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The Elves Conspiracy

July 16, 2014
By WriterSwag, Charlote armalie, Other
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“There it is”
“There is what”
“The alley you arrogant faery, sometimes I really think you have your head up in the clouds Dud”
“That’s just how I roll Hog” Dud said smiling
“You don’t roll you fly you’re a faery, and stop calling me Hog call me sir I am your boss! Now follow me, and I don’t want to hear a word out of you must less a peep,” Hog said unsmiling, then continued walking.
“Whatever you say boss” Dud said a hint of sarcasm in his voice.
“What was that?” Hog said stopping mid-walk
“Nothing, I just said lead the way sir,” Dud Said flashing a brilliant smile at Hog then continued following Him.
“There he is” Hog said pointing at a silhouette of a mysterious looking man leaning against the wall of the only standing house in the now abandoned alley. The faeries walked up to the man, and stopped a couple of inches away from him.
“Hello Hog, Dud” the mysterious man said nodding his head, and acknowledging the faeries.
“Hello Rascal, Where’s the stuff?” Hog said jumping up and down excitedly like the impatient faery he was.
“Calm down old fellow, we have all day,” Rascal, said chuckling then suddenly frowned, and looked down at his watch. “Actually we only have four hours my wife expect me home in time for our wedding.”
Dud stared at him with a blank face.
“Is a joke Dud, who would have thought with your sense of humor you won’t recognize a joke” Hog said laughing “Now that’s funny”
Rascal who had been watching the exchange between them interestingly, straightened up, rubbed his hand together and finally said “Gentlemen let’s get down to business, follow me over here if you please”
The two faeries followed him, they stopped at a warehouse inside, the warehouse was filled with all kind of gadgets and electronics stuff, but what really caught the faeries eyes was the big contraption in the middle, and it was covered with a long white blanket.
“Gentlemen meet the time machine” Rascal said pulling the blanket of the contraptions.
“Wow! That’s like humongous dude when did you find time to make that?” Dud said clearly inspired.
“Unlike you I have servants who do the work for me” Rascal said amused by the whole thing.
“That’s a joke Dud, in case you didn’t know” Hog whispered in Dud ears. Dud became mad and flied up to the ceiling and crossed his arms. “I am not coming down until you apologize”
‘That’s fine by me” Hog said looking up at Dud, then turning back to Rascal he asked “Do you have the other things?”
“Ah Hah I knew I forgot something” He out his hand into his coat pocket and pull out a plastic bag. “There it is”
“That’s look like one of those bag you get at the grocery store” Dud said flying back down to look closer.
“I thought you weren’t coming down until I apologize” Hog said
“I changed my mind” Dud said, but that doesn’t mean I am still not mad at you.
“Gentlemen calm down, we should all be friends, now observe” Rascal reached into the bag andpulled out something out of the bag he said “Here it is gentlemen the mind control device, we will have much fun with this” at the exact moment he said that someone came into the room. He walked a couple of pace to them then stopped.
“Gentlemen meet test subject number eight-hundred and seventy nine, you can call him 879” Rascal said, “It took a lot of time but I have perfected the mind control, observe” He reached down to 879 shoes, “May I?” 879 lifted up his leg and Rascal remove the shoes off 879 foot. He then inserted the mind control device into the shoes, and gave it to 879 to put it back on. Rascal then took out a voice activate remote control. He gave it to Dud “May you do the honors?”
“Gladly” Dud said, he took the mind control “So, I just say anything?” he asked Rascal.
“No restriction or anything?” He said doubting Rascal words.
“Do it already before I take it from you and do it myself!” Hog shouted
“Alright” Dud took a deep breath and said into the remote “Do the moon walk” Suddenly 879 started doing the moon walk. Dud and Hog looked at him with blank faces.
“Is not perfect, but it is something” Rascal said taking back the remote from Dud, he spoke into it “You can Stop” he put the remote back into his coat pocket. “So gentlemen deal or no deal”
“This is not a game show Rascal” Hog said in a serious tone “This is real life, and anyways I have to consult with my partner Dud before we make any serious decisions.” He turned to Dud and said “What do you think Dud?”
“What do I think?” Dud said looking at Hog “Where do I sign, cause I am bringing this deal all the way into the past babyyyy.”
“Good cause that’s where you are going to go, and please don’t call me baby, I am a grown man” Rascal said his face looking annoyed. “So, we have our deal, now I will repeat what needs to be done once you reach, the shoemaker town into the past.” Rascal said carefully examining the faeries faces to see what was going on in they heads. “First, find the shoemaker, help him make his shoes, but add the mind control device into it, also add it to his kids shoes, his wife, and other already made shoes from different houses.”
“Be very careful of the shoemaker he has a pair of magical shoes that could do almost anything if you figure out how to use some of its function, it could lead him to you guys, so find a house not so obvious and weird to live in.” Rascal said knowingly.
“Shouldn’t we just put the mind control into the shoemaker shoes to?” Hog asked
“We couldn’t do that, because the shoemaker sleeps with his shoes on, and don’t ask me why” Rascal said, “Even if we could the shoemaker wouldn’t be able to tell us where he hid the shoes, because when using the mind control on someone for some reasons, the person can’t say a word, that’s one of the devise downfall.” Rascal said clearly unhappy, suddenly he lightened up “But think about it for every downfall there is a great up rise.”
“What’s the device up rise?” Dud asked
“You see when you push this green button on the control, every mind controlled person will magically appear in your lair and you can control and watch them more easily.” Rascal proudly said “Of course is not magic is just highly complex physics, but I don’t have time to explain, my four hours are up” Rascal said looking down at his watch then he winked at Dud and was gone just like that.

