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November 2, 2019
By Mxdoh, Greenbelt, Maryland
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Mxdoh, Greenbelt, Maryland
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Author's note:

I am doing this for a project.

64: 02 am; It’s 3019 I’m scared, alone, and boiling under my suit. I am currently hiding in an abandoned building as I watch their shadows pass by, hundreds, no thousands of them move in flocks as they head over to the capitol. As I watched I noticed one of them staring deeply into my eyes, as I tried to make a run for it it was called by its parents who distracted it from my presence. 

74: 02 am; Finally, 10 hours later they all finally assemble at the capitol. I used my heat sensing device to make sure there weren’t any more of them left in the town, after I headed into town in search of edible food that I can consume. On my way there I felt a cold shiver run down my spine, on instinct I brought out my silencer and shot without thinking twice.

79: 44 am; Shortly after I had finally found a stale bowl of fruit in another abandoned house, As soon as I was done packing it all into my bag I teleported back to my abandoned hideout.

83: 90 am; I finally finished the food I found and now I am spying on them at the capitol, I had already built an improved version of a telescope and a radio receiver from the scraps left behind.

90: 00 am; From what I've observed they are already starting to suspect me and the elders have talked about ways to eradicate me, little do they know I have more inside information of them that they could ever think of.

90: 52 am; Almost an hour later, they have multiplied and started moving into the town again but this time they have changed their features and each one had an upgraded version of their previous self.

1: 00 pm; A knock startled me as I wake up from my slumber, I grab my silencer and put on my suit. When I reach the door I peep through the spy hole I see one of them, brown hazel eyes stared intently at me as I stared back with my silencer fully loaded and ready to shoot.

1: 23 pm; It makes a grunting noise and attempts to translate what it’s trying to say to me. After she is finally done, I can make out the words on the board, They read…

1; 30 pm; “I want to help, they know you are here. Let me in” I hesitated for a second, millions of thoughts ran through my head, shoot, make a run for it, or open the door. After a long time of deciding whether I should open the door I finally did. When It came in, I could tell it was a she. Her skin is elastic and strong. It's covered in large, strong scales. Their scale colors are mostly brown and dark pink, which tend to become dim as they age. Their long mouths and wide noses often make them appear to be dishonest, but looks can be deceiving. Their ears are large and their hearing is not the best.

3: 84 pm; After a long wait I determined she wasn’t dangerous and wanted to sincerely help me, We started talking through the translator which helped me understand her language and in return helped her understand mine. 

4: 00 pm; I started explaining to her that I was one of the survivors who had survived the recent attack on planet earth by her people. She claimed she was sorry and started explaining the history of her people, I soon found out that her people we’re really advanced in technology even before my people came into existence. They had been eyeing our planet earth ever since the existence of humans and wanted to find a way to destroy it and make it their own since they can easily adapt to any environment.

5: 94 pm; She explained that her forefathers created a device that lets them manipulate the weather of any planet they desire causing it to be either too cold or too hot. They called it تغير المناخ but on earth it was known as Climate Change. She said that we could’ve controlled it but only a small fraction of us truly cared.

6: 00 pm; As soon as I heard this, tears started to well up in my eyes, and soon I was weeping helplessly. She tried effortlessly to console me and finally I stopped crying dried my eyes and stood up. I thanked her for the information and I was trying to decide on what I was going to do next.

6: 34 pm; I heard another knock, My body tensed up as I went to the door, looked through the spyhole and there they were, thousands, no millions of them surrounding my building, I had nowhere to run. She was a spy afterall.

6: 50 pm; I gave up, opened the door and bullets whizzed past me, one, two three, too many to count. FInally, I was hit. I lay on the floor bleeding but feeling no pain. 

7: 00 pm; I wake up trembling, I felt my head nothing there. The sight was familiar, I recognized the caricature bird on my desk. As ran to the kitchen I looked at the calendar, It was December 25, 2019.

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