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Jenna's Hope

May 10, 2019
By wRnight21 BRONZE, Hendersonville, North Carolina
wRnight21 BRONZE, Hendersonville, North Carolina
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For god so LOVED the WORLD that he GAVE his ONLY SON and for ANYONE who BELIEVED in HIM shall NOT perish BUT HAVE ETERNAL LIFE.

John 3:16


I stare at the browning grass. I stare at the changing leaves and I can’t forget the screams. The screams of our dying warriors who went bravely into this death sentence. And I can’t forget who I use to be. The trees remind me of the other world. They remind of all those friendships we ( Ruby, and Shayleigh) created. Now I can feel a new urgency, but it seems oddly far away still and how am I supposed to be sure of anything?

Life throws me in a whirlwind and I get caught up in the unending storm of confusion. How am I ever going to end this?

People have forgotten what hope is and I feel like it is now my responsibility to make it known again. Only how am I going to do this when I shut myself out from the rest of the world? That  I must figure out with my friend Ruby.

Ok, what time?” Ruby asked  through the receiver.

“ How about 12:00 in the afternoon tomorrow?”

“Sounds good. Can’t wait to finally see you!” Ruby said excitedly. I had to admit, I actually wanted to get out and start living again. Running to my room I yank open the door and freeze. What the heck? What am I looking at? The creature was skinny with a ridged back and what appeared to be a face of nothing but a tangled web of slime. The creature was staring at me with all six of its eyes.

What is this thing? Then I looked at my room and saw nests full of eggs! This creature was a female!

“Are you hurt?” I wasn’t sure if this creature could understand me or not.

“What do you think? I have traveled far with my thousand of eggs.” The creature hissed softly. But that still didn’t answer my question. “Are you hurt? I can see what you’ve done to my room, but are you hurt?”

“No, I only need assistance.” It said through bared teeth.

“Ok, what kind of assistance? How can I even trust what you say or do?”

“Help me with my eggs. I can only take twenty at a time.”

I looked around my room and then I saw my only backpack. Carefully stepping over every cluster I slowly make my over to it. The whole time the creature watches me intently. Picking up my bag I begin to gently put in as many eggs that will fit. I was able to fit at least fifty eggs.

The creature came over as I tied some rope to make opening it more easier for the creature. “Thank you so much. Now I might be able carry more to safety and stay out of sight.”

“ You do that. I hope you find that safety where ever it is.”


Time was flying and I needed to hurry. I didn’t have a license so I rode my bike to the cafe. When I got there Ruby was already waiting for me with her backpack of supplies (pens, pencils, notebooks) anything you can think of.

“Sorry to keep you waiting Rubes.” I said pulling out the chair across from her. “How have you been? Do you have any recollection of our other world? Mystery.”

“Umm… I have vague memories but that is about it. So I have been doing some reading and I think something is going to happen.”

I looked at Ruby for a minute. “What do you mean? What is going to happen?”

“I think we may have the Evil One’s army try to capture some of our world. Now I can remember the friendships we made and our loses we had to deal with, but those friends in the other world new what he was capable of: these people don’t.”

“So what is our plan?”

“I think somehow we need to contact those we friended and if we are able to, convince Moonbeam to come.”

I give a heavy sigh and put my face in my hands. Eragon and Saphira would be a great help in planning defenses, Yamhack and his centars would be splendid at the war plans if need to be. Shayleigh, would have been a good supporter, but he sacrificed himself so we could win.

Everything was starting to begin to come into a confusing, yet organized mess. Finally I state concern. “We don’t have any of those who would be as good as them.”

“Jenna, listen to me. We just have to find a way to contact them and hope that they still remember how we helped them win their freedom back.” She reaches her hand out to grasp mine. “I can’t promise that it’ll work. Right now we can only hang on to hope.”


Jenna's Hope

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