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The Correct Mismatch

June 21, 2016
By JrGermain, Boynton Beach, Florida
JrGermain, Boynton Beach, Florida
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     The life of Katelyn White has flipped upside down, with the solid floor preventing her from ascending, and the never ending sky breaking her fall. Against her will, Katelyn is now a member of her after school Delinquent Awareness class, where her peers consist of criminals. Her only way to escape is to pair up with who may be the most dangerous of the delinquents, a murder suspect.
     Could connecting a teenage girl to a criminal cause tension, or create sparks? And what brought Katelyn into the delinquent class to begin with? Well don’t ask her, as she is determined to bring her dark secret to the grave.


The Correct Mismatch

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