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The End

December 3, 2016
By Immer_02 BRONZE, ione, California
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Immer_02 BRONZE, Ione, California
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"Do what you love and you'll never work a day in you life."

Author's note:

After a hard break up i realized you need to not take forgranted what can easily be taken away (love). I hope people will learn to hold their loved ones a little closer. Learning that even though times seem hard no matter what you will get through it. The ones that truely love you will start to show them self to you. In your time of need they will help you through it.

I often would think that when you’re in love red is happiness and purple was sadness. He wouldn’t say it he wouldn’t say the two words that would tie us together. It never happened he never said it five months after he had purposed and suddenly he changes his mind. It was all over, but now I guess I will tell you how it all began. I remember the day like it was yesterday, I had a HUGE crush on him since the third year of college. We were good friends, at the least. It was graduation day. After the ceremony he asked me if I wanted to have dinner with him. We went out to a really fancy restaurant, and had a really lovely dinner.
      A month had passed and I hadn’t heard from him I had lost hope and somewhat moved on. When one night I got a call; a call that would change the rest of my life, it was him. “Hey, Jewly…. It’s me Eric?” when he answered the phone it all sounded almost like a question, but I responded with, “Hey Eric long time no see or in this case hear.” We talked for a while and when he said he had to go I was nervous and didn’t want this to be the end so I asked if he wanted to hangout tomorrow. He said yes, thank god. We went out to the park it was so perfect several wonderful dates latter he made it official. I was his girlfriend.
So, here we are two years later living together. It’s magical how things come together in such a perfect way it almost seems like a dream come true. Here we are living in a small size LA apartment. He works at a business department as a manger of some bored I can never remember the name of. As for me I stay home most of the time a sides from some volunteer jobs on the side but for the most part I’m at home.
               Tonight he will be coming home late, so I decided I would cook ribs usually I don’t because they take too long, but since he won’t be home tell 8:00 pm I figured why not? They finally finished cooking and smell absolutely delicious. Eric should be home any minute now. “Babe, I’m home, ooo that smells so good can’t wait to eat.” He called throw the door right as I had finished plating his food. “Oh, good because it’s done right now, let me know what you think.” I set our plates on the table and sat down while he came in to the dining area. “This looks good, I love it thank you so much!”

              I know everything sounds absolutely perfect ,  but trust me we have our ups and downs , but three years later and were still going strong in fact were out on our usually Sunday date. We were going for a walk in the park when he suggested we go to the art museum. I love it here the art is so beautiful. We have been walking around for a while now and we finally get to my favorite painting “Starry Night” by Vincent Van Goah. While I’m looking at the picture Eric says my name. I look over and I swear for at least a good four seconds I stopped breathing. There he was on one knee with a beautiful diamond ring. “Jewly Conwill, will you marry me?” My heart must have stopped as my eyes tiered up all I could say was “Yes of course I will!” He put the ring on my finger and hugged me in the background I could hear people saying “aww” that had to be one of the best days of my life.

    When we got home I was still shaking with excitement, there would be so much to plan. I didn’t even know where I would start. I must really be freaking out because its 9:00 pm and dinner hasn’t even crossed my mind,


                                     To be continued...     



