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The War of Elysium

October 28, 2013
By MasonM44 SILVER, maynard, Iowa
MasonM44 SILVER, Maynard, Iowa
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Those who are special are valuable. Those who aren’t, die. The Astrals, or humans with manifested powers, are people with extraordinary abilities, unmatchable to any other being in the universe. For the past ten years, they have been fighting for each of the three Kingdoms; the Kingdom of Lance, the City of Old, and the Alisto Empire. And so far, no specific Kingdom has prevailed to win the war.
In the hidden nation of Elysium, the citizens of the three Kingdoms believe the war is coming to an end. They believe that within a few months the Alisto Empire will triumph in the War of Elysium. But many of them could very well be sadly mistaken. Azral, a very powerful Astral, believes there is a storm coming. A storm that will require all of the Kingdoms to work together. But will they pull together to do it and save the falling nation of Elysium? Find out as you read deeper into the story who’s powerful, who’s trustworthy, and who’s the dirty mastermind that believes they can destroy the once great nation of Elysium.


The War of Elysium

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