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That Which Can't Be Seen

October 4, 2012
By CBl1d1 BRONZE, WIllingboro, New Jersey
CBl1d1 BRONZE, WIllingboro, New Jersey
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The boy moved and the air around him crackled with some unknown energy. He was the twin of Raiden, the spirit of lightening. Everything about the young man screamed power. His problem, well, he was the silent type and avoided most everyone. The only person that truly interested him was Shaiya. His shoes sparked lightly, at least in the eyes of the spirits, his skin glowed with what was called the purity of life, his eyes were a sparkling honey, and his hair was a sun dyed blonde with beautiful and majestic streaks of amethyst. Every move he mad e was elegant and god-like. This boy was indeed a sight to behold. With the grace of a prince he picked Shaiya up off the floor, turned on his heel, and started leaving. Ivy followed quietly, again the only sound came from Chi’s chain boots. The two followed Seikatsu through the school and out the front entrance. The trio was silent as they entered the courtyard. Life seemed to flourish beneath Seikatsu’s feet as he walked.

Chasam B.

That Which Can't Be Seen

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