In a town far far away, there lived a shoemaker named Mark. Mark obviously made shoes and worked very hard, honesty was his best characteristic other than shoemaking of course. One day he had nothing else in the world, he only had one piece of leather only enough to make one pair of shoes. That day he was too tired to make any more shoes, so he set up the leather and went to sleep saying that he will rise up early in the morning to make the pair of shoes. He slept in his workshop, and when he woke up in the morning, he saw that the shoes were finished and well made. He went to ask his wife and his two kids’ Bob and Sally if they made the shoes or know who did. Bob and Sally did not know who made the shoes, so mark asked his wife, “Madeline do you know who made the shoes?”
“No dear, it was probably you sleep-working again and you are just too tired to remember, go rest a bit more,” said Madeline.
Bob and sally knew that they mother was acting weird for weeks now but they did not really know what happened to her on the day she put on the new shoes that her husband made for her. Mark was puzzled about the whole thing but at that exact moment a customer came in saying he needed to buy shoes and the shoes that were magically made last night fitted him exactly, it suited him so well that he willingly paid a price higher than usual for them. With the money he gained Mark bought food for his family and more leather to make an additional of two pair of shoes. As he went back home to make the two pair of shoes he saw his wife searching frantically for something, throwing his things everywhere. He ran and badged into the room, “What the leather shoes do you think you’re doing!” he shouted.
Madeline reared back and jumped like a scared animal, “What do you think you are doing, scaring me like that” she said.
“What am I doing?”, “What am I doing?”, “What am I doing?”, the shoemaker shouts getting franticly loud “You must be crazy, you are in my workshop acting like a wild animal in search of food, throwing my things everywhere, while I am at the market buying food for our family and more leather so I can make more money and you are here doing what asking me what I am doing in my own workshop huh pathetic!” and the shoemaker stormed off. Madeline wasn’t even upset about what the shoemaker said she just went right on throwing things and searching for the unfindable. What she didn’t know was that what she was looking for was no there, the shoemaker always carried with him wherever he went, part of it anyways. The shoemaker did not know what Madeline was searching for but he wasn’t stupid he had a good idea of what it was. He tapped the one pair of shoes in his coat pocket and sighted, “why did I take her as a wife?, and why are weird impossible things happening to me?” he asked himself expecting no one to be able to answer his puzzling question, but suddenly he remembered who liked puzzle his kids, Bob and Sally. He checked his watch and ran to the school where he knew his kids would be, as he was running he bumped into and unusual man but he thought nothing of it. He continued running, he didn’t even stop to say sorry, the mysterious man did the same thing. They just both turned back around and continue the way they were going. Sometime later he finally reached the school, he went into his kids classroom he though it wouldn’t be a problem if he took them out the class for the rest of the day because he knew their teacher but as he walked into the classroom he realize they had a new teacher standing in the front of the classroom. O boy he though what am I going to do now, but he went in the class anyways. “Good Afternoon” he said “Good Afternoon sir what can I do for you today” the teacher asked with a curious and serious tone in his voice. “I would like to take my kids out of the school for the rest of the day if that is possible” he said to the teacher.
“What are your kid’s names?”
“I have two kids Bob and Sally, a boy and a girl”
“Are you aware that they are taking a test now?”
“No I am not but since you told me I am now aware”
“Do you have a pass from the office sir” asked the baffled teacher “No sir” said the becoming impatient Mark “No Pass! Are you crazy get out of my classroom” said the still baffled teacher. The shoemaker became angry at the teacher so before he decide to do anything tragic he went to the back row and grabbed his children and pulled them off their seat and out of the classroom and they went straight home, he never even turned his head to look back at the teacher who had an expression of horror on his face.
When the shoemaker reached home he checked his pocket to see if the one pair of shoes was still there, feeling nothing he howled it sounded like a hyena laugh when it just caught its meal. His children did not know what was going on so they thought it was funny and utterly unnecessary. He scowled at them and they closed they mouth immediately. “What’s wrong papa” one of them asked “NothingI just need you to answer this puzzling question I do not know the answer to” he said. Bob and Sally liking puzzle were excited, they haven’t had a good puzzle in weeks. “What is the puzzling question papa?” Sally asked. “Why did I marry your mother, and why are weird things happening to me?” he said solemnly. The children were disappointed when they realize that the question wasn’t puzzling at all they knew that Madeline was acting weird and doing questionable things that are always left unquestioned because of the confusion and fuss it may cause in the family. “You married her because you loved her” Bob said.
“I know that but why did I love her?”
“You loved her because of how she looked back when you were young adults and had a nice smile and long hair and were looking beautiful, dad you told us this story already why did you have to take us out of class this wasn’t even a very puzzling question?” The children stormed off and went into their rooms. Mark was very upset about the whole thing, first his wife now his children what’s next he though the president of the United States of America.

