave him some bear meat and berries, Yiki walked in, I said, “Yiki what are you doing here?” She said, “This is where you live?” I nodded, She saw the wolf pup and said, “Aww look at the little puppy!” I said, “His mother was killed by a bear and I saved him.” Yiki said, “Your brother said you lived here.” I said, “Oh my brother, of course, Well this is where I live.” She walked up to me and said, “So since we have some free time wanna go to the church?” I asked, “Isn’t their 2 more periods?” She said, “Some kid in the science lab spread some chemicals and school ended early, now there is no school for the week.” I said, “Then why not?” I walked her to the church it took 10 hours, But it was some nice one on one time. We reached the church I knocked on the door and Sister Roseanne answered, She said, “Oh it’s Steven!” She turned and said, “Father, Father come here it’s Steven.” The Priest came over and said, “Wow what a nice surprise, Steven come in, You to friend of Steven.” Yiki said, “Oh, I am Yiki, Yiki Sufru.” I showed Yiki everything I did for the past 14 years, I did a few chores, and Yiki helped me make dinner, We made stuffed rice balls and green tea, For dessert I made some Ice cream. After we ate I said, “Yiki we need to head back your parents might be worried.” Yiki said, “Your right.” We waved bye and I promised to me back later, I picked up Yiki and started running fast we got there in 30 mins, I said, “Wow I got a little slower.” She said, “Then just walk me home.” I nodded and we started walking, we walked about 10 mins, then a mugger came at us with a .5 mm handgun he said, “Give me your money or I will kill you both.” He was serious so I threw 3 dollars behind him, luckily he turned around and I was able to knock him out with 5% (I change part of my body to part of my Zodi). I got my money and Yiki was scared she said, “What if another mugger came at us?” She walked closer to me, I said, “They won’t get near you, unless they have a death wish.” She drew closer, and closer, she was holding on to my arm, I said, “You don’t have to be scared, I will protect you ok.” She nodded and we got to her house it was dark out, when she opened the door, I was sitting on the porch, Her dad came out and said, “You know what time it is, We were worried you were taken or worse.” I stood up, then I said, “That won’t happen.” Her dad rejoiced and said, “Oh, I see what happened, don’t worry I will get out of your hair love birds.” Yiki and I were red, and her mother came out, she said, “Yida calm down, you’re making them both as red as hot pan, Steven why don’t you stay here for the night?” I said, “Sure.” Yiki said, “Mom, dad, we need to talk about something.” We walked in the house and Yiki said, “We were mugged on the sidewalk when we were walking here and he had a gun.” Her mom jumped and said, “Oh my baby are you ok?” Yiki responded, “Yes thanks to Steven here, He knocked him out.” Her dad said, “Good job.” I responded, “I gotta keep my girl safe.” Yiki blushed, I quickly said, “Wait I mean—“ Yiki’s parents jumped up and said, “Finally!” Her mother said, “She really needs someone like you.” Her dad added, “Yeah after her last one, that good for nothing piece of—“ Yiki interrupted, “Dad.” He said, “Sorry, I just hate that kid.” Yiki and I were very red at this point, Yiki said, “Steven please follow me to my room we need to talk.” I nodded, Her dad said, “Ok but keep it down.” She said, “DAD STOP!” I was blood red, he was laughing, I walked with her to her room, She walked in I followed.


She said, “Are you an Aires?” I looked at her and said, “No.” She said, “Please don’t lie to me.” I said, “No.” She said, “Then how come you had an Aires hoof, when you used 5%?” I said, “Crap, ok fine I’m an Aires, ok?” I went full ram and said, “This is me all right, I just ask one thing, please don’t tell anyone I could get in real trouble, and by trouble I mean I will be hunted down and killed.” She said, “Ok, but one thing, you know I like you then.” I responded, “Yeah but, I feel the same.” I went back to human, She said, “Then what should we do?” I said, “I don’t really know, uh, what are we gonna?” She said, “Date?” I was red she was red, I said, “Sure, why not.” Her door fell down, I jumped in front of her, it was her parents, She yelled, “Where you guys listening!” They said, “No.” Her brother walks by and says, “Yes they were and I was too.” Her parents got up and her mom says, “Wow an Aires, you're not dangerous are you?” Yiki said, “He was raised in a church with a Gemini and a Cancer.” I said, “Whats your signs Mr and Mrs Sufru?” Mrs Sufru said, “I’m a Pisces.” Then Mr Sufru said, “I’m a Cancer and junior over there is the same.” Her brother waves and says, “Yo.” I said, “Lets all got full Zodi besides Pisces cause you guys need water.” They nodded and Mr. Sufru was full Zodi he called it king crab, Then Lida went full Zodi, he called it prince crab. I went full ram, Mrs Sufru said, “But how are you so strong?” I said, “I trained everyday and the Aires is the strongest Zodiac Sign.”

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