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I Will Not Fall

May 9, 2012
By Dudet95 GOLD, ottawa, Kansas
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Your mom, if you don't know the past... You're doomed to repeat it.

Author's note: Okay this is the second book in the series "Chronicles of Ember Stone'"!Here you are guys the sequel to I will Not Break!

The author's comments:
Okay this is the first chapter guys! Let me know what you think. I won't update till I recieve comments:) haha

Chapter 1: Ceremony awaits
"Ember You ready yet?" My reflection gazed back at me with wide grassy Green eyes. My Pale face painted in a cherry red blush, midnight black Hair brushing my thin cheek bones and flowing down my shoulders. The image reflected of me was grasping the bathroom counter top for support as I tried to steady my heart beat. My lips swollen from continuous attacks from my mate standing out side the door, and whom could probably hear my heart beat anyways seeing as he has advanced hearing because he is a immortal creature, or in simpler terms vampire. Yes blood drinking, night roaming rip your throat out vampire. My mate is one of the monsters your children or younger siblings fear will come out in the night.
Yes I just said mate. He is the man,well male I am going to spend the rest of my life with. The one I will love continuously throughout time as an immortal being like him. No I am not a vampire, but I am immortal. I am part human, but also part angel.
I am the first of my kind in over a thousand years. Angels don't mate very much with humans because it creates unstable beings dangerous to all. Yep that would be me. A unstable angel with humanity. Did I mention angels don't have that either? The only reason I came into exist ants was from one of the fallen, or as you know them demons. My father Quinn was one of the strongest fallen known to angels. Which means I am to be the strongest immortal in all of existence. Lucky me.
The fallen Fear the halfings because they are still pure. They are angels that have not fallen yet, but are not in heaven. We have humanity, and a soul which means we can go to heaven if we take the same rout as a human would. The fallen are angry bitter beings, but they also fear us because along with that gift of humanity we also have free will. Which means we can fall, and will be tempted to quite often.
We call it the hunger. Angels feed off of emotions. the fallen feed off of negative emotions and angels positive. Us in betweenies feed from both because we have not chosen yet. Our hunger makes us unstable and means we have emotional outbursts. Which is why the fallen started wiping us out of existence. We were stronger than them. So half of the fallen species wants me dead because they fear me, and the other half want me to fall so I can rule over them all and help them take over heaven. So I am on the run with from my father and his kind because he tried to kidnap me and kill my mate, Graves.
Thoughts of Graves snapped me out of my mind babbling and on the fact he was quietly knocking on the door waiting for me.
The mirror me mimicked my nervous glances over my body that was trapped in a silk strapless Dress. The pearl white colors sparkled in the light reflected in from mirror, and my naked shoulders hunched over in fatigue. The dress clung to my chest in a heart shaped neckline, and followed the path of my curves till it reached my waste where a black velvet belt wrapped around. A White rose was embedded deep within the velvet fabric of the belt, and the dress flowed gracefully to the floor. This was it...
Graves knocked once more and I swung the door open mid knock to the sight of a dangerously handsome vampire.
Graves was dressed in a all black tux and a blood red tie. His sleek black hair swooped to the side above his eyes and framed his face. He Held a buque of deep red roses and his endless black eyes stare into mine with love and passion.
His gaze traveled away from mine to my lips, then up and down my body. He then settled them on my neck with a lustful expression, and a snort Burst out of my trembling lips. I stepped passed him covering my nervousness up with a roll of my eyes.
To my surprise and joy his arms snaked around my waste and pulled me gently back against his broad chest. Heat spread through out my shaking body as he buried his face into my neck in hailing deeply. My heart beat that I had tried so hard to calm down earlier sped up again beating wildly in my chest.
A murmur of approval vibrated against my neck as Graves felt my heart beat speed. His cool breath pricked my neck as he kissed it softly and his teeth grazed my skin. I shivered and the moment he traced patterns around my neck, my hunger awakened within me.
My hunger emerged and Took over. My eyes switched focused to the colors swirling around him like a soft breeze. Energy was built up inside him like it was about to explode. I swung my body around and pinned him to the bathroom door. A growl rumbled in his chest as I pressed my hands against his chest and smashed my lips to his.
Kissing Graves always seemed to make my brain all fuzzy with only one thought... More. The hunger dwelling inside me urged me forward and closer to Graves. He instinctively wrapped his arms around my waste and pressed me tighter against him. His lips parted and he waited more than eager for what was to come next.
The moment our tongues touched my hunger leaped in joy. His passion and love became visible to me. His emotions always looked like a era swirling around inside his chest. That was the thing about my hunger. It could only feed from his emotions orally. As in I had to be kissing him or at least pressing my lips to his in order to feed. It was like my hunger sucked it out of him.
Graves gripped my thighs hard in pleasure before lifting me up and taking me over to the bed. He gently place me on it and laid above me never breaking my feeding.
The familiar sensation of Graves laying above me on his bed overwhelmed me, from so many times of its temptation. It had been like that since the first time I was here. When Graves kidnapped me and made me his slave. Yes I just said slave.
Graves kidnapped me the night I found my mother dead in my backyard. I hated him so much because I thought it was him, even after the moment he made me his slave. I spent nights fearing the feelings I was growing for him and guilt for wanting my mothers killer. It was a huge shock to find out Graves Brother Rubin killed my mother to try and make me his blood slave(Idea from none other than my father). Graves ended up finding me before Rubin and saved me from that cruel fate. Turned out I was also Graves blood mate. Which his mother made sure will be official tonight.
Once my hunger was satisfied Graves pulled back, and smiled at me. He eyes full of humor and mischief. "Looks like someone missed me," He winked, and leaped off the bed pulling me with him.
Sudden movement caused me to yelp but Graves silenced me with a peck, and guided me to the door. "Shut up," I stuck my tongue out and skipped ahead of him, with my hold still onto his hand.
He held his other hand up in surrender and smirked at me. That smirk always seemed to make me nervous, but I held that in as he lead me out the front door of his house( more like manshion.).
He lead me to his limo, and kindly opened the door for me.
"Where is the ceremony being held?" I questioned. Graves looked at me and scooted closer to me in the limo as it began to move.
"The same place you stood up to my father and met my family."
A snort burst out my lips at the irony. The day I met Graves family His father wanted nothing to do to me. He tried to scare me off and his sister even attacked me! His mother though found me to be interesting and named me as a immortal and said I was no longer Graves blood slave but his blood mate.
Now his father loves me because I survived an attack against my father and Graves brother Rubin. He realized Graves needed me and I needed him.
He got Graves to renounce me as his mate and it almost killed us both. After my first change I saw through Graves eyes and he was in as much pain as me. My hunger sought him out and I made him my hungers mate also.
This ceremony tonight is to unite us as one. We will be blood mates forever. It's kind of like a marriage but so much stronger. Once you've done this ceremony there is no way out besides death.
"Ember." Graves voice whispered into my ear. He hands caressed my neck and kissed me softly, but I pushed him back playfully. "You don't get to feed yet Mister. I don't get to feed during the ceremony so that's why I did it earlier.You do so you've got to wait."
Graves face still held mischief as he pulled me to him in the limo seat and laid me down before he leaned over me. "I don't have to feed to eat you all up," He murmured.
My breathe caught and I held his gaze daring him to make the first move. He stared back before sliding his hands up and down my body pausing at my stomach, and tracing designs along the way. His cool hands sent shivers throughout my body, and I leaned in to kiss him. My breathing was shallow, and right as my lips almost touched his the car stopped and the door was yanked open.
"Ember! You stupid stupid girl you're not suppose to come in your dress let alone let Graves see it!" The voice of my best friend Beth wined at the sight of us. Graves was off of me and had us out of the car in seconds with his vampire speed.
"Let her do as she wishes Beth. You still get to do her hair and makeup so leave her be," Graves assured her.
I pulled slightly away from him and poked Beth in the arm with a grin. She grinned back, and her dark chocolate eyes squinted from the action. She then took my hand from Graves to yank me to the main doors. "We'll see you later at The ceremony as of now you can not see her until then!"Beth hollered and I took one last look at my handsome Mate of darkness before we disappeared behind through the main doors.

