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Binded at Best

March 31, 2019
By Mauv_Mamba BRONZE, Lacey, Washington
Mauv_Mamba BRONZE, Lacey, Washington
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" Wakanda Foreva!"
- King T'Challa (2018)


After his mother is killed by demons in their hometown of Brooklyn, Tip moves in with his extended family of Elves in the peaceful realm of Lodrien. Now a quick-witted seventeen year old, he finds himself on his way back to New York-- to finish his last year of high school? Unable to find closure for his mother's death, Tip can't help but wonder if he was meant to do more than just submit essays before 11:59 pm. This story follows Tip, his friends Amy and Chris, and his cousin Zuri on a quest for answers. And maybe even a little revenge as well.

Gregory M.

Binded at Best

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