Meanwhile in the lair of the elves they were sitting down, drinking and eating and also watching the shoemaker in a magical crystal ball. Ha-ha said Hog one of the elves I think is time to put the next step in our master plan into action. “You are right boss, let’s drink to it” Dud said “Affirmative,” cried the other elves and they drank and laughed till nightfall.
Fast-forwarding one thousand years into the future the mysterious man named Rascal is not smiling, “What the leather shoes do those faeries think they are doing anyways” he said to himself. They think they can drink and eat and watch TV and sleep they have serious business to do, morons he thought I should have stayed with the president.”

Back in the shoemaker’s home he decide to make another pair of shoes. He made the additional pair of shoes and once again left the leather there and went to sleep saying that he will continue in the morning. Once again the same thing happened again from the day before he woke up to find the shoes done and not a stitches missing, it was perfect like a math prodigy perfect explanation of the number system. Anyways that same morning the same customer from yesterday came and the shoes made today fitted him exactly as the shoes from yesterday fitted him. He decided at an even higher price than he paid for yesterday. Mark was very suspicious it looked like the man did not remember that he came in here yesterday looking for shoes and paid almost the exact price for these shoes. It was as if he was brainwashed. As mark confirmed his suspicions to the man, the man assured him that he never came into this shoes shop in his life, and maybe the shoemaker was just hallucinating.
“Are you sure you don’t remember coming in here?” Mark asked again.
“I told you already I never came in here in my life” the customer said
“Are you lying?” Mark asked suspiciously
“Why would I lie about a thing like this” the customer asked “You are aggravating me, I have to leave this wretched place” he picked up the shoes he just bought and went out the store muttering to himself, but you could just hear him saying. “That shoemaker is crazy”
Mark took a deep breath, and sat down on a stool. This whole thing reeks of dog poop he thought. He was very frustrated by the whole thing he did not know what was going on, but he heard of little helpers before and brain washing this happened exactly to his cousin the clockmaker. I should call him and ask if he can help me, Mark thought. He went into his living and saw his children watching TV.
“Don’t you have a test tomorrow?” he asked them.
They looked at each other “Um we don’t know they said.” Well not knowing does not mean you do not have a test tomorrow so get to studying. The children were mad they went into their rooms and slammed the door. The shoemaker hated to that but he needed to have some privacy in this house some time. He picked up the phone and dialed the number. The phone started ringing, his cousin answered on the third ring.
“What took you so long to answer!” the shoemaker shouted.
“Hello who is this?” someone answered.
“This is Mark your cousin” the shoemaker replied.
“I have no cousin,” the voice said then the person hanged up the phone.
Something very weird was going on and the shoemaker was going to find out what it is. Kids come out you can watch TV now the shoemaker shouted. But they didn’t come out, he went into their rooms to find out what they were doing, but they weren’t in they rooms. The shoemaker was puzzled the part where he did not understand was not why they got out of their room when he told them not to, but it was how they got out of their room when he told them not to. He did not hear the door opened, and they sure weren’t no windows in their rooms so how did they do it he taught. They must have just disappeared, vanished into thin air. The shoemaker was very upset something very weird was going on and he was going to get to the bottom of this once and for all.

