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June 3, 2022
By Jaylat, Glenside, Pennsylvania
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Jaylat, Glenside, Pennsylvania
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Author's note:

I am into drama and romance, so I love seeing the outcome of love and dramatic situations. Plus, I want my audience to feel surprised when they see the resolution of my short story.

“Mia! Why did you call Mrs. Thompson a female dog?” Mia’s mother says in a gruff manner, “She was trying to give you advice about school,” Mia’s mother adds on. 

“A female dog only has menstrual cycles, urinates, eats, creates offspring and draws attention. That’s what Mrs. Thompson does,” Mia mumbles.

“What? There is no logical comparison between your therapist and an animal,” Mia’s mother demands. 

“Well, for a better understanding- She is a b*tch who never listens to me,” Mia mumbles. 

“Don’t you dare make an ignorant remark about her,” Mia’s mother yells, “She does the best she can for you to make better decisions in life.”

“Mom! You need to mind your business!” Mia shouts, “I don’t need a therapist!”

Mia’s mother stares at Mia without blinking, “Yes, you do. You need to make better decisions!”

Mia swiftly runs up the stairs, opening CJ’s bedroom door, and then shutting it.

CJ surprisingly glances at Mia while he is texting on his phone, “Yo! Get out.”

Mia tears up, “Why does mom favor you more than me?”

CJ glances at Mia from up his phone, “Get out, Mia. Please!”

Mia leisurely opens CJ’s bedroom door and walks out. She strolls to her bedroom and closes the door. Mia walks to her dresser and picks up her phone. She turns her phone on while she begins laying on her bed. Mia clicks on  Instagram and goes on Azaniya’s fake account page. 

“She is so dumb to accept a request from off her fake page and post things of  her cheating on Chris? This is hilarious,” Mia chuckles.

She then quickly clicks on  Instagram and goes on Chris’s page. Mia clicks on the post of Azaniya and Chris’s kissing., 

“Why doesn’t he like me?” she says to herself.

Mia shuts off her phone and throws it on her bed. She gets up from off her bed and goes to the left side of her bed to go get her bookbag. She unzips her bookbag, grabs her laptop, and sits down on her bed while she puts her laptop in her lap. She opens up her laptop and logs in.

Mia goes to PowerSchool and views her grades, “I hate these damn teachers… Now all of them are giving me F’s… For what? This is why I never show up to their classes.”

Monday morning, at 7:26 am

“Mia! Get your *ss up to get ready for school!” Mia’s mother demands, “How many times do I have to tell you to stop oversleeping- Get up!”

Mia’s mother leaves and shuts the door. 

Mia rubs her eyes, gets out of bed, and looks at herself in the mirror. 

Mia whines, “Why am I so scrawny?”

Mia’s cell phone buzzes.

Mia looks back and quickly scurries to her phone that is laying on her bed. She then begins opening instagram, clicks on Chris’s page, and starts smiling at how exceedingly fine he is until she sees Azaniya and him in a post together.

Mia’s heart starts beating so fast, and she feels a choke in her throat. 

She eventually shuts off her phone. 

“What does he see in her that he doesn’t see in me?” Mia mutters.

Mia’s mother shouts, “Mia! It is 7:35am! Get dressed!”

“Oh my God! I am,” Mia screams. 

Mia trudges to her drawers and takes out her school uniform. She carefully puts on her white blouse, blue tie and navy blue skirt. Mia enters her bathroom, takes off her hair bonnet, opens the top drawer, and picks up her hair brush. She leisurely brushes every part of her curly, dark brown hair. She then picks up a rubber band from out of the bathroom drawer and puts the top of her hair in a high ponytail. She pats her hair and looks at herself in the mirror.

Mia’s mother hollers, “Mia! Get your lazy booty down these steps right now!”

Mia sprints to her bedroom door, down the steps, and then to the kitchen. 

Mia decelerates once she sees the new CJ look. 