"Ouch! Beth watch it woman!" I squealed as she stabbed me in the head with yet another useless bobby pin. She stared intensely at my half up half down look searching for any mistakes or mess ups to correct. Her eyes didn't even waver at my squeal, she just pinched my arm. Her eyes scrunched up in heavy concentration as she slowly slid the bobby pin in, fearful it would screw up my already perfect hair.
Beth's seriousness about my hair always seemed to amaze me but it was ten times better then the Vampire beautician that dealt with my hair in the slave trade. She was cruel and very snappy. That was the first day I became a slave and the day I decided I would never break. I would never let anyone break me of my free will or my spirit. Cheesy I know but immortals have a weird obsession with breaking their slaves.
"Done!" Beth gasped as she slid in the last bobby pin in and backed up to examine her work. She had curled my hair and pinned half of it up and let the bottom fall around my shoulders. She always seemed to impress me because you never would have figured this girl as a hair freak.
Her own hair was cut very short in the back spiked up, and the front was cut in to cheek bone length edged bangs that framed her face. Her hair was a bloody red with black streaks. She looked like a bad ass.
Her eyes stared me down waiting for my opinion nervous of my reaction. I've never been a to big on fancy things being done to my hair but I let Beth because she didn't get to do it often. She had been a slave so long that that was a luxury she did not get.
"Hello? Angel of the underworld do you like your hair?" She waved her hand in front of my face pulling me from my mind babbling again. It's been really bad today.
"oh wha? yeah I love it thank you Beth," I smiled assuring her she did a awesome job.
I wasn't to worried about my hair. My stomach churned and my hands shook. I was so nervous my Lip was getting bruised from me biting too hard. Beth narrowed her eyes in concern as I stood up and walked toward the door.
We were in a fancy bathroom you'd see in a really expensive restaurant. The walls were a deep violet with gold trimmed mirrors all over the walls and the sinks were decorated in a shiny gold that trimmed the bathroom stalls also.
Beth followed me to the door, but before I could exit she stood in my way and folded her arms across her chest. "Whats wrong Ember?"
I bit my lip harder and stared at everything but her. She gripped a hold of my shoulders and shook them... Hard.
"Beth will you take your hands off me before I lose my temper!"I snapped. That was one of those things that I had issues with... My temper. She was really good at pressing my buttons passed their limits and she'd keep pressing them till I took a hint to do what she said.
"Not until you tell me whats bugging you. Its plastered all over your pretty little angel face so tell mama Beth how it is?" She tried to impersonate a old lady but failed miserably.
My laughter helped a little with the odd feeling coursing through me. She continued to wait not moving away from the door.
"Okay fine I just I don't know. I feel like somethings off. Like something bad is about to happen. The closer and closer we get to doing the ceremony the feeling gets worse," I frowned.
Saying it out loud sounded so much more stupid than it did just thinking it. Way to go Ember.
Beth stared at me in sympathy and punched my arm playfully. "Oh that's it? Ember your just having second thoughts. Everyone does especially the day you proclaim yourself to the man you love! Oh that reminds me. You two done the dirty yet?" She grinned and winked at me waiting for a response.
A growl of annoyance echoed through me and I shoved passed her out the door.
"Is that a yes? Or a no? Are you one of those girls that want to wait till marriage cause technically that's tonight you know! You gonna do the bow chicka wow wow? Don't you walk away from me Missy I want details!"
Beth's voice died down the farther I walked. I was so embarrassed it wasn't even funny.
No we had not done that! We never really actually tried. The feeding always was pleasure enough and brought us so close. The anxiety I was feeling seemed to multiply as I neared the room to which the ceremony was held. It wasn't as close to a wedding as Beth acted. It was closed off to me, Graves, a few vampires and some of the Ancient leaders.
Those were the big boys in charge of everything. They ran the whole immortal shebang. At least one of them had to be present at every Blood mating ceremony. It was a very private matter because blood exchanging would take place to unite us.
"Just stay calm Ember everything will be alright," I told myself.
I passed the doors to the ball room where I first met Graves family and found the last door.
They were made out of fine oak and doubled. I cracked one of them open and peeked in. The room was a small sitting room. The lights were out and candles were lit everywhere along the walls. A bench sat in the middle of the room while a old looking man stood in front of it along with Graves.
Graves was talking to the old man in whispers and he smiled once he saw me.
The old man next to him turned to look at me and smiled also.
He was around Graves height and Built like stone. His face was thin and pointy while his hair was silver and gray. He wear a suit with a ----- on it. It confused me and I figured now was not the time to ask what it meant.
"Why hello Ember. I am Mason, I will Be the one to lead the ceremony until you to do the blood exchange. Why don't you come in and take your mates hand so we may begin?" The old man ushered me forward.
I took Graves hand eagerly comforted by the feel of his cool hands against my own. I noticed a couple more figures standing in the shadows but I could not make out who they were or what they were.
"Now we may begin," Mason clapped his hands together and puled out a old matted Gray leather book. The binding was stitched with a wool type cloth and letters were engraved on the front.
Graves squeezed my hand excitedly and pulled me closer. I looked up and him and smiled wide.
He was focused on me, and only me as the man began to speak.
I was the luckiest person in the world right now. I was with the man I loved and was getting ready to for fill the rest of bonding for life... So why did That bad feeling just explode into pure terror?
That was when the doors exploded.

