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The Tale of Carter Knight

April 26, 2014
By klace SILVER, lambertville, Michigan
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klace SILVER, Lambertville, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
“People ask me when I start one of these projects, what is your theme? I haven’t the faintest idea. That’s why you’re writing the book, it seems to me, to find out. To me, it’s a journey. It’s an adventure. It’s traveling in a country you’ve never been in and everything is going to be new, and because of that, vivid. And don’t make up your mind too soon. Let it be an experience.” —David McCullough

Nineteen years ago a Queen and her King welcomed their daughter to the world. The child was strong and beautiful with the brightest blue eyes. The kingdom celebrated the birth of the princess, but the happiness didn’t last long for tragedy fell over the kingdom. The child grew ill and the King was called away to war. As the King struggled in war and sadly lost his life the princess vanished. The queen broken hearted about the loss of her husband and child made a decision for the welfare of the kingdom. The Queen was soon remarried to a man that she believed was kind, but after she had his first child he killed her and took control of the kingdom. Under his rain the people have never been so miserable in the history of Phoenix. The only one able of stopping the madness is the blue eyed child who was raised by strangers who taught her well, to fight for the honor of her father’s name and for the freedom of the innocent people.


The gust of wind pushed my brown bangs into my eyes. I turned to see Peter doubled over gasping for air. I laughed, “We have only been running for an hour are you seriously out of breath?” He looked up at me with his gold eyes and he growled, “You are fast, I had to run full speed just to keep up with your jog.” I giggled as he lay down on the ground.
I walked over to him and said beside him. I watched the clouds until he spoke “Are you afraid?”
“Of what?” I asked still starring at the sky.
He sighed, “Of meeting Alex and having the fate of the kingdom on your shoulders?”
I looked him in the eyes, “No. Not always, I have been training for this sense I could walk. But if I over think it I become terrified.” I stated. I stood up on my feet and added, “Plus I won’t be alone, when I stand up thousands will stand with me against him.”
Peter smiled, “I will be there to, right beside you.” He stood up and looked around at the trees. At that moment I had an unsettling feeling in my stomach.
“Peter,” I whispered. He looked at me and I yelled, “Run!”
Hundreds of the King’s soldiers charged out of the trees. My hand locked around Peter’s wrist and I ran as fast as I could. I felt him let go of me, he knew he was only slowing me down. A soldier stepped in my way, my elbow landed hard against his nose, and he fell to the ground. Peter pushed me to keep moving forward.

Carter was a few steps ahead of me as the pain shot up my arm. The arrow cut my arm as it flew past, I gasped, and Carter spun towards me but I didn’t stop running.
The small house on the hill was calm until we fell through the front door. My mother yelled, “Peter what happened!” As Carter sat me down at the table my father entered the room. Carter explained the situation as my mother searched for a needle.
My father looked me in the eyes and made an order, “They will be here any second now. Carter go and get your bow and arrows. Peter you are going to have to stitch that up later when you and Carter are a safe distance away from here.”
“Dad I’m not running!” I yelled.
“Peter!” He barked and grabbed ahold of both my shoulders, “You have to protect her.” Carter walked into the room and looked at me confused.
My mom handed her a bag, “It has food and medical supplies along with 500 gold coins. You know what you have to do. We will hold them off as long as we can.”
Carter hugged her and said, “Thank you, for everything.”
My father looked at me his eyes softened, “I am proud to call you my son.” I felt Carter grab my hand and she pulled me towards the door. From there we ran to the barn.
Carter leaped onto the black stallion while I saddled my tan and white paint. Carter loaded an arrow into her bow and charged out the door, I was right behind her.


“Hold still.” I growled. Peter yanked away from me as I pushed the needle through his skin.
He groaned, “But it hurts.” I tied the tread and bit it in half before placing the bloody needle in cloth and put it back in the bag. I tore a piece of breed in half and handed half to Peter and ordered him to eat. “Do you think they are dead?” He asked as he picked at the food.
“Peter.” I whispered, not wanting to admit the truth.
He nodded his head and said, “I already know. Carter, why did you come to us?”
I looked at my hands and cried, “I’m sorry.”
He shook his head and gasped, “No, no, I don’t blame you. I just wanted to know why your father chose my parents to be the ones to take care of you.”
I stared into the fire and said, “Your father was my dad’s best friend, when he was dying he told your father, “If I die here I need you and Amy to raise Carter.” My father knew something bad would happen if I stayed at the castle.”
“I was only a year old when he brought you home. Later my mother told me the story of how my father had to take you your bed in the middle of the night.” Peter said.
I looked up at the sky and said, “Peter you are not allowed to tell me to leave you behind.”
“But if I did, you wouldn’t run anyway.” I closed my eyes and nodded my head.

