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All Seven Years

January 2, 2018
By Rilessss16 BRONZE, San Diego, California
Rilessss16 BRONZE, San Diego, California
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Do small things with great love.


“Nice bracelet.” I heard a voice behind me say. I said a silent prayer it wasn’t Samuel Gustini. I took a small sip of my beer on the off chance it was and turned around.
Way worse than Sam Gustini.
“Hi.” I said, standing face to face with the last person I wanted to see.
“Glad to see it still gets good use.” He said, and it then occurred to me he was referring to the bracelet he had gotten me for our anniversary senior year, the same one I was wearing that night.
“I didn’t know you were coming.” I blurted out, as if it had mattered.
“Maid of Honor didn’t know the guest list?”
“I didn’t think you’d show.”
 “Nate’s like my brother.”
“Because of me. I didn’t think you’d show because of me.”
“Still self centered as always I see.”
“Last time I saw you you were leaving, hard to believe you’d ever come back.”
“How’s your brother?” He said, changing the subject.
“Graduating this year. Playing at Auburn in the fall.”
“Shit. Always knew he could do it. I take all the credit for that arm of his but I will be charging a belated coaching fee once he goes pro.”
I almost smiled, but I didn’t want to give him that satisfaction.
“You bring a date to this thing?”
“Is that your way of asking if I’m single?”
“Is that your way of avoiding my question?”


All Seven Years

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