“What the hell are you wearing CJ? What happened to your long curls and coils? What also happened to your button down shirts and plaid pants?” Mia’s mouth widens.

CJ is wearing a black shirt that says “F*** The Police,”, black ripped jeans, and Nike shoes with his hair cut short. 

Mia’s mother stares deeply at CJ, “Ooo… My baby’s looking sexier than a black Tesla.” 

Clayton rolls his eyes at her. 

Mia glances at CJ’s Nike shoes, “CJ! I bought you those brown slippers for a reason and you-”

CJ cuts her off, “Maybe the slippers are not made for me… Just for you- Aren’t slippers for females r- right?”

Mia sighs, “If you say so… But you wanted those slippers! Right?”

CJ ignores Mia, “Anyways, do I look cool?”

Mia and Mary look at each other. 

Mia prattles, “Well.. Uh- Uh if you put on the slippers then you know…”

Mia’s mother looks at CJ, “Baby, you look so handsome like always.”

CJ smiles and blushes, “Thank you, mom!”

“Woah there CJ. I don’t think you are you today,” Mia opens the front door. 

“I believe I am,” CJ mumbles. 

Mia shuts the door, “What is wrong with him…? Like actually.”

She walks down the stairs, and strolls on the sidewalk to go to school. 

Mia saunters up the stairs, opens the two doorways, and enters inside. 

Mia rushes to Chris’s locker, and then a random student pushes her. 

Mia whines, “What the hell! These wild animals are killing me.”

Suddenly, a six-foot tall, white-skinned. a blue-eyed, muscular guy lets out his hand to help Mia up. 

Mia begins admiring his looks.

“Thanks! Chris…” Mia stares him down while she steadily gets up from the floor.

Chris smiles while Mia gets up. 

Azaniya walks down the hall and stares Mia down.

Azaniya looks at Mia and grabs her tie, “Don’t you dare interact with my man.”

Chris and Mia look at each other for a couple of seconds.

Chris puts his hand on Azaniya’s shoulder, “Azaniya, please chill.”

“Chris! I don’t want to hear anything from you!” Azaniya hollers and lets go of Mia’s tie.

“I got something for you,” Azaniya snaps and pulls Chris to walk away from Mia.

Mia feels her heart beating rapidly while she fidgets with her fingers.

“What should I do? What should I do?” Mia repeats, “I didn’t do anything. I didn’t do anything!”

 Monday, at 11:05am

 A tumultuous, crowded cafeteria filled with insane, apathetic, nerdy, and clueless students. Different cliques are socializing and engaging with each other in their own unique way. The jocks are flirting with the cheerleaders while the mean girls are criticizing their victims. The lunch ladies are taking their time handing the students their lunches. 

Mia walks in the cafeteria looking clueless while the other students are laughing at her and recording her from off of their phones.

“What is going on?” Mia wonders. 

Mia strolls in the middle of the lunch room while the students are continuing with guffawing and recording her. 

Azaniya moves swiftly to her, “I told you that I have something for you,” Azaniya takes out her phone from her purse and shows an ancient, hideous image of Mia’s face.

Mia disgustingly looks at her, “Where did you get this picture from?”

“Oh! Girl… Remember the time when you told me that you liked Chris? Also, I secretly liked him as well so I did anything I could to make him not think you are attractive like me… At last, during that time period… I’ve been taking pictures of you looking like a hot mess!” Azaniya confidently answers.

Mia grabs her phone and dashes to the trash can, “Now what?”

“What the f*ck is wrong with you!” Azaniya sprints to her.

Mia throws Azaniya’s phone in the trash can and walks up to her.

“You ask for it- Now try to take pictures of me with your trash phone,” Mia responds.

Azaniya screams and starts raging, “You are psycho! You are furious because I am more attractive than you!”

Everybody in the cafeteria is silent while Mia scampers into the hallway. 

Mia rushes to her locker, puts in her code information, and grabs her belongings. 

“Yo! What are you doing?” security guard questions.

