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Declining Destiny

May 18, 2020
By KittyKoala, Norfolk, Other
KittyKoala, Norfolk, Other
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When all else fails in this world you can create your own. At least that's how Elena escapes her troubled reality. She is tormented and pushed around by everyone in her present, and haunted by those in her past. She can't find love with the one who hates her and she can't find it at home. But when her laptop goes on, she becomes Phoenix the Survivor and everything else fades away. With a past filled with devastation and a present filled with a lack of belonging, Elena has to find a way to escape her troubles. Writing saves her for a short time, but how long can she rely on that to hold her up before everything comes crashing down? She's loved Evan nearly her whole life but one day he seemed to turn against her, she can't understand why and every insult only makes it hurt more. The one she loves seems to hate her and the one she hates won't stay away. with only one person to turn to in this world, Elena struggles to keep her head up through her life of torment. will she make it through the other end, or kill herself trying?


Declining Destiny

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