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A Teen Girl's Wish

May 7, 2019
By 3084904, Overland Park, Kansas
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3084904, Overland Park, Kansas
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They didn’t have to like her as long as they never forgot her. She had read studies about that: how people can deal with being disliked, but they can’t deal with being ignored. And far too long, Tara had been ignored. The only thing people noticed about her was the fact that she was dating the most popular guy at Everton High. But that was the only thing they knew about her. They didn’t know her favorite songs, or even when her birthday was. People would come up to her in the hallway and talk to her, but all they talked about how Tony did amazing at last night’s football game or aks what they did together last weekend. She never got invited to parties by herself. They were always where Tony had to be there.

She knew that when she started dating him that her life was going to be different, but she never thought that she would be forgotten. Mary, Tara’s best friend since Kindergarten didn’t even speak to her anymore. She had found a totally different group of people to hang out with ever since high school started. Tara wanted this year to be different. She wanted people to truly know her.

One day while walking down that halls, Tara noticed a poster revealing this years’ musical, ‘Annie’. She contemplated whether or not audition. She decided to take one of the audition packets and walked into choir, her next class.

As the hour progressed, she got more confused to why she took the packet. She knew that she could never be anything, but a tree or maybe the dog. If Tony ever found out, he would probably bribe someone to get her a lead.

When choir was over, she took out the packet and began to read it. She found out that in order to audition, she needed to sing a small part of one of the songs. She decided to practice it. She knew that she wouldn’t get a lead part, but maybe, just maybe she could be in the chorus or a background singer.

Every day, she hummed the tune. In the morning, walking down that halls, before bed, and even during tests. She never told Tony about any of it. There were times when she sang the song while walking with him to go home. One time he found out.

“ What are you singing?,” he asked.

“ Oh, just a song,” she said hoping he wouldn’t say anything else.

“ Isn’t that a song from Annie? Are you trying out for the play?,” he asked with a hint of suspicion.

“ Yeah, it is. I watched the movie a few nights ago and can’t get it out of my head,” she lied while opening her locker.  

“ Oh, well, you should try out for the play.”

“ Maybe, but I would probably just get a background part or an extra.” As Tara took her english textbook out of her locker and put it in her backpack, Tony saw the audition packet.

“ So, you are trying out for the play?”

“ Yeah, I guess.  

When it was time to audition, she got more nervous as the audition time got closer and closer.  Every tick on the clock, her anxiety grew. She had practiced 24/7 the last few weeks. She didn’t care what part she got now, all she cared about was getting auditions over with.

Tara walked down the hallway towards the auditorium. There was a crowd of people there all auditioning for the play. She walked in the room and began to hum the song quietly. She looked around at everyone singing. ‘They’re all so amazing. I can never be as good as them,’ It was getting close to her audition time. Tara thought to herself. Suddenly, the door on the opposite side of the room opens.

“  Tara Ronson, you’re up,” said the teacher in the doorway.

Tara slowly walked across the room. Her heart began to race. She couldn't believe she was actually doing this. She already knew what the outcome was going to be. As she entered the room, she started to take deep breaths.

“ Hello Tara,” said the teacher that called her, “ are you ready?”

“ As ready as I’ll ever be.” Tara said with a hesitant voice.

“ Alright then, whenever you’re ready.” The pianist began to play the introduction of the song. Tara counted the measures in her head. ‘ 1, 2, 3, 4’ and she began to sing. She concentrated on the notes and tried to remember every word.

She sang the last note and stared at the teacher. The teacher wrote down notes about the audition. Tara began to grow worried about how bad she had done. The teacher got up and put the paper in a pile.

“ Well Tara, thank you for auditioning. We will post the results in a few days.”

A week later, Tara was walking down the hallway and saw a poster with the results. She rushed over and looked for her name. She found her name and looked at the character she would be playing. Her eyes were full of amazement. SHE HAD GOTTEN THE LEAD PART!!!!! She took a picture and ran to her next hour.

When she saw Tony, she told him the news.

“Guess what happened today.”

“ What?”

“ I GOT THE LEAD PART IN THE PLAY!!!” she said while showing him the picture she took.

“ Wow, congratulations! I’m excited to see you preform,” he said as he gave her a big hug.

Three weeks of non stop rehearsals and choreography had passed and Tara was exhausted. She knew what she got herself into, but she never thought about choreography. ‘At least you have a good part,’ she always thought to herself.

It was the day of the musical. The whole cast and crew shuffled around to make last minute changes. Tara was humming her solo. Then, the door opened. Everyone glanced towards it. Tony walked through and walked straight to Tara.

“ What are you doing here?”, asked Tara.

“ I wanted to wish your good luck.”, Tony said.

“ Oh, well thanks, but you need to get out of here. We’re going on stage in about 5 minutes. Go find a seat.” Tara said while gesturing Tony towards the door.


After the curtain closed, the cast and crew left the stage, except for Tara. Tony found her on the stage and began to congratulate her.

“ You did great. I could tell that you worked hard and were passionate about it.”

“ Thanks. I loved every minute of it.”

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