The author's comments:
Okay so this is spell checked. Let me know if you see any errors and Please comment, it makes me want to keep updating!

Ember!" Graves Roared and Threw himself over me. He knocked us both to the ground and wrapped himself around me. His chest pressed firmly against my head and his arms were securely around my body.

The oak doors I had found so beautiful had exploded into millions of pieces sending sparks of fire everywhere and knocking the candles over everywhere.
Somewhere along the explosion the fire from the fallen candles spread across the room. Black smoke rose all around us. Bright blood trickled down my forearm as a piece of wood slashed across it. Graves clenched his jaw tightly closed and pulled himself off of me.

Coughs echoed throughout the room, and I hastily stood moving toward the sound."We have to help the others Graves," Desperately I cried out to him as he tried to pull me to the door. He growled angrily and tugged me farther away from the coughs.

All of a sudden something slammed into my mind. Wave after wave of emotions smashed into my head. My Angel instincts burst free and sought out the colors of each emotion running through my head. A faint gray laid in the far corner of the room, the persons heart beat echoed in my angel ears ringing thud-thud---thud----thud.. It was quickly slowing down.

Determination rushed through me and triggered my immortal strength. I yanked my hand free of Graves and ran to the persons slowing heart and gray era. Graves howled in panic but rushed after another heart beat close by with a red era that shuddered over and over again violently.

As I neared the dark figure with its gray colors I recognized it to Mason, the old man. He was coughing up blood, and a large piece of the door frame was lodged into his chest right through his heart. I collapsed down near him and and felt his pulse regardless of the fact I could see it slowly dying down.
"p--Pu---pul--pull," He choked out more blood as he tried to speak to me. I look at him confused and scared but he lowered his hands to the piece of wood, and pointed shakily at it.

"Pu--Puuull," He begged. His hands gripped the piece engorged in his heart but he was too weak to pull it out. So I gripped that sucker like a It was all I had to hold on to and I pulled with every ounce of Angel strength within me. His scream rang through my head over and over even after It slid out pulling pieces of his skin and other things I would not like to mention out dripping onto my dress.
It replayed over and over in my mind even after he finally stopped screaming.

"B--blo--ood!" He moaned as his eyes focused on my blood soaked body. His eyes turned red and he leaned up totally oblivious to the fact there was a hole in his chest and it must hurt like a bitch.
I leaped back putting as much distance between me and the blood sucker slowly moving my way.
He crawled his way over to me and I stood quickly ready to run for it but ran into a hard rock chest blocking my path.

"Now where do you think your going love? The fun just started!" A familiar voice laughed in my ear.
Rage boiled in my blood as I looked up to meet the red eyes of none other than Graves jackass brother... Rubin. His arrogant smirk stared down at me showing off his very white but deadly vampire teeth. This was the guy who really killed my mother and helped try to take me away from my mate and make me his... Bastard.

"You," I spat. My inner demon rose to the surface and my shoulder blades tingled. I had not change much since the first night... The night I broke free from him and my loser of a father. Hot sparks flickered throughout my skin and it had nothing to do with the fact Fire was blazing all around us and smoke was clouding our vision because I saw just fine... Rubin's era was Deep Red

His grin widened and he looked down at the blood thirsty vampire following me. "Aw did I interrupt your lovely bonding ceremony? My bad. Looks like This guys having a bad time anyways," He Pointed down and flicked a piece of wood off his jacket onto the blood thirsty Mason. I jumped away from them both as they advanced on me. I backed towards the fire feeling the heat prick my neck and send the sparks deeper through my body.

Energy coursed throughout me, and I shuddered as my shoulder blades shifted."Get away from me," I clenched my jaw together willing my wings to stay in and hold control over my demon and angel instincts. They were clawing at my control with everything they had and my mind was minutes away from breaking. "Just leave now I'm not coming with you," I snapped.

My body was shivering violently and Rubin cocked his head to the side curiously. "I am not here for you this time my Angel. I wish that was who I was here for but I am here for a certain slave of mine. She has been very bad girl so she needs punished. My dear friend Quinn is fetching her for me while I wish you and your mommies boy a happy bonding ceremony but I think that is a little too late don't you?" He laughed and leaped out of my way as I screamed in anger and jumped at him. My wings were slowly tearing through my skin begging to be set free.

Sweat slid down my face and rose as steam as I control yet another spasm of energy rushing through me."Don't you touch her! She's not you slave!" I roared and leaped again. This time before He could leap away he was sacked to the ground... But not by me.

Graves came out from no where and ran into Rubin full vampire speed and slammed his fist into his face."Leave my mate alone!"He growled furiously. Graves black suit was torn with burn holes all over. His eyes glowed red as he stared Rubin down. Rubin backed away from us rubbing his jaw.
"I'm not here for your mate today brother. I just want my slave, and to say hi. Looks like my entrance was a little over board but never the less congratulations!" He laughed evilly.
He circled around us like a predator, his gaze never left mine.

"You have disrupted a sacred bonding ritual!" A Man stomped out of the shadows toward Rubin.
He was covered in burns but he held himself with strong gracefulness as he stopped behind Rubin with as glare. The man spread his arms open wide palms facing up and the fire raging Died down into just smoke. I stared at the man in aw wondering who he was and what he was.

His eyes were bright gold and fur began to sprout out of his arms, long thick golden fur... Holy crap man. His Hair on his head was buzz cut short, and his face held no facial hair whatsoever. He had a really muscular facial frame and his was ripped.

"You have disturbed a sacred bonding. Under my orders you are to surrender and face The ancient council. Resistance with result in immediate termination," The man boomed. His voice held a sort of power feel to it. When he spoke I felt like I had to listen. Like I wanted to. Rubin on the other hand did not.

He chuckled and stepped back towards the ruined door frame, where Quinn suddenly emerged... Holding a unconscious Beth.
"Beth!" I roared. Her face looked like stone and anger took a hold. My inner demon exploded.
My wings ripped through my skin, bones cracked as they pushed out of my star like tattoos. My Wings sparkled like diamond feathers and swung wide open. My eyes focused on The human girl, I was looking at her in new eyes.
-Attack- My hunger cried.

So I did... And they disappeared. One second they were there smiling at me and the next the were gone and I stood in their place screaming.
"Beth!"I screamed. Tears of terror flowed down my face and Graves wrapped himself around me comfortingly. He pulled me against him despite the wings bulging out of my ruined dress. His kissed my forehead and rocked me against his body whispering in my ear.

"It's going to be okay. We'll find a way to get her back. Calm down, free the demon," He urged.
Hollow and angry I gripped his shirt and bawled.
They took her because of me.. They took her and they are going to kill her like they killed my mother just to try and make me lose my humanity. They are winning.