Megan’s hand landed on Turners face, he laughed, and she punched him square in the eye. I smiled as he fell to the ground. My sister turned towards me and pushed her blonde hair blonde hair out of her face. “OUCH!” Turner yelled and slowly stood up.
Megan growled, “I told you not to eat my food and what did you do. You ate all of it.”
I chuckled as she pushed him away. Turner hugged her around the shoulders as she turned and twisted he begged, “Forgive me!” Megan pulled away and stood beside me.
I twisted towards Turner and ordered, “Run!” He grabbed ahold of Megan’s hand and took off. I spun as Megan screamed, four guards attacked them. My sister broke free and screamed at me to run. I knew if we all got caught no one could save us so I had no choice but to run.
I sprinted through the trees not paying attention to where I was going. I slammed into her knocking her to the ground. I gasped and extended my hand to help her up. She was quick on her feet and held me by my neck. She yanked her head in the direction of the yelling guards. She looked me in the eyes with her dark brown eyes. “Are they after you?” She asked. I nodded my head and she ordered, “Follow me.”
I chased her down a hill and through a small creek. “I think we lost them.” I stated
She looked at me and growled, “Who are you and why are you wanted by the guard?”
I bit the inside of my lip before saying, “I am Jay Younger, my sister and I blew up the King’s barn. Who are you?”
She glared at me, “I am Fia.”

I shook Peter awake and growled, “Get up they are coming.” He sat up quickly and looked around. “I had a vision.” I stated as he noticed the surrounding woods were empty. He leaped to his feet and I could tell he was unsure about what I had said.
I climbed onto my horse and said to Peter, “I think I had a vision instead of a dream last night.” I told him.
“What about?” He asked as he climbed aboard his horse.
I shrugged, “I have had them before but this one was different, I’ve never seen these people before.”
“That’s strange.” Peter stated. That’s when I saw the flash out of the corner of my eye.

I heard Carter gasp and I looked at her as she fell from the horse an arrow in her stomach. “Carter!” I screamed. I was knocked from my saddle, as I lay on the ground I looked at her, and knew I had failed. A guard tied my hands together as I struggled. I watched as the guard walked towards her.
The man came from nowhere and punched the guard in the face. He looked at me and I yelled, “Save her!” I felt my body move off the ground as I was thrown onto the back of a horse, as we rode away I saw Carter being dragged out of the fight by a girl with short black hair.
We rode through the camp and the guard stopped and walked me through several tents. “Sir,” He said, “I have a prisoner.”
The captain growled, “We don’t take prisoners.”
“He was traveling with the girl.” The guard said.
The grin crossed the Captains face, “Take him to King Alex, the wagon is behind my tent.”
“Yes sir.” The guard said.
I was loaded into the back of a wagon that had bars for a window, two other people sat inside One girl and a boy both completely silent.


Fia walked out of the small tent, “The girl is healed.” She said to me.
I nodded my head and asked, “Why was she shot in the first place?” The girl walked out of the tent and locked eyes with me I could tell by her body language that she was angry. “I am Jay and this is Fia.” I stated.
She looked at me and extended her hand, “Why did you save me?” She asked.
I raised my eyebrow, “Do I need a reason? If so, Alex took something from me and to spoil any of his attacks makes me happy.” I stated
Fia said, “You were hurt, I had to help you.”
The girl nodded her head and glanced at me once again with her bright blue eyes. “Thank you.” She said and pulled her brown hair up into a ponytail.
“What is your name?” I asked.
She looked at me cautiously before saying, “Carter.”
I smiled and told her, “Pretty name.”
She watched the woods, “Will you help me, It seems like you want revenge against Alex, and he just took my best friend.”
“Where ever your friend is my sister has to be there to so I will help you.” I declared.
Carter smiled, “Thank you.” She then gazed at Fia, “What about you?”
Fia bobbed her head, “I want to fight back, I have a feeling that if I follow you It will only help.”
Carter looked around, “Did they take my horse?” She asked.
I shrugged and Carter whistled, for a moment nothing happened, then the black horse came racing out of the trees. Carter smirked and patted his neck, “Hey Dex.” She said. She pulled the bow off the side of the saddle and put it on her back, “Good my bow.” She announced. “It would be best if we got to the castle as soon as possible, before they execute my friend and your sister.”

