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My Tomorrow

July 5, 2020
By Anoushkak, Dubai, Other
Anoushkak, Dubai, Other
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Reya had grown up hearing the stories of Tomorrow. Stories of the creatures that lived there - strange creatures called Possibilities, Dreams, Growths, Joys - and the most famous of their kind, like Blue, Yellow and Green. 

All Reya had ever wanted was to leave Today and find Tomorrow. Today had no start, no end, no destination. She was tired of living in an endless expanse of black and white. So when someone told her that Tomorrow was on the edge of Today, Reya was determined to find it. The only issue was, she didn't really know the way. 

Follow Reya as she discovers colours and her path in this fantasy piece of fiction that has one simple message: Make your own future.

Anoushka K.

My Tomorrow

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