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What Lies Only Is Revenge

April 7, 2016
By Jasmine_Lopez, pilesgrove, New Jersey
Jasmine_Lopez, Pilesgrove, New Jersey
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Era was the Princess of the Kingdom Araenia until she was accused of murdering her father the King. She is sent to a prison far away in where she will pay for the murder of the King by being executed.Even though Era says she didn't murder her father she is still charged guilty. Era needs to find a way to escape before her execution. She has skills that no one knows and she will use them for revenge. She wants to find out who killed her father and framed her for the murder she didn't commit.Her vengeance may take her to her death but it may also take her to discover something much worse than being killed.Everyone knows that betrayal hurts more than anything in the world. Era will learn to be betrayed, who to trust and will learn the real meaning of love.


What Lies Only Is Revenge

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