I could tell that Carter was full of secrets, yet so was I. Would they understand if they learned who I am. “Fia.” Carter said. I looked at her as she asked, “Are you okay?”
I smiled, “Yes I’m fine.”
Jay was gawking at her, she didn’t notice, but he was trying to figure her out the same as me. Carter then asked, “Why are you guys traveling together?”
“We met yesterday and he seemed like someone worth helping.” I stated.
Carter looked off into the trees and her eyes moved like she was watching something. “Fia duck!” She yelled. The knife flew over my head. The man dropped dead as Carter’s arrow struck him. Jay spun his horse and pulled his sword off his him and I reached for my throwing knives. Carter leaped to the ground, Jay cut down a guard as Carter shot two more. I flung my knife at the remaining guard only to knock his helm off.
He looked at me and gasped, “Fia.” I looked at Blake as he starred at me with his green eyes.
“You know him?” Carter asked as she walked over to me.
He asked, “Are you going to kill me?”
“I could never do that and you know it.” I growled.
He smiled, “That means it’s still you.” Carter looked over at Jay as I sighed.
“We should go there will be more of them.” Jay stated.
Blake looked at Carter, “They want you more than anyone else.”
Jay asked, “Why?”
Blake’s eyes widened and he said, “They don’t know who you are?”
Carter shook her head, “No, I don’t like telling people that I am the daughter of Kalvin and Destiny Knight.”
Jay raised his eyebrows, “The princess. You are the princess?”
“Yes,” Carter sighed, “That is me.”
“Why would you walk into Alex’s castle? He’ll kill you on the spot!” Jay yelled.
Carter locked eyes with him, “My best friend.” She growled.
Jay bowed his head, “Okay make sure you beat the crap out of that man.” Carter grinned and giggled.


I sat with my legs pulled against my chest and I looked out at the pound with the setting sun reflecting off the water and the sound of frogs filled the air. I could hear Fia laugh she sat way down the beach with Blake.
I heard his footsteps approach from behind. Jay sat down beside me and asked, “What’s his name?”
“Who’s name?” I questioned still looking at the water.
Jay laughed, “Your friend.”
“Peter” I stated.
Jay drew a picture in the sand and asked, “Is this Peter your boyfriend?”
I laughed and looked at him, “No, I have known him sense I was a month old he’s like a brother to me.” Jay made eye contact with me. I hadn’t noticed it before but he had light purple eyes and shaggy black hair.
Jay said, “I feel like you are hiding something.”
I looked at my hands, “Jay, if you knew what I was hiding you would think I’m a horrible person.”
“Tell me you can trust me.” He stated and smiled a real smile.

Carter, she was the first person I had ever met that I couldn’t read her emotions. She was silent and seemed to keep to herself. She observed me debating if she could trust me or not. I smiled and asked, “Do you want me to tell you one of my secrets so it will help you tell me yours?”
Carter grinned and said, “That could help.”
I put my finger to my lip and stated, “I’m afraid of cats.”
Carter laughed and shook her head, “That’s nothing.”
I frowned and looked at the water, “I don’t normally keep secrets, but my father was killed in the same war that your father, the king died in. I wasn’t even a year old and my mom was pregnant with my little sister. She was heartbroken and my older brother who was eight took care of us after my sister was born. Sadly, when I was twelve Alex had him killed and I ran, like I was told. I took Megan and ran for the woods.”
I glanced at Carter and she said, “I’m sorry for your loss” She placed her hand on top of mine, “Peter’s parents are dead because of me and now Peter might die as well.”
“No,” I told her, “We are going to save him.”


Blake, I had learned was Fia’s best friend and also one of the kings trusted guards. Fia smiled as I asked, “What’s going on between you two?”
Fia looked back at him, “Nothing, we are just friends.
Lies I told myself. Jay turned in his saddle and said, “I’ve been thinking. It’s a trap the King wants Carter to barge through his door. So I think we need to think it through once we get to the kingdom center, that way no one gets hurt.” I knew he was right but I still didn’t want to leave Peter that way.”
We stopped for the night. I stared into the flame as everyone moved around. Jay sat down next to me, “It’s going to be fine.” He stated mostly to reassure himself.
I turned my head towards him and asked, “How do you know?”
He smiled, “Because like you, I am different. You can see the future and I can…” he stopped.
I asked, “You can what?”
Jay smiled.

Like all my visions everything was blurry and I stood back able to see myself. I sat beside Jay as he smiled and looked up at the sky and said, “You will be afraid of me when you learn who, what, I am.” He grabbed ahold of my hand and said, “It’s not good.”
I looked at the fire then at Jay who raised his eyebrows, “What?”
“Nothing.” I stated.