          About a month after Eric proposed, which was September 25. My mom and I are at a dress shop, it’s really fancy with big mirrors, tale models with dresses on, and what must have been gallons of very light pink paint. I was following my mom down an aisle of dresses. We had been walking around for what felt like at least an hour. All the dresses I’d seen and tried on didn’t seem right. Either the dresses were too big and puffy, or itchy and showy. I finally gave up “Mom let’s try somewhere else I just don’t really like any of these dresses.” “Are you sure sweetie the one you’re looking for could be just down the next aisle.”  “I don’t know mom it just doesn’t feel like I’m going to find the perfectly priced or perfect looking dress here.” “OK it’s your wedding honey we can look elsewhere.” “Thx mom.” I was happy to get out of there I was starting to get a headache from all the perfume in there.
         We drove further into town until we got to a small community that I’m sure had never even seen a mall, but I had a good feeling like that one dress that was just for me was somewhere in this small town. “Umm, honey I think we're lost I don’t think you will find ‘the one’ here.” “I have a good feeling about this place let's look around a little more.” Almost as if I could see into the future sure enough we pull up to a small wedding shop called “Wedding Vestito” which my mom said is dress in Italian. How she knew that I have no clue. The shop looked family run and it also was very impressive all the little husband and wife figurines looked hand painted. There were so many things in the little shop.
        I felt out of place the five or so people in the shop had to be at least in their late thirties unlike me, I’m only 24. The wall had old brown wallpaper and the floor had green carpet just then was when I saw it the perfect dress I had been looking for it was in a plastic bag hanging up. “Mom look at this dress it's perfect I have to try it on.” We walked over to the changing room and I closed the red curtain. I put the dress on and looked in the mirror. Everything about it was just right from the intricate lace on the top to the soft silky bottom. The vail matched the beautiful lace on the top. In the middle was a white leather corset. I instantly fell in love with it I walked out to show my mom her face looked just as happy as mine her bright green eyes started to water while she pushed her curly brown hair out of her face
        “Oh honey you look so beautiful I think you finally found the one.” I did a quick twirl and look down at the dress. “I’m so glad you like it I’ll take it off and we can see how much it is.” I took the dress off and put it on the hanger to find the price tag. When I finally found it I was nervous what if I couldn’t pay for it. I turned the tag around and disappointment filled my whole body. “How much is it.” My mom called from the checkout. “Its 1500 dollars mom 500 dollars out of budget I guess will just have to keep looking I’ll put it back and we can head out.”  I put the dress back and while I walked to the door I heard my mom apologize for not getting anything.
         I stood by the car waiting for my mom when she came out I remembered I forgot my purse I rushed inside and grabbed on my way back to the car I felt a light tap I looked at my mom and then myself I was nervous had I accidently stole something, but when I turned around I was shocked to see a gray haired little old lady standing there holding the perfect dress. I began to say something but she had already started talking. “I had my wedding day and I didn’t get the dress I had loved and I have regretted it to this day, I saw you fall in love with this dress, just like I had fifty years ago here darling.” “Oh you didn’t have to get this for me I don’t even know how I could thank you.” “Oh honey but I did have to get you this, you don’t have to thank me all the thx I need is knowing you’ll be happy on your wedding day.” “Well at least let me pay you back.” I looked down into my purse and grabbed the dress money, but when I looked up she was gone and my mom was holding my new plastic wrapped wedding dress.
         On the way home I managed to convince my mom to have lunch with Eric and me at Denny’s. We all sat and talked Eric caught up with my mom and we talked about future plans and wedding things. “We bought the dress for me today it's perfect.” I thought about telling him about the old lady but he had already started talking. “I’m sure the dress is beautiful epically when you’re the one wearing it.” My mom smiled and said “I’m really happy you to choose to do this.” We talked a little more about wedding plans.

         We finally decided to go home, mainly because my mom goes to bed at seven and it’s already five. I started to walk to my mom’s car when she stopped me “what are you doing?” “I am getting my dress.” I was confused but then she smiled and said, “Not if you’re riding with Eric it's bad luck for the groom to see the dress before the wedding.” I sighed because I was dying to show Eric the dress. There was no point in arguing I would never win. “Fine but please keep it safe.” My mom smiled and was about to say something when Eric yelled from his black Honda “I know you ladies love to chat, but I’m sure Anna wants to go to bed at a reasonable time and we have to get home to.” “Eric’s right, bye I have to go.” I quickly hugged my mom and walked to the car.

          On the way home I told Eric about how the old lady bought the dress and where we found it. When we got home Eric did some work online while I talks to Jessica (my best friend since like the fifth grade) about plans for tomorrow she was my bride’s maid and we planned to get her dress. Jessica and I talked for a couple hours finally I had to go to cook dinner. After diner I went to bed because I had to wake up early to meet Jessica for coffee.