Realization of what they were doing made me calm down and release my inner demon. My wings retracted into just tattooed stars trailing all along my back till the next time I needed them.
My hearing and all senses retreated to my human ones and I curled up in a ball against Graves for now taking the comfort he offered... Because the moment the tears stopped I was going after Beth... I was going to save her before they killed her because I will not let them hurt anyone else in the process of making me lose my humanity... I will not break from the loss and I will Not Fall.

The author's comments:
How do you like where I am taking this? This book is going to show you a whole new level of angels and demons! This is also spell checked:) Please comment

"What do you mean you can't find them? You are a tracker for crying out loud!" My roars echoed through out the house as another useless person was called in to search my missing friend.
Days, weeks, Have passed since Rubin kidnapped Beth. Tracker after tracker has been called in to search for her but no such signs of them have been spotted. I hated the idea of these "trackers" Graves father hired but it was better then sitting and doing nothing. They turned out to be werewolves that specialized in tracking with in their packs. Graves father has hired the best of the best but her trail always comes up dead. This is our third tracker and I have had enough.

My inner demon has been taking control constantly lately. I am always in hunger mode and I am constantly hiding from my mate. I just can't feed no matter how much I need it. Beth is on my mind twenty-four seven. Graves has been drinking hospital blood because he doesn't want to feed if I'm not. I feel bad but I just can't. The tears stopped falling after the first week because my heart just froze. Graves helps as much as he can and he really does make me feel better sometimes but I need
my friend and I will stop at nothing to get her back.

"Your job is to find my friends trail and then find her dammit that is what you are paid for so do your damn job!" I snapped. The tracker shrunk back in fear. All of them have been like this. Graves said it was because their wolf instincts told them I was a stronger wolf and not to be messed with. That thought would normally appeal to me but right now I just want my friend back.

"I am doing my job Mam but there is no trail to track. They disappeared which means no scent to follow," He persisted to tell me. The tracker was a guy around his mid thirties, tan, and around six"two. His dark brown hair was pulled back in a pony tail that went down to his mid back, with eyes that matched his skin tone. He was very tall and very skinny (makes no sense if he's a werewolf!). He trying very hard not to look me in the eye and at the same time trying to be respectful.

I could care less. My lips turned up into an animal like manner as a growl rippled through me. His eyes widened and he shrunk farther back. "Mam maybe I'm not the best one for the job at hand. I will recommend your situation to more qualified friends of mine but I am not experienced enough for this situation. You are dealing with Ancient magic and I have never dealt with it before. I suggest going to the council for guidance before moving onward. Good night mam," He whimpered, and rushed out of the room.

Frustration and despair was quickly eating away at my soul. Day by day I am slowly becoming angrier and angrier. I can barely go twenty minutes without snapping. My eyes felt hot and blurry but no tears fell. I was done crying. My back tingled again as my hunger wined only angering me more.
A cry exploded out from with in me and I brought my fist up and into the wall.

Pain flickered through my hand but it slowly began to heal. My immortal being was growing stronger... So was my hunger.
Graves was in a meeting with several other immortals that were part of the council the tracker spoke of. He was still trying to fix the mess Rubin had made of those members. I was alone most days looking for signs of Beth. I had searched the destroyed ceremony room multiple times already but I wasn't giving up.

I paced Graves business office repeatedly aware that the first time I was in here was when Graves first bought me and was telling me his "rules". Any other time that would be funny but right now that was stupid.

"Where did the tracker go?" A voice spoke up at the door.
I turned around to see Beth’s distraught boyfriend Sam, standing in the door way. He was resting on the door frame, thick toned arms from continuous days of hard labor crossed over his broad chest giving him the mystery look along with his distressing fatigue. He had green eyes the color of grass that hid under his caramel brown hair. His hair swooped just above his eyes and framed his face, and gave him the dreamy messy hair look that most girls long for on their men. His face was shaped round but thin, and skin white with a pink tint.

Sam was a very attractive guy if you saw him for the first time. He had the sort of confidence and mystery girls want, but He was so straight forward most girls couldn't handle him... That's what made Beth different.

Sam stared at me, weary for an answer I did not want to give him. His lips were pressed together firmly aware I had not replied. His small lip piercing rubbing against his teeth. He searched my eyes, and nodded slowly as if my silence was an unspoken answer. He pushed off the door frame then made his way to a chair across the room from me and took a seat, not making a sound.

I sat still as a board, feeling guilty for another failed attempted at finding Beth. Sam was Beth's boyfriend and the only other person here that understood my pain, that felt my pain.

They first met when Graves mother bought Beth at an auction similar to mine. She needed a new maid and she wanted a fresh new slave, so she got Beth. Beth was fifth teen when she was first taken; That's what she told me anyways. Sam was taken when he was twelve because guys mature physically faster then girls. He was there for three years before Beth came around.

Graves mother bought him as a new butler and mechanic. Beth told me he use to work in a mechanic shop with his uncle before he was taken, like all the others they had a story before the abduction, but the difference was Beth fought back. She didn't give in at first, neither did he. They rebelled like I did and that made them an outcast to the rest of the slaves.

Rebels meant trouble and the other slaves hate trouble. Naturally they were quick friends, and then eventually fate led to more. They were the only two rebels before the twins showed up. Fate drew them together like magnets. It didn't take long for love to rap it's hands around them but life isn't that easy.
Rubin picked her as his blood slave. She hated Rubin more than anything but she couldn't leave because blood slaves are for life... No take backs. Sam hated it but he understood. Their love stayed a
secret for a while... Until Rubin eventually found out. He began using Sam as blackmail to have his way with Beth. She was his pawn and there was nothing She could do about it. Her kidnapping was killing Sam just as much as me.

Sam stayed silent while I calmed my temper down to a normal level. He witnessed my temper tantrums more then anyone these days and He understood everything I felt. We related on a level no one else understood because we were not going to give up.

I sat in the chair across from him, and buried my face in my hands.
"Ember we have to find her. I'm not giving up until we do, or I will die trying to get her back," He said. His voice wasn't shaking in sadness or rising in anger. It was a simple determined statement that He meant it and there was no if , ands, or buts. We are going to get her back.

"I know. We are going to get her back if it's the last thing I do. They're not going to mess with her and get away with it," I scowled at the thought of what they might be doing to her right now. My restless body jumped out of the seat and started pacing again. Sam just stared at me unsure of what to say. We had a unspoken agreement to find her together. We both cared about her and we both would stop at nothing.

"The twins beat the shit out of a group of girls yesterday," he suddenly announced. The news of the twins stopped me in my steps and I stared at him be-wild. The twins were Beth and I's roommates when I was still a slave. They were the sweetest girls I knew, and more shy then a baby turtle. They were outcasts like us which drew them into our oddball crew. Almost all the girls here hated each one of us for either being defiant or because the masters showed more interest in us, jealousy was a dangerous emotion in others. The twins had always been the more quiet soft girls, which meant the thought of them kicking ass be wild me more then I thought possible.