Carter’s long brown hair hung in her face as she watched the fire with her large blue eyes. She smiled and asked, “Why are you so nice?”
I put my hands together and looked at the flame, “I don’t know, maybe it was my brother, he taught me to be this way, and he was my hero.”
Carter asked, “What was his name?”
“Michael. We called him Mike all the time. I told you that he practically raised us.” I told her.
Carter asked, “Will you tell me about your sister?”
I smiled, “Her name is Megan, she is only a year younger than me, but I’ve been traveling with her and her boyfriend for the last two years. She is normally calm but is easily pushed to the point of snapping and screaming at someone.”
Carter smiled, “She sounds like a fun person.”
“Peter, what is he like?” I asked.
She looked away, “He’s smart and strong, but couldn’t win a race with a worm” She looked sad suddenly, “I think he blames me for the death of his parents. It is my fault but how could you forgive someone for that?”
I placed my hand on her shoulder, “I don’t think he blames you. He cares for you to much.”


Fia sat up and I saw the movement. The fire was nothing but kindle now. “What?” I whispered.
She looked at me and said, “I don’t know.” She glanced around, “But I have a bad feeling.”
Jay sat up and asked, “Did you hear that?” Carter shook her head and everyone heard the sound of a released bow string. Jay wrapped his arms around Carter and the arrow struck his back.
“Jay!” Carter screamed.
Fia ordered, “Run!”
I slid Jay’s arm over my shoulder and helped Carter carry him to her horse. Fia took him and flied into the woods. Carter turned around with her bow in her hand, “Blaze, if there is more than five, run.” She said. Her voice was calm. A single man holding a cross bow stepped out of the trees.
“Carter.” I said as I realized who he was, “Run.”
The man laughed, “What’s the matter Blake are you afraid?”
Carter asked, “Who is that?”
“Luke.” I growled.
He raised his bow and barked, “Prince Luke.” And he pulled the trigger. Carter released her arrow and split his in half.
Luke, someone I had grown up with never looked surprised in his life did in that moment. “Next arrow goes through your heart.” Carter growled. Luke backed up into the darkness and Carter looked at me and asked, “A friend of yours?”
“He used to be, until he turned into his father.” I told her.
Carter gasped, “Jay” and took off running.

Fia was covered in blood she stopped me just before I could see him. “He lost a lot of blood so he needs his rest. I am going to wash up.”
I stepped around her and looked at Jay lying on his side with a blanket over him I could see his collar bone and the blood on his chest. I leaned against a tree and sank to the ground. Blake started a fire as I loaded an arrow into my bow. “What are you doing?” Blake asked.
I looked at him and asked, “Do you truly believe he won’t come back?
Blake’s eyes went wide and he gasped, “He’s not after you.” He was on his feet and ran off into the tree’s. I looked at Jay as his chest moved up and down. I heard the footsteps, Fia and Blake walked into my sight.
Fia asked, “What is your problem?”

Jay moaned and Carter sat her bow down beside her. His eyes opened and he smiled at her. Carter snapped and slugged him in the arm, “What the hell! Why would you do that?” She yelled.
Jay rubbed his arm and sat up, “I didn’t want you to get hurt. Anyway what happened?”
I felt tense as Carter growled “Prince Luke.”
“You called.” He whistled. Everyone turned to look at him and Carter stood up on her feet bow in hand. I looked into his eyes as he said, “Fia, it’s time for you to come home.”
I could see Carter walk closer to me out of the corner of my eye. “No.” I hissed.
Luke sneered, “Do your friends know who you are?”
“Shut up.” Blake booed.
Luke laughed, “Fia Shy. Daughter of Alex Shy and Destiny Knight”
Carter looked at me, “What is this true?”
I nodded my head avoiding her eyes. Luke stepped closer, “Come home Fia.”
“If you move another step,” Carter growled, “I will kill you.”
He laughed, “I dare you.” Suddenly he lunged at me but Carter was between us, he foot hit his stomach pushing him back.
“Leave her alone.” Carter warned. Blake walked up beside her and so did Ash holding onto his side. At that moment I realized, they were more like family to me than my actual family.