Mia walks past the security guard, “Mind your business, b*tch.”
The security guard stares at her like she is a wild animal, “These kids are crazy!”

Mia opens the front school doors and walks out the building. 

Mia begins sprinting down the sidewalk and jaywalking on the traffic jam streets. She then makes it to her destination. Mia quickly opens the doors and walks quickly inside the therapy office. 

Mia walks up to the front desk,”Hey! This is urgent,” Mia babbles, “I really need to go see Mrs. Thompson! I need to make an appointment like please at 11:45 am, Please… Please!”

The front desk’s lady stares at her, “Okay… You are Mia Alicea. Right?”

“Yes. Tell her I’m very sorry. She knows that I only want to come up with my own decisions, and I want to just see he- her… Please?” Mia desperately says. 

The front desk lady picks up the telephone and dials numbers, “Okay. Please sit and wait.”

Mia joyfully smiles, “Thank you!”

Mrs. Thompson speed walks to the front desk area and glares at Mia, “Mia… Why aren’t you at school?”

Mia smiles at Mrs. Thompson, “I am so-”

Mrs. Thompson cuts her off, “Mia… You have to be at school. You can’t be skipping school. School helps you in life, sweetie.”

“Mrs. Thompson… Please help me. Please! My mom dropped me off… I left school early,” Mia demands. 

Mrs. Thompson, “Maybe I should call Ms. Ali-”

“Don’t! She is busy right now- Please just talk to me… Please?” Mia cuts Mrs. Thompson  off.

“Please contact Ms. Alicea, who is her mother. I need to make sure if she’s telling me the truth to me,” Mrs. Thompson whispers to the front desk lady.

The front desk lady nods and swiftly dials numbers.

Mrs. Thompson looks at Mia, “Okay… follow me!”

“I’m sorry if I destroyed your working schedule with patients today, “ Mia follows Mrs. Thompson into the back of the therapy office. 

“You are fine. I didn’t have anybody in so you are definitely okay!” Mrs. Thompson giggles. 

Mia hurriedly goes inside Mrs. Thompson’s room and sits down on the examination table. 

Mrs. Thompson says, “First, we are going to talk about you saying rude remarks after someone says something to you that gets you furious.”

“ I can’t help that,” Mia mentions.

“Well, I can help you with that. First thing first… You need to breathe and think before you say anything. If you can’t think once, then you can think twice or perhaps three times!” Mrs. Thompson demands. 

“Okay. I understand. Thank you!” Mia pleases Mrs. Thompson. 

Mrs. Thompson walks up to her cabinet, opens it up, and grabs sheets of paper out of it.

“I have a plan to get revenge from Azaniya! Since she wants to expose me to the whole entire school, I have something for her!” Mia says.

Mrs. Thompson states, “Hopefully this is a plan that won’t cause any issues among others in the environment, especially between you and her.”

“I promise… So I was thinking about anonymously make a social media account, and post things about her cheating on Chris, which is her boy-”

Mrs. Thompson cuts her off, “Oh no no no no no… You are not doing that!”

“Mrs. Thompson, I have to so Chris can see the real her, and then he will break up with her and date me,” Mia grins. 

Mrs. Thompson’s surprisingly glances at her, “Mia… Baby! You can’t do this plan. You have to come up with a plan that won’t cause any trouble. Listen to me, please.”

“This is the problem! Ugh! You won’t let me come up with my own plans… This is for my own benefit. Not yours,” Mia rolls her eyes and gets up from the examination table. 

“Mia! I want to help you. I know that you want to hurt her, but listen… That won’t come out as great as you want it- Well at least for long,” Mrs. Thompson calmly states.

“I have to go… I’m sorry Mrs. Thompson, but please let me do what I want. I’m not five when you used to give me decisions and I’ll do them! I’m sixteen years old,” Mia’s voice cracks and walks to Mrs. Thompson’s room door. 

Mrs. Thompson shakes her head and stares at her. 