"Why?" I questioned. He looked up at me with a tiny smirk that didn't reach his eyes. "They were talking shit on you and Beth so they wailed on them. They figured since Beth's gone for now and you're busy looking for her that they better step up and defend your names. That's how they put it to The mistress anyways. Mistress thought they had been possessed or something. Figured they had been jacked with by witches."

The twins cracked me up almost all the time and the image that ran through my mind of them kicking ass almost made me smile... Almost. "Let's go see them. I have an idea." I suddenly suggested.
An idea that had begun to sprout in the back of my mind for a while now was forming into a plan... I was getting Beth back if it was the last thing I do.
"Ollie! Ellie! Get your clone asses out over here!" I Hollered. Glass shook from my vocal order, and The cafeteria doors swung open and hit the walls. My presents in the slaves quarters was much more of a surprise to the snob girls then to the twins.

The last time I was in the slave cafeteria A group of snobbish girls attacked me, and I was sent to the punishment dungeon... Again. The dungeons were a bunch of concrete rooms built in a basement level part of the house for slaves when they were disobedient. Apparently beating up the Master's secretary bitch was against the rules... My bad.

"Ember? What are you doing in here? Why aren't you with Graves at he council meeting!"A squeaky shriek rung in my ears before two short identical girls slammed into me. Their weight fell on top of me as I made contact with the tile floors. All eyes were on the weird girl who just got tackled by two dainty girls.

Ollie and Ellie were both almost completely identical besides their weight difference. Ollie was a little more filled out with curves then Ellie, but their hazel eyes, sharp cheek bones, Light brown hair and white skin were completely alike. Both of them had long pointy noses a tad bit too big for their faces, but their height seemed to pull it all together into one perfect union. They were both around '5'7' and both wore a blue knee length maid outfit that had short white puffy sleeves.

Ellie's eyes were focused on mine as she waited for me to reply to her while they both scrambled to help me up. I groaned in slight pain but stood never the less.
"Graves will deal with the council. I am focused on much more important tasks then dealing with a bunch of old bats staring at me like I am a freak. The show they saw at our ceremony proved the rumors they have heard about me. So no thank you," I snapped. My anger surfaced again from talking about that night. Normally I would have laughed when they tackled me. I would have smiled and then chased them for my own tackle but I am not normal right now. I am vengeful.

Ollie and Ellie shrunk back away from me at the tone of my voice. Their expressions full of fear.
I should feel bad for snapping, but I don't. My immortal hearing surfaced from my anger, and whispers carried around the room. The cafeteria was built like one you would see at a public school.
There was a line of snobby girls trailing from the entrance doors to the aluminum window opening, where the cooks peeked through long enough to drop heavy doses of frightening colored food onto our chipped gray treys. Jealous eyes followed our every move aware we were the only girls who actually hung out with the only two male slaves here.

They whispered things incredibly bitchy and other things obviously envy. There was only two guys in the slave quarters that all the females saw daily. Sam, whom was a mechanic, and his brother, Luke.
He was what you would call an errand boy. He went to fetch whatever the masters needed whenever they needed it. Luke was also another member of our odd ball group. He looked scary similar to his big brother besides the little differences here and there. Unlike his brother, Luke had no piercing, his eyes were a bright ocean blue, and his face was less thinned out then Sam's was. He had the younger boyish look to him giving away he was the younger brother.

So the biggest jacked up thing about the slaves here was the discrimination! They were all snobby girls dressed in short skirted uniforms. They stopped at mid thigh. The shirt was like a weird school girl white puffy sleeve with baby blue vests. Totally original... Not! I will put changing that as a top priority.

"Hum," Sam Cleared his throat. Everyone was watching me, waiting. All of them have probably heard by now the shortness of my temper and the danger I held with it. I Clenched my jaw in annoyance but held my tongue.
"Um Girls Ember wanted to talk to you," Sam spoke again. His calming tone was directed at all three of us to ease the tension. That was a great thing about him. He hated confrontation. The only reason he was showing any signs of fighting was because it was for Beth, His woman.
The whispers around us simmered down a bit as my anger dimmed. Something about Sam's persuasion rose suspicion with me but now was not the time to think about it.

I turned back to the twins and nodded. "Yes I need your help with something. It is about Beth," I
paused. Her name felt cold on my tongue.
Ellie's eyes widened and she shook her head eagerly."Yes! Anything for you and Beth. We have been protecting your name for you,"She smiled proudly. They both had lost the scared look in their eyes and were back to looking like baby puppies. Ollie clustered eagerly closer to me wanting to hear what I needed but I shook my head and glanced around. "I would like to speak in private."

The author's comments:
Tuda! Forbidden sisters:D They are going to play a pretty big roll with Bethany 'wink wink'. Please comment, this is spell checked:D

"You want to what?" Ollie’s perplexed voice rose in panic. She stared me down willing me to take back my plan of action and say it was a joke but I remained silent and watched them all stare at me like I was nuts. Sam's eyes wavered to the floor and a smile flickered across his face for a moment.

I knew this plan sounded futile but it was the only one we had and I was tired of getting damn dogs to deal with dark magic when we could go to the source of it ourselves.
"I want to go to the village of the forbidden sisters," I repeated myself. My voice confident and sure, hopeful they would understand.

No such luck. They continued to look at me like I was out of my mind, and Sam waited, watching us for some more information.
The Village of the forbidden sisters was obviously a village, but it wasn't normal. It was home to the largest witch coven in the world, The forbidden sisters. They were the strongest and oldest coven alive today. Graves told me about them a couple weeks ago when our case got pushed back because their coven leader had a meeting with the council.
He had been so serious and worried about their visit to the council. He came home freaking out until I asked who they were.

"The forbidden sisters are the only coven alive today that still practices the dark magic. One of them is even a member of the council. She holds more power then five of the council members put together. Her name is Vexa, her blood line has been the strongest out of all the forbidden sisters for generations," He explained. I just stared at him blankly and asked why were they called the forbidden sisters.

"They began calling them the forbidden sisters because they are off limits to any male outside of the village, forbidden fruit as you could put it. They don't take well to outsiders, and they haven't excepted anyone new into the coven for over a hundred years. To go to their village without an invitation is forbidden."

I have been thinking about them since Graves explained who they are. I know it is forbidden, but I want to find them and get them to teach me how to either break through dark magic or bend it some how. At first I thought myself crazy when I first came up with the idea of taking the twins and the guys but our options were slim and the plan had been nagging at the back of my mind for over a week now.

