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Jess's First Date

June 11, 2019
By SeaTurtle818, Aurora, Ohio
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SeaTurtle818, Aurora, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
"Why me?" "Because you saw me when I was invisible." - The Princess Diaries (Movie)

"I've got 99 problems and 86 of them are completely made up scenarios in my head that I'm stressing about for absolutely no logical reason." - Unknown

"So you got to decide Principessa. What are you going to do; put on your diamond shoes and go to the dance? or take them off and stay home? I know what I would do if someone gave me diamond shoes. I would go to the dance and I would never stop dancing until my feet fell off." - Royal Wedding

We begin our story at a tenth-grade basketball game.  

“Gordon! Three points!” The ref yelled as Will Gordon ran to the other side of the court.  Little did he know that he, Will Gordon, had a secret admirer in the crowd!

“Jess! Jess! Jessica Monica Miller!” Izzie yelled at her best friend, as Jess laid on the stand staring at Will.  She was his secret admirer, but never actually did anything to claim the title of a secret admirer. Weird I know. How can you call someone who wasn’t a secret admirer, a secret admirer?  Well, Jess was admiring Will from afar, and it was a secret from him but it was true, and just now she was imagining running up to him giving him a big hug!

“What?! What happened?” Jess yelled as she sat up looking as though she just woke up from a nap.

“Your starring again,” Drew, who was Izzie’s boyfriend; but their first day is another story.

“Sorry, but what am I supposed to do! I can’t talk to him without freaking out!  Starring is my best bet!”

“I could…” Drew started, but was cut off by Izzie, whispering in his ear;

“Remember the plan, honey!”

“Oh, yeah!” Drew said nodding.

Once the game was over the three were walking out,  when someone started yelling Jess’s name.

“Jess! Jess!” yelled the stranger from behind the group in the parking lot as they walked to Drew’s car.  Since he was the oldest he was used to driving his girlfriend and friends around.

Jess turned around and said; “Do I know you?”

“I’m…” The person who says this had a weird way of introducing himself.  So brace yourself… “I’m Shawn - with a w.”

Now Shawn - with a w met Jess four years ago at a summer camp.  Jess liked him at the time, but quickly got over it, realizing that she would never see him again.  But she was wrong. He was on the opposing team, and when he saw her in the crowd and instantly knew that it was “LOVE”.

“Shawn!” Izzie yelled with a laugh, “Shawn - with a w, from Camp Hutch!”

“Yep, and when I saw Jess, I needed to tell her how I feel!”

“And how may that be?” Drew asked.  He was not at camp during this time, so he was confused about the situation at hand.

“I’m in love with you, Jess!” Shawn yelled. Now at one time, Jess would have been thrilled to hear about this, but she is in love with someone else now, and Shawn was not the one.

Jess turned around and said, “I don’t like you!”

As the walked over to Drew’s car, the friends decided to meet up with Emmy and Adam at Starbucks.  Now I know what your thinking; When did Emmy and Adam get together? But that’s another story!

But back to Jess’s story.  As they were driving away the realized that Shawn - with a w was chasing after them, yelling “Jess! Jess!  I love you!”

“What should we do?” Izzie asked as she looked in the rearview mirror at Shawn chasing them.  

“Let’s go over Emmy's to see if we can lose him,” Jess suggested.

As the group drove around Emmy's neighborhood, they decided to switch cars with Adam at Emmy's house.

“Thanks, man,” Drew said as he gave Adam a “bro hug.”

“No problem.  See you at Starbucks in fifteen minutes?”

“Sounds good!” Izzie said as she hopped into the car.

Once at Starbucks the group ran into a few more of their friends.  Charlotte and Lucas who was reading poetry to one another. They were madly in love, and they loved to write poetry to one another.

“Look at them!” Izzie said, pointing to Charlotte and Lucas.  “They're so cute.”

“Sure are,” Jess said with a sigh.  She was the only one in their friend group who wasn’t currently dating anyone.

Izzie, Drew, Emmy, Adam, and Jess order their drinks and went to go sit down at a table.  Izzie, Drew, Adam, and Emmy made it safely, but Jess accidentally ran into someone!

“Sorry!” She said.  Her S’more Frappuccino was all over the back of the guy's shirt.

“Don’t worry about it,” said the guy, as he turned around.  It was Tommy Carter! Jess had a brief time in her life, where she liked him.  But he turned out to be obsessed with his abs. Weird I know. So she quickly got over him and his abs.

“I’ll pay for the cleaning of your shirt!” Jess said, embarrassed about what just happened.

“Don’t worry about it!” Tommy said as he took off his shirt! Ew!

“Woah. Oh. Okay. Oh. What is happening?” Jess asked/stated with her mouth hanging open in shock.  By now Izzie, Drew, Adam, and Emmy had walked over to see what was taking Jess so long to get to the table.

“Oh,” Izzie said when she saw that Tommy didn't have a shirt on. “What is happening, over here?”

“Nothing!” Tommy said, “Look at my ABS!”

When he said this everyone who was in the conversation did look at his abs.  Drew looked a little upset because he wasn't as ripped as Tommy, but Izzie reassured him that he was perfect just the way he was, with a kiss on his cheek.

