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Brad's Day

November 10, 2011
By MaishaI, Lansdale, Pennsylvania
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MaishaI, Lansdale, Pennsylvania
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Author's note: I'm a girl and I wrote it in a guy's point of view, so if I sortof screwed up i'm sorry.

I get up from a very relaxing nap. My brown hair is a mess and my eyes are blurry just like every morning. It’s probably the eye suds, and then I pull the curtains to let the bright warm sun hit my face. A nice way to start a fantastic day, and by fantastic I mean probably the worst day it could possibly be for me. Why is day so bad you ask? Well today is my best friend’s wedding and I’m the best man. Also it is the death anniversary of my mother. The events that haunt my past cling to me, but I am an adult. A twenty-seven year old adult. I can’t let the past haunt me forever, so I force myself to go to the bathroom. In about three hours the rehearsal will begin so I needed to get ready fast, because the place is somewhat far from my apartment. I also really needed to get a haircut, so I’m on a tight schedule. I brush my teeth, shave, eat a bowl of cereal, and then I put on a clean shirt with jeans. I also needed to pick up my tux and pants. I get into the BMW fast and start the car. The yellow rays strike across my face, as if today is the happiest day of my life.” Oh the irony,” I think aloud.

Let me introduce myself first. My name is Brad. Brad Smith. My real name is actually Banaing Slobodon meaning “son of the powerful slayer”. Exactly what describes my father. He is a corrupt political leader of Russia. He is one of the advisors for the dictator and he is very involved in the black market, or he isn’t. I just don’t know. We hadn’t been in contact for nearly thirteen years. Today is a very important day in my life because today is my mother’s 23rd death anniversary. I don’t remember her that well because I was four when she died, but then again I don’t remember my father’s face either, and I was 10! I pictured my mother as a beautiful woman who is always there for you, loving you endlessly. On this day, in my hometown of Moscow, Russia a dangerous earthquake of 8.9 stuck, claiming my mother’s life along with several thousands. Leaving me with my father, he poured all his heart into rebuilding Moscow, soon becoming its mayor. He was actually a kind, loving, doting father, until depression got to him. The fact that my mother wasn’t coming back anytime soon starting sinking into his system. He started drinking and soon he was out of the house two or three weeks at a time. He soon came home drunk, and beat the living daylights out of me. Because of this, my maternal aunt legally adopted me and took me to America. She also changed my name to help fit in. I never saw my father again after that, or contacted him. Not even once.

“Oh Brad! There you are!” my friend Jeannine says as we wait for our clothes at the dry cleaners. “Been a while hasn’t it? So are you excited for Nick and Verona’s wedding?”

“The best man wouldn’t miss it for the world,” I replied with a fake smile.

“Well see you then!” Jeannine says happily as she leaves with her clothes.