I watched Carter run her fingers through the tall grass she turned and looked back at me. She asked, “Will you tell me how you are different like me?”
I looked at the trees, “You don’t want to know, it will only make you afraid of me.” I stated.
Carter laughed, “Only two things scare me… spiders and losing my friends.”
I smiled as she asked me again what it was. I looked her in the eye eyes and sighed, “Fine, I am able to feel what others are just by looking at them, everyone except you.”
Carter blinked several times, “I thought it was something horrible like you could become a giant spider.”
I shook my head, “I learned about it when my brother died” At that moment the sky grew dark.


Everything was dark, a cold breeze blew the leaves across the wood deck and I saw the chained together feet.

I gasped and looked at Jay, “Carter?” He asked.
“They are about to hang someone.” I said as I looked into his eyes. Jay whistled and my horse came running. We both jumped on, the town was only five minutes away, so I pushed Dex to move his fastest. His hooves echoed through the empty streets. A crowd gathered around the gallows. I leaped from the saddle and began to push my way through the crowd.
A man bellowed, “Turner Wilson shall be hung for crimes of treason against his kingdom and King, Alex the Great.”
Jay looked at me and gasped, “Its Turner, Megan’s boyfriend.”
I pulled the bow off my back and walked forward. “What are you doing?” Jay asked.
“I’m not letting him die.” I stated. Jay nodded his head. I was getting closer as they placed the rope around his neck.
I took aim and Jay yelled, “Carter!” The floor came out from beneath him and I released the arrow slicing through the rope. I whistled as I ran forward Dex met me as I grabbed ahold of Turners elbow and I pulled him onto the back of the horse.
Turner pulled the rope off of his neck and I ordered, “Hold on.”
Dex jumped two guards and took off down the street.

Once in the woods Turner sat down on the ground and asked, “Who are you and why did you save me?”
“I am Carter knight,” I said and smiled as Jay walked towards us, “and that is why.”
Turner stared at Jay and said, “I don’t know where she is. They split us up right away.”
Jay took a breath and nodded his head. Fia yelled, “Where have you been oh new boy, who is this?”
Turner stuck out his hand and said, “I am Turner Wilson, and who might you be?”
“I am Fia…”
“Knight,” I stated. “She is Fia Knight.”
“Oh so you two are sisters?” Turner asked.
Fia smiled at me as I told him yes. Blake walked up from behind us and introduced himself. Turner made eye contact with me and said, “Thank you for saving my life.”
I shook my head, “No thanks necessary.”

Turner looked at me, “I like that girl.” He stated and looked at Carter in the distance brushing Dex.
I smiled and said, “She is something else.”
Turner laughed and said, “I never thought the great Jay Young would fall for a girl.”
I raised my eyebrows and said, “No, no, it’s not like that. Carter is just my friend.” I argued.
Turner chuckled and left me standing there, I looked back at Carter as she walked away from Dex and couldn’t help but think could it be true..

I went to town to get some food, as I walked back towards the woods I noticed the wall plastered with posters, and one caught my eye. An event in two days known as a Hang all, I read the list of names and yanked the paper off the board and rushed back to the others.

“Carter!” I screamed, she came running up to me.
I watched her face drain of all color as she looked at the first name on the list and she whimpered, “Peter Gray.” Jay walked up as Carter sat down and said, “We have to stop this.”
Jay took the paper from her and gasped, “Megan is on this list.”

I found Jay sitting in the tall grass looking up at the moon. I sat down beside him and looked at it too. “When I was little I was told stories of how the full moon is a sign of good luck.”
He glanced at his hand that sat on the ground and said, “Tomorrow is the full moon.”
I placed my hand beside his and said, “We are breaking into the castle tomorrow, to get them out of the dungeon.”
Jay asked, “And what if they aren’t there?”
“Then I kill Alex.” I growled. The grass moved in the wind and I closed my eyes. I glanced at Jay who stared at me. “What?” I asked.
His eyebrows came together and he looked at the ground, “Are you in love with Peter?”
I stared forward and said, “He is my only family and Peter was my only friend growing up.”
“You avoid the answer.” Jay laughed.
I locked eyes with him, “No.” We sat there in silence for a few minutes before I asked, “If everything goes smoothly tomorrow… will we still be friends or are we splitting up?”
Jay looked at me and smiled, “I would like to remain your friend if that’s okay with you.”
“Can you believe we only met two weeks ago?” Carter asked.
Jay laughed, “Only two weeks, it feels like forever.”
He stood up and told me goodnight as he walked away I said, “Jay, will you promise me something tomorrow if I tell you to… leave me behind.”
“No, I can’t.” Jay uttered.
I looked up at him and sobbed, “Please.”