“I’m sorry… I’ll be back,” Mia leaves the room, and sprints out the entrance. 

Mia’s mother pulls up to the therapy office’s entrance with her car, “I know your *ss didn’t leave school. I know damn well this school didn’t call me and tell me that you left the school! Also, the front desk lady calls me and I am so aggravated that I have to come pick you up.”

Mia jogs to the vehicle, “Mom!“ 

Mia opens the passenger car door then swiftly gets in the car seat. 

Mia repeatedly inhales and exhales. 

“You must be a f*cking shame to-”

CJ cuts Mia’s mother off, “Can we talk about something else?”

Mia surprisingly looks back at CJ, “Bro- what the heck? It is 12 something. Aren’t you supposed to be at school?“

“Girl, you are worried about him being at school, but your *ss is leaving school at an appropriate time,” Mia’s mother drives off from the therapy office.

“Anyways,” Mia’s mother sucks her teeth while she stirs the steering wheel, “He got in a quarrel with  Zyhir… over a girl!”

“It’s not over a girl! Oh my God, Mmom!” CJ yells. 

“Hey! Don’t you dare utilize that word to me. I ain’t your damn friend or girlfriend…” Mia’s mother yells back at CJ. 

Mia takes her phone out from her skirt’s pocket and constantly turns her cell phone on and off. She then puts her phone back in her skirt’s pocket.

Mia’s mother pulls in the driveway and parks her car. 

CJ tries opening up the car door, “Come on… damn!”

“Can you wait? GOSH!” Mia’s mother rolls her eyes at CJ.

Mia’s mother turns her car off and unlocks it, “You’re welcome, “ Mia’s mother picks up her brown purse, “Now get out of my car!”

“CJ! I told you that Zyhir is a hoe. You never listen to me!”

“Yo! Why are you worrying about me? You always complain about how Azaniya stole your crush,” CJ scoffs. 

Mia darts to his bedroom door, “You can not be talking! The reason why you changed your style to fit in.”

CJ eyes widens, “That’s not true at a-all! Th–That’s why Azaniya stole your crush!”

Mia storms out of his room, “I hate you! I hate all of you! I hate my family!”

CJ walks to his bedroom door and slams it shut, “What an isolated b*tch.”

Mia sprints to her bedroom door, slams it, and commences tearing up. She swiftly goes to her bed, lays down, and her eyes begin watering. Her tears are falling like heavy rain coming down from a  sorrowful sky. Mia then wipes her tears and snatches her phone from her skirt’s pocket. She goes on Instagram and signs up utilizing an anonymous username.

Mia sniffs, “This is what your backstabbing b*tch *ss gets!”

Mia anonymously posts a photo of Azaniya and Nate Jacobs flirting with each other, and types a caption saying, “Azaniya and Nate are waiting to make passionate love with each other.”

“I told you to not accept people’s requests on your fake page,” Mia guffaws. 

Tuesday, at 9:30 am

“No, Azaniya… I am done with you! I’m not going to sit here and look stupid… and get played by you,” Chris sighs and walks away from Azaniya.

“Chris- baby…” Azaniya moans, “What the hell! You know what Chris- I can get a man at any time I want to.”

Azaniya grabs her phone from her purse and gets a text from Mia saying, “You wanted this…  Merry early Christmas!“

“Ugh…!” Azaniya rages.

Three weeks later

“I love you my beautiful baby,” Chris hugs Mia from the back, “Do you love me?”

Mia responds to each one of her thousands of comments on her post, “Mm- Look Chrissy- Look at my followers increasing… Isn’t this amazing like watching me become the baddest b*tch in the city! I mean like I am already the baddest at this school.”

Chris lets go of her, “Yea, but can you remember how long we've been together for? I know that it's been a long time.”

“We have been together for approximately a month. Isn’t it a long time babe?” Mia questions.

Chris responds, “Yeah. I was thinking about giving you a promise ring.”