“Ew!” Jess said to herself.  Everyone was thinking the same thing.

“See, everyone’s okay!” Tommy said, smiling a big goofy smile.

“Who’s everyone?” Drew asked.  His arm was around Izzie in a protective way. Tommy was getting creepier and creepier by the minute.  

“My abs.  Steve, Joe, Smoe, CoCo, Louise and Jacque-the-Animal.” Tommy said as if he wasn’t talking about his abs as if they were humans.

“Okay!” Jess said, weirded out about the whole abbs thing. “I’m going to go get a new frappuccino.” And she walked away.  But before she could get very far, Tommy yelled;

“Jess, this is for you!” And he threw his shirt at her.  Ew! She was far enough away from it so it wouldn’t have hit her. She just kind of left it there as she walked up to the register to order a new drink.

“Can I have a S’more Frappuccino please?” She asked the barista.

“Sure,” said the barista who happened to be the group's other friend, Simon.

“Simon!” Jess exclaimed. “When did you start working here?”

“Yesterday!” Simon said, and him working at Starbucks was part of the main plan, that will be explained in a second.  “I get off in five minutes, can you wait for me?” He asked as he handed her, her drink.

“Yeah.  I’ll meet you over there,” She said as she pointed to a table. “Oh, and you can you clean this up.” She said pointing down at Tommy’s shirt.

“Don’t worry,” Simon said, with a laugh, “I’ll burn it.”

Once Simon sat down, they made some small talk and then the conversation turned to Charlotte and Lucas, who were currently staring at each other giving each other little kisses because their poetry was, as they put it, “So beautiful!”

“I wish I could have something like that,” Jess said staring at the couple.  Little did she know, Simon was taking a SnapChat of she saying this and sent it to Tommy, Will, and Shawn - with a w!

This was the plan. For months, Charlotte, Lucas, Drew, Izzie, Emmy, Adam, and Simon were planning for this day to get Jess and Will together.  Simon sent out a group text saying; “It’s go time!”

Keeping Shawn from coming back to Greenfield was Izzie’s and Drew’s, part of the plan.  Shawn lived in Mayne. And luckily Izzie knew Mayne pretty well. Their plan for Shawn was to have the cops handle him for a while…

“It’s go time!” Izzie said to Drew.

Drew said that he was with some of the cops in the Mayne area.  So their plan would work perfectly. Now you're probably wondering how was Shawn going to get pulled over? Well, they knew Shawn well enough to know that he would be stealing his mom’s car to get to Greenfield, he would also be speeding and underage driving.  
“Excuse me,” Drew’s cop friend said as Izzie and Drew watched from the driveway across the street. “May I see your license?”

“I don’t have one,” Shawn replied.

“Then you will have to come with me,” The cop said, as he pulled Shawn out of the car.

“No!” Shawn yelled, “I need to confess my love to Jess!”

“Your a weird little boy,” The cop said, weirded out by Shawn- with a w.

“Okay,” Izzie said to Drew. “I’ll text Emmy to put her plan into place.”

Now Emmy’s part of the plan was a little more complicated.  Adam and Emmy would park their car in front of Tommy’s house.  They would then kiss in the car, distracting Tommy, from getting to his own car.  This was probably the strangest part of the plan, but it was strong enough to work.  

“Okay.” Adam said, “I see him coming.”

“Okay, “  said Emmy, as she leaned in for a kiss. This was no ordinary kiss, however. Yes, it was magical and fantastic, but more importantly,  Adam was also watching Tommy as they were kissing. Tommy walked up to the car and knocked on the window.

Adam gave him a 1 minute, hand single.  This is when their plan worked better than the friends expected it to.  

Since it was the end of January and Ohio the ground was covered in snow, Tommy fell into the snow crying because as he puts it his “abs are the only thing that really loves him.” He still, unfortunately, didn’t have a shirt on, and he was in shorts.

“Should we help him?” Adam asked Emmy.

“No his abbs will save him!” Emmy said with a laugh.

“The plan is in place,” Emmy texted to the group.

Luckily, Will also saw the SnapChat and went straight to Starbucks to find Jess.

She was still enjoying her drink when he walked in.

Charlotte and Lucas got up and walked away to the other side of the room to make it seem as if they were leaving, but they were actually just waiting for the others to arrive.  

“Hey! Jess!” Will said walking over to her, “Would you like to go out sometime.”

Jess was in shock by what was happening, but managed to say; “How about now?”

“Sounds good to me!” Will replied smiling.  Simon ran over to the register, and push the other barista out of the way.  After taking their orders and he gave them their drinks. He looked over at Izzie and gave her a nod.  This indicated that Izzie was to walk over to Jess and Will in three minutes. Izzie was pretending to be a journalist for the local paper.  She was during an article on teenage love.

Will and Jess were having an amazing conversation when Izzie walked over saying; “Can I get a picture of this cute couple?”

Will said, “We are pretty cute. Aren't we?”

“We sure are!” Jess said as she kissed him.  Izzie snapped the picture at the perfect time to get them kissing!

And that is the story of Jess’s first date!

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