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The Elves Conspiracy

July 16, 2014
By WriterSwag, Charlote armalie, Other
WriterSwag, Charlote Armalie, Other
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In this retelling of The Elves and the Shoemaker the elves are not really elves they are really time travelling, futuristic, mythical being called faeries disguised as elves, and they want to take over the small town were the shoemaker lives. They plan to do so by implanting a mind control device in the shoemaker shoes, when someone wear the shoes the elves will be in total control of the person. The shoemaker of course was totally unaware that the elves were evil. He was just grateful to the fact that the elves were helping him make his shoes, but he also wanted to find out why and how it was happening. The whole thing is a conspiracy made by the elves to put out they evil plan. They were using the shoemaker and his professions as a pawn to play a major role in the plan that will eventually lead to the point of the elves taking over the town. They want to take over the town where the shoemaker live because in the future where they lived the elves encountered a strange stranger named Rascal he said he was an inventor, and he invented many things including the time machine and the mind controlling device which after all both were illegal the future world because of problems it may cause, or were only available to certain people. The mysterious man told the faeries that in order for them to be successful in this lifetime they need to be successful in another lifetime in the past they need to be able to control every citizen in the town.


The Elves Conspiracy

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