The arrow pierced the metal armor and the guard dropped to the ground, Turner quickly dragged him away. I ran down the hallway, Fia right behind me showing me the way.
She led us down the stairs into the damp basement while Blake stood watch. Jay, Turner, and I looked for Megan and Peter. Turner found Megan in the final cell. Jay kicked down the door and carried the girl from the cell. Her clothing was torn, she was thin, and covered in dirt. I looked around and said, “Peter isn’t here.”
Jay made eye contact with me I knew those purple eyes were trying to figure out the plan I was creating in my head. “You need to get her out of here.” I stated. Jay looked down at his sister as I asked Fia where I could find Alex.
Fia said, “He is probably in the throne room.”
They all starred at me and I said, “Go, all of you, I have something I must finish.” Jay closed his eyes and followed me up the stairs. Once in the hallway we split up, I looked back to see Jay looking over his shoulder at me.
I stood at the corner and placed an arrow into my bow and let it hit the single guard. I took a deep breath and ran through the doors. Alex sat in the throne, hit red hair was long and on his head was my father’s crown. His eyes were green like Luke’s the boy who stood beside him.
“I’ve been waiting for you.” Alex laughed, under his feet being used as a foot rest was Peter blindfolded and beaten. Alex smirked and chuckled, “Let’s make a deal Carter Knight.”

Fia rushed to heal Megan who held onto Turners hand tightly while I kept looking into the woods. I stood up and began to pace, “Where is she?” I growled.
Blake shook his head, “I don’t know.”
We all looked at the tree line as the bushes rustled.
Turner stood up as Luke walked out. He shoved a man down in front of us who was tied and badly beaten. “A present from my father.” He laughed, “I think his name is Peter.”
Fia dashed to him and yelled, “Guys!” I could tell it was bad. Fia pulled the blindfold off his face and he looked around confused.
“Are you okay?” I asked.
Fia sighed, “He can’t hear you, his ears are damaged I need to start immediately.” She began to heal him. Turner still sat with Megan who was no longer in life threatening danger.
“Where is Carter?” I asked Blake.


I opened my eyes, the sun was bright. I sat up slowly and looked around. The girl sat beside me and asked, “Would you like some water?” I shook my head and she watched me for a moment, “Did you know you talk in your sleep Peter?”
“How do you know my name?” I asked.
She smiled, “I am Fia, Jay and I saved Carter when you were first taken.”
I looked around and asked, “Where is she?”
Fia sighed, “She never came back from Alex’s castle.”
The boy with shaggy black hair and light purple eyes knelt in front of me, “Good you are awake. I am Jay Young.”
I sat there for a moment and noticed Jay staring at me, “What?” I asked.
He shrugged, “I expected you to be taller and not blonde.” He was tall himself about five foot nine inches.
Megan walked up the hill and smiled at me, “I owe you a thank you.”
Jay looked at her and asked, “For what?”
I answered, “I told her to keep on living, but that is nothing to thank me for.”
Megan smiled and told Jay how I had been in the cell beside her and when she thought she was going to die I told her to keep on living then gave her the little water that I had. “They hit me so much I thought I was dead.” I stated. Another boy walked up behind Megan and introduced himself as Turner and that there was one more guy by the name Blake. I nodded my head and asked, “When are we going to go get Carter?”
“We don’t.” Jay growled.
I hissed, “Why the hell not?”
Jay closed his eyes, “She told me if something like this happened to not go after her and not to let you do it either.”
“She got to you didn’t she?” I asked.
Jay asked, “What?”
I stated, “Carter changes the lives of everyone she meets.”
Jay smiled and said, “She is amazing,”


Fia hit my chest and I sat up straight. “Get up you have been sleeping for too long.” She growled.
I stood up and walked to the stream to wash my face. “Jay!” Megan screamed. I knew what it ment and took off running.
I ran up to the group as they all glared at Luke. I hissed, “You were stupid to come here alone.”
“What makes you think I am alone?” He chuckled. At that moment she walked out of the trees wearing a black leather uniform with red stripes across it her brown hair fell straight and had been cut shorter. I felt my heart stop as she looked at Luke.
“Carter.” I gasped.
She glared at Blake and Luke laughed “Kill him.”
She pointed the black bow with the red arrow in it. “Carter!” I screamed as she released the arrow. Luke charged Blake after Fia shoved him out of the way. Carter stepped between Fia and Blake and blocked all of Fia’s attacks. “Blake!” She screamed as I ran for him. I froze in my footsteps as I looked at the tip of the arrow in my face. “Carter what are you doing?” I asked. “I know you and this isn’t like you.”
“You don’t know me at all.” She hissed.
“Yes I do,” I yelled, “Dammit! I KNOW YOU!”
Her eyes twitched and she growled, “You are a stupid boy.”
“No!” Fia screamed. Carter’s eyes closed for a second and the bloody knife landed beside her foot.
Fia fell down beside Blake and Luke hissed, “I told you if you didn’t return home little sister you would pay. I took his life and if you don’t return soon I will start taking the lives of your new friends.” Fia held onto Blake and sobbed. Carter backed away from me and ran after Luke.
“F-Fia,” Blake gasped and at that moment spoke his final words, “D-don’t b-blame her She d-d-did it to… to… to… protect y-you… b-both.”
“NO!” Fia screamed.


