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This isn't Just an Experiment

July 26, 2012
By ThatCometKid001 SILVER, Golden, Colorado
ThatCometKid001 SILVER, Golden, Colorado
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Alexander Douglas is weird and Haley knows it. She tries her hardest to avoid him, but he keeps squirming back into her life, even in her dreams. Can Haley figure out his secret before it's too late?


This isn't Just an Experiment

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on Aug. 28 2012 at 11:00 pm
C.L.Erins BRONZE, Nunn, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
The past is like a pen. You can always cross it out, but you can never erase it. ( unless you have one of those special erasable pens and in that case... well you are lucky)

i really like this. :) keep going please. i must know more!!