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Bathroom Trap

October 22, 2017
By Forever4, Cupertino, California
Forever4, Cupertino, California
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I skipped to my school looking at the beuty of my poster. I was just a girl who was very popular, a girl who wanted to make a new friend, and a girl who loved to act and sing. My class was going to do a class play about the many people who help throughout the neighborhood. 

One day, a girl named Emily came to class. She was going to be joining the play! She had on a pink skirt with a polo shirt, silky black hair, and gentle eyes that was shaking with fear. That is when I decided to be her friend. But you should never pick a friend by their looks. Especially if that person wants to play the lead role that you are already playing. 

Sara M.

Bathroom Trap

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