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The Prototype

December 19, 2018
By allyteper, San Rafael, California
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allyteper, San Rafael, California
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The alarm began its relentless blaring as the clock struck 7:00 am.

F'ing hell,” said a voice emerging from under many layers of blankets.

A messy head of hair poked it’s way out of the disheveled bed, pasty white arms pulled back a heavy comforter to reveal a young woman. The alarm was shut off as she got out of bed. The minute her cold feet touched the floor a low humming sound filled the air and the room was engulfed in a dull orange glow.

A figure which had been standing slouched against the wall suddenly stood up straight.

“Good morning Madison.”

“Shut up.”

“Switching controls to silent mode.”

“No, oh my god.” Madison paused. “Turn off Silent mode”

“Switching back from silent mode.”

She made her way to the bathroom, the figure following in suit. Upon her arrival the new room was filled with light as the bedrooms orange hue began to dim. A grand marble bath began to fill and soon the room was full of steam.

“Turn around Kelso”

The figure quickly turned its back to Madison as she briskly disrobed and stepped into the bath. The water smelled of roses and had a slight pink tint to it. Once sufficiently submerged the woman spoke again.

“Ok, you can turn around now.”

Kelso turned to face her, his eyes didn’t wander but stayed perfectly glued to hers.

“Would you like me to read today’s calendar to you.”

His voice was steady, and calm.

“No, I know it.”

“Would you like me to make breakfast?”

“No, I will later.”

“Would you like me to…”

His voice was quickly cut off as she replied

“Enter power saving mode”

“Entering power saving mode” he replied

Kelso’s eyes dimmed and once again the figure began to slouch. Madison breathed a sigh of relief and closed her eyes. After some time she opened them again to find a towel laying next to a perfectly ironed dress. She made her way out the tub, drying off and getting dressed.

As she walked to the kitchen the lights followed her illuminating every new room which she walked by or stepped foot into. She opened the fridge and pulled out a carton of eggs.

“Kelso?” she called across the house.

“Shutting off power saving mode.”

Kelso made his way into the room.

“Do you want eggs?”


Breakfast was set and the both of them ate in silence. After noticing that Madison was done Kelso stood up from the table and collected her plate.

“Are you ready for today’s events Madison?”

“I am, you’re not. Not yet, Kelso turn on life like mode.”

“Turning on life like mode”

His eyes filled with light as he smiled at her. She’d forgotten how real he seemed, precisely why she didn’t normally keep him in this mode.

“You look beautiful as usual Maddy. I can’t believe that today’s the big day.”

His voice was deep and smooth now, just the sound of it made Madison blush, she couldn’t help but smile.

“Thank you Kelso, you’re very sweet.

“I’m gonna go do my hair, but i’ll see you soon love”

He walked out, but not before winking at her and shooting playful finger guns in her direction. As she watching him exit the room she shoot her head, almost as if to take herself out of a dream.

“Madison, he’s not real.” she said to herself.

At 10:00 a car pulled into her long driveway and Madison and Kelso made their way outside. He opened the door for her and she made her way inside, he followed quickly behind her.

“I’m really excited to meet your parents Maddy”

“Yeah, i’m really excited for you to meet them too.”

After a few minutes the car pulled into another grand long driveway. Once parked the two of them made their way to the door. Kelso planted a kiss on her cheek.

“Hey, I love you.” he said

“Yep,” she smiled

An older woman opened the door smiling wide.

“Madison! We’re so happy you’re here, and this must be Kelso. We’ve heard so much about you honey.”

Kelso smiled a wide charming smile.

“Only good thinks I hope?”

Madison playfully hit his arm.

“Of course only good things babe!”

The day passed by perfectly, Kelso did amazing and Madison watched as her parents fell in love with him. As they walked outside to meet the car for the ride home Madison’s mom called out to Kelso.

“You know you’ve got a real catch there Kelso, not everyday a man gets to court a very successful inventor.”

Kelso only smiled his charming smile in return. They got in the car and Kelso grabbed Madison’s hand.

“I love your parents. They’re great. Do you think they liked me?”

“Yeah, yeah you did great.”

The car parked once more and they made their way inside Madisons house.

“What do you want to do now? Want to watch a movie” Kelso winked and whispered grabbing her waist and pulling her in.

She tried her best to smile, “yeah why don't you turn one on.”

Kelso grinned and walked to the living room grabbing the remote. As he turned away from her Madison’s heart broke a little, as it always did. As much as she had programed it to be real, life like mode wasn’t.


He turned around to look at her, he was so beautiful. So perfect.

“Turn off life like mode.”

She saw the hurt in his eyes as he spoke to her.

“Turning off life like mode.” His eyes dimmed and he began to slouch.

Tears streamed down her face as she picked up the phone and dialed in a number.

“The prototype is a success. It will take time to reproduce, but I can do it. It will be on the market within the next month.”

A chipper voice replied.

“Thank you Madison. We’re very excited to be working with you on this project and we hope to hear from you again soon.

She hung up.

“Are you going to sleep Madison?” the figure on the couch questioned
It’s voice was cold and lifeless.

“Shut up.” she said wiping her eyes and leaving the room.

All she heard was a low hum and a cold methodical reply.

“Entering silent mode.”

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starzx said...
on Aug. 14 2019 at 10:17 am
starzx, Manhattan, New York
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This is so amazing. It's really good, but it also holds a deeper meaning about what it means to be "real".

on Apr. 2 2019 at 3:29 am
EtherTwelveTwentySeven, Lake Stevens, Washington
0 articles 0 photos 4 comments

Favorite Quote:
She's a thunderstorm
wrapped in beautiful
flesh, looking to be
felt and understood
in a world that loves
sunny days

This is really a cool story, I wish I could get ideas as great as this. Seriously, so good.