"Are you sure you didn't bump your head a little too hard back there Ember?" Ellie questioned. She studied me, dumbfounded in a way, but secretly I smelled her fear. She didn't want to tamper with dark magic.
I slammed my fist against the wall and growled. "Look guys I know I have been a pain in the ass and my temper is crossing the line but we are running out of options and this could be our chance. I've been thinking about this for a while now and when Graves was telling me about the council sister I knew this could be it. I will go with or without you but that's that."

I understood why they didn't want to risk going to the dark sisters better than anyone. Dark magic messed you up, it did with my father anyways, but Beth needs us and this could be the way we find her.

Ollie leaped up and scowled."We all miss her Ember. You're not the only one trying here. Your man is out everyday I hear fighting to find her. You need to cooperate with us in order for us to get somewhere. I'll go but the moment someone threatens to turn me into a toad I am running for the hills!"

Ellie glanced at her sister then me, nodding in agreement. I scowled in annoyance and looked to Sam for support. He sighed and turned to me. "That sounds like crazy talk Ember," He paused and looked at the twins. A smile broke out on his face. " Let's do it."
Relief washed through me despite my numb heart. I glanced at the clock on the wall and stood surprised. It was nearly sunrise and Graves was going to be home any minute. I love Graves with all my heart but these days I dread going to sleep. Even when I am with him Beth is all I see.

"Well you guys best be getting back to your dorm. Graves will be home soon and I am going to go take a quick shower," I muttered.
Let's hope Graves can't smell my determination just yet... He can't know about the dark sisters... That is where his great grandmother lives.

The author's comments:
Here you are!:) I won't update till after another comment! Also sorry I have been taking so long to update! I lost my drive for a while with this book but I have figured out where I was going with the plot once again and I got my game back! Yeees!

"Ember help me please," Beth pleaded. Eyes dark, rimmed with purple. Chains welded to the wall held her weight up, she sat on her knees, head tilted down, hair shielding her quivering lips from me. She wore the dress she had on at my ceremony, but holes were burned through most of the fabric, ripped down the leg and dirt mixed with blood stained her clothes... I prayed to God that wasn't her blood.

Her body was weakly trying to straighten up, as she looked straight at me. "Help me Ember, He doesn't want me, he wants you. He is going to mix my soul with part demon. Ember I don't want to be a monster please!" She bawled, well she tried. No tears fell, just a sort of choking noise bubbled out of her and her body slacked back down.

I wanted to run to her and rip those chains off her with my bare hands, I want to tear Rubin a part limb by limb, but no matter what I wanted my body wouldn't move. I tried to scream to Beth that I would find her but no sound came out. I could do nothing. Panic, fear and fury burned my heart as she faded away into nothingness.

"Beth!" I screamed. My body bolted straight up, ripping my sweat soaked body from Graves grasp. I heaved over the edge of the bed, but nothing came up. My heart raced, and Graves leaned over to me, worry plastered all over his beautiful face. Even in the darkness of our light deflective shades, I could see his eyes watching me, terrified I would go demon on him and fly away to find Beth. I know he thought about that quite often lately.

"Ember love what's wrong?" He asked. His arms wrapped around me, and pulled me against his chest. My body had no energy to fight back, because even though I was panicked Graves touch always brought some comfort to me. I buried my face in his chest and screamed. Over and over again, till my throat felt like sandpaper and I sounded like a dying mouse. Graves didn't keep trying to ask me what was wrong or even talk. He just held me, his comforting hands running through my hair, and rocked me against him.

His shirt felt damp under my cheek as I realized it was from the tears streaming down my face I had no knowledge of.
- Eyes dark, rimmed with purple.-
I flinched and held onto him tighter willing those eyes to fade away, those tortured eyes...
He was torturing Beth.

"I am going to the village of the forbidden sister," I blurted.
Graves body tensed against me, and his grip on my waste tightened. If I wasn't immortal it would have hurt like hell. Fortunately I am.

"Why?" He hissed out through his clenched teeth. His anger seeped through his walls he had thrown up between our emotion link and I turned to look at him.

"Because you said so yourself, they are only ones who teach dark magic, and they can identify it. This may be my last chance at finding Beth. I dream of her every night, nightmares, maybe glimpses of the future but either way she is getting closer and closer to dying," I hesitated, scared to continue but I explained my dream to him in horrible detail.

" This one was worse. He had beaten her! She said he is going to turn her part demon."
Graves growled low, and held tighter onto me. He didn't speak, just held me closed and slowed his angered breathes. I snuggled up against him to comfort him... And myself.

"I know you don't want me going near your great grandmother but Graves I can't keep doing this. Every day feels like a blink of an eye with no results. I have to find her. You've seen my demon rising more lately and I haven't fed in weeks, and I won't till I find her," I pleaded for him to understand, to feel my pain and let me find my way out. The damage this was doing to me was permanent. He stared into my eyes, searching for something maybe, maybe even just looking.

I stared back wishing I could stop my pain for one night and give him everything he has been longing for for the past weeks. I hated the distances I was putting between us but my emotions were going haywire and all I wanted was Beth. Graves sighed and laid back on the bed, his hands ran down his face as if they could wipe away all his worry and grief. "Okay Go," He muttered.

Guilt tugged at me because he was hurt but I needed my friend."Thank you."
He looked over at me the suddenly he was on top of me. His body weight pressed on mine. This is when I knew something was terribly wrong. I didn't feel the extreme hormone heat like usual or even the need to feel him everywhere. I just didn't feel at all. Graves stared into my eyes, hurt buried deep with in them. He leaned down toward me face, panicked I thought he was going to kiss me, but relief filled me when his lips merely brushed my forehead.

"I love you Ember, and if this will help you find Beth, and give your heart back to me then do as you wish but please come back to me." With that he rolled off of me, and pulled me to rest against his chest.
I should have grabbed him and kissed him passionately, I should have assured him I loved him too but I didn't."I will come back Graves, but I want you to know. I didn't ever take my heart away from you. I think it died," I whispered.

I wish I could tell him more, anything different but that was the truth. How do you tell a man you love him when all feeling of love is absent?
You can't.