         I got to Starbucks around seven and Jessica was already there waiting for me. “Hey, Jewel I ordered us mochas they should be out any minute then we can head out.  “Sounds good.” I sat down in one of those weird wood booths that aren’t very comfortable, but they seem to have them everywhere. Jessica was one of those girls who dreamed about their sweet sixteen and wedding since they were in third grade, so she was super happy when I got engaged and asked her to be my bridesmaid. I’m surprised she doesn’t have a giant book full of wedding clippings from magazines. We talked for about five minutes when our drinks finally came out. We both got into Jessica’s car and she started driving. Right when we got in Jessica said “So where we going first?” “Umm I’m not sure let’s just drive and see what we find, worked for me last time.” “Ok whatever you say girly.”
        We drove around for about thirty minutes flipping through radio stations, talking about wedding things, and Jessica’s eight month boyfriend who by the way I did not like. He had perfect brown hair, perfect teeth, perfect tan oh and his perfect blue eyes, ugh he just seems too fake, I have no clue what she sees in him. Jessica was in the middle of saying something about her boyfriend when I see a cute little shop. “Wow, look at that place lest check it out!” She pulled into the front. We walked in and it smelled like an old thrift shop and kind of looked like it had plain white walls and a horrible stained carpet, but once again I had a good feeling about this place. “We should go this place reminds me of an old person’s garage sale.” “Let’s stay and look around they have lots of dresses we are bound to find the right one.” “Exactly only one don’t you want all the bridesmaids to match.” Jessica looked so confused I giggled and said “All? I’m only having one bride’s maid I only want one, and we don’t have enough money for more than one anyways.” I couldn’t tell if she was happy or sad ‘cus all she said was “oh.”

       We walked around looking for a dress until I found one it was just like mine except the lace was flowing on white silk one the bottom and went all the way to the top with silk covering the top area. Jessica said she loved it, so we bought the 500 dollar dress and headed back to the car. “Well I feel like we made some progress today why don’t we head back to your apartment and talk with Eric about what he wants to do next.” I smiled because she always seemed to read my mind. “I think we were planning on resting for a month kind of like a break, but we can still plan what we want to do after that.”

       When we got to my apartment Eric was there sitting at the dinner table looking online at something. “Hey Jessica, hey Jewly what’s up?” he closed his computer and hugged us. We all sat at the table, “Hey Eric, Jessica wanted to come by and help us plan what we wanted to do next.” “Oh that is very nice thx jess, I was thinking we should do cake testing I was just looking at some places.” I was surprised that he had thought about cakes, not that he is some lazy bum that hasn’t put anything into this whole wedding, it’s just that I hadn’t even thought of cakes yet and by the looks of Jessica’s face neither had she. “Cakes it is then.”
            To be continued…

The author's comments:
I hope you have liked my book so far please leave a comment and let me know what you think. thank you so much :D

