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April 1, 2013
By Lake22 GOLD, San Leandro, California
Lake22 GOLD, San Leandro, California
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"I would rather die of passion than of boredom."-Unknown


Awaken with no memories of his past life to being told his destiny, Josh is told he is a demon, who he must follow,Sage, and that he must destroy the Scripters(Angel protectors of the world Earth. He reluctantly obeys until one girl, Stella, changes his world. When he has to face the truth about himself, he then leaves Stella to continue his destiny. Stella finds finds him and both of them reveal the reasons they were brought together. After their short reunion, Stella is captured by the demons and this angers Josh. Josh rebels against the Demons and turns to the Scripters for help. In return, Josh has to fight his creator, Sage, but is doing the right thing the easy thing?



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