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Smile Flower

April 23, 2019
By katarinagrande, Temple, Texas
katarinagrande, Temple, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
As we part towards the rough path
After you leave me, I hope you
Only walk on the path with flowers


Growing up in a mental hospital isn't easy for a young girl. However, with her best friend by her side, Soojin believes she can conquer the world. Refusing to take her medicine, and rebelling against what she soughts to be lies, the workers at the institute are coming to face the fact she's too far gone to be saved. They can't seem to get rid of the one person who's keeping her from getting better, herself. Lost in the own deeming darkness of her clueless mind, she struggles with the connection of reality and her imagination. They hopelessly wonder how to pull her back to the shore when she's already thousands of miles lost at sea.

Kristen M.

Smile Flower

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