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The Queen's Journey (Part 1)

January 5, 2020
By somewriter123, N/a, New Jersey
somewriter123, N/a, New Jersey
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"Summary": On an island, Alpecia, there are four kingdoms- Kingdom of Water, the Kingdom of Air, Kingdom of Fire, and the Kingdom of Earth/Land. Each of them had a gem, that contained mighty powers. The gem helped keep their lands safe and in good condition. One unfaithful day, however, Cassandra, an evil witch, rose from hell, tired of suffering. She used to be a slave for one of the kingdoms and wants revenge. And so, when she came to Alpecia, she stole each and every kingdom’s gem one by one. Not only did the kingdoms lose some of their magic, but were in awful conditions. Chaos broke into each one of them. The Kingdom of Air- uncontrollable tornadoes took place. The Kingdom of Fire- fires increasing at un awfully fast pace. The Kingdom of Earth/Land- the plants were dying. The Kingdom of Water- hurricanes and floods drowned the townspeople. They were miserable. Luckily, the royal family’s bloodline had some magic. Members of the royal family would put an end to most of the trouble, but they couldn’t do so forever. This is what lead to the Finding- where children of the royal families would go on a search to find the gem of their kingdom and bring back what was rightfully theirs. 


The Queen's Journey (Part 1)

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