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March 12, 2016
By TheShadySideOfCandyland, Chennai, Other
TheShadySideOfCandyland, Chennai, Other
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A tale, that reconnoitres the dull life of an exasperated boy. The boy's a writer, but he never knew that he was one, until a sparkling lady, intervened into his life. It's basically like a frame story i.e it's a story within another. One of the boy's stories, are rendered to the lady. But it is necessary for the reader to make sure they don't get confused with the past and the present. It's a multiple ending story; it's left to the reader to decide the ending. Dated in the 1960s, the boy's story is based on a beautiful entrepreneur, who expresses symptoms of hardship, wrecks and shatters. She believes in solidarity because she knows that people to her, means trouble until she meets a thief, who symbolises a hybrid lifestyle. He's a hardcore and a lover, who believes in attatchment and separation.



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