The author's comments:
I had to redo this chapter because there was no spacing in the paragraphs for some reason after it was published:P Hope you like it, and I won't add another chapter till I get one more comment.:)

I woke to find my bed absent of Graves, his sheets thrown over the edge and he was no where in sight. My mind was high and alert, like every other morning when I awoke from a night of haunting dreams. Never sleeping yet never waking. I was always awake, yet never tired. My legs groaned in protest as I stretched them far, awakening my soar muscles that demanded to stay still. My eyes focused on the mirror that was placed on the ceiling above our bed, which gave anyone who looked up, a perfect view of themselves. It was built into the ceiling, from the length of one bed post to the other three, and thin golden silk curtains were draped around the frame in order to seclude us from the rest of the room. It was privacy to the best, but also temptation I did not need at the moment, nor did I crave it. Before my mind was dead, all I wanted was to awaken to Graves body pressed against mine. His energy flowing through me to feed my hunger, but I couldn't have that... My hunger will starve until I find Beth and make them pay. I choked up a sob, but shoved it aside as the mirror me stared back, hollowness was all that was seen within my eyes. A black hole of nothingness that should have terrified me, it should have sent me running to Graves, but I didn't... I just stared. The golden covers were tangled up around my legs, little glimpses of flesh exposed to the mirror. My upper body was only covered by my night t-shirt which still stuck to my body from the previous sweat. My hair was greasy and tangled in a wild frenzy but it just matched my lost theme. Nothing made sense anymore... Nothing was worth it. No!- My hunger growled. -She is worth it, he is worth it. VENGENCE!- My hunger became more alive and faint with each growing day, furious that it was fasting but I never listened, because normally it would feel as if I needed to give up.. To give in... But something changed in my inner demon or mind. I was determined to get her back and feel the love for Graves I once had. This feeling of lost was depressing, yet encouraging me even more to find her. So with every ounce of strength that was in me, I rose. This bed would not be my cage, it would be my sanctuary once I completed my goal. It would be where I would show Graves I loved him once again. I will be yours again Graves, and I will find you, Beth... If it's the last thing I do. ................ “Ember, are you sure about this? I mean I'm not doubting you but do you really want to go here? Once we get in I don't know how easy it'll be to get out. They are the Forbidden sisters for a reason you know,” Ollie questioned nervously. Both her sister and I sat next to each other on the plane, hours had passed yet nothing had changed. We were on a public air line on our way to Germany, where we hoped the sisters remained. Their village was close around the area in the country, which we still had no idea where. We brought Sam and his brother along for the trip, because well, we needed the company. They both were a little shocked to find out we would be flying to Germany, but eagerly agreed to come. The air plane was a coach area with tons of seats squished together, And babies squealing, just peachy. “How much longer is this damn flight?” Luke groaned, his foot tapping on the ground, nervousness releasing from every one of his gestures. His blue eyes were squinted in frustration and his light creamy brown hair was matted in front of his eyes, shielding them from view. We forgot to mention to him that he would be on a nine hour flight. “Chill brother, we'll be there soon enough,” Sam shushed his brother, and turned back to glancing out his window, alone behind my seat. His reflection of the glass mirrored the look we both projected when we thought of her... “Earth to Ember? How much longer do we have to listen to the eight year old over here wine?” Ellie questioned. Her hands were waving back and forth between my view of Sam and I snapped my gaze back to the twins, who were glaring at Luke while he entertained himself with a flirty airline attendant. The attendant was a woman in her early twenties with light brown skin, golden eyes and short curly hair that was held up in a neat pony tale. She was sporting off a blue button up shirt and gray tie, while her black knee skirt clung to her ever long legs. Luke was entertaining himself pretty well now I guess. She was giggling at every cheesy line he shot her way, with his hands placed right above hers. Yep, that's Luke for you. Can't hate him, yet can't love him either. “I don't know, why don't you ask Mr. Hot stuff over there. If anyone is going to ask the flight attendant it's him,” I suggested, and Ollie wasted no time in pinching the exposed flesh on Luke’s arm. He jump in surprise and pain with an outraged howl, and startled the attendant into rushing down the hallway away from us... Failure apparently. Luke scowled at Ollie, while her and Ellie laughed hysterically at the scene. Other passengers started to look our way and that was my queue. “Luke, sit your ass down. Girls, pipe down. You're drawing unwanted attention,” I hissed under my breath. “You heard her. I don't doubt that she'll make you if you don't listen,” Sam spoke up with a hint of humor in his voice. Luke looked over at him before glancing over at me. A smirk spreading across his face. “Are you going to come over here and make me sit down Ember? You can always sit on my lap if you want?” He winked.... He had the nerve to actually wink at me. I said nothing, I just rose calmly from my seat, and slid passed the twins to stand directly in front of him. He watched me, his flirty expression hopeful that I might actually take him up on his offer. Without a further wait, I swung my leg out and swept his out from under him so he landed in his seat with a “Thud!” His shocked expression changed to pain because my fingers latched on to his manhood between his thighs, and I was squeezing very tightly, causing whimpers of agony to come from him. “Let me make somethings very clear. You will not talk to me like that. Especially when I am on the verge of demon mode every day because I can not find my f*ing best friend. I am in love with Graves, and if I was going to sit on anyone’s lap don't you think I would be at home on his? So shut you god damn trap before I shut it for you. Are we clear?” I growled in his ear. My heart was pounding and my energy was swirling around my blood, aching to be set free. The fear and pain in his eyes was enough to provoke my hunger, tempting it to take control of me and feed from this miserable life force till I could reach my love and feed from him again. The harder I squeezed and the more I could taste the pathetic emotions radiating off this boy. “Ember! Stop it now! You're hurting him and drawing attention to us!” Sam's fingers clamped down over my arm and pulled slightly, encouraging me to let go. My eyes darted to him, and stared at the pale blue eyes of my friend. Recognition dawned on me and I released his crotch from me hands, so he could carress them himself, begging them to stop aching. Every single pair of eyes on the plane was watching me if apprehension, including the twins. Sam watched me, aware of the control my hunger had on me at the moment but the feeling was subsiding now, and all I felt was guilt. I had hurt one of my friends... When he was joking. “I am so sorry Luke,” I whispered before stumbling out of the row and down the isles. The airline woman’s restroom was thankfully clear, and out of site of the other passengers so I rushed in and slammed the door shut. “Dammit!” I cried. My fists slammed against the walls, and pain coursed through my hand but I ignored it and slammed the toilet lid down so I could sit. “Where are you God? What is happening to me? Please help me find her,” I cried, my hands fisted in my hair and my lip quivered. My heart was aching to feel Graves arms around me, comforting my lonely heart but I couldn't go back. I couldn't give up. Despite how much I wished to live and learn I couldn't. This feeling won't fade until I find her. “Ember, It's me Luke. Please open the door.” Startled I rubbed my eyes, ridding the evidence of the tears that rushed down my cheek but my puffy eyes were a dead give away. Sluggishly, I rose and unclicked the lock on the bathroom door but just before I opened it, something changed... The bathroom started to feel ice cold, and I touched the door knob but the moment my fingers came in contact with the metal a string of electricity shot out at my hand. “Ouch!” I growled and stumbled back away from the door. Worry was always something I had going on in the back of my mind, but I wasn't necessarily worried right now... I was curious. My arm stretched out so I could touch the handle again but before I could, the same string of electricity jumped at me and I yanked it back before I could feel the burn twice. “What the hell?”I muttered and stared in curiosity. -Dear sister, we hear your cries. We feel the power that courses through your blood and we except you as one of us.- A voice echoed around me, unknown to anyone I had ever heard. Panic began to settle in and I thrusted my hand out, and clamped it down on the handle. The electricity shot up my hand but I ignored the sharpened pain and pulled the door open. Luke stood in front of now. He was leaning against the door frame, still grasping himself a bit in pain, while he stood straighter in shock. ”Ember It's okay I'm so-What the hell?” He stopped mid sentence in complete bewilderment. He wasn't freaking out because the room had suddenly turned ice cold, and the bathroom light was flickering... No, he was freaking out because the floor had suddenly started going liquid around me and I was sinking through. “Ember!” He yelled and grabbed hold of my arms, as I started falling in, unable to resist the force yanking me through the bottom of the plane. I struggled to get out, and break free from the floor, but I was now neck deep in and Luke was getting pulled in along with me. “Let go Luke now!” I ordered, silently begging him to listen but once I saw that look in his eyes, the determination to save me or die, I knew he would not. “Not gonna happen babe, you're stuck with me, even if you rip my **** off,” He winked again, despite my previous threat, and before I could even think to respond, we were falling in.

