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crazy eyes

January 24, 2020
By yesseniatamayo1, Seattle, Washington
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yesseniatamayo1, Seattle, Washington
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Marie’s POV

My eyes are about to burst out.  Hate waking up every morning at 6 to feed the farm animals, worst job ever.  Makes me feel like a slave in the house.  Good morning to me--ugh.  Quickly and quietly so my mother won’t wake up, I make my way to the bathroom to get ready to see all the lovely dirty animals.  My everyday “work” outfit is simple: old worn jeans, plaid shirt, and brown boots for the mud. As I’m walking out the door, hoping mother doesn’t hear me, suddenly..“Marie!  Watch out for that shadow man in the farm, it’ll get you.” She had that smirk on her face as if she knew there was actually a so called ‘Shadow Man’ at the farm. Whatever, it’s just one of her many other imaginations that I hear from everyday.  One of these days, I’m going to do something about this, for her own good.  

The smell of horse feces, muddy pigs, and chickens picking on scraps of food off the floor was killing my nose as I walked closer to them.  How horrendous this job is and yet with no one to help me at all. I could’ve been studying in college. Instead, I dropped everything to work at my family’s farm by myself and listen to my mom complain about her hallucinations.  If only all this was way different than the nightmare I’m currently living in.

Ruby’s POV

So peaceful in the house.  So peaceful I can hear my own breathing.  It’s just me, because Marie helps me out with feeding the farm animals.  I basically don’t do anything but sit in the house. Sometimes, I see stuff floating or being thrown to the floor which terrifies me so I yell for Marie to come back.  It’s like if I’m going crazy. I also hear whispering very close to my ear, like if a man is right by me even though I can’t quite word out what it’s saying. Marie seems to be annoyed whenever I tell her my stories that happen while she’s gone.  I never told her this, but whenever I’m with her, there’s a black shadow above her head floating like a dark cloud. This freaked me out at first sight, although now that I see it a lot more, I don’t show emotion just so Marie won’t suspect a thing or feel worried for me.

Marie’s POV

Finally finished and happy to leave back--yay!  I saw my mother looking at the wall like some lunatic when I walked in.  What the actual f is going on with her.  This is getting really annoying.  I walk back to my room going straight to my laptop and began searching mental hospitals.  Sorry mom, but it’s for the best. She’s going to least expect this. Although it won’t be for a long time, but it’s so she can learn and become a normal person like everyone else.  “Sweetie, come over here, I don’t enjoy being alone by myself.” She said from afar in a creepy voice. These are the last few hours being with her before she’s temporarily gone from my eyesight.  Currently with her, automatically I got a hit of tiredness while laying down on the couch and as mother was speaking to me, I felt myself knocking out into a deep sleep.

Early the next morning, I’m in my bed confused as not remembering how I got here here yesterday.  Probably my mom. House is very silent, for once.  Totally forgot that today is the day my mom is leaving to go be taken to the mental hospital.  I’ll be a bit sad, this is for the best and for me.  After hours of planning yesterday, it got me a sense of relief and relaxation.

Time has come.  I see the medical assistants pull up and very happily, I walk out to introduce myself.  From behind, I hear my mom screaming in fright as the two guys are grabbing her arms pulling her outside to the car.  “We’ll take good care of you Miss and you won’t have to worry about all those hallucinations you’ve been getting.”--Goodbye mother.

Ruby’s POV

Why is she doing this to me- why?  She is never understanding about the occurrences that happen while she’s working in the farm.  I look up; there’s a dark cloud in the sky, I look down to Marie and she as well has the same dark flowy cloud above her head like the one I always see on her.  She will never know--never. She will not last long alone in the house by herself because she does not know what’s coming to her. “I always thought you were crazy mom.  You need help!” Marie yelled from afar while I was inside the car slowly driving away.

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