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Girl of Her Dreams

June 14, 2011
By RedPlague BRONZE, Noblesville, Indiana
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RedPlague BRONZE, Noblesville, Indiana
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"The only way you stop yourself is thinking you can't."

“It’s over.” I had said for what felt like the hundredth time this month. I handed back the bracelet to my now ex-boyfriend Johnny, running-back for our school’s football team. “If you want to cheat, go ahead, but not on me.” I slid out of the booth and marched over to the doors of Wendys. I heard him call after me as I flew open the doors, but I wasn’t listening. I didn’t want to listen to another excuse. They all seem the same after every guy you’ve ever dated has said it.
I stomped off towards my car in frustration, thinking to myself. That was it; I was through with the traumas of relationships. It’s not easy to juggle being the captain of the soccer team, treasurer of the student council, and a straight A student while at the same time maintaining a steady boyfriend. I know I say it every time I break-up with a guy, but my tolerance for men has come to an end. I’ve been with guys too busy for me, too dumb for me, too arrogant for me, but too deceiving for me drew the line. I don’t deserve to be cheated on…do I?
I struggled to find the car key on my keychain in such anger that I almost didn’t notice when I bumped into someone. “Sorry,” I muttered to them without even looking up.
“You look peeved.” I heard a girl with a smooth, gorgeous voice say.
“Peeved?” I questioned her word choice as I stopped in my footsteps and looked over my shoulder at her. Out of habit I sized her up.
She was about five-foot-four, barely shorter than I. Her skin complexion was lightly tan, but it had that glowing sensation to it. She had intense grayish-green eyes that had this sweet welcoming feeling to them and she had a body like Lindsay Lohan, busty and slender. Her glossing brown hair was in a perfect wave, and I mean perfect. It ran to her shoulders and without a hair out of place, exactly how I had always wished my hair to be. Unfortunately I had dyed it blonde about two weeks ago because its original brownish-red color was frustrating me.
“Yea, peeved. As in ticked off…” She smiled, revealing a row of straight, shining teeth.
“Yeah, I know what it means. I just haven’t heard anyone use it since like sixth grade.” I turned all the way around to face her. I noticed she was wearing a Volks High tee and low-cut denim shorts. I shifted my weight onto my left leg, crossed my arms, and pointed at her shirt. “You go to Volks? What grade?”
“Junior, you?”
“Junior! Why haven’t I seen you around school?”
“I don’t know? I just transferred here this school year.”
“Where from?” I changed my weight onto my other leg, growing upset that it’s the beginning of the second quarter and I’ve never seen this girl walking the halls of Volks High, even if she was a transfer.
“Colorado.” She said it with an eye-roll, showing me the frustration she must have had for her old state.
“That must have been quite a journey. Did you move here in car?” She nodded her head. “It must have taken at least a day to get from there to here in Mississippi.”
“Oh, more than that.” She ran a hand through her wavy hair.
There was a moment of hesitation. “I’m sorry; I didn’t catch your name?” I eventually heard myself ask.
“Vitani Croire.” She smiled again.
“Oh, I’m Zena MacIntosh. Wait, your last name is Croire? As in French for…”
“To think or believe, yes.” She gave a slight nod with her head.
“So you’re French?” Which was obvious, but I couldn’t help but to ask. I mean, she didn’t even sound like she had an accent.
“Oui. Je suis francais.” She said with a perfect French accent, correcting my doubts.
“Oh great! I need help for my French test tomorrow. Could you help me?”
“Whoa, I only said I was French, I never said anything about actually knowing the language.” Her head gave a slight shake.
“But surely you know some French?”
She bit her bottom lip in thought. It didn’t take her too long to answer. “Yeah, a little I guess, but not really enough to help you study for a test.”
“Well a little is better than nothing, and I could use all the help I can get.” I smiled at her, which she returned. It took me a moment to snap out of her warming smile and quickly get back on topic. “So do you have time to teach me what you do know?”
“Well…when?” She glanced at a small pink watch fastened around her wrist.
“How about now? We can grab take out and drive to the park or something.”
“Take out? Why not stay here?” She questioned.
I took in a deep breath, considering if I should tell her about what had happened. “I just dumped my boyfriend in there for cheating on me. That’s why I looked so…peeved earlier when I bumped into you.” I couldn’t help but to grin at the word she had used only minutes before.
“Well you’re going to have to face him sooner or later. Why don’t we just stay and if things get out of control then we can get take out?”
