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The Book of Values

April 12, 2019
By GoldenApitong23, Bacoor City, Cavite, Other
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GoldenApitong23, Bacoor City, Cavite, Other
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Once upon a time, in the Barrio of San Diego, there is a prevailing legend story in their place.  When the shining star falls out, the angel will choose 3 deserving children to grant their wish to give hope and blissfulness in the said Barrio.  But one night, the legend turns into reality. Because a dazzling star starts to fall, but they don’t know that it is just an angel that came to land to do her mission which is to give vision and direction.

While the three classmates, Venus, Richard, and Christian are walking on the street, they have seen the falling star. As they are staring on the star, it reminds them of the things that they are fighting for in life. And all of the sudden, it fades the things that they are thinking for a moment.  And they do believe that God made it just to make them happy. Eventually, an angel came to their front, and they can’t move because of that unexpected thing, their nerves were trembling because it is so terrifying, their body was freeze like they can’t breathe and speak. And they were surprised when the angel talk and ask for their wish.

They thought that they were just dreaming so they pinched each other and they have realized that they were really in reality. They knew about the legend before but they were shocked because it become true and they were chosen by an angel.  But on another side, they feel overwhelmed and relax just like a rainbow that shines through in the midst of the storm that seems like there’s no hope at all.

Their faces are like a rose that blooms after the sorrow and pain that they have been exposed to. But they don’t know that their life will change because of this. Richard and Christian don’t know what they would wish but Venus fills with excitement and hope.


        Venus is a high school sophomore student. She is a genius (In fact, she is valedictorian in her class) and her family says that she’s kind all the time but seems like no one wants to be friends with her because she’s a nerd and ugly. While in the class, she is always eating her lunch alone, she even experienced being bullied by her classmate. And the thing that she can never forget is when she decided to go to the canteen to buy her foods. When she arrived,  most of her classmates are laughing and saying that her face is kind of gross and some are throwing some things to her face which she feels insulted and disappointed. So the thing that she could do that time is to run and to cry. After this happened, she became pessimist and she lacks self-esteem and self-confidence.

So when that angel asked what would she want, she immediately said:

“I wish, I am the beautiful girl in this world so that everyone would like me.”

And the angel replied and said “Your wish is my command!” and she gives a mirror to show that Venus appearance has been changed.

It seems like her dirty skin turns into glamorous white, her curly hair become straight like it was rebonded, her acnes gone and her face becomes shiny, shimmery, and splending just like she portrays the lyrics part of a Broadway song, the unwanted smile turns into nice one with a glowing teeth and she actually looks like a beauty queen.

Venus feels so very happy that time like it’s going to be the end of the world but she don’t know how she become beauty, her attitude and her personality become ugly. Richard and Christian are actually surprised by what happened to Venus. But Richard becomes insecure, so immediately he confess his wish to the angel.

“Angel! Angel! Grant my wish! I want to be a king so everyone would know me!” said Richard.

“Are you sure of what are you asking? Remember, there’s no turning back anymore once you wish.” replied the angel.

          “I really want to be a king, because back then many people don’t believe that I can. Even my parents as well are not believing in what I can do because they said that I’m just a fool. All of them saying negative comments and they just belittling me. So, if I would be the king of our country they may be proud of me and many people would say that they’ve got wrong on what they did to me.” Richard said with full of emotion.

“Okay, seems like you are sure on your decision and I have nothing to do. I will grant your wish!” The angel said.


                                      After few minutes ……….

“Uhm… Angel, Am I a king now? Why seems like nothing happened to me?” Richard said with full of wonder.

“Your wish will be effective once a new day start and that’s the time where your life will change.”  said the angel.

But all of a sudden, the angel asked Christian if what he wants. But he was stubborn at one side. The angel said that if he knows already what he would wish just call her and confess his wish in the same place.

“Dear chosen Children, I hope you know the consequences on what you wish and I hope this will give a lesson that you might use to conquer a problem in this world that is full of challenges. I have to leave but for you Christian, you can call me anytime.” said the angel. After that, she vanished.

So the three children decided to go to their houses filled with sheer of relish and inscrutability. But for Christian, it leaves a question on what would he will ask for because he is contented on his life despite the fact that he often experience bad things but he kept on being optimistic instead to be a pessimist person.

So when the new day starts, a new journey of life rise also. When Richard woke up he notice that his life has changed. Before, Richard has a shanty house but it turns now into wonderful house what he is dreaming is now on the reality, his house is just small before but it turns now into big kingdom like they have a lot of income, they are just one scratch, one peck human being but they are now the majesty actually, they are just wearing poor clothes but they are wearing glamorous clothes that are made from white diamonds, platinum, and mulberry silks which are the most expensive things in this world. He tend to snap his face just to assure that he’s not dreaming anymore. But his face became reddish because he slap too much hard on his face.

    As the days goes on, Venus and Richard feel so very happy but they don’t know that the bad effects of what they wish is coming. Venus thinks before that if she’ll be gorgeous and all of her classmates will like her but when her attitudes and personality become ugly many people dislike her even her parents was disappointed with her because when her classmates wants to ask something she is just ignoring them and always saying that they shouldn’t talk to a beauty queen like her and one day when a beggar asked food because she bought foods from a store for herself and it seems like she can’t eat it all. Venus don’t want to give it and she pushed away the beggar from her hands because she said that he is dirty. And plus, the negative comments and posts that she’s doing in social media even it’s not true. But on other hand, she noticed that she is changing and far away from the real Venus. Richard wants to go outside and play with his friend but  his knights and servant don’t want to allow him because as a king he must sit only in chair and she should command his servant if he needs something.

    Their life started to be worst. Their gladness turns into sadness like they full of doubts that they not wish that to the angel. Christian seen it all. So he decided

To help them by wishing to the angel to bring back the life that they have before they wish.

“Angel, Where are you? I know what I will wish.” Christian said.

“Oh, Christian. What will you wish?” The angel said.

“I wish that Venus and Richard will have a life that they have before they wish on you.” Christian said.

“But what do you want to help them? Why don’t you wish for yourself since I know that your life is not good right now? And besides, they are not good at all to you before and after their life has changed. Remember, this is one and last wish.” The angel said.

“For me loving means forgiving, and it is too usual for us as a human to do something wrong or bad because there is no perfect person at all but the unusual thing for us human is not to be humble and we tend to make our ego and pride to be on top which is not good. I know they need it the most so I should help them without even looking if they did something good to me because helping comes from the heart not in our mind. Despite the fact that I just live in a simple family in a simple life but we are contented on what we have because I am rich with love of my family and what is the essence of having a lot of money if you lack of love. And besides, we can achieve our dream to be rich because God gave us mind and heart to think and to love, He gives also feet to step up, hands to work hard, and 5 senses to help us understand and perceive better the things around us.”  Christian said.

“I can see that you have pure heart with faith and hope. As you wish, I will bring back the life of Venus and Richard before. As your reward for being diligent, I will give you this book to you. There are story in this book that will inspire you or motivate you whenever you feel sad and down. You might share those story and your own story to your classmates or even to a person that you see depressed to give light. ” The angel said

And their life came back to normal. Venus have learned that the essence of beauty is not only in physical appearance but it is also in heart. Richard have learned that he is already king in his own empire meaning this is the time where he should believe in himself like no one can fade it away. This is also the time where they have learned sharing to motivate the people in barrio of San Diego and Christian is the one who lead it with hope and happiness. And seems like their life changed into a good one without even wishing it to the angel.

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