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January 22, 2020
By alexandriagranville BRONZE, Carbondale, Pennsylvania
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alexandriagranville BRONZE, Carbondale, Pennsylvania
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Author's note:

I wrote this play as a way to help other guys understand that asking someone to prom is very nerve wracking 









Act I

Props: Lunch Trays, Tables, Juice, Lunch Food, and Napkins.

Setting: During lunchtime at West City High School, students are discussing the upcoming prom that will be held in three weeks. 

(Enter PJ and SAMMY stage right, both holding a lunch tray and walking to their shared lunch 

table with their friend CHARLIE. Lunch table is center stage, the table is empty).

PJ(Speaking with irrritation): Man, I can’t believe Mrs.Doe made me write that stupid essay on why she should let me go to prom. All because I have a sixty seven in her stupid Art class. 

SAMMY(Shrugging): Well dude, it’s not my fault you decided to take Art when you can’t even draw a stick figure. (Setting down his lunch tray and taking his seat.)

PJ: But an essay, in art class? (Setting his lunch tray down) That is like playing a violin in an orchestra, it doesn't make sense! 

SAMMY(Looking at PJ with a funny face): PJ, there are violins in an orchestra. 

PJ(Looking at him with confusion): Really? (Looks down at his table for a second then shrugs) Huh, learn something new. (Looks back up with slight excitement) Anyways, that doesn’t matter anymore. The point is, I can now officially go to prom, and all of us can officially go to our senior prom! 

SAMMY: Not all of us plan on going to prom dude. 

PJ(Confused face): What do you mean? We all have passing grades and good attendance. 

SAMMY: Charlie told me he doesn't plan on going at all anymore. Something about um...(takes a second to think, then remembers) anxiety. 

PJ:Anxiety? Anxiety over what? 

SAMMY: I don’t know dude, ask him (nudges his elbows towards CHARLIE, who is entering stage left) here he comes now.

CHARLIE(Holding a lunch tray and walking over): Hey guys, what’s up? 

PJ(In a mocking tone): What’s up? (looking at him with a bit of irritation in his voice) What’s up is that I wrote this stupid essay for Mrs.Doe and now one of my friends decided he does not want to go to prom! 

CHARLIE(sets his tray down and sighs): Way to let me tell him, Sammy.

SAMMY(Rolls his eyes): It came up in conversation. 

CHARLIE(looks at PJ and takes a breath): Look, I can explain. 

PJ: Come on Bro! (CHARLIE sets his lunch tray down and sits) What do you mean you are going to miss prom? It is the one time of year we can all hang out and look half decent! 

CHARLIE: It’s not that I don’t want to go, I just don’t have anyone to go with dude. (He sets his lunch tray down and takes his seat. He opens his juice and takes a drink.) 

PJ(Looking at him with disgust): You don’t need a date to go to prom, Charlie! Besides, all of your friends are going. (CHARLIE ignores him, continuing to drink his juice. PJ holds his hand out and puts out a finger for each friend) You, me, Sammy, Kendall, Aubree, Hannah-(CHARLIE nearly spits out his juice as PJ says HANNAH, making him cough very hard). 

SAMMY(Looks up at him): Woah dude, (Handing him a napkin) Are you good?

CHARLIE(Nodding and taking the napkin): Yeah, I’m good bro. (wiping his mouth).

PJ: Are you sure? Because the mention of  Hannah just made you spit out your juice everywhere.

CHARLIE(Sets the napkin down and sighs): Well, I kinda wanted to ask Hannah to prom. 

PJ(Gasping): You’re finally gonna make a move, bud? (Smiling,  his voice filled with excitement). It only took you thirteen years, but by golly, you’re actually doing it! 

CHARLIE(his voice filled with annoyance): PJ-

PJ(Cutting off CHARLIE): Oh boy, I’m so proud of you Charles! You’re finally becoming a man!

CHARLIE: PJ no! (getting aggravated in his seat)

SAMMY: Uh oh (looking away, nervous of how this situation will play out) 

PJ: Gosh, I can see it now! You, and her, (making a heart hand) in love (extending the end of love). 

CHARLIE(obviously frustrated, he stands up): PJ! 

Sammy(Looking at the two boys): Oh man, now you got him worked up.

PJ(looking at him confusingly): What? 

CHARLIE: I don’t plan on asking her. Yes, I’ve had a crush on her since kindergarten, but we’re just to close of friends. (sighing and sitting back down).  

PJ: Bro, can’t you see! (he glems with excitement) this is how all high school sweethearts start. First you go to prom together. (Enter HANNAH, AUBREE, KENDALL stage left, holding lunch trays) Then you fall in love (they arrive at the table and set down their things) then you get married. 

HANNAH(sits in her seat next to CHARLIE, then looks at PJ with confusion): Who’s getting married? 

(PJ and CHARLIE look at her with worry in their eyes. SAMMY smirks) 

SAMMY:Oh I can’t wait to hear what you come up with, PJ.

PJ(He makes a dirty face at SAMMY then looks at HANNAH with contempt): I was simply talking about my parents, and how crazy in love they are.

AUBREE(Crossing her arms with a look of disbelief): Aren’t your parents divorced? 

PJ(his eyes widen as he was caught in a lie): Well um…(he is obviously at a loss of words as he stumbles to form a sentence) 

SAMMY(sitting up): Anyways, Let’s talk about how prom is coming up! 