I glanced down at the ground, then back up at her. It hurt to admit it, but she was right. “Yeah, it’s just sad that I didn’t know you like a month ago to tell me that for all the other guys I dumped.” I smirked, finally putting my keys back into my front pocket, walking back towards the entrance. Vitani followed right beside me.
“Maybe you should stop dating guys in all.” She flashed her fabulous smile again.
“Ugh, I wish I could, but I don’t know, I always feel like I need to have someone who will be there for me. You know, like always have my back and listen to all the things I say and understand my feelings.”
“That’s what friends are for.”
“Yeah, but you can’t kiss friends, unless they’re a guy friend.” I gave a laugh.
“You could if you really wanted to.” She giggled like that of a small schoolgirl.
“That’s for the gays.” I smiled as I saw her laugh quickly fade into somewhat of a frown. My smile suddenly died too. “No offense to them, I mean love is love.”
“You really believe that?” We reached the door and stopped, both hesitant to be the one to open it.
“Yeah,” I nodded my head slightly, glancing at the cars driving by the fast-food restaurant. “I guess I do.” I looked back at her and my smile returned, as did hers. After a few seconds of silence I finally decided to open the door. “Well, in we go.” Vitani nodded at me and walked in as I followed.
“I’m going to order us some Frosty’s, what flavor would you like?”
“Oh no, you don’t have to do that, I can buy the Frosty’s.”
“No, I’m buying.” She said with a laugh. “Besides, your ex is watching you. Why don’t you go pick a seat and see what happens?”
I slowly glimpsed over at the table I had left my ex at, and like Vitani had said he was staring right at me. I quickly looked away and scanned the place for an empty table when a question hit me. I turned back to Vitani. “How did you know who my ex was?”
Without taking her eyes off the big Wendys menu, she said, “Just because you didn’t know me doesn’t mean I didn’t know you.” She smiled as she turned her head to face me then abruptly back to the menu. “So what flavor?”
With a satisfying grin, I answered, “Chocolate.” I wandered away from her in search for an empty table. Make that an empty clean table.
It took a while but I finally found the perfect table. Clean, no tears in the seats, and the farthest away from Johnny, who I noticed was still watching me.
I quickly glanced over at the counter to see Vitani ordering, and deciding I wouldn’t have to wait long, I slid into the booth. I looked out the window next to the booth for a few moments when I felt someone slide in next to me.
“Took you long enough.” I turned around expecting to see Vitani but instead I was face to face with Johnny. “What are you doing?” My voice grew stern.
“Trying to talk this out with you. Look, she came on to me. I was too stoned to keep it under control. I’m sorry. Please, understand.” He took my hand as he pleaded.
Out of shock, I froze. But as quickly as I had frozen, I regained control, and practically shouting, I replied “No!” as I thrust my hand out of his grasp. “I’ve heard all the excuses one too many times and I’m sick of them. I don’t want a relationship anymore. We’re through…” I paused as I lowered my voice. “I’m through.” I looked past him to see Vitani watching us from the condiments counter.
“Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m here with a friend.” I pulled myself up onto the table, swinging my legs past him and over to the side with the aisle. I slid off and walked towards Vitani, leaving Johnny there dumbfounded.
“Nice departure.” Vitani greeted me.
“Thanks.” I smiled. “Do you mind if we eat outside? It’s such a nice fall day and all.”
“Yes it is.” She smiled as she made her way out the door, being greeted by the brisk Sunday breeze. We made our way to one of the picnic tables.
“So tell me more about yourself, since you know me so well.” I said to her when we settled down at one of the tables.
“Well, what do you want to know?”
“I have no clue. Just amuse me.”
“In which way.” She laughed. “Just kidding.” I suddenly began laughing when I understood what she had meant.
“How do you know me so well?”
“Friends of friends. Plus you’re the captain of the soccer team. Everyone knows you.”
“I can’t argue with that.” I shrugged my shoulders and smiled.
“So did you two work it out?” She asked me. It took me a moment to realize that she was referring to Johnny.
“Oh no. We are final. Done. No more.”
“I take it you break up a lot.”
I nodded my head at her just as I heard a loud car horn come from behind me.
“I’m sorry. That’s my ride. I didn’t expect them to finish their shopping so early.” She nodded at something past me and I turned my head to see a blue convertible beetle. “I wish I could stay and help you with your French.” She grinned as she rose.
“Oh, it’s cool. I guess I’ll just see you around then.”
“I guess you will.” She gave one last toothy grin before she walked towards the vehicle and disappeared into it, leaving me to slurp down my Frosty alone.