I then got my clothes and make my way to the car, putting it in the back seat, start the engine then head for the barber’s shop. My brain then remembers the real reason why I didn’t want to go to this wedding. I envy them. The couples that fall in love. They claim that it’s love at first sight, marry, have a kid or two, then divorce. I mean really? Some love they have. Couldn’t even last it for five years, let alone their whole life. Seriously? Couldn’t they just do it without the marriage part? It might even last longer too. Not that I do that kind of stuff. I choose to do who I want, not like arrange marriages when parents decide for you. Although that hasn’t been working out well because I’m at zero at the moment, but it will work out. Somehow. There are also risks for choosing to do it. You never know when the person you hooked up with for one night comes back to you nine months later claiming that you’re the father of her child. For this reason, I CHOOSE to be single. I never spent a night with a woman in my life, because I choose to do that. You can never be too sure when a kid of yours pops out of nowhere. Love at first sight give me a break. I will believe it when it happens to me.
I finally reach to barber’s shop and then I park my car in the parking lot. As I head for the store, I forget my wallet so I go get it. I then make my way to the shop and then entering it. Hearing the ring of the bell on top of the door, makes me feel as if I’m a kid again. The titles on the floor were checked black and white and the seats were all the colors of the rainbow. Really bright colors of the rainbow. It hurt my eyes. The shop was very clean too. Where am I? In an M&Ms factory? The end of a rainbow? For some reason it bothered me so I just ignored it. I already have too much on my mind to worry about, and I guess if people have bad color choices, they can’t help it. It’s just naturally them. Who am I to judge? I then register my name to a plump male barber and then take my seat. After waiting for fifteen minutes, it was finally my turn.
“Right this way young lad,” the plump barber says.
“Thank you my good man,” I replied back.
He then pointed me to a chair and then I took my seat.
“Your stylist will be with you shortly,” the barber said and then he left.
Just by saying those words, it made me believe that I was in a doctor’s office, which led me ultimately to psychiatrists, who I deadly feared. The memory of my father beating me still follows me. Not that I blame him or anything, I actually forgave him mentally. But the pain never goes away entirely. I then wondered since when were barbers called stylists? As I ponder, the sounds of footsteps interrupt my train of thought.
“So Mr. Smith how would you like your hair done?” said a voice from the distance.
I recognized that it was a female, but she was turned away from me, so I couldn’t see her face.
“Well make it short, but attractive,” I replied back.
“I will try my best.”
“Thank you,” I said, smiling falsely.
What do you mean by try? I thought. I need to look the best I possible can without looking like I hate being there! I have to be at my best shape. The wedding will be in two hours. I have to hurry.
“Umm a excuse me. Could you please hurry up with the tools? I’m in a bit of a rush and I need to go. So please if you don’t mind, just cut my hair quickly.”
“Oh don’t worry. This won’t take long at all. Not long at all”

“Thank you,” I replied back.

She then turns around with all of her tools. I then see her face. She was very attractive and very beautiful. I estimated her age around twenty-three. She looked exactly like an absolute Barbie. Long blond hair in a ponytail, pink top, dark blue skinny jeans, and black boots. She was also very skinny and somewhat has muscular arms. This made me think she was very active in sports. But what stood out to me the most was a scar above her right eyebrow. I wonder how she got it?

“Relax, don’t be so tense. Just free your mind from all the trouble you have in the world and just relax.”

I didn’t understand if she was a hippie or if she was trying to seduce me, but I went along with it. It was actually helping me get rid of my tensions for the time being. Soon all employees left for lunch, and it was just me and her. She volunteered to finish my haircut first before going to lunch. I relaxed so much that I almost fell asleep, until my phone rang. I woke up suddenly, and the scissor she was holding cut my neck a little.

“Sorry! I shouldn’t have gotten up like that.” I said.

She looked at me with wide lifeless eyes. It sort of scared me so I took the call with my back turned away from her.

“Hello who is this?”

“Oh hey Brad! The Boss wants to see you pronto! It’s very important!”

“But Dave it’s my day off and I still haven’t gotten ready for the wedding yet!”

“It will only take a few minutes. We need your signature on some documents that are due at 3 o’clock today.”

“Fine” I replied.”I’ll be there in about thirty minutes. Just wait.”

“Thanks Brad. I can always count on you.”


I put my phone down.
“Sorry Miss but I have to go an important task came up. Thanks for the haircut and here’s a twenty dollar tip for all of your hard work. Thanks and goodbye.”

And with that I left the shop in a rush. Hearing whimpers of what I think someone was crying.

I finally arrived at work. The big white building with the bitten apple logo says it all. You guessed it; I work at Apple Inc. as its business/financial strategist. I get paid pretty well. I have a nice apartment in the 4th richest county in the US, own a BMW, and very respected in my company. I am always self conscious about my looks so I don’t set a bad impression to anybody around me, but now since it’s my day off, I really don’t care. I step out of my car, and head to the building. I wonder why my boss didn’t tell me to sign the documents yesterday. He probably forgot. Then it hit me, have I ever met my boss? I guess that because I work with a lot of people, I may have the chance to meet him, but I never personally did. Guess I’ll meet him now. First time for everything. I then started walking towards his office. Strange voices flowed from his office. Not strange, but familiar. That cold harsh voice trickled down my spine. The roughness of it gave me goose bumps. The atmosphere around me seems unbearable. No doubt about it. That voice is my father’s.