The foot landed hard on my chest, I opened my eyes to see the tip of Carter’s arrow. “Get up and go stand against that tree.” She ordered. I stood to my feet and walked towards Jay and Fia who stood with Megan. Turner knelt before Luke.
Fia screamed, “Why are you doing this Carter, is it all for Peter?”
“I’m doing this for myself.” Carter hissed
“Silence Carter” Luke ordered.
Carter glanced at me as I yelled, “Don’t do this, just kill me and free yourself!”
I gasped as her hand wrapped around my throat and she slammed me against the tree, “Why would I do anything for you, you worthless little worm. Stand in my way and I will kill you.” I looked over at Jay who held Megan back as Luke rose his sword.
With a sudden twist the red arrow entered Luke’s chest. His eyes went wide and he gasped, “W-what the hell?” and he dropped to the ground.
“Bastard,” Carter growled, “That was for Blake.”
Everyone stood dumbfounded as she pulled off the black leather jacket, and pulled her hair into a ponytail. She looked around at everyone and asked, “Are you guys ready to fight?”
“What about Blake!” I yelled.
Jay sighed, “You were in on this weren’t you Fia?”
“Yes she was.” Blaze said as he stepped out of the trees, “I knew what the king was going to do and the fewest who knew about it was best.”
Megan held onto Turners hand and asked, “What just happened?”
Carter smirked, “In short, Blake faked his death so the King would trust me and I betrayed him and killed his demon son.”

Carter had changed her clothing, she now wore a black tank top and dark jeans, her bow and arrows sat on her back, and her hair pulled into a high ponytail. She laced up her black boots and looked around at the rest of us. Peter smiled at her and said, “Welcome back.”
With the grin on her face she looked at me, “Who want to go show that man what happens when you mess with a Knight and her family?”
Fia chuckled and said, “That sounds like a good plan.”
Carter put her hand out in front of her and I placed my hand on top of it, next was Fia, then Blake, Turner, Peter, and finally Megan.


Together the seven of us walked down the hallway. My eyes locked on the double doors that led to the throne room. “Get ready for a fight.” I said.
I could feel Jay’s eyes on me as we kicked open the doors. Like I expected there was several Guards protecting Alex. With the bow in my hand I began my attack as everyone fought with the guards I pushed towards the man responsible for the death of my mother, and the destruction of the kingdom my father died protecting. I felt the rage of all the kings and queens of the past. I scooped the dagger up off the floor as he ran at me with a knife.
“Carter!” Jay yelled as the two knives slammed together. “You die today.” I hissed.
I cried out as he slashed my arm and I sank my blade into his shoulder only to have his knife go between my ribs. With one of my arrows I finished the fight by plunging the arrow into his chest.
As Alex fell the guards stopped fighting. I cried out in pain and fell to the floor as I pulled the knife out of my side.
“Fia,” Jay screamed, “Carter is hurt!”
As everything went blurry I saw Jay standing over me, “Carter don’t you need to stay with me!”
I smiled and everything went dark…

…I opened my eyes and stood before the man who raised me. “Hello Carter.” Peter’s father said to me, “Don’t worry, you won’t die today there is someone here who wants to talk to you though.”
I looked at the man and instantly knew who he was. He had short brown hair and the same blue eyes as me. I gasped, “Dad?”
“Today, you have made me the proudest father in the world, you followed your heart and did what was best for the people and not yourself, you put your life on the line, and you used your head. I hate to say it, but today was the easy day for you because from now on you will be the queen. I wanted to tell you that you only need a King if you want one and when it comes to making decisions there is never a mistake as long as your intentions were for the best. Oh, and never stop smiling me little angel.” He said to her tears in his eyes.
Carter smiled and asked, “I’ve always wanted to ask you this why did you name me Carter?”
Her father grinned, “That was your mothers decision. It was the name of her father and because he was a strong man who fought for what he believed in she wanted to give you the name with the hope that one day you would make a legend out of the name.”
Carter reached out and grabbed his hand, “Tell mom, I hope to meet her one day, in the distance future after I have children to carry on the Carter name.”