In my usual T-shirt and soccer shorts, I looked in the mirror, seeing my slightly average yet well-built figure stare back at me. I compared outfits against my body, figuring out what to wear for the day, after soccer practice that is. Glancing at my digital alarm clock and noticing I had fifteen minutes before I had to leave for Monday’s morning practice, I decided to go with my red and black checkered flannel jacket and black brief shorts.
“Smurf,” I turned around to face my bed and saw my German-Shepherd mix puppy lying on my soccer bag. “I need that!”
“Ruff!” He barked at me as his tail thumped back and forth from my bed to the bag.
“You’re going to have to get up.” I placed my hands on my hips and looked down at him.
“Ruff!” He responded.
“Ok, fine. Have it your way.” I seized the bag from under him and pulled, causing him to tumble over, lying on his back on the bed.
I put my school clothes in the bag and zipped it up as I made my way out of my room, grabbing my backpack along the way. Pacing down the stairs, I flung the straps of my two bags over my shoulder and immediately felt the weight sink into my skin.
“Bye Mom.” I called out before I made my way to the front door.
“Bye Zena, sweetie.” I heard her voice sound from the kitchen. “Do you have breakfast?” She continued to call.
I paused in front of the door. “I have an energy bar in my bag and I’m getting a drink from the school milk machine before practice.”
“Ok.” Was all she said before I opened the door and walked down the driveway, making my way to my car.
Throwing my bags over into the passenger’s seat, I slipped behind the wheel of my black Mercedes and placed my keys into the ignition. I strapped on my seatbelt and rotated the keys to feel the purr of my car, thus backing out of the driveway.
It only took a few minutes before I was parking in the school lot in between the school and the soccer fields. The lot was just redone over the past year but the white lines were already beginning to fade from use. This helped in finding ‘my’ spot, which were two barely seeable lines separated by black pavement that had a patch of grass trying to push through where the pavement connected to the sidewalk.
I grabbed my black soccer bag and got out of the car. After I pressed the button that locked my car, I was made my way towards the soccer fields. Halfway to the field, I noticed a familiar figure sitting under the old oak tree next to the school side entrance.
“What are you doing here so early?” I asked as I approached Vitani. She looked up from the textbook on her lap with a smile.
“Homework.” She closed the book.
“Isn’t that for home?” I mirrored the smile.
“Maybe, but I have better things to do with my time at home.”
“Why did you come here then, and so early?”
“I have my reasons.” A suspicious smile crept onto her face.
“I see.” I hesitated. “How long have you been doing this?”
“Oh, just within the past month or so.” She shrugged.
“Really? I’ve never seen you.”
“Maybe you have, you’ve just never noticed. There’s a difference.” She reopened the textbook. And with nothing else to say, I left her to her studies with a “See you around.”
I strolled the nearly quarter-mile distance to the soccer fields and threw my duffel bag onto the sideline as I approached my teammates.
“Who was that?” Kendra, one of my closest friends, asked. She was a slim figure with a busty chest. Her skin was fair with a few freckles here and there but they brought out the color in her cheeks. She was sitting on the ground with her hands reaching towards her out-stretched legs.
“You mean Vitani?” I pointed my thumb over my shoulder, like an umpire would when calling a base runner out.
“Is that her name?” Kendra asked with a tone of attitude as she pulled her ponytail holder out of her short golden-blonde locks and, brushing her fingers through her hair to form another ponytail, she put it back up.
“Yeah. Why?” I got down on the ground beside her and began my own stretches.
“I’ve just seen her around school and was wondering who she was.” She rose from the ground, brushing her hands on her shorts to get the wet grass that had stuck to them off. “So I heard you broke up with Johnny yesterday.”
“Yeah.” I heard myself sigh.
“What is that, like your fifth break-up this month?”
“I haven’t really been keeping track.”
“Well I’m going to say it was your fifth. A new record.”
“Not exactly something to be proud of.” At that moment I heard the coach’s whistle blow from the sideline and I turned to the sound.
“Gather ‘round ladies.” Coach Eden motioned to us. I got off the ground and made my way towards the circle forming around the handsomely, muscular figure we called our coach.
“As you all may know, we have a game tonight and Sunday morning at nine. Now I know most of you are pumped for the Fall Dance this Saturday at seven, but please, please, please do not stay up all night. I want you girls rested for the Sunday game. So make sure you get your rest, ok?” I, as well as the other fifteen girls of the team, nodded our heads.
“Now that that’s settled, start your laps around the field.” There were a few groans of frustration as we began running our way around the sidelines of the field.

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