KENDALL: Oh yeah! (sits at her seat, next to SAMMY) I already have my dress picked out! I just need the shoes and a way to do my hair! 

AUBREE: I’m pretty set. I have everything I need, I just need my ticket in. 

PJ: Well, I have my essay complete, meaning i’m so allowed to go to prom now! (making small dance moves) so i’m freaking set! 

SAMMY: You need to rent yourself a tux dude. 

PJ(Unfazed by his comment): Oh those finer points can wait.

AUBREE: Uh no they can’t. You need to do that now!

SAMMY: Um no, you should do that now. 

PJ: Bro i’ve got the time.

(their voices fade as they are all talking, but unheard) 

(The voices of HANNAH and CHARLIE come through) 

CHARLIE(talking to her nervously): So um, prom (acting awkward). Ya know...that’s pretty cool. 

HANNAH: Yeah! (smiling with excitement in her voice) I’m excited for all of us to hang out together! 

CHARLIE: Yeah um…(looking up at her) about prom um…(wiping the sweat off his brow).

HANNAH(looking at CHARLIE with confusion): Is there something wrong Charlie? 

CHARLIE(stumbling on his words): Well, I was just uh wondering if. (taking a pause to get his words together) 

HANNAH (nodding slowly): Come on, spit it out. 

CHARLIE(unable to ask her, he yells suddenly): Can you hand me a napkin? 

(The entire table looks at him with shock) 

PJ: Well Jesus Charlie, a napkin isn’t that big of a deal. 

(Hannah slowly hands CHARLIE a napkin.)

CHARLIE: Thank you (he takes the napkin) sorry guys, I couldn’t think of what I was trying to say. 

AUBREE(With a bit of attitude): So you felt the need to yell about it? 

PJ(in a slightly defensive tone): Hey Hey, sometimes we all just get a bit flustered and scream about a napkin. It happens to the best of us, alright? 

AUBREE(rolling her eyes): Alright, whatever. (looking at her watch) Oh crap! (looks at KENDALL and HANNAH) Guys, we have to go. 

HANNAH: (looking at the time) Oh you’re right! 

(KENDALL, HANNAH, AUBREE all stand up)

SAMMY: Where are you guys all going? 

KENDALL: We need to go help Mrs.Tanner set up lab. 

PJ: At the beginning of Lunch, why not the end? 

AUBREE: Because why not? Anyways, we’ll be back in a few. 

(Exit KENDALL, AUBREE, and HANNAH, Stage left) 

CHARLIE: (sighs and puts his hands over his face) Gosh, I just messed up big time! 

PJ: Well, you did yell at the poor girl for a napkin. 

CHARLIE(removes his hands): I was trying to ask her to prom, then I just got to nervous and it backfired! (Sighs and slouches in his chair) 

SAMMY: Well, it’s not like all hope is lost. You can ask her when she comes back! 

CHARLIE(Shaking his head): I’m just not able to do it. I feel like I won’t be able to ever ask her. 

PJ: Why do you say that bro? It’s just hannah.

CHARLIE(sits up): It’s not just Hannah! (he takes a pause, takes a drink of his juice, then takes a deep breath.) It’s my best friend, Hannah. The girl I have been in love with since kindergarten Hannah. The sweet, kind hearted, beautiful Hannah. It’s not a prom date that is on the line, it is my friendship with her. She’s just too perfect to lose. (he takes a pause) So if that means I’ll always have her in my life, I’ll just have to live the rest of my life, not making a move. 

(The table is silent.) 

PJ: Dude, I know that you’re worried about losing Hannah as a friend, but you shouldn't have to worry!

SAMMY: Yeah, (sitting up) Hannah would never stop being friends with you over a silly promposal. The worst that can happen is that she’s going to say no, and you guys will just go as friends. 

CHARLIE(still unsure): I guess...but what if she does stop being my friend?

PJ: Well then, she was never a good friend to begin with. 

(There is a pause, then CHARLIE nods his head) 

CHARLIE: You know what? I’m gonna ask her. 

SAMMY: Really? 

PJ: Aw heck yeah bro, you got this!

SAMMY: Okay but the finer point is, How will you do it? 

CHARLIE: I’m just going to do it! Just straight up ask.

PJ: Oh that’s my friend! I swear you guys are going to look amazing together!


HANNAH: Hey guys, we’re back! 

CHARLIE/SAMMY/PJ(with excitement): Hannah!

(AUBREE and KENDALL shows a look of disgust)

KENDALL: And what are we, chopped liver? 

(CHARLIE stands up and walks over to HANNAH) 

CHARLIE: Hey Hannah, can I ask you something? 

HANNAH(smiling): as long as it’s not for a napkin 

CHARLIE(giggling nervously): Yeah yeah… um anyways 

HANNAH(nods and waits for a response): yes?

CHARLIE: Hannah, will you (he pauses) go to the prom with me? 

HANNAH(her eyes widen): Honestly Charlie…

(there is a suspenseful pause as AUBREE, KENDALL, SAMMY, and PJ gather behind CHARLIE and wait for a response.) 

HANNAH(Smiles): I would love to! 

CHARLIE(smiling): Really? 

HANNAH(giggling): Yes! (she hugs him as all of the friends cheer)

(CHARLIE hugs her back and smiles wider, and the curtains close) 

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