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The Fight for Fantasia

July 17, 2012
By sewellk80 SILVER, Baltimore, Maryland
sewellk80 SILVER, Baltimore, Maryland
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The world's problems of the twenty first century are almost forgotten. Global climate change did nothing to society. Robots did not take over the world. GEM fixed all of earth's problems, but GEM may not be the best thing. Our political structure is gone and human superiority is now something to be laughed at. Lieutenant Platinum is leading the fight against GEM, but he disappears. The only way Fantasia can survive is with the help of Patel, but no one knows that. Each day Patel is terrorized by the people of Fantasia because he is a mutant. Will Patel save Fantasia or will he join GEM?

Kiva S.

The Fight for Fantasia

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