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The Tale of Carter Knight

April 26, 2014
By klace SILVER, lambertville, Michigan
klace SILVER, Lambertville, Michigan
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“People ask me when I start one of these projects, what is your theme? I haven’t the faintest idea. That’s why you’re writing the book, it seems to me, to find out. To me, it’s a journey. It’s an adventure. It’s traveling in a country you’ve never been in and everything is going to be new, and because of that, vivid. And don’t make up your mind too soon. Let it be an experience.” —David McCullough


The only one able of stopping the madness in this twisted Kingdom is the blue eyed child who was raised by strangers who taught her well, to fight for the honor of her father’s name and for the freedom of the innocent people.

Kody S.

The Tale of Carter Knight

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