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The Midnight Sun

March 9, 2012
By Julia BRONZE, Winfield, Illinois
Julia BRONZE, Winfield, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"Even when it's raining, let the sun shine on your face."


Sabrina Coral's life is turned upsidown by her father's announcement that they are unexpectedly being forced to resign from the Wizard council, which Sabrina's father is a highly influential member of.
Having moved from England, many years later Sabrina find's herself living a normal life, that is, until she meets up with one of her nemesis, Alexandre Carlson, the rogue leader of a monstrous demon hoard. She escapes with the help of the handsome Adam Lake, a member of the warrior clan. New challenges arise for Sabrina and Adam, as their loyalties and allegiances are tested, making them question themselves to the core.


The Midnight Sun

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