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Zodiac Signers

August 17, 2020
By digimonmaster98, Coalinga, California
digimonmaster98, Coalinga, California
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In a world where your Zodiac sign is a genetics and timed based symbol… Your powers depend on your symbol… The fire and earth elements were consider brutes with high physical traits, and low mental traits, The water element was very smart ok strength and little stamina, Air types had high stamina and speed low strength and high mental traits… Aires were portrayed as monsters and With the passed year of 2XXX where every Aires were slaughtered and thrown in prison to rot… The Aires race is now extinct… At least they thought… Before they slaughtering ended, there was a woman who gave birth she was an Aires, she hid the child in the forest, after the baby was hidden the hunters came and killed her. In a church in the middle of nowhere a priest named Smith had stumbled upon a baby, that baby was me and I was all dirty, bruised, and had blood coming from my right arm, I was found by a redwood tree in a hole on the side, I was only 1 month old. The priest in shock rushed me to the church, there as he went through the doors he called out, “Sister Roseanne I need your services.” A little old lady holding her dress off the ground so she won’t trip coming down stairs, She said, “Yes father, do you need something?” The father said, “Please help this poor baby It’s so dirty and hurt I can’t even tell if it’s a boy or girl.” Sister Roseanne said, “Right, I’m on it.” She rushed to her room and shut the door, a week passes now and I was named Steven. The Priest was a Gemini and Sister Roseanne was a Cancer, the priest said to sister Roseanne, “In a few more weeks his Zodiac features will spread, Which one are you hoping for?” Sister Roseanne said, “I hope Steven is a Cancer he would be so cute and little, how about you?” The Priest replied, “I hope a Taurus so he can help us with the heavy lifting.” The both nodded and picked me up to put me to bed. I am now 2 months old my horns grew, The Priest and Sister Roseanne were in shock, when they saw my horns they screamed, It was official I was an Aires. After that the priest and sister Roseanne still kept me, They raised me until now, I am now 14 and I am helping out at the church, Until one day…


Zodiac Signers

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