Why? Why of all people in the whole freaking world is he here? Was the country he was confined in too small for him? Well anyways I have to find out why he’s here. I snuck in close to the door and listen to what he was saying.
“What you invited my son to meet me!”
“Sorry Boss! I really want you guys to make up! I mean it’s been over 13 years? When are you going to make up with him?”
What! Dave knows about my past? Just who is he?
“Has it been 13 years already? Well another 13 can’t hurt can it?”
“I’ve always kept a close eye on Banaing for you, and now I think it’s the best time to talk to him. See he’s not even here yet. Come on Boss”
“Fine. But we need to discuss other matters.”
“What matters?”
“There is a witness to one of my mass murders out loose.”
“Hey wait a minute; I thought you weren’t ordering to do murders anymore.”
“I’m not you fool. And I don’t choose to resort to murder. It just happens because of their betrayal. Anyways her name is Annabel. She is blond, skinny, tan, and has blue eyes. From my sources, I can tell that she disguised herself as a barber.”
That’s when it struck me; my father was after the hot hippie.

I have to save her no matter the cost. I didn’t know what drew me close to her. Was it her attitude? Her personality? Her beauty? Why? I then thought again. What drew me in was most definitely her body. She was weird to begin with, and she acted like she saw a ghost around me. But why am I so attached to her? Probably because I’ve always wanted to save someone and be a superhero deep down inside. I soon reach to the barber’s shop and rushed in. I started searching for her immediately, but she was nowhere to be found.

“Are you sure she didn’t go to the bathroom?”

“I’m sure.” said the plump man,” A large group of men came in and snatched her away just like that.”

Damn it! Where could she have gone? Now let me think. Where could my father take a pretty girl like her and confine her. If she is in a dark room, it would be hard for her to get out. But where? Probably underground. In the most unexpected place anyone would think of. The basement of this shop? Too obvious. His own house? Too far away. My house? He wouldn’t dare. But where else is there? Work? Then it hit me. He locked her up in the basement of Apple.

I rushed to the car and turned the keys. A person’s life was at stake here, and there is no time to waste. I have to save her before my father kills her. I reach Apple in a matter of 7 minutes. About half my usual time. I speed into the building. It appeared to be locked so I then crashed through one of the windows. I then run towards the basement. When I finally get there it seemed very dark and creepier than usual. I heard voices and I decided to go near it. I found a perfect hiding spot behind a huge pole that completely covered my body. From what I heard there were 2 people. One male and one female.

“Well here we meet again my little Annabel” said a low grouchy voice. No doubt my father.

“What do you want?” said another angry female voice. No doubt it was Annabel’s.

“I came here to finish the last witness to one of my most successful mass murders.”

“But why now?”

“What do you mean?”

“You could have killed me right then and there, but you choose not to. Why?”

“It’s a game for me you see. It’s like being on the edge every single day. The thrill of it you can never imagine.”

“But didn’t you think I would expose you sooner or later?”

“No. I didn’t have to worry about that. “

“And why so?”

“Well you should be the one asking yourself that question. Why didn’t you expose me? The reason is that I installed fear within you when you were very young. And the fear of me, the hatred just keeps growing. And in order to quench your revenge, you instead try to attempt murder on my son. Now why is that?

There was a long pause.

“No answer I see. The reason being is that you will be somewhat satisfied when killing my heir. But not really. You still fear me. I see it in your eyes.”

I heard little whimpers.

“Is this the end?” her quivering low voice whispered.
Those words broke my heart. She was crying and it felt like a big weight was on top of me. I wanted to stop her tears. I wanted to end her nightmare. I wanted to save her.
It was my duty to rescue her but as a friend. Not as an admirer. I searched around me to find a weapon capable of knocking my father out. I soon found a rusty metal pole about one and a half feet in length. I grabbed on to the bottom of it, and then charged from my hiding space.
“FATHER! LET GO OF HER THIS INSTANCE!” I shouted in probably the loudest voice I possibly could.
My feet felt as light as feathers and my body moved swiftly. The rusty iron rod felt as light as a baseball bat. I ran towards him. Rod in hand with a force and determination of an army. My only priority was to save the hippie and get out of this basement as fast as I possibly could. As I was nearing the striking position, everything went black.