Mia gets up from Chris’s bed, “I honestly can’t believe that we are a thing now right? You were just dating Azaniya.. I love hoe hoppers, especially when they hop onto me.”

Chris quickly turns his head to Mia’s direction, “What, yo?”

“I said that I am happy that you were with me- I mean are…”

“So you are with me because you want revenge or something because like-”

“No no no- W- why… would I do that?” Mia ambles to Chris, “I love you like for real.. You are hot, sexy, and-”

Chris cuts Mia off, “Oh so you are merely into my looks huh? Not personality? What about my personality?”

“Don’t cut me off. Just stop. It’s irritating. We've been together for a long time, and now you want to get mad over the fact I think you are mad sexy, like damn, “ Mia mentions.

Chris opens the door for Mia to leave, “You are just like Azaniya…  Now leave.”

Mia walks to his door, “I always loved you,” Mia looks back at him, “I- Nevermind.”

Mia looks back at him and tears run down her face. She then swiftly runs off and out of his house.

Thursday, at 3:14pm 

“Remember that you want to make your own decisions… Right?” Mrs. Thompson questions Mia. 

Mia answers, “Look- I apologized for everything. Everybody that tells me to leave their room were really the ones helping me out. I didn’t mean to push them away. I was being sel-”

“Selfish? Yes. Girl, you are a 16 year old young lady. You are still trying to figure things out,” Mrs. Thompson cuts Mia off and says the term for her. 

Mia takes out her phone and goes on Chris's page.

Mrs. Thompson lends over and looks at her phone, “Mia! You have to stop. Get off his page, and talk to me about your feelings.”

Mia says, “ No. I won't tell you my feelings… I am going to make a speech to the school about myself.”

Mrs. Thompson gets up and hugs Mia tightly.

Mia hugs back, “I hope you like my decision…”

Mrs. Thompson lets go of Mia, “Yes, I do! I want you to let the school know who you really are tomorrow.” 

Friday, at 11:07am

Mia strolls to the front of the cafeteria and grabs the microphone. 

Everybody stares at her and the lunch room gets silent.

“Hey everyone! I am Mia. M stands for messy. I stands for immature. Lastly, A stands for attention,” Mia loudly says, “Anyways, I am messy because I love to ruin people’s lives because my life is imperfect- well everyone’s life is imperfect. Plus, I am immature because I do 4-year activities when I don’t get my way. At last, attention… Immaturity and messiness goes with attention because I act immature and be messy to get attention- W- well look! Everybody in this lunchroom wants attention and I’m not surprised. Right?”

“No, people merely give me attention because I’m so bad,” Azaniya smirks and turns to Chris who is sitting across the room from her. 

Chris rolls his eyes at her, “Azaniya, shut up! Where is your man at? Remember that sh*t?”

Azaniya sighs.

Mia snickers, “This is all I want to say. I love you CJ. I love you mom. I love you Chr-”

Mia drops the microphone and wanders out the cafeteria. 

Chris runs after her and the others follow him. 

Mia stops running at the front of the school.

Chris walks up to her, “Mia-”

“What are you doing-”

Chris looks back at Azaniya, “We are done. Done for good. Not done for a day!”

Azaniya sprints inside the school and bawls.

Chris rolls his eyes and turns his face to Mia’s face, “Look- You made a pretty speech out there. You feel me?” Chris nervously says to her.

“Look- I know what you are attempting to do,” Mia chuckles, “I want to be single.”

Chris frowns. 

“I don’t get attention, love, and revenge anymore,” Mia kisses his forehead, “I love you Chris.”

Mia sprints away from the school. 

Chris watches every quick step that she takes. 

Mia makes it to the therapy office and she rapidly opens the entrance door.

Mia dashes to Mrs. Thompson’s door, “Mrs. Thomp-”

Mrs. Thompson and her client stare at Mia.

“I did it…” Mia tears with joy.

Mrs. Thompson smiles at Mia, “I knew you could, Mia.”

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