Mark decided it had something with the shoes he made years ago the shoes that no one was fit to wear, he went to find the next pair of it, he had hid it were no one would think to look, I may be a shoemaker he thought but I am sure dang smart. He went to the shoes hiding place and it was still there hidden underneath blankets placed in a medium sized hole, this was in fact a very old house and they was a secret passageway that no one new about except the shoemaker. He had explored it a long time ago; the passageway takes you to a dungeon if you were to follow it, and in the dungeon there is a hole in there, a medium sized hole to be exact. The shoemaker realized the shoes were it was only one pair but it will have to do, he though. One day a wizard came into his shop and gave him the weirdest of materials to make the perfect shoes, the wizard said that it would help the shoemaker one day to save the town and maybe humanity. The shoemaker was very happy, who wouldn’t want to save humanity he thought. So he agreed to make the shoes, but as he turned around to give it to the wizard he wasn’t there anymore is like he vanished into thin air, just like his children did. Maybe the shoe will have an answer he thought even though that sounded weird, a shoe is an inanimate object how can it have the answers to my problems, but the shoemaker picked up the shoes anyways, he felt something inside it was a note. It read:
Dear Mark
With this shoe you will find out the answers to the questions you are looking for,
You will have to figure out how to use it, I know you lost the other pair but you do
Not need the two of them to work properly, to do what it is supposed to do,
With the shoe you will be able to find out where the other shoe is and why it was taken
And also who took it, good luck shoemaker and may shoes be in your life
Forever and ever and ever.
~Your good friend the wizard

How did this get here the shoemaker thought, he was very puzzled about how the letter got in the shoe and how the wizard got into the dungeon. It was just another very puzzling thing in the life of the shoemaker. So Mark decided to put on the shoes and then something weird happened, a ball of light of just floated out of nowhere and glided by him, and then it started to glide away from him. The shoemaker followed the trail the ball of light was making, as he was walking he realize the town felt deserted and abandoned, it was night but at night that’s usually when the town is most lively but now they were no light in any of the houses, no chatter from the TV, nothing absolutely dead silence. The shoemaker was very nervous what was going on he though, no one answered his questioned so he continued to follow the ball of light, he followed that ball of light for almost an hour, but to him it felt like an eternity. What he didn’t know was that the trail led to the elves who were sabotaging his life. The ball of light stopped at a big dark mansion overlooking the edge of the town. The shoemaker was annoyed why did it stop here he said aloud.
Meanwhile inside the lair of the elves, the elves were sleeping peacefully, and dreaming how tomorrow they will rule the town. They had been awake all night long putting the already mind controlled persons in cages. The mind control from their shoes made them all magically disappeared from wherever they were and appeared in the elves lair. They were also sleeping so peacefully in fact because Rascal the inventor genius injected them with his own brand of tranquilizer serum.
Back outside, the shoemaker entered the house. He needed to find the other pair of shoe, the shoe that combined with the other shoe it would save town. The shoemaker thinks the pair of shoe may be here because of the ball of light brought him here. He spied the shoes at the far corner of the room. If only he had not hesitated to run to it pick it up and put it on. Maybe it was because of the mysterious man he caught a glimpse of through the corner of his eyes was getting closer to him, or maybe it was because suddenly one of the elves woke up and picked up a gun from the table and pointed it at him, but to this day we will never know why the shoemaker froze. Nor will we want to find out what was going on in his mind. He just froze, he froze when the elf shot him, and the only thing he will ever remember is the mysterious man shouting “NOOOO!”

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