Carter slowly opened her eyes. She looked around and smiled at me, “I’m back.”
I couldn’t control it the tears welled up in my eyes and I said, “Never ever scare me like that ever again do you understand Carter Knight.”
At that moment she noticed that I was holding onto her hand. Quickly I released her and tucked my hands away under my arms. “How is everyone?” She asked me.
I grinned, “Well for one everyone is choosing which room will be theirs when we all move in today and forever. Oh! You will be as surprised as me Peter has a thing for Fia. The kingdom is waiting for you. People have been gathered out front for the last three days so when you feel up to it I think you should go give them a speech.”
Carter leaned her head against the head board of the bed and looked at the window, “Wow, what a beautiful view.”
“This was your parent’s room” I said, “Everyone else decided that it would be yours now.”
She smiled and looked at me, “So you plan on sticking around right, I’m going to need some help repairing this kingdom.”
“You couldn’t make me leave you Carter.” I stated.
As she looked into my eyes Peter entered the room, “The Queen has awakened!” He shouted. Quickly the others flooded into the room. Carter smiled as they all told her about all the cool parts of the castle.
Peter giggled, “I found a secret passage way from the library to the closet of this room. The hallway is full of funny pictures of the previous Kings and Queens.”
Carter’s eyes lit up, “What is it like? The library I mean?”
Peter chuckled and said, “It’s better than even you could dream of. Do you want me to bring you a book to read while you recover?”
“You suck at picking out books if I sent you, you would probably bring me a dictionary back.” Carter stated.
Fia said, “There is a journal for every King that has ruled over this Kingdom for the last two hundred years, you should read them.”
“Go get me the first one!” Carter ordered Peter, than looked at me, “What’s the cook like at this place?”
I couldn’t hold back the laugh and said, “Hint received the Queen is hungry.”
As everyone left the room I stopped and looked at Carter, “I almost forgot, I got you something.” I handed her the small box. Inside was a necklace, a blue pendent with a dragon tail wrapped around it. I smiled at said, “Let it protect you, like I always will.”

I sat on the throne all alone in the room as I waited to talk to the people of Kingdom and be crowned Queen.
I looked up as Peter entered the room, he smiled at me. I wore a puffy blue dress and my hair was in curls. He pointed at the necklace, “I like that, Jay got it for you right?”
I nodded my head and asked, “Is something wrong?”
“I have known you my entire life and I have never seen you smile at any one the way you do when you are with him.” Peter stated, “I want you to admit that you are in love with Jay.”
I felt my face redden and I gasped, “What where did you come up with that?”
Peter smiled and said, “It’s obvious he feels the same way, that’s why Carter, I think you should make him your King. Promise me you won’t push him away.”
I smiled at him and stated, “I’m not going to.”
“Carter.” Fia said as she stuck her head in the door, “It’s time for you to speak to the people. Are you ready?”

I stood in the crowd and looked up at the balcony as Carter walked out she smiled at all the cheering people. She took the microphone from Peter and took a breath, “Hello everyone. First of all I want to thank you for sticking with this Kingdom through it’s hard times. The hard times are over today for I plan to restore this wonderful Nation to the glory that my father wanted it to be. I will love this kingdom as much if not more than my father did and that is my promise. From today forward I would be honored to be your queen.”
I smiled at the crowd went crazy and cheered her on, many chanted her name and other cried for the mark of the beginning of a new era, an era of peace because of that beautiful girl who cried as they placed her mother’s crown on her head. She waved at them all and even made eye contact with me. I could see it on her face, how truly happy she was.


I watched Carter run down the hallway as Jay entered the castle, she leaped into his arms and he spun her, “That was an amazing speech.” He said to her.
She locked eyes with him, “I wasn’t even nervous, you see I was being protected by my dragon, and my friend.”
Jay smiled and she glanced at me. I yelled at Jay, “Just kiss her already!”
His face turned red and Carter laughed, even though it was cut off by his lips hitting hers. “Whoop!” Fia screamed from behind me.
I heard Blake laugh, “Finally, it’s about damn time.”

For the first time my vision wasn’t blurry but perfectly clear. I sat at the throne beside my King, Jay, and standing in front of me a little girl with bright blue eyes, her father’s black hair, and the happiest smile on her face.

The End...

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