“Doctor! Doctor! The patient regained conciseness! Doctor!” was the first thing I heard.
Where am I? What happened? What am I doing here? I saw a woman with a Red Cross symbol run to the tubes in my hand. The white walls and the gray curtains surrounded me. I was in a hospital. My head hurts. The last thing I remembered was that I was charging to my father with a metal rod in my hand. Then nothing. Wait a second! Where is he? How was Annabel? I hope she isn’t dead. As I try to move heavy footsteps entered the room.

“Well Mr. Smith,” said the doctor,” how are you feeling today?”

“My head hurts and my stomach is killing me. I don’t know why.”

“Well considering the fact that you got shot in the left abdomen and suffered extreme blood loss might answer your question. Oh and also your skull apparently hit a metal pole.”

I didn’t know what hurt more. The fact that I was idiot to cause my own injury or the injury itself.

“Well the psychiatrist will be with you shortly to ask you about the details of the crime you witnessed.”

“Wait…wait…wait what crime? Why a psychiatrist? Can’t you ask me?”

“Do you have a problem with psychiatrists?”

“You can bet your ass on it I do! They are my worst nightmares along with wedding!”

“You have issues. Serious issues”

“You’ve got to be shitting me! I’ll tell you right here, right now! The only thing I know is that a hot girl got kidna……”

A knock interrupted our conversation.
“Good timing nurse.”
“Our guest has a visitor,” she said.
“Oh then tell her to come in. I’ll just be out of my way so that our guest has a little privacy.”
“Hey! We’re not done yet! Where are you going! Look at me when I’m talking to you!”
“You know an idiot like you shouldn’t be yelling, considering the fact that you got shot in the stomach,” said a woman’s voice.
It was familiar and soothing. And I knew whose voice it was in a heartbeat. I let out a sigh of relieve. She was safe. That’s all that mattered. She entered the room. She wore modest clothes. It was a red and yellow flowered long sleeved shirt with a white yarned sweater vest on top. She also wore dark blue jeans and black boots. It made her very attractive. And I liked her color choices.
“So you aren’t dead yet are you? You’re a tough girl.”
“I’ve got a lot of practice. Living during a war. Fending for myself. No big deal.”
“How’s my old man?”
“He’s dead. I killed him. Please forgive me.”
So that was the crime that happened. For some reason I didn’t feel as bad as I had anticipated. I knew that he was a bad man, but he was my father for crying out loud. I didn’t know how to feel.
“Do you mind if I ask you something?” she asked in a sweet voice.
“Ask away.”
“Why did you save me?”
“Because someone I knew needed help and I could lend it to them. Well it wasn’t the best of outcomes for me but I’m still alive and so is the person I wanted to save. That’s all that mattered.”
She then started smiling. Then tears rolled down her eyes.
“Is it something I said? Please don’t cry! I don’t like it when you cry! It breaks my heart! Please stop!”
“You know you’re an idiot. Just like your dad. The only difference is that you both have different reasons for being idiots. But you both fight for something. He fights for his pride while you…….you fight for me! Why? Am I really worth it? I lost everything when I was little. I even tried to kill you! Yet you risked your life to save me! Why?”
“Every life is worth saving. Whether a worm or a person. You are in this world because you have a reason to be living at the moment. You have to fulfill your reason before you die. That’s why I saved you.”
She looked up.
“Also I wanted to be a superhero when I was little and save a very pretty girl from an evil villain. But you know I totally saved you because of the first reason. The second reason had nothing to do with this situation whatsoever.”
Her tears stopped and she laughed. It was the cutest laugh I ever heard. It filled my soul and brought life to this boring room.
“You moron!” she yelled in a happy voice.
Before I knew it, she kissed me. It was probably the best feeling I had felt in a long time.
“Well Superman, call me sometimes. Maybe you might have a chance to save me again. Also call me if you need anything else. I’ll see you tomorrow,” she said in a sexy voice.
“Well I’ll think about it. In the meanwhile call me if you need somebody to save you.”
“Will do.”
With that she left the room. The doctor then came in.
“Something like that,” I answered back.
“Hey Doc. Do you believe in love at first sight? Because I think I do.”

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