It’s been about a month since we bought the dress. We finally were able to get a spot in a fancy cake tasting place Gâteau. It was mostly outside the area was beautiful with lots of green field and fountains, i almost forgot we were tasting cakes. They made a really big deal about being able to taste on flavor of cake at a time, there was about three other couples tasting cakes after each bite everyone took a drink of water, once they tasted the cake of course, it was suppose to cleanse our taste palit. There were so many different flavor to choose from. Most of the flavors i didn’t even know the names to. I figured we would be there for hours, in the middle of tasting a piece Eric whispered to me, “I think we’ll be here for ages they’re al so good.” I laughed after taking a sip of water.
“I think you’re right, I can’t even count how many we tried.” Eric and I laughed to ourselves. Everyone else was talking while we all waited for the next cake. They finally brought out the cake, when the cake was set down the hostess said, “Now I know it’s been a long day, but this is the last cake i hope all of you were able to choose a cake.” The hostess was cutting slices for everyone and handing out plates. The cake was beautiful, the white frosting paired perfectly with light pink sugar roses. I grabbed my plate, thanking the hostess. The cake was so sweet and rich, it was white chocolate with vanilla frosting. Some of the other cakes had been dry, but this one was definitely not, it could have melted in my mouth.
“Mm, Eric I love this one, what do you think?” I had only taken one bite and I was already in love.
“My thought exactly, I think this is the one” I sighed in relief. I was so glad Eric loved the cake too. Eric stood up grabbing my hand hand walking to the hostess. She smiled at as as we walked up to her, she had a fake smile the kind where you know they would rather be somewhere else. “We have decided on a cake.” Eric smiled at her as she motioned us into the lobby.
“I’m so glad you were able to choose one, I know we have lots of options and it can be difficult at times.”
I laughed “Yes there is many options i thought we would have to come back a different day.”
“Oh, yes that would be troublesome, now which cake did you decided on.” Eric told her the flavor and when we would like it. I examined her while she wrote down all the details. She had her brown hair in a tight ponytail, and a lot of makeup on. Her voice sounded so fake way to perky when she repeated our order.
“So that will be a white chocolate vanilla frosting five tier wedding cake delivered on August 27.”
“Correct.” Eric nodded his head.
“Ok, right this way it’ll just be one minute.” we followed her up to the counter while she went into the back.
“It all feels unreal I can’t believe we are getting married.”
Eric laughed and squeezed my hand, “I can’t believe you said yes.” I laughed as an old man walked up to the register “Eric and Jewly?”
“That would be us.” Eric said smiling at me.
“Ok that would be $543.” Eric pulled out his wallet sighing and handing the man his credit card. I wonder why he had sighed besides this, the rings, and the suits that's all he had paid for, but i just smiled pushing the thought away.
“Have a good day.”
“You too.” Eric and I called out as we walked out getting in the car. We rode in silence for a while befor Eric finally said
“I have to go into work tonight i can drop you off at Jessica’s if you want.”
“Oh, ok yea that’s fine, I have a few things i have to plan with her anyways.”
We got to Jessica’s around 4:00 p.m. I got out of the car, he kissed me goodbye saying he would be home around seven. After he pulled away i walked up to Jessica’s door knocking on it.
“One minute!” She called from inside.
“Ok, it’s me Jewly.” When she opened the door her eyes were red and puffy and dried tears ran down her face covered by new ones, her blond hair was frilled up, and she had a tissue in her hand. I pulled her into a tight hug “Oh my gosh what happen, why didn’t you call me?” She lead me inside and we sat down on her couch. She sniffled and said,

“Jake broke up with me.” Her voice was wobbly and she burst into tears. I hugged her tight rubbing her back
“Why did he do that, did something happen, who do i need to beat up?” Her hair had stuck to her face, i couldn’t tell if it was sweat or tears, she whipped it away and blew her nose.
“He said i was to immature and wasn’t ready for a serious relationship.” Tears streaming down her face as her sadness turned to anger “what is that even suppose to mean i’m not immature i’m ready for anything, he’s just stupid!” Her anger fading away back into sadness. I patted her back to by time i had no idea what to say. I was just as confused as she was, they seemed so perfect together. Tears streaming down her face even faster. I sighed and said,
“If he is going to say you're immature that's he’s lose, I have known you since fifth grade that's when you were immature, when we laughed at farts and One Direction was our wallpaper, but now… now we are women who went to college and got degrees, I’m so sorry all this happen, but just remember the one for you is out there somewhere.” She smiled, it was a weak smile, but none the less it was a smile. I forgot about wedding planning we ended up just watching movies and hanging out. By the time i left it was 9:00 p.m. I had a two hour drive home, but it was worth losing some sleep cus when i left she was smiling. When i got home it was around 11:30. I walked down the hall to our bedroom. Eric was already asleep so i quietly changed and crawled into bed. Slowly falling asleep.

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