The author's comments:
I am very sorry it is so short, I just couldn't add it to the previous one or the next to come. Comment please:)

“S**t!” Luke yelled as we fell through air, our bodies were like dead weights in an ocean, it felt slow but we were really falling fast. My mind was going a million miles an hour, panic mode was on but that didn't matter... What mattered was the fact in the distance I could see the plane flying in the other direction... Wait flying! An idea hit me as we sliced through the air, the ground waited bellow for our bodies to flatten against its rocky surfaces but I was determined to keep that from happening. Come on, hunger awaken!- I begged myself to turn on angel mode but as awesome as that would be, I haven't really mastered the change whenever I want thing. So that would be the dilemma... “What the hell Ember, change now!” Luke tried to scream at me, but I barely could understand him now because air was hitting us in the face like bullets would out of a gun. Pain was slicing throughout my entire body and all I could do was fall. Summon the immortal in you child, think about the center of your being. Focus on being one with the immortal in you- A voice spoke up inside my head, scaring the crap out of me, but sounding just as familiar with the voice that spoke in the plane bathroom. Normally I would be stubborn and ignore the voice inside my head but right now I was desperate... Closing my eyes was not an option at this point with the wind peeling them open so I relaxed my hands and focused on the blur of sight I had... I concentrated on the colors swirling around, and pictured an image of the sight I had when I was flying with Beth, holding her in air in search for Graves. I pictured the way the colors were more vibrant, clear and focused on every tiny detail... I remembered the immortal sight... And that was what I was given. My eyes were stronger now, wind resistant also. Luke was now a clear image falling easier then I was and He was screaming, yet crying at once because the trees were coming closer... Fast. Change!- I urged myself but even focusing on the sight wasn't working. It was just giving me the angel view. My back remained wingless and our death was officially going to happen. “Ember look out!” Luke panicked. His eyes were focused on something behind me and I followed his line of sight but before I could get a look something slammed into my body. The breathe was immediately knocked out of me along with my concentration. Their body was pressed against mine tighter then I preferred but at this moment I couldn't do a thing but cling to the body that was slowing down my fall. My vision was back to blurry but I could feel the weight of them as my speed slowed down. We were descending to the ground at a slower pace, and I knew right then that this person had to be flying. Luke’s voice was gone now and I wanted to scream out for him, urge him to respond but patience was a virtue. Screaming would have to wait till we touch ground. “You must calm. I mean you no harm angelic one,” A female voice past the figures lips, ringing like a song in my ear. Her voice was meant to assure peace but I heard the annoyance in her tone. My human sight was back now and I could see the ground as we touched it, giving me escape from this woman's hold. My legs wobbled as I stumbled away but I couldn't keep my eyes off of the woman. She looked to be in her mid thirties, waves of golden hair braided down her body and stopping at her butt. She was wearing a silver robe you would see at a graduation, while a belt was wrapped around her waste, clinging to her slim form. She was much taller then me, looking around six foot causing her legs to look forever long. Her eyes were a round hazel that popped out as she looked at you, making you want to squirm.. She looked inhuman. “Ember!” Luke’s voice echoed around me in the distance, farther away then I wanted. We were in the forest, hidden well from site due to the many trees hiding us from view. The damp ground squished under my steps, and I almost fell, but the woman caught me with a exasperated sigh. “Balance is something you obviously need to work on,” She muttered under her breathe. Anger rose in the pit of my stomach and I shoved her away, determined to find Luke on my own. “Luke!” I bellowed. My hands cupped around my mouth in order to be louder. A few moments passed as I circled my surroundings, listening for a response from him but one never came. “Luke!Answer me dammit!” I screamed even louder. My worry was building up and the woman just stood a few feet away, watching me curiously. “He can't hear you. We are in the borders of the spell, and he will not be inside it because him and our sister have landed outside of the spell. They will enter soon enough and meet us in the village,” The woman spoke up and my eyes narrowed at her. “What do you mean outside the spell? Who are you?” My back had already begun to tingle as energy was swirling around my body, aching to be set free, not that I didn't need it as much. The woman raised one of her perfect eyebrows at me before a smirk spread over her face. “The spell of protection that we have put over our borders to keep outsiders out. It keeps us out of view and protects anyone we do not want in, out, “ She explained to my confusion,” As for who I am, well I am Qincey, daughter of Vexa the high sister. I am the village huntress and I am your sister, angelic one.” Be-wild I just stared at her. Confused then it all hit me at once. ” You're a forbidden sister! We're here aren't we?” I blurted out before I could rethink what I was saying and she chuckled. “Yes we are here. We heard your cries and have excepted your request. Welcome daughter of the light and darkness. You have been excepted as one of us.”

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Dudet95 GOLD, Ottawa, Kansas
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Your mom, if you don't know the past... You're doomed to repeat it.

Lol thank you and I will here soon:)

Dudet95 GOLD said...
on Oct. 8 2012 at 11:16 am
Dudet95 GOLD, Ottawa, Kansas
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Favorite Quote:
Your mom, if you don't know the past... You're doomed to repeat it.

AwwXD I will give you more! lol I had to pause for a bit on writing it because I am going through and editing the first one but I will start back up in writing this one now:)

on Oct. 7 2012 at 1:52 pm
Ms.PeytonLovesHP GOLD, Rancho Cordova, California
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“We are all a little weird and life is a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.” - Doctor Seuss


on Sep. 4 2012 at 6:07 pm
Amazing! Plz write more!